First Time with Model Chantal


After awhile I had Chantal turn around and rub herself from the front, which was a nice view. Through my camera I noticed her nipples were even tighter than before so I judged she was enjoying herself. It seemed like a good time to continue our previous conversation.

"So, tell me, about this Barry guy: Did you do any feeling up of your own, with him?"

"Mmmmm....," she sighed and took a deep breath. "Can I sit down for a minute?"

"Sure, sure. Just don't stop what you're doing, sweetheart. This is dynamite."

Chantal gave a little laugh and perched herself on the edge of the sofa. One hand was between her legs and the other roaming over her swollen breasts. I went for a medium shot, that way I could show her face whenever I liked. When she started to speak I stole a quick look at the audio and saw the mike was still picking-up just fine.

"I didn't have a chance to with him," she continued, meaning Barry. "My parents drove up the driveway."

"What did you think the first time you saw a guy's cock?"

She twitched just a little at the word "cock". It was most charming, like she'd had a little shiver because we were being naughty. "It was pretty amazing, I guess," she said. "I know that's a word everybody uses for everything now, amazing, but since it happened so unexpectedly I don't have anything else to say that would be any better."

"Did you touch the guy?"

Chantal nodded. "It was at school, in the library, way in the back. There was an older boy who worked back there in the stock room, he wasn't very good looking but we all liked him. He was kind of ---"

Her voice trailed off as she concentrated on giving herself a good rubbing. I didn't think Chantal was at the point of orgasm, just needing to get to her itch. I pulled in tight to the crotch of her panties and there was no doubt about the wetness that could be seen there, at the area she was caressing with her fingertips.

"Strange?" I prompted, seeking to complete her unfinished sentence.

"Yeah, I guess. He was in the stacks back there where he set up a small table, and I came by. He had it out of his pants. He was looking at some book of pictures, and I came around the corner. Before I knew it, I was right next to him. It looked really big."

"Was he playing with it?"

"He wasn't when I came up on him, but I guess he must've been before I got there. It was all veiny and thick. I looked up at him and I could see he was really scared."

"Go on."

"I felt like I was responsible for making him scared. I was shocked to see his thing hanging out of his zipper like that, but I was more concerned that he thought he was in trouble."

"So you touched him. His cock. To make him feel better."

Chantal's eyes opened wide, like she'd never thought about it like that before. I focused on her face, still in the medium shot. "Yeah, that was it. I knew he wouldn't be upset if I touched him, somehow. We didn't say anything, but I just reached over and held his --"

Again her voice trailed off. "His cock," I said. "You can say it. This is adults only, you know."

"All right, his cock!" Chantal smiled a little. "I remember being surprised that one would be so hot like his was, and also soft at the same time as being stiff."

"So you thought a lot about guys' cocks, before you ever saw one?"

"Sure, that's all my girlfriends and me used to tease each other about: who was going to be the first, so she could tell the others what it was like."

I chuckled at that. "What did he do when you touched him like that?"

"He made a noise like he was surprised but then put his hand right over his mouth. I remember he looked pretty silly, but quickly he was pushing his cock in and out of my hand and I didn't have time to really think."

I noticed that Chantal's clit-rubbing was at a steady, slow pace now and that she seemed lost in her memory, not nervous about my camera or me. One thumb of her other hand idly stroked her left nipple.

"He came pretty soon after that, with just a couple more strokes. That was what was amazing. I couldn't believe what I was seeing, all that white cum spraying out of his cock tip, I mean it was like the tip was opening up with each spurt and I could feel it moving up the shaft. It was all over the book and my wrist and fingertips. He was biting his hand and breathing in and out. His cock was throbbing."

"Can you see it right now?" I prompted. "Him ejaculating?"

"Yeah. His cock had been kind of pulsing in my hand and between my fingers, and then his sperm just spurted out. I could see the pictures in the book were all wet; it was some foreign photography book with topless women."

"Open your legs a little more, Chantal," I instructed as I panned down with the camera. "Show us how wet you are."

She breathed in as she parted her thighs and slid her ass forward on the sofa. I zoomed in to get a super good view of her panty vee, which was showing very moist now. The stain surrounded the area she was working with her fingertips as she slowly rubbed at her slit through the material. I left my focus there for awhile, observing how transparent the cotton was becoming.

"Very nice, very nice," I praised. "I'm sure the audience and myself would love to get a good look at that sweet little cunt. Why don't you pull those panties to the side for us?"

Chantal bit her lip at my use of the word cunt, either from dislike or a rush of erotic feeling would be my two guesses. Most girls don't care for that word but my audience loves it, so I interject it for effect now and then. Regardless of how she felt Chantal obliged us by simply peeling the white cotton vee of her panties to one side.

If you can envision the color of a Pink Pearl eraser (it's a brand name), you've got the hue in mind that adorns Chantal's pussy lips and the area just inside those moist folds. Her gash pouted wetly at me, starkly erotic yet somehow exuding innocence, perhaps due to the manner in which it was openly displayed, like a little girl showing off her coloring book scribbles. Chantal ran an index finger up and down her slit, pulling herself apart so we could see the flesh glisten.

I found myself staring at the prominent ball of her clit, peeping out from under its hood at the crest of her entrance -- it really looked like the proverbial pearl in an oyster, perched atop her moist, fleshy puss. Within her sex mouth I could see the promise of her dark channel, and beneath her slit was the soft curve that signaled the beginning of her ass crack.

Chantal was blemish-free and smooth as a baby, with nary a hint of razor stubble or burn. I didn't even need special lighting. She played with her pussy without hesitation, rubbing the sensitive skin under and over her nub with special care. My focus was pulled in tight enough that there was no ignoring the evidence of her natural lubrication.

"That is one beautiful sight," I praised. "Any of your lovers ever tell you that?"

"Yes," she replied.

"All of them, right?"

She giggled. "Pretty much, I guess."

"I'll bet none of them wanted to admit how stiff they got just looking at you, like I am right now. I think it's time we went to the other room before I can't stand up because all the blood has rushed between my legs. Okay?"

"Okay," she laughed. I pulled the camera up to catch her pretty face.

"Say goodbye to everybody, and tell 'em we'll be back in a minute."

"G'bye. Back in a minute!"

After closing down the first camera set-up I told myself to stay professional about things, but let me tell you I wanted to jump this girl's bones. That wasn't supposed to be on the agenda for today, though, so I forced myself to take my eyes off her body as she sat back against the couch cushions and watched me through those half-lidded eyes.

I got up and made my way back to the bar and that wine bottle, returning to fill her glass once more. As I bent to pour I caught the scent of her arousal. It would've been difficult to miss, since she sat there with her legs casually parted and her panties still peeled to one side. I thought my cock would rip through my slacks.

"Do you need a break before we go to the bedroom?" I inquired as I sat next to her and drained the final drops from my own glass. Chantal's nipples looked actually wet, they were so swollen. I could see delicate little bumps formed around the base of them.

"What?" she replied as she somewhat sloppily raised her glass once more to her lips. She took a very long sip that was actually more of a gulp.

"I was just saying, do you need—"

"Oh, I'm sorry. A break," she interrupted, grasping what I'd said. "Yeah, I guess so. Jeez, I almost came. Sorry, suddenly I'm all out of it." She smiled sweetly at me as her free hand unconsciously crept up her thigh to idly brush over her exposed pussy. It was one of the most natural moves I've ever seen, completely without guile. I could see from the hazy expression on her face that Chantal hadn't been lying, she likely had almost orgasmed a few moments ago. I was so horned-up over this that I felt like a 13-year-old copping his first feel.

"Fine," I managed to say. "You just take all the time you need." I rose to my feet. "I'll give one last check to the bedroom cameras."

Of course the equipment needed no such going-over, but I had to get up and keep my mind occupied. I reluctantly turned my back on the all-but-naked young lady on the couch and quickly readjusted the front of my slacks so that I could walk naturally. Just touching myself lightly through my pants almost made me groan.

In a few minutes I'd be video-ing her sprawled on the bed doing what-not; I tried to clear my mind of those images so I could function. I paced around the bedroom, checking things that didn't need to be checked. That's when I heard the unmistakable sound of water streaming into a toilet bowl. Only it wasn't water -- the minx was relieving herself in the bathroom nearby and hadn't bothered to close the door first.

Most of a bottle of wine had gone its natural course, and now I was stuck with the lewd sight in my mind of her sitting there on the can with her.....well, you get the picture. As if I didn't have enough to keep me hot and bothered, her pissing seemed to go on for hours, all the while with me imagining exactly what that might look like, in close-up. I couldn't help that, really -- the earliest erotic memory of my life was a neighbor girl doing exactly that out in the woods, and studying my face as I watched her do it.

"I'm ready," Chantal announced softly from the doorway. I turned and saw she was leaning against the doorjamb, her body a beautifully-varied hue of pinks and lightly tanned flesh. One hand was on her hip.

She seemed to glow with energy, at least to my eyes. At less that five-foot-four she managed to fill a room with her presence. I couldn't help but stare at the cute little furrow of her shaved sex. Was that a bit of moisture clinging to her smooth skin, right at the mouth? She seemed so untouched and inexperienced, so almost virginal, an illusion that I couldn't shake off even after having been with her out in the living room.

I realized even as I stared openly at her body and felt my cock aching in my boxers that there was a mere window in time that she would appear to have this quality of innocence, and that I was just lucky enough to be a spectator.

"Why don't you sit here, then." I motioned to the foot of the bed, and I wish I could convey what a delight it was to watch her stroll over and do exactly that. The parts that should sway sexily did so, the parts that should bob provocatively did likewise. Even her hair cooperated, moving just right as the tips fanned over her shoulders.

As she perched that youthful ass at the foot of the bed I took my place behind the camera, which was already trained on that very spot where she sat, me slipping into the portable chair as casually as I could. Chantal openly studied the obvious tent in my lap as I settled into place and spent a little time reminding her what we'd be doing. She nodded as I spoke, her eyes moving from mine to my crotch and then back again. There was no artifice or suggestion about her doing so, just an observational expression on her face. I don't know if she took in a word I uttered.

Her breasts hung there with that ever-so-slight sag, awaiting my touch, and her thighs parted waiting for my fingertips, and her mouth opened waiting for the glans of my cock to rest on her tongue. Well, as I spoke to her that's what my mind was seeing happen.

"You're sure you're ready to go back to the camera being live?" I asked when I'd finished going over things. Chantal nodded with a slight smile and sort of wiggled her naked ass into the bedcovers. I focused on her through the camera's eye.

"Good. We'll go on three, then...1,...2,...3...Well, when last we saw Chantal, you may remember she was giving us a good look at her very pretty pussy," I announced in a somewhat silly voice as I again got the camera rolling.

This made her giggle in a slightly intoxicated way. I focused at first on her face and then let the camera rove over her body as I continued my palaver. "It seemed like maybe you were getting a little aroused before. Does showing off make you wet?"

"Mmm-hmmm," she agreed.

"Did you ever show off for the boys when you were growing up?"

"Sure. When I was—"

"Oops, no ages please!" I interrupted. "Don't want to get us a bad rep, eh?"

"Okay," Chantal pouted. "When I was younger. They wouldn't let us wear slacks in my school, just skirts, but I didn't mind because the boys would always be looking. It was a way to get attention."

"You mean attention like you're getting now," I prodded. Chantal blushed prettily. I gave her a grin and moved the camera down to examine her crotch as she idly ran her fingers around that sensitive area.

"Yeah, I guess I love attention. So, when I caught on to how things were, sometimes I wouldn't wear panties. I'd take 'em off and stash them in my locker."

"And that got you plenty of looks, yes?"

She nodded. "The best was when our English Lit teacher, this guy we called The Claw 'cause he had a sort of deformed hand, you know? - he checked me out in class one day; he turned all red like he was going to have a heart attack or something."

"Because you weren't wearing panties under your skirt?"

"Yeah. And I was in the front row, with my legs a little open."

"Can you show us?"

Without hesitation Chantal hunched forward a bit on the end of the bed and opened her thighs. Her perfect little moist pussy certainly had that poetic "petal of a flower in the morning" look. I could see the nub of her clit protruding slightly from under its hood as I pulled in for a close-up.

"How does it feel with a camera right there giving you a close exam?" I asked, as I moved the lens up to her face and caught Chantal looking down at herself with interest.

"Pretty hot, I guess," she breathed. I moved down again to watch the fingers of her right hand slide up her thigh. I got the feeling this young lady spends the whole day feeling herself up.

"You can say that again," I replied, referring to the heat of the moment. "Do you want to finger yourself a little for us? I'm sure your audience would like that."

"Yeah, uh-huh. Should I sit here like this?" Meaning the end of the bed. I could see her eyeing with curiosity the second camera that was set up, to her left.

"Sure, for now," I agreed. Then, impulsively: "But first, is it okay if I do a little reaching out, myself?"

"Oh, oh yes. Please, I wish you would." And damned if it didn't sound like she meant it, sincerely! My cock actually squirmed in my shorts, or at least it felt that way. I removed the camera from the tripod with my left hand and robotically focused as my right moved on its own toward her. I'm only aware of this quick sequence of events because I saw it during the editing phase; at the time it happened, all I thought about was touching her.

Chantal actually moved forward so that I wouldn't have to reach very far. I cupped her soft left breast and felt the weight of it against my hand. A strong feeling of desire seemed to connect for a moment between us. On the video you can hear us making low sounds of approval as my fingers went to one stiff nipple and then over to the other, then up her neck to the hollow there that was blushing pink, then up further to her chin for a moment before moving back down.

This girl's flesh felt electric and alive under my fingertips. My dick was throbbing with its own pulse as my hand moved over her breasts for awhile, gently pinching her responsive nipples, and then moved down her belly with my camera following as best it could. When my fingers reached her sex she made a light moaning sound and pushed her lower body out toward me. I somehow managed again to focus the camera (it looks a little shaky right there on the completed video, I admit) as I slid my index finger around the wet lips of her cunt, and then used the tip on her clitoris just for a moment before impulsively sliding it up into her hole.

Hot? You can imagine, I hope. Velvet, satin, like sunny ripe fruit clinging to you with sweet muscles....all that, and probably more. I had a second finger in there before I even knew myself that I was doing it, and was automatically caressing her clit with the ball of my thumb. With the corner of one eye on the monitor I studied her face as I worked the fingers into her.

Chantal looked back at me with a rather triumphant gaze, just her upper lip moving a little in response to what I was doing. If not for the quickening of her breathing and the light grinding of her pelvis, I might not be able to tell that she felt any pleasure at all. But the increasing heat inside her pussy and the moisture leaking out around my fingers told me all I needed to know.

"My, my," I heard myself saying as I reluctantly withdrew myself from her after a few more moments, my fingers glistening with the evidence of her arousal. "You are one passionate young woman." Before she could reply I impulsively brought that hand up to her face and brushed my wet fingers against her cheek and over her lower lip, not knowing how Chantal would react.

Happily, she didn't recoil from my touch. Her heavy-lidded eyes met mine as she ran her tongue out to taste herself on her lips. I moved back to replace the camera in its rest, my respect for her self-control continuing to grow. One of her own hands was back between her legs in a flash as I refocused. Like I say, Chantal is no stranger to feeling herself up. And the way she wasn't shy about her own juices had me already plotting some girl-girl sessions.

"Lie back," I instructed in a low voice. She did so, and from that point I didn't have to say a word for some minutes. The camera did all the talking as Chantal opened herself up and played with her ripe pussy. Her clit seemed engorged with arousal, and I noticed she flinched a little every time one of her fingertips moved over that upper part of her opening, as though it was too much pleasure for her to handle.

I did my best to frame her so that we'd see the rise and fall of her breasts above the view of her pink sex and busy fingers, but I doubt most viewers will take the time to notice any attempts on my part to appear professional in my work -- they'll be too busy touching themselves. It was enough to simply keep the camera focused on what may be one of the prettiest depilated crotches to ever grace an adult film rental shelf.

Chantal alternated between dipping her middle finger into her juicy slit and rubbing the tip over her pink nub, back and forth. I could see the moisture seeping down into the furrow that began the division of her ass cheeks, perched as she was at the end of the bed with her legs spread. Her lower body sort of writhed, but not in an out of control way; more of a practiced, steady rhythm. I began to wonder if Chantal was purposely keeping herself at an arousal threshold so that she could wring the most prolonged pleasure out of her debut session.

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