tagIncest/TabooFirst Time With Mother-in-law

First Time With Mother-in-law


I am from a South ‘Indian’ city called Chennai (Earlier Madras) and have described my story the way we use English here. The story narration also follows Indian traditions and customs.

Most guys select their wife for the reason he would love her or because she is beautiful. He could select her because she is rich or perhaps she is a famous. But even my wife had everything money, beauty and she is also a bit famous in the rich society. And she loved me very much. But these are NOT the reason I married her.

I selected her and went for her and married her just because I loved her mother, KRVijaya. Don’t look at me like that. Yeah. I liked this lady who is a acquaintance of our family but I have lost touch with her because I have moved to Cambridge for my higher studies. Its only after a few months after I finished my studies and reached India, I saw her in a marriage party and from that day I started having a great lust on her. She seemed for me that she is the most beautiful lady around than any other young rich girls around there. She had long dark hair, hair that reached to her hips. And even been a mother of a grown up girl, she had a killer figure- 36-24-36. Her eyes were very dark and twinkled in good humor.

I know that I can seduce her with money but that wont be a long time exiting relationship. I needed a long time secure and very exiting, thrilling, incestuous, taboo kind of relation with her. I want to seduce her bit by bit, showing that I love and adore her than anything and lead her to bed that way.

I always cursed myself for not born as a son to her. But I thanked God for creating me and blessed with a lot and lot of Inherited wealth and heritage. As I am born with a silver spoon, I had the privilege of approaching any lady just like that. But still I don’t want to make it that way with sexy KRVijaya. I don’t want to meet her in bed for money.

So I went for her daughter. I met her daughter in a Taj Hotel knowing from one of my family friend that she comes there regularly for Gym. With my personality and richness I easily made her come towards me. After several meetings, after letting her know who I am, and the boundary of my business I proposed to her. At first she is a bit confused whether I am asking it for real and this could ever happen. After a few days (I think she would have checked with her mother and she would have crossed checked whether I am genuine or what) she came smiling and she agreed. Even my parents were happy with my decision since they had a very good opinion on KRVijaya.

So we went to see KRVijaya's family and fix the marriage. Vow. That’s the first time I saw her so close. Her face is divine. A sweet smell of feminist and lust came from her. Her body is marvelous and curvaceous. She has worn the Sari in a very noble manner. Her sari style showed her the Ups and Downs very well. Her boobs are mounted on top of her so sexy stomach. And from back of it started the even sexier butts. And she smiled her world-class smile. At that very moment I fixed in my mind that, within a month I should fix her. I will have her in my bed and give her the happiness that she would have never had.

She invited us in and every part of her body seems to be inviting for me. While my parents started talking about her I gazed her and ogled at her entire body. While talking as she gazed me she saw me seeing her pointedly on her body. At first she ignored it thinking that I would be staring at her while she talked. But she gradually saw that whenever she looked at me that I haven’t changed my looks and that I am constantly staring at her. At last she threw me a mischievous smile secretly. (Or is that just my illusion?) But, with this I certainly got some courage and secretly moved my gaze to her sideways. Her sari is a silk sari and the sides of it were rigid. So I could see the enormous size of her boobs encased in her silk blouse. I could see her hips a little bit. It seemed like a wave of butter. She has crossed her legs and I could sense the curves of her sexy butts and beautiful thighs inside the sari outlines. I wish I could jump on her and rape her just on that moment. I had to struggle a lot to control myself. I never knew what my parents and KRVijaya and her Husband (I never even looked at him that day) talked and decided that day. Amidst the talks we were given snacks and cool drinks too but I never took a zip of it too.

And only when my parents rose from there I realized they have finished with their conversations and have concluded something. At first I am shocked to miss the happenings and from their smiles I sensed that the marriage is going to happen without any problem at all. So I too rose with a smile in my face. While waiving hands for my would-be wife and my fantasy women KRVijaya I noticed she had a very special smile for me. But the same time I thought it would be because I am going to be her ONLY son-in-law. I too realized and cursed myself for not even having a word with her.

Even after we returned from there in our car I have been in my dreams for a long while until my father broke the silence.

"Are you happy now? Your marriage is fixed in twenty five days time and your engagement is next week."

"I am a bit upset to hear there is still those much days left, pa"

My parents laughed and they thought I am in so much of in love with my would-be wife. (Yeah. If they know what's in my mind they would have never laughed in the first place.).

After two days I had a call from my fiancé. She asked me to join her for shopping from her side and select some Jewels and saris. I was first not interested until she said she is on the way to the plaza with her mother. I instantly agreed to hear that her mother is accompanying her. I drew my car as fast as I could and reached the mall. It was a huge Jewel shop. I saw them waiting for me. So I went with them and selected a few jewels for the engagement and Marriage. I noticed all the jewels I selected for her are very expensive that they can’t afford .So both of them; the mother and daughter were worried of the bills. But in the counter, the cashier saluted me and refused to accept the cash they intended to pay. They looked me in surprise. I told the fact that I am also a partner of the Jewel shops and all the Jewels are my present to them. KRVijaya didn’t agree with that because she told it’s their duty to do something for their daughter and it’s not fair that I paid the price for it. I said as a Son-In-Law I would get whatever I deserve to get in a different way. KRVijaya looked at me in confusion. That time my fiancée excused as for the rest room. I took this opportunity and held her hand with mine. I said,

"Let me do this as a great fan of yours. I am an in-law to you only if I marry your daughter. But I am like you very much for a long time. Maybe even from my child hood. I want to present you something and this is not even a slight amount of it. If you still want to do anything for your would-be son in law I will ask you myself when time comes."

By this time my fiancé returned from the toilet. I asked them whether they would have dinner with me. They agreed and we went for a five star hotel. As that was a public place and my wife was with me along, I couldn’t do anything than ogling at her. It was late and so we have to part after that.

That night KRVijaya along with my fiancée rang me and thanked me for the Jewels. I said to KRVijaya when she thanked me,

"Don’t mention thanks. Remember, I would ask you all that is due for my marriage myself when appropriate time comes.”

She laughed and said that she would keep up her words and would give me what I wanted anytime. I am shocked to hear the double meaning (or still is it my illusion) in her words.

The next three days went like a dream and my engagement day came into existence. It was not a grand occasion after all. It is also arranged in a more western manner than in our traditional Indian way. My father’s business partners and the city's top men are the few in the engagement party. That occasion is planned in a five star hotel. So after the party we all opened bottles of scotch to celebrate the occasion. There is a very dim light that cleared all our moods. As there is a practice in the upper class some people started mild dancing. There is a mild music and all of us started dancing. First I started to dance with my fiancée. Then I changed to the wife of my fathers Partner. She is a north Indian woman whom I have planned to fuck after I fix KRVijaya. But I felt very warm and sexy in those ladies arms. I looked and saw my wife dancing with my father. And searched for KRVijaya and saw her sitting on the corner table and watching me without changing her look anywhere. Her eyes or fixed just on me. I couldn’t read the sensation in her eyes. I excused the lady I danced with and went to the restroom. Then I went straight to KRVijaya's table and sat before her eyes.

"Aren’t you dancing?”

"Yes. But who would like to dance with a old women like me?"

She asked teasingly and laughing. I learnt the hint from mid aged women, whenever they mention themselves like I am ‘old women’, then it’s always an invitation to the youngster to praise her and seduce her. I grasped this opportunity.

" Please stop saying you are old. You are still very beautiful and glorious women, who can win many YOUNG hearts. You can sweep all the votes in this dancing hall, including mine. If you don’t mind please make me feel prestigious and blessed by dancing with me."

I extended my hands with inviting eyes.

She smiled and rose. Slowly she took my arms and came into them. Vow!!! I thought. That’s really a very great feeling. I held her back and we slightly moved dancing. I felt her knee length hair loosely tied beautifully. There is an aromatic smell of perfume arising from her hair. I looked at her most sexy face with a dazzling smile on it. That very instant I got an erection. My hands held her tighter. She raised her head feeling the difference. I grinned with a wicked smile. She too had a naughty look at her face. My hand felt the chillness of her back getting hotter little by little. As we danced slowly I moved my hand all along her back and caressed her. Her curves are like a molded statue. She was soft but firm. I tightened my grip and crushed her body with my hips. She definitely would have felt my hard-on I moved my hand towards her butts and moved my lips towards her face. Shit. The lights were on and the music has ended. So we have to part by then. I am so involved in her dreams, but after that I have had to travel to Ban galore and Bombay for Inviting my business friends and relatives to my marriage and settle some business issues. I returned to Mumbai only a few days before the marriage.

As the marriage date is nearing I got very busy .The day before my marriage I got a call from KRVijaya. My heart filled with a pleasure, which I haven’t experienced until then. She said as I have paid all the money for the marriage Jewels she told me it wont be fair for her not doing anything and she wanted to give me some best present I like. I know from her part she is going to give some 300-pound of Gold (apart from the Jewels I bought her) along with a bungalow and a foreign car. I am glad that she stood high in her royal ness.

"All right. If you really want to do something for your future son-in-law please come to Diamond jewel shop in the evening alone."

She knew this diamond shop I mentioned is a different one and its not linked to my father anyway. I knew she would have thought I am going to have some Diamond ring for myself.

"OK. But as tomorrow is the wedding day, I think I would have to return early. Sorry to say like this but I know you would understand. Is it Ok for you?”

She asked hesitatingly.

"It’s perfectly all right for me. So meet you at 3'O clock in the shop".

She came at the sharp time. I am very glad that I have had her alone. Lolls are the best diamond-selling merchants in India. As I have spoken with the owners already they showed the way for us to a private room with highest security. At first they showed some jewel ranging 50 to 100 thousand rupees. I asked for the top class McGovern’s Diamonds and a matching Necklace set. She raised her eyebrows. I held her hand and smiled soothing her. She looked me with dilemma but even then she smiled back. After going through a few diamonds I concluded with one piece of necklace with flawless, pure white diamond .It costs about one and half million Indian rupees. She tried to ask me something. I settled her with my eyes. When we came out, I said I have settled with the bill with the owners and no need for her to care for the bills.

That should have driven her brains off. Rupees eight hundred thousand worth of a diamond necklace… I asked her to join in my car as she did directing her driver to home. Inside the car she is speechless. She seemed to be thinking of the necklace even now. So I watched her sitting next to me. Now that I got her beside me I know its long I would have her on bed. With that thought I started ogling at her. As she sat next to me, when I turned towards her I saw her big boobs shaking in motion. It was a very wonderful sight.

"Thanks "

At last she broke the silence.

"For what?"

"For getting such an expensive jewel for my daughter", she told.

I couldn’t control my laughter. I burst out with laughter and stopped the car in sideways of an almost empty road. I continued laughing until she asked me ‘What’s the matter?’

"My dear mother in law, this necklace I bought with so much care is not for your daughter. It’s for you. It’s for the most beautiful lady I have ever seen. It may be a token of love from a fan to a lady like you".

She shuddered with a pleasure and her face showed it.

"Is it for me? Oh dear. I am speech less now. Thank you very much. Oh. Do you like me that much?"

I took her arm in mine.

"I swear these are especially for the women I admire and worship a lot."

She is stunned hearing this. So, I slowly lifted her hand and slightly kissed it. I felt a slight shiver run through her body. I was so exited by then but as that was not a deserted road and as tomorrow is my marriage I know that every one would be looking for her and me. This road was not at all romantic. I don’t want to start with her in this climate. But when I started the Car again I could sense that her face have turned with a mixture of confusion and lust. But let her wait for me, I thought. All these years i have waited. Let her wait for some time .I thought.

I had different plans. I bribed and paid a heavy amount of money to a very famous Astrologer and said to him that after my marriage my First night and honeymoon should be postponed to one month or else it would be bad for the whole family. The day of my marriage came. Even in the marriage ceremony I didn’t stop ogling her. After all the ceremonies finished and every one left one by one, only my family and KRVijaya ’s family remained. My parents told that its a tradition to stay in the girls house for that day but as the astrologer told the first night occasion would be belated for one month. They told until that I have to stay in her house but should stay away from my wife. I agreed but I am very happier inside. Slowly the night broke out. My wife went to her room with a Lot of betrayal feeling in her eyes. I wandered in the balcony for a while. Then I saw a shadow behind me. I saw it’s the glorious women, KRVijaya. I am just enthralled by her beauty. She is wearing a nightgown and it seemed very transparent.

"Vow ",

Words escaped my mouth in excitement. I just wanted to grasp her and hug her tight and kiss her hard on her mouth grasping and holding her tight ass. But I hold my breath and waited. She said you want to join us for a drink? I am totally frustrated because she mentioned about her husband. But I sure thought that there would be some way out of that goddamn old man. So I agreed. I followed her to another side of the house, where there is a wider balcony facing the garden. We reached the balcony where her husband is already started drinking. He already looked drunk overly. He seemed to be a heavy alcoholic. A drunkard at last, I thought. But when we sat in our tables he just tried to smile and started his other round. Then she poured some gin for me and offered me some and she had some for herself. I started at her when she bent to give me the drinks.

‘ Hell’, I thought. Her nightgown so transparent and loose that when she bent down her neck is wide opened and I could see a lot of her cleavage and bare skin that looked like a molded butter ball that looked so creamy and white in color and sandal wood in complexion. Even I traced out from her transparent nightdress that she was wearing a black silk panties. My pants were about to explode if I keep on ogling her, I thought.

Then I realized her husband was over drunk and was about to fall in the ground. She said please don’t mistake. Let me move him to the bedroom. I offered her help so that I some how could make it to seduce her I thought. She tried to lift him up holding his shoulder. I went to the other side and held him from other shoulder. As he stood up we slowly moved him towards the bedroom. Slowly I moved my hands towards her. When my hands touched hers I almost jerked. Vow the feeling is great as I am touching her in a mood to fuck her anyhow tonight. Then I pressed her palms in joy. I felt her fingers join mine.

I sensed that she is agreeing. Or is she? I realized we are in the bedroom and slowly while we laid him to the bed, I slowly wandered with my hand all over her body. God, Am I in heavens? I even had a chance to slightly caress her boobs. Vow its like hell. Then she offered me a nightdress and asked me to change while she waits outside. Then she left. I changed and joined her in the balcony. She took a sip very sexily and looked with her burning eyes. They were floating with desire.

"Are you sick not having what you ought to have tonight?"

I said with caution,

"Not at all. Until I have a company of some great person like you, their no point to be worried.... actually I am not sick at all. Instead I am very delighted, seeing you so close in the moon light alone".

I stressed the word alone more. She smiled a mile wide and turned at me.

"You speak very sweeter. I now know why my daughter likes you so much. It’s not just her. Any girl would be mad at you, for a person like you..."

"Oh I don’t want any girl to be mad at me. I only want you to like me...But, do you?"

"Ho I like you very much, dear."

I am so carried away by now.

I slowly raised her hand and kissed her.

" I have adored you from my child hood. I worship you as a goddess of beauty.”

"Those were lovely old days. Who would adore me now.”

She released a sigh.

"Even now I am mad of you. Only due to the madness on you I chased your daughter and married her. Yes. I am so mad of you even now."

"Even now?” She asked teasingly.

As I am boosted and know for sure she likes me to continue.

"Yes. Even now. I will love you and adore you till my death. You are the goddess of my fantasies.”

I caressed her hand and roamed it in mine.

This time she noticed that there is a big bulge in my nightdress. Her eyes widened and she left a naughty smile in her face. I didn’t leave her hand. I said,

”You are very beautiful. You look so younger. And your body is still curvaceous and glowing. “

I kissed her in her chins now.


She moaned and stood up. ‘Wait here’, she said and went it to her room again. I waited with an excitement. But when she returned I am a bit more exited.

"What the hell.”

I thought. She is a sexy seductress. She can picture any guy if she dresses like this, I thought.

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