tagLoving WivesFirst Visit to Hedo

First Visit to Hedo


We had dreamed of going to Hedo for years. That's Hedonism II in Negril Jamaica to be exact. Hedo is famous for great parties and nightlife, but we may not have been prepared for what was to come. Misty, my wife is a 40 something looking lady, 5 feet 2" tall and large 36 DDD breasts that she likes to show off. She has a very sexy figure and saucy attitude to go along with the body. She loves to dress in very sexy club clothes and as she calls them "fuck me" shoes.

Being long time nudists, we booked the nude side of the resort. As I said she wasn't afraid to show off a little, but what was to come was more than I would have ever expected. The first day we ate and slept. Wandered around the resort, getting familiar with everything. We dressed for dinner and ate very nice beef tenderloin at the Italian restaurant and danced that evening, then over to their famous piano bar. There we happened to sit next to a single guy, with Misty in the middle.

Bob was a well-built man in his mid-50's that looked like he worked out and stayed in shape. We made small talk with Bob while the piano player went through many popular sing along rock songs. I noticed after a while when Bob would talk to me, he would lean forward and rest his hand on Misty's leg. The first several times we talked back and forth he removed his hand after each comment. Soon however, Bob began to let his hand linger on Misty's leg, first on the knee and slowly working his way up her leg. Of course the club dress she had chosen was designed to show leg and as Misty shifted her legs and the dress began to ride up to her waist, I noticed it was unlikely she had worn panties. Bob noticed this as well.

The more we visited, the more Bob would lean over towards me. Finally instead of putting his hand on her leg nearest him he let in linger on the leg nearest me, with his finger tip slightly under Misty's hemline. As he drew his hand back, he let his fingertips glide down the inside of her thighs that she had slowly parted her legs the more we drank rum and the more Bob leaned over.

Bob and I made eye contact as he raised his eyes from looking down at her lap. He looked a little like a kid caught with his hand in the candy jar and was about to move his hand away when I smiled and winked at him. He paused slightly trying to determine if he had crossed the line. Now I have always like to see guys drewl over Misty, so the only reaction I was experiencing was a growing hard on. I winked smiled and nodded this time my head up and down slightly to let Bob know all was well. A big grin spread across his face as her realized he had just been given the green light. Now I suppose I should have talked to Misty first, but I know how much she enjoys teasing guys.

The three of us continued to talk for another hour, during which Bobs hand continued to caress Misty's leg, his fingers sliding further under her dress until they have to be resting on her pubic area. Misty continued to wiggle and adjust her butt on the stool, each time adjusting so that her legs were further apart. One knee I notice was touching my knee, and the other Bob's knee. This meant she had separated her legs as far as she could without asking either of us to move our legs.

Bob continued to caress her pubic area and as the dress finally rose to a point I could clearly she had no panties and Bob's fingers were now working the split in her pussy. I glanced at Misty's face and noticed her eyes were frequently closed and she was softly biting her lip.

Misty was the first one to break the conversation trend suggesting the bar was hot and she needed to go outside, maybe to the pool or hot tub. I was a little surprised when she looked over at Bob and asked him to join us.

We stopped by the room to undress on our way to the pool and Misty relayed to me that Bob had been touching her and she hoped I didn't mind. I assured her I was many things, but at that time, minding wasn't one of them. She smiled a mischievous smile and asked if I was sure. I assured her I was and gave her a deep kiss.

Let me explain Hedo a little at this point. There is a prude and a nude side. We were staying on the nude side. The bar at the pool is a swim up bar with underwater stools. Next to the pool is a hot tub large enough for 50 or more people. Open sexual touching and activity is not unusual, however this evening, things were fairly quiet with maybe a dozen or more people in the hot tub and as I looked over at the pool bar I noticed Bob had taken an underwater stool at the bar. Misty and I got into the hot tub and were still visiting about what had occurred. When she was again assured I was okay with what had occurred, she suggest she swim over and get us a drink at the bar.

I watch her sexy figure as she walked over to the pool and slowly swam over to the bar. Once there she stood up next to Bob and did what I can only describe as a breast massage on Bob's back. He turned around and I could hear them both laugh. She then ordered two drinks and while she waited, she visited with Bob. Both of her hands rested on his knees as they visited. I noticed Bob's hand reach up and slowly rub each nipple until she giggled. When our drinks were delivered, she motioned for me to join them. I wasn't however the only person to be watching Bob and Misty. A couple other guys had seen them as well and had taken up the stools on either side of Bob. Misty was still standing in front of Bob, who had his back now to the bar. As I came up, I reached around them and got my drink. Misty said she was a little cold and wanted to sit on a stool out of the water, but now since the stools were taken, Bob kindly offer to let her sit on his lap. Misty sat on his lap with her back to him turning her head to talk to him. I stood in front of her, rubbing her legs and slowly inching my way up to her pussy while I spread her knees. Bob, being the gentleman he was, reached around her waist, letting her breasts lay heavy on his arms.

As we drank and horsed around, Bob moved his hands up to her ample boobs, massaging each nipple. I could tell Misty liked this and when I finally put my fingers on her clit, she closed her eyes and enjoyed the attention. Soon our drinks were gone and Misty was feeling no pain. In fact the only thing she was feeling was my fingers on her clit, Bob's hands massaging her boobs and now a hand from each of the guys that had joined our group, one on each side of Misty, rubbing her body where ever there was unoccupied space.

Misty appeared to be reaching a decision point and as she did she hopped of Bob's lap. It was only then I noticed Bob had developed a hard on at least 9 inches long but not overly large girth. Misty ordered a drink over Bob's shoulder and as she waited we visited. Each of the other guys, Tim and John, now were massaging Misty's boobs. A the bartender delivered the drinks Misty got back up on Bob's lap, but this time she was facing Bob with her back up to my chest. We were so busy touching her that she began to slide off Bab' lap so I pushed her forward. As I did, she rose up on Bob's lap and I realized he was lifting her at the waist. I also noticed one other point.

As Tim and John began sucking her nipples, and I rubbed her butt and clit, Bob began to lower her back to his lap slowly. She let out a small gasp and I realized Bob was in the process of impaling my wife's pussy on his large cock. He continued to lower her down and I could feel her lean forward and watched her lips met his. As her butt came to rest on his lap, she released her kiss and leaned back, giving me a deep kiss over her shoulder. As she did, she began to slowly rise and fall and with each stroke, she moaned and bit her lips. Air rushed from deep in her throat and she moaned.

She laid back against me allowing Tim and John full access to her boobs, ears and neck. The more they sucked, the more she bucked and moaned. After 5 or more minute she let out what could only be described as a moan crossed with a shriek. As she collapsed back on me again Bob increased his pace and until he could stand it no more and her let fly with cum deep inside her pussy. As she relaxed, she said she needed to go to the bathroom and excused herself. Much to her surprise when she returned Bob and Tim had changed places and Tim now had his arms outstretched for her to sit on his lap and smaller hard on. She smiled and climbed on his lap. I traded places with John so he could kiss and touch her. She repeated the process twice more after Tim, once with John and finally with me.

After a quick kiss to the three, we retreated to our room where we had such intense love making we had never experienced. This was only the first day! We had 10 more days to go, but I'll save those stories for later.

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