tagExhibitionist & VoyeurFish in the River

Fish in the River


Once it started it was hard to stop. I'd never been naked in nature; having grown up in Beijing, that never was option. But I was studying in graduate school in the States, getting interested in lots of new subjects, like ecology, when I started seeing myself with new eyes.

In China, I was just another young woman -- short, slender, with long black hair, but in America I suddenly felt desirable in a way I'd never felt before. American men were always friendly, when I ran into them in coffee shops and on the streets, and all over campus.

They always made love to me with their eyes, and it makes me feel pretty.

Most of them seem to think I was Japanese, maybe because my eyes are slanted in a way that is not so typical of Chinese women, or maybe just because I fit their idea of a stereotype.

But I didn't take offense, for flattery was their intention, I know.

My English was not so good in those years, and I sometimes misunderstood their intentions, but most of these men I met were sweet and nice.

And always horny!

Men are horny in China too, but they express it differently. They are not as romantic as American men, in my experience.

Anyway, during my two years of graduate school, something happened. I should explain that I was already married at the time, in my late 20s, but my husband had refused to come with me to the States while I got my two Master's Degrees.

He came to visit me just once and said he hated the place, and just hung around in my apartment, getting drunk and depressed. He didn't even try to go out and experience the magnificent surroundings.

It was a relief when he returned to China and I was on my own again. Despite all the flirtations with American men, I had not cheated on him. But then I met the man I will call Alex.

Alex was older than me, with playful blue eyes, an easy smile, and a sense of humor that matched my own, which is very wicked and often involves wordplay. Although my spoken English was still much weaker than now, I could almost keep up with him, even though he is an absolutely brilliant writer and environmentalist.

Soon after we met we were flirting shamelessly, but it was much more than sexual; it involved our fundamental nature as creatures -- a human woman and a human man.

We fell in love with each other's minds. And together, we fell in love with our common earth.

All of a sudden, I wanted to learn about the environment around our campus, which Alex was expert at. He started taking me on walks, up into the hills and into forests. He knew I was married, and stayed respectful, but our connection was growing.

There was something so sensual about being with him in these lovely places. Very few others were around, and I started having fantasies, sexual fantasies, that he would undress me and make love to me.

He is tall and handsome, strong and gentle. As I said, he is a writer and an environmentalist. His passion for trees, and soil and water and animals is palpable (a word he taught me).

One day, on one of our walks, I asked him what "skinny dipping" meant. I was always asking him about strange American phrases, so this should not have been anything unusual.

But the moment I asked he stopped, took my hand, looked into my eyes, and said, "It is the best and most natural thing you ever can do."

It was then that I started becoming an exhibitionist.

No, truthfully, I already was an exhibitionist. I like to show myself off. I always walk around naked in my apartment, and I don't care if the curtains are completely closed or the lights are off (at night).

I like the freedom and I like the way my small body looks. I know men and even some women like to look at me whether I have clothes on or off, and I am happy either way, too.

But being naked outside still was something I never had done, and swimming naked, through the waters, felt like a heavenly idea to me.

Soon after, Alex asked me to go on a trip with him, and of course I said yes. He drove us up to the mountains a few hours east of campus to an old mining town where he had booked us a hotel room (with two beds).

Now we still had never kissed, let alone caressed each other, although I confess I had made love to him in my mind a thousand times by now. But I also had learned he was going through painful divorce, and I didn't want to complicate the life of this wonderful man, whom I would in any event soon be leaving behind when I returned to China.

But as soon as we checked into the hotel, I knew we were soon to be sleeping together. It would simply be impossible to share a room with Alex and stay apart from him.

Plus he was feeling lots of pain from him in his breakup and I wanted to comfort.

Nevertheless, first night, we stay in separate beds and sleep badly as result. Second day is when it all started happening.

First we had breakfast in café across from hotel. Pancakes, an American dish I love. Then we stop by a local store, where he bought us a picnic, including small wines.

Then he took me on amazing hike, along a narrow trail high above a rushing river, just the kind of place I had been imagining for my skinny dip. When I looked down far below, sometimes I saw naked women and men; this was clearly an uninhibited place, nothing like we have in China.

Finally, after half an hour, Alex indicated a path and we start down. It was hard to keep my footing, several times he caught my arm to keep me from falling. At one point, sensing something, he stopped, grab me and said "Shhh," which is what Americans say when you should make no sound.

Ahead on the trail was a coiled rattlesnake.

He picked me up in his strong arms and backed me away. We then left the trail and made a wide circle around that scary beast. I was shaking in my boots (hiking boots I had bought for this trip.)

He had trouble relocating the trail but once he did we finally reached the rocks next to the river and they were lovely rocks.

Huge, smooth and filled with cavities they reminded me of giant women, amazons.

We nestled ourselves down in shadow of one boulder, laid out blanket, and opened lunch. There was bread, fruit, carrots, cheese, water, granola bars and wine. He had a knife, which he used to carve the cheese.

I ate and drank freely; then afterward I told him I felt like taking off my clothes.

He looked up and down the river and said okay.

I stripped off my top (my breasts are so small I don't need a bra) and my shorts and my panties. Now I was naked before the man I now knew I loved. Feeling his eyes on my body did something I had been yearning for.

It turned me on. My nipples became hard, my bottom squeezed, and my pussy started getting wet. When I get excited I start having what must be the same thing as contractions, when women give birth.

I've never gotten pregnant so I don't know, but it must be. It feels like a huge pressure pushing my legs together, squeezing my pussy, and making me so wet I just need to be entered.

But not so fast! I now knew we were going to fuck, but first I had to try out my fantasy of swimming in river.

He beat me to it. He stripped off his T-shirt and shorts and walked into the river. What I saw, with my eyes, was a beautiful man, with a nice chest, a little bit of a rounded stomach (afterwards I would call my "pillow"), a scary big cock, and a nice behind.

He is so handsome, I thought, as he slipped below the water.

After watching him swim for a while, I walked up to the edge of the river, feeling again his eyes on me. He stepped out and took me in his arms and kissed me, our first kiss.

Then he pointed down to the shallows. "Those are trout," he said. Beautiful fish swam so near to us. I almost cried. My nickname for myself means "fish-lover" in Mandarin.

As I felt him looking at me from behind I entered the river. It had a wide spot there, what he called a pool, and I swam out into it.

It was glorious, far beyond my imagination. Here I was, just another Chinese from what is probably the biggest city on earth, swimming alone and naked in a sweet (but very cold) river in America.

Plus my soon to be boyfriend was taking pictures of me!

This is a part of the story I didn't tell you yet, but I had helped him pick out a digital camera, which were new then, and he brought it on our trip. As I swam he was photographing me, the "slim nude swimmer," as he later called me -- and posted on the web!

I loved every bit of it -- being naked, being photo'd, being at one with nature. Besides, no one could recognize it was me. I am just another naked woman in a river, anywhere on earth.

For the first time ever, I felt truly alive as a creature on this earth. As I swam in the cold water, I thought about the rainbow trout below, swimming in a group, and the large trees standing erect on shoreline.

I also gradually became aware that I was being watched, and not just by Alex. Two young boys were perched on a large boulder on the far side of the pool where I was swimming, and they were looking at me.

At this point I could have gone back to Alex or I could have kept swimming toward them. I looked at them. They seemed like sweet white boys, one with blond hair and one with brown hair. They had thin bodies and were wearing shorts.

I smiled at them, and at that point, they both jumped up, stripped off their shorts, and jumped into the pool. As they did so, I caught a glimpse of their lovely cocks, and I felt a new swelling down below, an excitement it shocked me.

Soon, these lovely young men were beside me, swimming and smiling, almost like boy-fish. I allowed my body to float to the surface, where by nipples broke above the water line. I loved that they were looking at me.

Then I turned over and stuck my ass up as high as I could, so they could see it too. All of this time, I knew Alex was watching and probably getting mad at me for my shameless exhibitionism, but how wrong I was!

As I floated on my stomach, one of the boys playfully spanked my butt, and the other reached under to caress my breasts.

Now I was getting seriously turned on, and in a somewhat confused state about what to do next, I slowly paddled back toward Alex. As I emerged from the pool, I knew all three men were staring at my naked body and really for the first time in my life, I felt like a true Goddess.

I'm really just a skinny Chinese girl, nothing special, but at this moment I felt the desire all three of them held for me, and I wanted them, all of them, inside me. But it was strange because I thought all Western men like Playboy models with huge tits and ass. Next to her I am very tiny and flat.

I walked to the blanket and lay down on my tummy. Alex asked me what I wanted to do next, but I couldn't answer. Then he whispered, "Do you want to be touched?"


"By all of us?"


As the boys emerged from the pool, I snuck a glance at their beautiful bodies, and their partly limp cocks, and started to imagine how they would soon become hard.

To be truthful, I also felt a bit scared, but because Alex was there, I knew he would protect me no matter what happened next, so I relaxed my body and waited for what to happen next.

As the boys settled down next to me, Alex offered them both a small bottle of wine. He had brought a four-pack on our picnic, and he and I had already had one each, which had helped create my buzz.

The boys gulped the wine and then, again at Alex's prompt, started applying sunscreen to my back and legs. When they reached my bottom I started wiggling around, lifting myself.

I don't know why it is so exciting when males (or females) touch my ass but it is. On the other side, my pussy was dripping with anticipation.

Suddenly Alex turned me over and spread my legs for them to see. The boys started caressing my breasts while he put his fingers into my vagina. I was convulsing with a climax within seconds, even as I wondered what would happen next.

Alex then entered me with his huge cock and fucked me as the boys watched and continued to fondle me. I screamed as I came, just about the same time his sperm exploded inside of me.

Then he withdrew and asked the boys if they would like me to suck their cocks. They nodded yes, and I took first one and then the other's penises into my lips and sucked hard as I could.

Both came fast and hard. I almost gagged on it. Alex asked then if I also wanted to be fucked by them but I said no. He dismissed them, and took me back to our hotel.

That night he was very, very gentle, caressing me and holding me but no more real sex. We had a long dinner and a deep talk. I thanked him for letting me have the experience but not going all the way to fucking those boys.

Next day my jaw hurt and I knew I had a lot of explaining to do when I got back to China. Long story short. I divorced my husband. And since then I have had many relationships but nothing has stuck.

Often late at night, I find myself thinking back to floating in that lovely river in America, with two boys and one man admiring me, not so much as a woman, honestly, but as a kind of beautiful fish, part of nature, part of what we all need to cherish, going forward.

Happy Earth Day!

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