tagNonHumanFish Scales and Merfolk Tales

Fish Scales and Merfolk Tales


The island of Desa wasn't one that got many visitors- it wasn't particularly out of the way, there just really wasn't much there. It was technically considered part of a small cluster of islands right off the coast of Portugal, but the locals barely spoke of it, let alone actually traveled to it. It had a bad reputation, though nobody had actually ever been to discover why- for about a hundred and fifty years now, people had stayed away. Old legends of inhuman, almost unearthly, things had floated through time and worked as wards, and as nobody tried to develop it, the wildlife and terrain had swallowed up the few footholds humans had attempted to dig into it over time, heightening Desa's reputation. It was abandoned, but certainly not forgotten.

The island got the occasional skeptic and most came and went without anything much exceptional to say about it, but there were the occasional few who seemed shaken by it, not quite disturbed by the island but not exactly loose-lipped with what went on. Whether they were just having a bit of fun and helping keep the air of mystery about the island alive or whether something more had happened was unclear, but the natives of nearby islands almost unanimously assumed the latter to true. It was never a native that went, they were far too superstitious; travelers from all over, Europe, Asia, America, even a few all the way from Australia, it was always them. It wasn't a particularly famous island, but if one went through the area (whether it be nearby on the coast of Portugal or on rest of the actual islands), they were likely to hear whispers about it.

This man in particular though, a tall, arrogantly confident looking man who appeared to have at least a bit of Samoan in him judging from his bulky build, he wasn't the sort that was phased by rumors and superstitions. He enjoyed proving them wrong actually, and he'd done so on many an occasion. The man, Gryphon, had an unusual fondness for things with supernatural reputations- haunted castles, demon-infested hotel rooms, creepy old houses, and, unsurprisingly, deserted islands that claimed to have supernatural occurrences. He'd been planning on coming to the island ever since he'd left America on his tour through Europe, having read about it online. There were a few warnings against the idea, though nothing that specifically stated why. Considering he'd never run into a single entity at any place before, he didn't exactly have high hopes for an island that was considered unholy by a tribe of people who'd only barely started allowing modernization on their islands. Probably just some military base or something, though digging online had produced no results.

Gryphon had poked around quite a bit on his first day there, hiking through the island and mapping it out a bit. It was small enough to circle around in a day, though he didn't care to do that- after having paddled himself to the island early that morning, he went straight inland. The weather was quite warm, even for the coastal summer! Not only was the heat pounding down and drawing a sweat to the man's amber toned skin, the humidity in the air was magnifying it. It was only about an hour before the man had abandoned just about all clothing, stuffing everything besides his shoes, socks, and hiking shorts back into his backpack, which contained just enough food for his two-day trip and enough weaponry to fight off any small predators that may cross his path.

The forestry was a bust; nothing. The one or two hills on otherwise completely flat land had been the same, the hike up would barely have broken a sweat on the male had it not been so hellishly warm. After punctuating his trek through the greenery with a nap under an impressively sized tree, Gryphon meandered his way back to the beach. He set his pack down just before setting foot on the sand, abandoning his shorts as well. There was obviously nobody else around, so, while he wasn't terribly vain, he figured it couldn't hurt to work on a nice all-over tan while he enjoyed a lounge on the beach! The beach was mostly smooth, but the point he was at had a bit of rough, rockier area out where the sand transitioned into water, and a sit out on one of the larger rocks in the water sounded quite nice.

It took a bit of climbing, but, especially for being a somewhat gargantuan height and having a hefty, muscular build to him, Gryphon had a decent grace about his footwork. He managed himself onto the furthest rock out he could get to, finding a spot where his bare ass fit nicely onto the warm stone. Though the thrill of just maybe finding something in these spots was the appeal, he couldn't deny that deserted, supposedly haunted islands like this were probably his favorite spot to travel to for an altogether different reason. They were untainted by human noise and it allowed him to forget about everything, even himself, and just relax. He didn't live a particularly stressful life, but he did travel a lot- he wouldn't give it up for almost anything, but that didn't mean the short breaks and getaways from tourist towns weren't a good change of pace.

Gryphon had almost fallen into a nap when he heard a small splash nearby, only a foot or so away from the boulder he'd seated himself on. The water had been glassy and there hadn't been hardly a single wave the whole time he'd been there, so it was a bit unexpected. Still, not exactly strange enough to prompt more than a glance. It was only the second and third time it happened that he stiffened up, looking a little more attentive. He reached hesitantly over, skimming the water where it happened. Had he been able to scramble to his feet without slipping and cracking his skull, he most certainly would have.


Fingers that looked almost human skimmed out of the water just after his skimmed into it, testing the air just as he was testing the water. He let out a sharp 'fuck!' and tried to push up, but something had wrapped around his legs- it felt slippery and smooth, not slimy enough to be seaweed or any plant... it moved too much to be a plant, to his chagrin. It wasn't tugging him down, but it certainly wasn't letting him up either. A face, or half of one, rose from the water, two large eyes that were such a light blue color they almost appeared white, especially in comparison to the surrounding dark skin. The thing's hair was ebony black and twisted in elegant tendrils at the surface of the water, moving with each small shake in the water.

Gryphon, of course, was panicking. There was somebody... no, something in the water on this deserted island, who wouldn't be panicking? It wasn't even clearly female or male, not from what he could see of it. As it rose up higher, it become apparently more and more inhuman, with the same basic features (along with a few extra), but distorted. The eyes were impossibly large, and the lips were wide and pale pink. Even though the dark locks of hair clung around a good portion of its neck, gills were clearly visible. They convulsed slightly before the thing appeared to remember it needed to breath with different organs, their chest then expanding full as it took a testing breath through its nose. It was immeasurably frightening in the sense that Gryphon had no idea what was going on, but somehow, he didn't sense malicious intent. Even the grip on his legs beneath the water had loosened as he'd struggled more, almost enough for him to pull away completely. The creature moved slowly and calmly, not in confidence but instead in the way one might move more slowly around a baby or when picking up a small pet, with gentility.

Gryphon tried to make a jump for it just to put a comfortable amount of distance between himself and whatever it was coming from the water, but the creature grasped his wrists with strength that easily outranked his own, even with its frail-looking frame. He couldn't even yell for help before he felt their foreheads being pressed together, a sudden calm washing over him the moment his own sweat-covered forehead met the other's skin. It wasn't like being hypnotized or as if he were being forced to sleep, it just felt... calm, like he'd come to the sudden realization that this thing really wasn't here to harm him. It was surely artificial considering the feeling sprouted from where their skin had met, the non-human having done something to him to spark the relaxing feeling, but that didn't occur to him at that moment. The reason that the creature had shown itself certainly hadn't occurred to him yet either, he couldn't have guessed it if he tried.

As he glanced down, even in his calm state, the human couldn't help but falter... a tail, this thing had a tail. As stupid as it sounded, he was a good ninety percent sure he'd just been cornered by a mermaid. As little sense as it made, there was no other answer. It was a goddamn mermaid, right there, touching him, HOLDING him. Well, mer-person, anyway; merfolk? It was honestly hard to tell, the being in front of him was wholly androgynous both in form and in face. What he did know for sure though was that, in a uniquely alien way, it was absolutely beautiful. He even gave an exasperated, disbelieving laugh, at which the creature even smiled in response to. It looked innocent and unassuming, which was in direct contrast to the hand Gryphon felt rubbing at his groin.

He hadn't noticed it before, but with the calmness that spread with the touch to his forehead, an undertone of warmth had tingled through his body too, setting his nerves on high alert. That made it easy for the slippery, webbed hand to bring his body to attention, cock hardening with little work on the creature's part. That smile from earlier showed on the merperson's face again, and a laugh of joy that sounded like it got little use poured from its lips. Gryphon began to press back into the other's hand, his erection slipping easily against the smooth skin. The creature didn't seem to mind at all, instead encouraging it with a tightening grasp. It felt almost as good as an actual mouth around him to his surprise, and the cool water against his heat-blushed cock felt absolutely spectacular. It was a bit hard to get leverage when he was pushed against the rock without much to grab on to, but that didn't concern him much as the hand sped up around him, drawing out a few beads of pre from his slit that were soon smeared back down around him.

Gryphon had noticed before when the merperson had smiled, its teeth were quite sharp, almost sharklike. When it leaned in and pressed its lips to his neck, he of course expected pain with that factored in. None ever came. Even when its lips parted and it ran the pearly teeth down his skin, it was gentle with his body, leaving just the smallest, most faint white scratches along his surface. The tail wrapped at his legs released completely as the creature meandered downwards, apparently now confident (and rightly so) that Gryphon wouldn't be going anywhere. What sort of man ran away from fucking mermaid sex, after all? The creature began exploring his body with curiosity, seeming to focus a lot on his neck presumably due to the lack of gills. It also seemed quite fond of just about everything else, right down to Gryphon's thick, strong fingers. It pulled a few of those into its mouth, sucking happily at them and letting its tongue lap at the webbing and around his knuckles, allowing Gryphon to pump them in and out and finger at its mouth with ease. It was only when saliva had begun to drip down its chin that it began to pull away and move down to the organ it was still sliding through its hand, the one that had been the source of a moan or two from Gryphon already.

Every touch felt burning hot, even just the smooth hand running over his rounded pectoral muscles felt like it could give him an orgasm alone from his sensitive his body was. Whatever sort of magic or drugs or whatever had been transferred in that first forehead touch, it was strong enough to have the normally sexually aggressive Gryphon allowing himself to be pinned to a rock and moaning like a bitch in heat. Considering that, there were almost no words to describe how it felt to have the being's lips wrapped taut and firm around his thick cock, the width of its mouth allowing it to take him easily. The sharp teeth were a bit worrying, but they were kept well padded by its gorgeous set of lips, never once getting near the delicate skin. He thrusted into the mouth with eagerness, hips bucking with little control. The merperson's tongue was obviously untrained, but more than willing to learn as it lapped at him beneath the water, occassionally pulling away to explore around his groin as well, nose tucking into the sides of his sack between his thighs and mouth burying up at the base of the underside of his dick.

Gryphon seemed confused as the being moved up parallel with him, face to face with its hands on his shoulders. Was it... was it done? It couldn't be done, Gryphon wasn't ready for it to be done! He opened his mouth in protest, spouting off a few words the merfolk was unlikely to understand before moaning quite suddenly and throwing his head back, nails scratching the rock he was set against. He had no idea what he was inside, whether it was the equivalent a merfolk's cunt or ass, all he knew was it was incomparable to a human body. It had the general placement and inviting texture of a woman's pussy, but it was infinitely tighter, moving with the vigor of a man's ass and squeezing against every nook and cranny and caressing every vein of his cock as the lower, fishlike half of the creature glided back and forth beneath the water. As expected of something with with that much grace in appearance and that lived in water, it had no trouble keeping a perfect beat in its movements, pressing back and forth with concise evenness through the water. He was bucking desperately, moaning freely into the warm air as he wrapped his legs around the sea creature. The inhuman thing didn't seem to exactly be minding its position in the fucking either, burying its head into the side of Gryphon's and whimpering ethereal, unrestrained gasps into his ear as it was repeatedly filled, taking the man's cock down to its base every time.

Though no more than five or ten minutes had passed, Gryphon felt as if it had been an eternity. His balls were swollen full, beating hard against the scaly exterior around the slit he was fucking into. He was literally begging for mercy at that point, begging for release. The stimulation was something he hadn't imagined possible, and without the merfolk's magic, he was sure it would have been. There was simply no way he could have ever felt this good naturally, not with all the enhancement pills and vibrating cock rings or whatever toys he could have tried in all the world. The merfolk seemed happy to give him that release, as its own shrill moans rang unrestrained through the air as Gryphon began to fill it with his seed, shooting a strong stream of cum into their body, grabbing fistfulls of hair as he did and clenching tightly into them. He shot off a good four or five times inside them before beginning to simply ooze the rest of his cum, but he didn't stop slamming despite that. He was going to keep this up until it physically hurt him to do so, and the merperson didn't seem to mind that at all with the way its tired torso had flopped forward onto him, hands holding desperately onto the human's back.

Gryphon's release wasn't marked by any audible words, but it was concluded by one long, gasped 'f-fuck!' Not exactly Shakespearean in terms of describing how that act had felt, but it got his point across. He had expected post-peak to be disgusted with himself, disgusted that he'd just unquestioningly fucked something that wasn't even human, but with the high he was in, his mind couldn't get anywhere near a state of disgust.

The merperson was left panting with breathy sighs, clinging onto Gryphon and petting at his bristly dark hair for a few minutes afterwards until its breath had steadied and its face wasn't quite so red, finally pulling away enough to smile widely at the human. It leaned up and placed a kiss onto his lips. Gryphon was surprised by that of course, but he wasn't unwelcoming; he placed a kiss back, which drew a quaint laugh. The thing sighed and dropped its head a little, staring down at the man's torso. Before Gryphon could lean down and meet its glassy eyes, it had already begun pushing itself up out of the water and lifting its head, ready to hit their foreheads again.

While Gryphon could swear he heard a 'goodbye', the tap on the forehead was the last thing he remembered before finding himself placed up safely on the sands of the beach, the next morning's light rousing him from his sleep. His head was throbbing and his body was cold from spending the night in the nude, but the island's warmth was already beginning to set in even at that early hour. He felt rather blank for a moment, unsure where exactly he was and remaining in that hazy state between unconsciousness and consciousness for longer than usual before everything flooded back. Now on solid ground, he was able to push to his feet in a panic, letting out a short whimper before a more frenzied, louder 'Aah!' rung through the air.

What the fuck? Was that- why was he on the beach? He'd been out on the rocks! Was that... had that really happened? Was that a fucking mermaid? Was that real? It felt real! Well, mostly anyway, but that wasn't possible! His mind was in a panic, and trying to rationalize himself into calmness wasn't working at all. He was caught between trying to figure out whether that had been a dream or whether it had been reality, and the one thing that could have swung him to the opinion of it having been reality were the scratches on his neck. Sadly, by the time he would reach the main island and come into contact with any mirrors, they would have faded away into nothing and his body would show no markings of his encounter, and he would return just as others had- shaken, but in denial that anything even close to what had really happened had occurred. He'd only returned a day early because... well, because nothing had happened and he'd been bored, that was it. Just as those certain other men that had gone to that island, when the temperature was just right and when they came just close enough to the water, he would pass off his experience as nothing but a dream- a fantastic, unforgettable dream.

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