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Fishing Trip


My husband and 5 other managers, all senior to him, where going to go on a fishing trip. They had rented a houseboat with three small fishing boats included so they could tie up somewhere and then use the small boats to fish.

The other wives were going to go Minneapolis for a shopping trip and I had been invited along, but we really could not afford for me to go shopping. I bugged my husband to let me come along on the fishing trip, but he wouldn't let me until I spoke to one of the senior managers.

The deal ended up being that I would cook and clean for ten days on the houseboat and that no one else would know that I came along. Obviously the other wives tended to be jealous. Since the manager was senior to my husband, that effectively ended my husband saying no.

I packed my suitcase and his with what we would need and eagerly waited for Friday so we could be off. Even with the cooking and cleaning I would have plenty of time to myself to read and sun. I was excited because this would be a nice long vacation for both of us.

The other five men picked us up in a large van and loaded our bags in the back. I sat next to my husband on the long drive to the resort where we were to get the houseboat. After a time I dozed off and only woke up to the feeling of my husband stroking the side of my breast. Even though it felt good, I made him stop. I whispered that when we had our cabin I would make it up to him.

When we got to the resort we unloaded everything and were taken the houseboat. Imagine my surprise when I found out that there were no cabins, just a large open room with one end the kitchen and the other six bunks. There was a bathroom, very small, and no other rooms.

After my initial shock and a look of concern on my husband's face, we decided to make the best of this and stowed our suitcases. One of the senior managers got instruction on running the houseboat and soon we were off. I sat on the top deck enjoying the breeze and the sun while the men stood around drinking beer.

We found a nice place to tie up and soon I was too busy cooking to pay any attention to the sleeping arrangements. After eating the men drank on the back deck while I washed dishes and cleaned the table and kitchen. Finally it was time for bed. I demanded that the lights be turned off and I went into the bathroom to get ready. As I slowly undressed I decided that I would wear panties with my nightdress, which was knee-length cotton. My husband's and my bunk was in the midst of all the others. Men were all around us and everyone was in bed when I turned off the light and felt my way to the bunk. My husband was sitting on the edge and let me crawl in then followed me. We were pressed up tight against each other and I could feel his erection pressing into my ass. I wanted to make love but the presence of the others was intimidating. I whispered to him not tonight, but took one of his hands and pressed it to my breasts. He felt me for a while then took his hand and slid it underneath my nightdress so he could feel my bare breasts. I reached back to fondle his cock and we must have been making noise since a voice came out of the dark.

"Either fuck her or be quiet!"

That effectively ended our playing although he managed to get my panties down below my ass and his shorts down so his cock was nestled in my crack. Both his hands were on my bare breasts; my nightdress pulled up in front. Horny but feeling good we managed to fall asleep.

The next morning I awoke first, I think, and squirmed to get over my husband and out of the bunk so I could make breakfast. Unfortunately my panties had slid down further and his knee was holding them down, so I had to let them be pulled off as I squirmed up and over him. I was sure that no one saw me, but as I told them to come and get breakfast, when my husband got out of the bunk my panties were in plain sight. I think all of them saw them lying there and my face flushed bright red.

I made sandwiches for them all and waved as they motored off to catch fish.

Soon they were gone fishing and I showered and put on my bikini so I could lie out in the sun. After I had lunch it seemed to good to be true that I was alone and thinking nasty thoughts, I removed the top to sun topless. I figured that I would hear the boat motors before they got close and I could cover up before they could see me.

When they arrived back, I was dressed in my bikini and received several whistles. I am not a model, but I do have a nice shape for a thirty-year-old woman. Of course I blushed again but it was all in good fun. Dinner was over and I cleaned up as they began to play cards. The only place was in the back of the booth next to my husband. Feeling devilishly naughty, I crawled over three laps to get to the spot. They helped me along with a few feels of my breasts, which didn't help my feelings that much. Having my husband's cock in my ass all night with his hands on my breasts had me very horny and I really wanted to have sex. Unfortunately there were five others there and I definitely wasn't going to let them watch. Finally the card game was over and we could go to bed.

I dressed for bed in the bathroom again, but this time I left off my panties, smiling wickedly into the mirror. This time when I found our bunk, I crawled in and lay facing my husband. When he in beside me I immediately reached for his cock and fondled him again. He tugged up my nightdress, surprised to feel that all that was under it was skin! We felt each other and he pushed my nightdress up until I was bare to my neck. We must have made noise again.

"Either fuck her or go to sleep!"

I whispered to him to be still and slowly stroked him until he came on my belly. Then with my sperm coated belly and my nightdress still around my neck, my nipples hard as they had ever been we fell asleep.

I awoke, horny and frustrated but knew that I had to get up to make breakfast and sandwiches, which was my job. As I sat up the nightdress stayed up and I saw one of them watching me. I flushed and pulled it down to cover my breasts and as ladylike as I could under the conditions crawled out of bed. I felt sticky and my pubes were matted from come as I cooked breakfast and made sandwiches. I thought that I could smell sex, although that was probably my imagination. I did get some knowing smirks as I served breakfast.

I showered again after they left and knowing that they wouldn't be back until late in the afternoon, I stupidly went onto the top deck naked. I felt naughty as I spread lotion over myself. I laid back and let the sun and my lack of sleep take over. I dozed in the warm sun, feeling wonderful and free. Some time later, through the haze of sleep and warmth, I thought heard a boat, but I ignored it. I should not have!

A voice came from the side of the houseboat.

"Missy, we forgot our sandwiches. Would you get them please."

I jerked upright! I had nothing to cover myself, not even a towel!

"I can't."

"Why not? It isn't a big deal."

"I just can't."

"Oh all right, I'll get them."

"No you don't. She promised to cook and clean and part of it is the sandwiches for lunch!"

I wanted to curl up into a ball.

"Rob, I'm naked."

Those words came very quietly from my mouth. Dead silence greeted me. Then a booming laugh.

"Well, Missy, we've both seen naked women before. Get your ass down here and hand us the sandwiches."

I shivered and hearing nothing from Rob, the bastard, I got my nerve up and walked to the end with the ladder. Rob was watching and so was Bill. I blushed bright red and climbed down the ladder naked, then scurried into the kitchen. I pulled on my nightdress and then walked back out with the sandwiches. Rob, the bastard, grinned at me as I handed the sandwiches to Bill.

"Nice ass."

I blushed even more as I watched them motor away. I couldn't believe that I had walked down the ladder naked in front of one of Rob's bosses! As I put on my bikini to go back to sunning I was embarrassed, but strangely excited. For a while I wore the bikini, but with it up on the top deck with me I soon stripped off and sunned naked once more. Being caught was exciting and I mentally relived it all afternoon. I imagined each one of them catching me naked. Soon the guys were all back. I cooked again, did the dishes and noticed that my place was in the back again. I was still in my bikini. They asked me for beers and I took one for myself. I crawled over laps again to get to my place and felt hands helping me along, but touching where they shouldn't. I ignored it. I sat down and drank my beer, watching the game. They sent me back for more beer twice and each time I brought one for myself. I don't drink much so I was getting tipsy.

The fourth time I was sent for beer, Bill cleared his throat. I was just starting to get up to make my crawl over laps.

"Missy has a great ass!"

I blushed. I was on hands and knees, just beginning to crawl and I froze.

"How do you know, Bill?"

"I saw it this morning, didn't I Missy?"

I turned even redder. I nodded, totally embarrassed.

"Why don't you show the rest of us?"

I shook my head no, but Rob reached up and slowly pulled the back of my bottoms down to just below my ass. I stiffened and looked at him, shocked, but my husband just smiled at me. Fuck him I thought! I left my bottoms down and crawled out letting them all get a good look. I got some whistles and couple of snickers. I was really red and excited. Rather than pull them back up I left the bottoms below my ass and crawled back in. Hands were all over me. I felt a hand on the strap of my top and froze again. Whoever it was looked at Rob and he shrugged, grinning. I couldn't believe the bastard was allowing this!

I was on hands and knees and I felt the strap let loose. I kept my arms tight to my sides to hold the top up. However, hands were under the top teasing my breasts and nipples. As I crawled over to Rob to sit down, someone smacked my ass, making me squeal! I sat down quickly, too quickly to pull my bottoms back up and listened to laughter. I was blushing. I was also excited.

Rob put one arm around me and teased the side of one breast. They all watched. God I was horny! He watched them, then he turned my face to his and kissed me. I felt his hand rise up and the shoulder strap slid off and down to my elbow. I was still covered on one side but barely! He reached for the other strap and slid it down also. The cups barely covered my nipples. I was hot, embarrassed and excited as I looked around at each of them. They were all staring hungrily at me. I sat back as casually as I could and sipped my beer.

They went back to playing cards, but I watched all of them staring at me from time to time, surely wondering how far I was going to let this go. I wasn't sure myself until they asked me for another round of beers. I took a deep breath. They all were married. They all had seen naked breasts before, just not mine. I looked at Rob and he grinned at me, the bastard! That made up my mind. I boosted my legs up and bent forward to crawl out again. Of course, this time, my top fell down, baring both breasts to everyone! Someone held the top down and I had to crawl out of it to get out. My ass was still on show. I got the beer, red-faced, but excited and turned to let them see my breasts and nipples. My nipples that were so hard they hurt!

I didn't take another beer for myself. I was fairly drunk, pissed at Rob and excited by now anyway. Bare breasted I began to crawl back to my place, but this time a hand held the waistband of my bottoms below my ass. I wasn't sure if I wanted to go this far, but Rob's smirk pissed me off. I crawled forward, feeling my bottoms slide down to my knees. Another hand pushed them below one knee as I lifted it and as I continued to crawl forward my bottoms were pulled to my ankles and off.

Now I was buck naked in a houseboat with six guys, only one my husband! I sat down hiding my lower body but blushing at how much they had to have seen of me.

"Missy, does your suitcase have a key?"

"Um, yes."

"Where is it?"

"In my purse."

Ron got up and taking my swimsuit walked to my suitcase. He opened it and dropped my suit in it. Then he went into the bathroom, got my nightdress and dropped it in the suitcase. He searched until he found my purse and the key. Then, smirking at me, he closed my suitcase and locked it. Then the key disappeared in his pocket. Now not only was I naked, but I had no way to get any of my clothes! I was feeling a little nervous but didn't think they would take things too far. Since they had seen all of me already, I decided to grin and bare it, literally.

The card game now was anticlimactic. Everyone wanted me to get up. I was not going to crawl over anyone again!

"Get out so I can get up."

They all slid out and I slid across to stand naked in front of everyone. I blushed harder than before and scurried down to the bathroom. I peed and washed up; sure that they all heard me peeing and I listened to them talking but couldn't hear what they said. I opened the door.

"Lights out please."

The lights went off and I turned off the bathroom light. I felt my way along to Rob's and my bunk and crawled in. Rob didn't let me scoot over but stopped me in the middle and pushed me onto my back. I was suddenly scared. Rob got over me and pushed my legs apart, then got between them.

"No, Rob, god damnit no!"

I was wet from excitement, he was hard as steel. I was squirming and hitting his shoulders. I could feel his erection bumping on my thighs and my pussy.

"No, Rob, don't!"

He grabbed my legs and lifted them up. I felt his cock at my pussy. He pushed in and I whimpered.

"Rob, please, don't!"

He slid up me easily and I felt his pubes mashing into mine. Rob's hard chest rubbed on my nipples and he began to fuck me. I was trying to push him off me but it felt so good! Trying to keep my moans and whimpers soft I soon had my arms around his neck and my legs wrapped around his ass. He was fucking me hard when the light came back on.


My cry was ignored as my husband fucked me and five men sat up to watch. I was so embarrassed! Three of them sat behind us so they could watch his cock splitting my pussy open and the other two watched my face. I closed my eyes so I couldn't see them. Rob pounded me for a while then began a slow, languid in and out. I was ashamed at what they were seeing. Finally the sensations in my pussy overcame me and I held Rob close.

"Fuck me, god damn you, fuck me!"

My hips moved with him and Rob went into overdrive. He pounded me down on the mattress and my ass moved with him, driving back up into his pounding cock. All too soon I felt Rob tense above me. His cock swelled and spurted in me, in my pussy. I was so close, but not close enough and I moaned in frustration. Rob emptied his balls in me and then rolled off me. One of my legs was pinned under him and suddenly I cared no more. I opened my eyes to see all five of them staring at my pussy. Staring at my stretched open, leaking pussy and I just covered my eyes and lay there. I let them look at my freshly fucked pussy, with cum leaking out of it. Cum that was leaking out and trickling between my ass cheeks, flowing down to soak the sheet under me. I don't think Rob had ever cum that much before! I lay there and let them look at me, naked and fucked and cum in. Finally they went back to their bunks and turned out the light. I cried myself to sleep. I turned my back on my husband and wouldn't let him hold me.

The next morning I had no clothes to wear so I stayed naked. I showered before I cooked, ashamed. I didn't want them to see any reminders of what I had let happen. Nothing much was said before they left. I certainly wasn't talking to Rob. I was really pissed off with him!

I spent the day naked, sunning and depressed. I had not wanted what had happened to happen. I didn't want to be known as a slut. They all returned and were sort of quiet. I certainly didn't mind. I cooked and served and cleaned. The card game started up and I didn't sit in my place. I sat on Rob's and my bunk. I would get beer for them, they could stare at me all they wanted but I wasn't going to crawl over them tonight.



"We've decided that it isn't fair that you sleep just with Rob, especially after last night."


"You heard me. We don't think it's fair."

I stood up and walked to the table, glaring at all of them.

"Rob, are you agreeing with them?"

He looked at me and then down. I think he was afraid for his job. He just shrugged. I was ready to boil over.

"So did you all talk about this today? About Missy not being fair to you? You bastards! It isn't enough that I am naked and you all have felt me? Fine, just fucking fine! Give me the damn cards."

I grabbed the deck of cards as they were handed to me. I shuffled them, glaring at each one of them, but especially Rob.

"Be fair, huh? All right, I'll be fair. There are five nights left. There are five of you. High card gets me tonight, second high tomorrow and so on. But, I want one thing. Rob gets promoted to a better paying job or I will be talking to each one of your wives when we get back."

I flipped a card over for Jay, then one for Bill, then Ron, then Jack and finally John. John was high card.

"Which bunk is yours, John?"

He pointed and I turned and crawled into it. I lay on top of the sheets naked and waited. I was angry and somewhat aroused. The card game broke up soon after and the guys turned out the lights. I felt John climb into the bunk with me. I reached over and pulled down his shorts. He was soft. I was so pissed that Rob was not objecting, so I bent down and sucked him until he was hard. Just the act of sucking his cock made me wet enough. I spread my legs and guided him between them. Holding his hard cock, I rubbed it between my pussy lips and then pointed it right at my hole. John was hesitant but I pulled down on his ass and he was in, in deep in my pussy. My legs went up and around him and we fucked. He didn't last long. I was frustrated. I pushed him off on his back and bent over. I sucked his slimy cock until it stiffened in my mouth. Then I got over him and rode him. I put his hands on my breasts and fucked him until I came and he came inside me again. Then I rolled off him and faced the wall. I shivered and trembled until I fell asleep.

The next night the card game didn't even start after dinner. The lights were on. They all were sitting and looking at me. It was Jay's turn. He couldn't get it up either until I sucked him. They all watched me suck him. Then I let him fuck me missionary, with the lights on and them watching. I moaned loud enough for everyone to hear me. I had to suck him hard again so he could fuck me until I came. His second time he pulled out and sprayed cum all over my belly.

Night three was Jack. Jack was hard. Jack was eager. The lights were on and they were all watching. Jack fucked me on my hands and knees from behind, squeezing and pulling on my breasts and nipples. I rubbed my clit until I exploded and then let him get off. He pulled out and came on my back.

Bill was hard on night four. He did it with me on my hands and knees too, but he came inside me. My nipples and breasts hurt from the squeezing and pulling, but my hand was busy again and I came before he did.

Every day I sunned, cooked cleaned and fucked another stranger to my pussy. Ron was the worst. After dinner on his night, he let me clean up, clear the table, wipe it off and put the food away. Then he stripped naked. He was erect. He pushed my ass against the table and bent me back until I was lying on it. Then he fucked me in front of everyone, Rob included. He made sure he lasted and he played with my clit until I had two orgasms. Then he had me kneeling on his bunk and he still hadn't come. He pulled me off the bunk, panting, and made me straddle him and fuck him. He didn't move, he just let me bounce up and down and grind on his cock until he spurted up me. Then he made me clean his cock off with my mouth. He made me stand in front of everyone while his cum trickled down my legs. He was a bastard. When I was totally humiliated, he had me wash myself before I could get in his bunk. I awoke in the morning on my back with him fucking me again while they all watched. He came in me. I had to cook breakfast with his cum leaking out of me.

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