Fit Mom Ch. 01


The second time I came, I had her leg braced against my bicep, with her foot high in the air. They were small, rapid strokes. I was barely moving inside her, but our pulsations were sending her over the moon. She was practically screaming in pleasure. I knew I had to try to cum with her, so I had to find something mentally to send myself over the edge. My mind landed in the strangest, most erotic place.

It occurred to me that I would probably never bed a woman like her again. Even if we somehow kept our taboo tryst going, she would age and lose the sexual power she held over me. Looking at her breasts, I didn't know in my mind, but in my soul and my gut, that I wanted my child to feed off them before it was too late. My body was willing my cock to get her pregnant, to fuse with her. It was some kind of evolutionary caveman reaction, and it sent electricity through my spine. I put my head into her shoulder and she held me, comforting me, as I picked up my pace. I felt so happy, so relieved when I came. The window of time was shutting on my chance to impregnate her, I can remember feeling yet not thinking, and I had done what I needed to do.

We laid there, exhausted, for some time. At some point she must have clicked a remote to turn off the stereo and lights. I laid behind her, kissing her back.

"I haven't cum that hard in my life. I haven't cum at years..." she said between deep breaths.

The shards of sunlight that penetrated the curtains showed little beads of sweat on her back. I remember feeling like it was the most incredible sight in the world, like pure erotica. I started to worry that this was moving beyond lust, and I turned my eyes away. Some days, I wish I hadn't. I wish I had continued to stare into the abyss.

We eventually wound up under the covers. She checked the time.

"We still have at least two hours," she said.

There was a quiet moment. I ran my fingers up and down her arm, then tried to hold her hand beneath the sheets. She instead turned towards me.

"Your endurance is so, so good after you cum twice. You have to keep that up. Making a woman feel that way is important when you want to get ahead in life."

Somehow her instructive words sucked my growing romantic notions out of the room. I just smiled.

"I liked that."

She smiled, "I liked it too. You're so good at this."

Again, she rustled my hair, laughing a little. I helped her load the stereo back into the garage. On the way down the stairs, she remarked that my cum was stuck all over her stomach and running down her stockings, and I genuinely laughed. Moments later, I felt terrible for laughing. A couple hours later, as I laid in bed basking in my after-sex shower, she greeted my dad at the door in the same red sweater she had worn in my bedroom. Beneath it, she was wearing mismatched bras and panties she purchased from Target. I knew this, because I had secretly watched her dress. Just for the chance ot look at her nude, one more time.


The next month or two was a blur. We never had the same carnal explosion as we did that first day, but she seemed to love sneaking around. She was completely in the driver's seat, as I was aware how incapable I was of keeping things a secret or knowing when she wanted me. I didn't care. I just wanted to keep fucking her until the thrill was gone.

There was the time in the downstairs laundry room, when my dad was above us, watching TV as he was completely betrayed just a few feet away. She dropped her pants, we kept our shirts on, and I fed her my cock through the fly of my jeans. A load in her pussy, without a thought given.

There was the time we were both watching a talk show, late at night, and I sat behind her, massaging her breasts beneath her nightgown. I tried to kiss her then, and again I was rejected. She sat on my knees and held onto the armrest of the couch as we mated. I came again, and cleaned up with a dirty sock. She nearly fell asleep, and I watched the light from the TV flicker across her cheeks.

The best, or maybe the second best, time was at a family gathering. Some kid's graduation party from summer school, a cousin of mine I think, or maybe a family friend. I remember it was a huge, rich-person's house, with three stories. She guided me up to the top of the house and let me put it in from behind as she faced a window that overlooked the party. As I slowly fucked her, she started to talk in frantic half-whispers.

"If any of them looked up and saw us, my life would be over," she moaned a bit, "Just...over."

I could audibly hear the squish of my cock pushing into her pussy. I was fondling her beneath her sundress.

"And I love it."

I came in her again, like countless times I didn't mention over that month. She laid her head against the window, leaving a residue as she breathed into it, recovering.


Sometimes fairy tales can become nightmares, and it happens on a dime. It was the week before I was to return to school. I first realized it when I was in the kitchen, and I noticed she wasn't wearing her usual sports bra after her workout.

"Going with the shirt now? Getting cold at the gym?" She sort of half-smiled at me, then lifted her shirt to expose a tiny, protruding belly.

"Oh wow, did you gain weight somehow?"

She let her shirt down, and sort of eyed me. That's when it hit me.


She laughed, "I'm kind of proud of myself," she lifted her shirt, showing me my growing child, "It's showing way, way sooner than when I had you or Stef. That means my abs are super tight."

My skin was white and I must have looked like I'd seen a ghost, "Jesus, mom, what the hell?"

She put her fingers to my lips, "Sssshh, don't be so dramatic. What did you think was going to happen? This is your responsibility as much as it is mine."

I became so angry, the air seemed to swell from my nose into my brain, "Bullshit! You did this. And you said you couldn't get pregnant..."

She laughed. It was like she was another person, "Oh boo hoo. Of course it's possible! These things happen. This is how you happened! I mean, literally, this is how you came into the world. And that was nineteen years ago! I'm still fertile, I'm so proud of myself. "

It was horrifying. I bolted upstairs to my room and she followed behind me, calling my name. When I slammed the door, she just opened it, violating my space. Which, she was an expert at doing, as you've surely seen.

"Steven, come on! Why are you so bananas? It's my body, and I made a choice."

I felt like I was having a panic attack. She was making this into a feminist issue? Carrying her son's child?

"Get rid of it. Jesus, mom, get an abortion, please."

She gawked, "I think that's up to me, thank you. In fact, since the 'morning after' was at the beginning of the summer, I damn well know it is. It's too late to abort, honey. But if we play this the right way,"

She put her hand on my shoulder. I felt numb, growing chills.

"Then you'll be fine. I'll say it was your dads. He leaned over me and grunted at least twice this summer, we're gonna be fine!"

I stood up and gave her a look of shock, "How could you do that to dad?"

Once again, she gawked, "Says the man who's been fucking his wife."

I sighed. The consequences were coming over me like a tidal wave. I really, really wanted to talk to my dad. In that moment she had the audacity to start taking off her clothes.

"What the hell are you doing?"

She smiled, "What do you think I'm doing? We've got at least an hour before he's home, now buck up. I need this."

She tried to take my shirt up over my head, but I flailed my arms.

"Fuck no! We are not doing this...not with that inside you."

She looked at me with sadness. To her, it was apparently not "that." It was "he" or "she" already. Then, she decided to play her ace in the hole. She walked up, put her hands softly on my cheeks, and kissed me.

We kissed, soft like a couple in love, for a solid minute. It hit me in some emotional space within my confused heart, and she knew it. I had wanted this...the intimacy. She had avoided it at every turn, for reasons more mature than I could comprehend at the time. I kept having this nagging feeling as I held her, that she was the mother of my child. I had to protect her, and he. Or she. It was a basal emotion...I was barely conscious of it.

"Come on. Maybe we can get rid of it, if that's what you want. But I know that I would rather have your baby than your father's. It feels even more right than it did when I had you."

She kissed me, and like the weak sucker I'd been before, I bought into the bullshit. The rustle and tustle was as hot as it ever was. I still felt enamored with the sheer shape of her body. I put my hand on her cheek as she lowered herself onto me. I had a tinge of pride, knowing I could be a father. Then, I realized...I was a father...maybe to the brother and son I'd always wanted. In a flash, I felt nauseous. The seesaw went back and forth as we coupled together. I was a wreck.

With my cock inside her as she bobbed up and down on me, she began to once again say the most inappropriate things imaginable.

"We could name it 'Chris' if it were a girl. I always liked Chris."

I watched her protruding tummy sway over me. I had lived in the same space for nine months. Now, my firstborn was living there as well. And I still was too weak to fight off seeing her body, her smile, her freckled skin, one more time.

"I think Steven Jr. won't work. I wanted that at first," She moaned and gasped as she bottomed out on my cock, "But then, how could we tell people I have two boys named Steven?"

When I came, and as post-sex clarity plunged me into guilt and despair, she kept it up.

"Oooo, good one. Real good one, honey. Maybe it'll be twins now."

She laughed. I couldn't even get up and run into my room, as that was where we had just continued our abomination. I felt like I was in prison.


I woke to screaming the next morning. My mother and father fought often, but this was like no other fight I had ever witnessed before. I could only make out a few words, many of them started with the letter 'F'. When it was over, a door slammed, and I glanced out my bedroom window to see her driving away.

I put some clothes on and made my way downstairs. I was shocked to see my dad, sitting there at ten in the morning, with two cold beers, one closed, one open.

"Steven," he said, "You wanna sit down with me?"

I don't know how he knew, but I knew he did. I walked over like a scolded four year old, about to get the beating of his life. The beer being there was the only thing that kept me from running away. It was that small token of civility that kept me in the house.

He opened it and handed it to me, "This is for you, bud."

For a while we sat there and he stared straight ahead. He sort of palmed the side of his face and rotated the cold beer can in his hand. Eventually he looked over, and smiled a bit.

"Have a drink, enjoy."

I took a cautious sip from the can and he sighed.

"The only way I know how to explain it this. There's things in life, when you're young, that you think make you a grown up. A little hair on your face, a little money in your pocket, a girl on your arm. Maybe a nice car and some good wine. I don't know...growing up sucks, but there's some good things. Naive things that, you think, when you're younger are the real deal. That's why the younger you are, the more hope and love you have for the world."

Even if his words weren't Shakespeare, I knew the man well enough to feel them clamoring up from his heart. He took a good swig, a manly drink like only your father can. He continued.

"Then, you run into these things. These horrifying, bizarre things you just couldn't have imagined when you were a kid. Just when you start to think you've seen it all. For the big things you've got....heck, genocide. Kids with diseases. And on a small scale, it's women. Or hell, to be fair, shitty men too. That's the one thing you never see coming. How self-absorbed and goddamn evil people can be. And how evil, and vile, sex and relationships get."

He took another drink.

"I can remember seeing cranky old men, and half-senile old women when I was younger, and thinking it was strange that normal people became that way. But with a dose of age, you realize that they're the new normal because they've seen and heard it all. And the rest of us? We're just slowly fading into cynicism like them. They've seen the darkness at the end of the tunnel we're all journeying down. Shit like this. Just when I think I've seen it all."

"Dad, I'm sorry. I'm so sorry."

He waved his hand at me, "You're my son and I love you no matter what. You're my blood," I could swear I had heard the same line in a Rocky movie. It was fitting of him, "And don't you dare feel bad about this. I was a horny nineteen year old man like you once, and in a way that's exactly what got us into this mess. The same clouded judgement and that crazy bitch preying on me...I've been there. But damn, I never thought she'd go this far."

I shook my head, "I didn't think she'd, you first, she made it out like we were just having fun or something."

He grinned, "Women don't work like that. The best of them want a man to stay so they can feel love and have someone to care for. And you'll meet that girl one day. But then there's the ones like her. The ones that prey on the weak, or in this case, their own kid, to load up one more pregnancy before they head to divorce court so they can suck their marriage dry for all its worth."

It still hurt to know my mom was using me. It didn't feel true, but I wasn't as stupid as much as I was naive. I knew it was. My heart hurt.

"But, in my infinite wisdom, I put in security cameras all through the house last week, room by room, even while you were all here. Little battery operated things, the size of a pack of cigarettes. And the one above your closet sure tied everything together. I sniffed this out awhile ago, and thought it was just another affair. When I started to see how you've been acting...the anxiety, acting lost. I knew there was something more to it. How sinister it was though...I mean, Jesus Christ."

He sighed, "Thank the good Lord she's on her way to the offices of Dr. Derek Fink right now, my good golf buddy. He thinks he's doing me a favor since I don't want to raise a kid into old age. You know what puts a cement wall up against crazy? Videotape and paternity tests."

A hearty laugh let loose from his bearded mouth and I couldn't help but nervously smile. We dabbled a moment, and drank.

"All I have to worry about now is you. I can't imagine what that loony toon did to your head. But we can talk about this another time. Maybe there's a counselor out there that can hear your story and not shit their pants. I dunno. But for now, you're safe. And she's gone. And you're back to being a kid again. And that's a start."

We lingered again. I was taking it all in. I felt the need to say something, so I did.

"You really aren't mad at me, dad?"

He looked to me and smiled. He rustled my hair, the same way my mother had.

"Kid, if I was in your same shoes? With a woman who looked like that and hormones messing with me? I'd have done the same thing."

More silence drifted through the room, until he broke it.

"Yea that was the one thing that woman had, when we were younger anyways. She sure as hell knew how to get the job done," He drank his beer, "Ya know, we got something in common now."

He ribbed me a bit with his knuckle and let out another hearty laugh, and this time I had to join him. If my parents had one thing in common, it was a sick sense of humor.


My dad patted on the back of my friend's SUV as we pulled away. I waved, thinking about how insanely close we had come in the last week. It was a seven hour drive, and I knew I would miss him, but I was eager to get back to school and to have some sense of normalcy.

A couple hours into the drive, my two friends got on the subject of hot older women. I let the talk drift over me, as I felt nearly stoned trying to relate to anyone on the subject of sex.

"Lemme say this, lemme say this....Steve's mom is fucking hot."

"She is, she is, she fucking works out dude. Those bomb ass tits with that ass..."

They went on and on, being more vulgar as they talked, but just the mention of her got me thinking. Would I see her again? Where was she? Did she keep the baby after all?

Just then, one of the songs that played as I climaxed into her the last time on that fateful day came over the CD player. The driving bass brought back a muscle memory of making love to my mother. Suddenly, for a half hour, I could barely appear coherent as my thoughts drifted back to all the erotic imagery I'd suppressed from the summer.

I asked to stop at the nearest gas station to use the restroom. When we did, I practically ran inside and masturbated to orgasm. I stayed in there perhaps too long, gathering my thoughts and guilt.

"Dude, you were in there forever, and it's fuckin' gross." was all they said when I exited. They were right. I was trapped someplace, forever. And it was fucking gross.

The next fifteen minutes, as the road rolled by, I tried to see a way I could not betray my dad. I looked to find a way to be normal, like I knew I should be. But all the paths I saw, in my loins and my soul, pointed in the wrong direction. I sure as shit didn't love her, but I needed to fuck her again. I needed to taste her. There wasn't any stopping it.

I knew a thing or two about business from my dad. He always talked about leverage. Finding something the other side wanted in a negotiation. Even now, if she did get the abortion, she could get knocked up again without my knowing. I had to even the playing field. With what was perhaps the worst, and most impulsive decision I ever made, I spoke up.

"Hey, so you guys wanna fuck my mom, huh?"

They agreed and started in on their vulgar banter. I looked at my phone, and opened an app that let me track the location of my facebook friends. Sure enough, my mother's pin on the map was a few blocks away from my apartment at school. She was preying on me again, huh? Well, maybe she wasn't the predator after all. Maybe it was about time I grew the fuck up.

"What if I told you guys that you could? You know....fuck my mom...."


To be continued...

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by Anonymous

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by Rw4304/02/18

Yup. My libido wants chapter 2

My compassion for you hopes you never need to post it, if prologue is true.

Can't believe no one has picked up on dad's comment about "just another affair". Dad could tell she was getting sexual attentionmore...

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by Anonymous03/22/18


What a sick mother...

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by patillie10/02/17

If true, just WOW!

Really explains your other stories, the dark place they seem to come from. Why did you not finish this...

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by galison10/02/17

Like where this is going

I think it makes sense for her to be with the other boys more than the son. Looking forward to seeing wherever you take it.

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by Anonymous10/01/17

Five stars

I enjoyed the story but what happened to the part 2.

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