tagLoving WivesFive Guys and My Wife

Five Guys and My Wife


A few weeks ago, my wife fulfilled her fantasy of having two guys at once. Almost immediately afterwards she has hinted at a desire to push her limits even more. I have had reservations about this, but in the back of my mind it seems to turn me on knowing the slutty side of my wife.

Last night, we had the guys over to watch a few boxing matches on cable. This annoyed my wife to no end. She hates boxing and furthermore, hates it when the guys are male-bonding around the TV.

There were five of us watching boxing, drinking the beers and eating pizza when Janice came home. She groaned, looking disapprovingly at us sitting there watching two guys pummel each other. She said that she was jumping into the shower and calling it a night to which I yelled inside "good night babe!"

A few minutes later, I heard a "Oh boys" come from the hallway. Looking over we saw my beautiful wife standing there wearing her black satin robe with her long legs slinking outside showing off the fishnet stockings and heels she had on.

"Would you boys like to play with me instead of watching TV?" my wife asked in her best little girl voice.

"Yeah!" "You Bet" "We'll be right in babe!" shouted my friends as I sat there dumbfounded.

"Then come on in boys" she said invitingly.

I followed my horny friends back into my bedroom wondering what my wife had in mind for tonight.

She had us sit around the bed as she sauntered across the room slowly removing her robe to the music that was playing on the clock-radio on the side table. She revealed a matching black bra and panties that pulled together with her fishnets and heel combo. Janice stands at 5-10 has long curly red hair and her pale white skin was the perfect contrast to her outfit. She cupped her 36b breasts as she did a little striptease dance for my buddies.

Bill, my bud who was part of our first mmf threesome grinned knowing well what he was in for. The other guys had an excited, but confused look about them.

She then started to kneel in front of me and slowly undressed me. Pulling me out of my jeans, my cock sprung to action and into her face! She grabbed it and started to lick it slowly. Jan would run her tongue down the side of my shaft then turn her head to look my friends in the eyes to let them know what she had in mind for each of them.

As she was giving me this great blowjob, my friends raced to get out of their clothes. They were too impatient to wait for her to do it. Bill took it upon himself to postion himself behind my wife and started to spank her ass as she continued to suck my cock.

"OH!!" she exclaimed. She then reached behind herself, pulled her panties to the side and started to rub her wet lips.

Bill, impatient as ever, rubbed his cock between his hands for a moment, before plunging into my wife's cunt from behind.

"Gawd!!!" She called out, then proceeded to suck on my cock.

Bill continued to slam his cock into Jan as she sucked me off. The other three guys; John, Chris, and Ben slowly edged closer to the action. By now my wife was groaning and trying to reposition herself on the bed. She let my cock free of her warm lips and pulled herself away from Bill. Pulling John and Chris by their cocks, she lied up against the headboard and took turns sucking their cocks side to side. Ben pulled off her already stretched-out panties to show off her finely trimmed red pussy hairs. He knelt in front of her and started to lick her honeypot. Bill and I watched in amazement at the porn show going on in front of us. Jan was turning left then right sucking each cock while letting out moans of delight.

I then grabbed the KY jelly off the nightstand and pulled my wife away from the three men. I spread the jell onto her tight little asshole and eased my index finger into her ass. She squealed with delight as I pulled my finger out and slowly slid my 8" cock into her awaiting asshole. I slowly lied on my back with my wife atop of me as my four friends stood around the bed waiting.

John climbed onto the bed and entered my wife's wet cunt filling her up with his 7 inches. I started rocking her on my cock as John started to grind his cock into her, after a few strokes, the two of us were in sync fucking my babe. The other guys positioned themselves at the head of the bed not knowing what to do.

Jan was beginning to scream with each stroke and would grab at a free cock and try to suck on one. I could feel her start to shake and moan incoherent orders at the guys around us.

John let out a loud groan then muttered "I'm cumming" as he sprayed his sperm on my wife's red pussy. Chris pulled out his cock and slid into John's place ... in my wife's cunt. I could feel his cock replace John's thru the layer of skin between my cock and where his was. I was in no position to move so I continued to enjoy fucking my wife's ass while my friends fucked her pussy.

"Cumming....I'm Cumming!" she purred. As beads of sweat dripped off my wife and onto me, I could feel the tremors grow as she climaxed for the first time.

Chris' pace started to pick up as he started to buck harder, pounding into my wife. He shuddered once and then unloaded his spunk into my wife. By now, I could feel sperm dripping onto me. As Chris pulled himself off of my wife, Jan rolled over onto her side as my cock slowly slid out of her well-worn asshole.

Dripping with sweat, Jan crawled across the bed on all fours and continued sucking off Bill and Ben shaking her ass in my face. Taking the hint, I slapped her ass a few times to redden it. Rubbing my cock a few strokes, and then I slid it back into her awaiting ass. As I stroked my cock in and out of her, I ran my hand underneath her to her dripping pussy and slid two fingers in. This set her off!

"Fuck Yeah!" "Fuck me harder" "I'm your whore!" she screamed as her voice began to grow hoarse.

She suck harder and harder on the two remaining guys as I finger fucked her pussy and was ramming her ass.

Then I heard Bill groan as he spurt his cum into my wife's face and Ben soon followed. By now, I could feel that my wife had come a few times and was near exhaustion. She whispered "cumming again" and that was it for me. I pulled my cock out of her swollen asshole and came on her reddened ass cheeks.

She collapsed onto the bed; drenched in sweat and cum, her mascara running down her face and her lipstick smeared to the side. The guys left the room to jump into the shower before returning to their wives.

I knelt down to my exhausted wife kissed her on the forehead and she whispered into my ears "more..."

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stupid cuck shit.

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Perfect wife and story

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