tagNonConsent/ReluctanceFive Numbers and the Bonus Balls

Five Numbers and the Bonus Balls


Lee was staring into space contemplating how the events of the last year had changed his life. Twelve months ago he was working in the warehouse of a local supermarket ensuring that all the shelves were full. Not exactly what he had planned for his life. One wife, one stepdaughter and one mortgage. Then he had received a call that had turned his world on its head.

"Hi LEE, Christ, you'll never believe it! We've got all seven numbers on the European lottery! One hundred freaking million pounds jackpot! Even if there are twenty sharing it we are MILLIONAIRES!"

As it had turned out there were no other winners. Lee and his mate Pete had the whole 100 million between them. Not a bad result.

They had purchased an apartment block and several other expensive properties in their area. The plan was just to live off the interest of the money and a bit of property speculation. Nothing fancy. They were just your regular type of guys and just intended to enjoy the money and have fun enjoying the rest of their lives.

Lee and Pete had taken their families on a yearlong cruise to see the world and had returned only a few days earlier. In the meantime they had put a manager in charge of the property portfolio they had acquired before their journey. The lottery winners weren't interested in the day to day running of the business. Too much fun to be had for the millionaires. He hadn't noticed the report on his desk informing him that one of his tenants owed a couple of grand back rent.

That's why the second life changing phonecall Lee received had come out of the blue.

"Hi Lee, it's David's wife Julie, I need to speak to you urgently. Can I see you?"

Lee was perplexed. Since his lottery win several "friends" had tried to cash in on his good fortune but his mate David hadn't been in touch even. Also Julie had not been too happy when Lee had tried a game of footsie under the table when the two couples had partaken of a meal in a restaurant a couple of years ago. She had flirted with him for yours but was quick to let him know she was out of his league. In fact the bitch had grassed him up to his wife and he had been forced to eat humble pie and APOLOGISE to Julie. Christ that had wound him up!

Pulling away from his thoughts of that night he talked to her.

"Yeah, sure Julie anytime...when would be good for you?"

"Lee, I'm actually at your door...please can I come in?"

A bit stunned he had walked across to the front door and opened it.

Julie looked upset. She had obviously been crying recently but had done her best to fix up her make-up.

"Come in, come in." He said and motioned her through to his office.

Lee sat behind his impressive solid oak desk and Julie perched her lovely ass on the chair on the other side. Julie was what people had started to call a MILF, which Lee believed stood for "Mother I'd like to fuck". He wasn't sure if that was right or whether his mate Pete was kidding him about it but it sure summed Julie up.

She was about 5 feet 6 of pure sexiness. Nothing you could put your finger on but she had "It". Plus she had a pair of tits that were often talked about on the nights Lee and Pete drank into the wee small hours. Her blonde shoulder length hair and green eyes framed a pretty but not beautiful face.

"What's up Julie? I don't think I've ever seen you like this".

Julie took a small lace handkerchief from her pocket and dabbed at her mascara. She began her story.

"It's been a nightmare, Lee. You and Pete won the lottery and I saw that you'd bought the new houses they had just built over in Greenland Meadows. They were up for rent and me and David had just had promotions so I talked him into moving to one. He wasn't keen. Said we were over stretching our finances. You know what he's like with money".

Lee did indeed. Whilst not completely keeping Julie short on cash he was what you might call...prudent? Personally if Lee had a wife as hot as Julie he'd have lavished everything he had on her.

"So what's your problem? The houses are not expensive for what they are. And I've told all the tenants they have the opportunity to purchase the property if they can raise the cash. I'm trying to improve our town, not rip anyone off. I have enough money not to need to do that."

Lee looked across at Julie as she fidgeted nervously in her chair. Even though she was mid thirties she was a gorgeous looking woman. Dirty blonde hair that hung to her shoulders and piercing green eyes. But it was her body that Lee loved. All the curves in the right place and always wearing the clothes to show them off. Two children had done nothing to her figure. Strange how some women were blessed like that?

Finally Julie spoke and ended the uncomfortable silence.

"I lost my job...and David has had his hours cut back. We haven't paid your rent for six months. I was kinda hoping that you'd come back sooner and get your estate manager to go easy on me...you know ...for old times sake?"

Lee laughed out loud at that one.

"Wh...what?...why are you laughing?...I know you've always liked me...I thought you'd help me out...please!"

"Help YOU out? You are one good looking piece of skirt I'll give you that! But when I tried to get a little bit of action from you what did you do? You went running to my wife and told her! What makes you think for one minute I'd do you any favours?"

Julie rose shakily from her seat.

"I'm sorry...I shouldn't have come here. I can see I'm wasting my time. It's just I knew you were so rich now and I had nowhere else to go. I've tried bank loans and even loan companies but they all turned me down."

Julie smoothed her knee length blue skirt down and pulled her white blouse to straighten it. Lee licked his lips as he saw the material of her white lace bra through the sheer material of her blouse.

"Sit down, sit down..."he ordered her.

"I'll need more information but I think we can come to some arrangement."

Julie's face lit up as she thought her nightmare was ending. Weeks of crying herself to sleep when David was on nights at the prospect of breaking their financial ruin to him. Her children laughed at on the streets as her furniture was repossessed.

"Anything! I'll tell you anything you need to know."

"Anything?" Lee repeated.

"Yes...to be honest I can't wait to get it off my chest. I haven't been able to tell anyone I've been too ashamed of how much I owe."

"Go on" Lee urged her.

"Well there is six months rent I owe you. Then there is twenty thousand to the bank. I had to take out a big loan to cover the expense of moving. I owe another twenty thousand to a furniture warehouse and twelve thousand on my credit card."

Lee raised his eyebrows. That was quite a sum to run up in the twelve months he'd been away. But Lee had been working on how to turn this situation to his advantage and now he knew he couldn't lose. Julie was in such a financial mess that she knew only Lee had the money to save her.

Lee went into a draw of the big oak desk and took out a chequebook. He wrote a cheque for one hundred thousand pounds and showed it to Julie. Her face beamed back at him as she went to take it.

"It's just a piece of paper at the moment. Its not signed see."

A quizzical look came across her pretty face.

Lee dipped into the desk drawer and retrieved a Dictaphone voice recorder and placed it in front of Julie. Turning it on he looked once again at the long time object of his fantasies.

"You did say that you would answer anything I needed to know didn't you?"

"Yes" she replied.

"Okay, first question. Why are you wearing a blouse that allows me to see your bra underneath it? Did you want me to see the bra?"

There was a pause as Julie looked first at the recorder and then at the unsigned cheque. The cheque that could solve all her problems. She nervously licked her lips before answering.


Lee knew he had her now and it was just a matter of drawing her in. She was a VERY desperate housewife.

"I need the answers to be longer than that. I need you to explain your actions."

Julie glanced at the recorder and cheque again and knew she was about to lose her dignity in front of one man to save her dignity in front of her friends and family. Perhaps even to save her marriage.

"Yes. I wore these clothes because I knew you'd like seeing me in them. I knew you'd like to see my bra. I wore this blouse as it's so transparent."

Lee looked sternly at her.

"But you told my wife I tried it on with you. That's not nice. Then when you come here looking for money you think showing me your bra through a blouse will do it!"

"No! I...I don't know what to say! I can't think straight!

Lee looked into her eyes once again and went for the kill.

"You came here to show me your bra? Then show it me. Stand up and take off the blouse."

There was a long pause in which they both knew that this was the moment of truth. It could still go either way. Lee picked up the cheque and looked at it and then replaced it on the oak desk.

Julie knew she had little choice. She rose unsteadily and began to unbutton her top. She took a deep breath, closed her eyes and continued.

The moment of indecision from Lee had passed. He now knew that Julie was going to play ball. At least for a while

"Stop." Lee commanded. "For the purposes of the tape Julie was just about to unbutton her blouse but she must first remove the skirt."

Julie turned beet red but kicked off her shoes and unbuttoned and unzipped her skirt. She lowered the garment to the floor and then stepped out of it.

Her hands trembled as she began once again to unbutton her blouse. This time Lee didn't stop her and soon every button was unpopped.

"Take it off". Lee whispered huskily.

Julie peeled it from her shoulders and draped it over the back of the chair.

Lee rose from his and went for a closer look at the woman he had desired for so long.

"For the purposes of the tape, Julie Wilson now stands before me in only her undies. They consist of a matching set of lacy white panties and a bra that is straining to contain what look like an amazing pair of tits."

Julie was nervously shifting her weight from one foot to the other, hoping her ordeal was over. God she had hated stripping down to her underwear for this man but there seemed no option. Best to put a brave face on it and get it over and done with like she had. Lee had embarrassed her by his actions but it was the lesser of two evils. How would she look her girlfriends in the eye if they knew bailiffs had visited her? At least her actions in this office were between her and Lee. Her husband David could remain blissfully unaware of how close they had come to financial ruin and she could put her clothes back on and it was all over.

"Another question." Lee started. "Have you ever gone topless?"

"No!" Julie replied indignantly.

Lee circled her and took in the beauty before him. Julie crossed her chest with one arm and put the other in front of her panty clad pussy. She was straining to retain any modesty she could. Lee was not going to allow that.

"You are lying, David told me you went topless on your Greek Island holiday. I daresay you are still struggling to pay for that as well! If you want me to sign that cheque then no more lies and you'll have to earn it? Can you do that big tits?"

Julie smarted at his words but knew she was already in a compromising position. She decided to play along a bit further.

"Okay. I can do that." She finally answered.

"Another question Julie. Do you think it's right that those leering Greeks have seen those tits of yours but I haven't."

"Please Lee" Julie spluttered. "I only went topless the first day. I was too embarrassed to do it again. David tried to egg me on but I just couldn't!"

"Put your hands on your head Julie. I don't like them covering the goods."

Julie slowly raised her arms over her head and did as she was bid.

Lee picked up a scissors from the desk and advanced on her. She closed her eyes once again.

"Open your eyes bitch! Teasing time is over...now I get to look at these pair of beauties...agreed?"

"Yes. Agreed." she whispered. Her eyes had snapped open.

"Louder! For the tape! A fuller answer!"

"Yes. You can take off my bra and see me topless!"

Lee snipped through the material between the two cups of the bra. The bra fell open and the two unfettered tits spilled out. The two big orbs hung down, as they should from a gorgeous woman in her thirties. He reached out and caressed them one at a time. Julie had shut her eyes once more but her nipples were hardening with the attention they were receiving. Lee tweaked one and pulled it gently.

Julie opened her eyes and looked directly at Lee.

"Please stop...I can't...can't go...on..."

Instead of stopping Lee took a nipple into his mouth and gave it his full attention. Julie stayed perfectly still with her hands still on her head and made no effort to physically stop his ministrations. With the blonde wife of his friend letting him do, as he wanted STOPPING was the LAST thing he intended to do!

"If I stop the cheque doesn't get signed. If it isn't signed it's worthless and you'll have stripped down to your panties for nothing. Is that what you want?"

Julie didn't answer but simply shook her head.

"Bend over the desk Julie. Hold the far edge."

Julie did as she was told. Too scared to object. The game had gone too far and the consequences of her stopping it were too dire for her to contemplate.

Lee looked at Julie. In less than fifteen minutes he had taken his friend's wife and almost stripped her. He was smiling as he ran a finger up and down her spine. He carefully pulled her panties down exposing her ass.

"Please tell the Dictaphone what I have permission to do next Julie. No one word answers. I want to know what you are thinking as you are bent over my desk. Tell me what one hundred thousand pounds is going to buy me."

Julie could feel the cool leather of the desktop against her tits. Her nipples were harder than they had ever been in her life and her pussy was betraying her. Even though she knew that she was being abused and taken by a family friend she also knew she had to go along with it. She also knew that the juices flowing from her turned on body meant that she was excited by her loss of control.

"TELL ME!" Lee repeated.

With her head flush to the desk Julie was level with the Dictaphone. She knew what Lee wanted.

"You can do what you want with me. I won't try to stop you. I'll comply with everything you want of me as long as you keep this away from my friends and family."


Julie winced as the pain of hand on ass spanking hit her.

"Please...she whimpered...what have I done wrong?"

"You lied to me about going topless at the beach. From now on any lies or transgressions will be treated with a spanking...or worse. That is okay isn't it? Three more and this punishment session is complete."

"Yes" was all Julie could think of in reply.


Tears were forming in her eyes and she was glad the spanking was over. She had never imagined that Lee possessed such a sadistic streak.

"Another question. Answer it in full or suffer the consequences. Do you suck cock? But before you answer it I think the proper position from which to reply is on your knees in front of me."

Julie rose from the awkward position she had been holding over the desk. Her ass was still glowing but she had already convinced herself to do whatever Lee wanted. As long as he signed that cheque. After all, she was wearing a pair of panties and a smile. Her dignity was lost a while back.

Lee picked up the Dictaphone and was about to record more of her thoughts when a key scraped in the front door lock.

Julie went to bolt for her clothes but Lee pushed her firmly back onto her knees in front of him.

"Don't worry babe, I invited a friend over to share the fun. I pushed an intercom button on my desk. He's been listening to everything from the room next door."

Julie looked anxiously to see who appeared. It was obvious really. In walked Pete, the other half of the winning lottery ticket.

"Wow! I see Lee has got you nearly stripped and ready for action. Good job I brought this!"

Pete held up his hand and in it he held a small camcorder. He walked towards the kneeling woman, filming all the time.

"From what I heard Lee has bought us a little fuck toy. Speak to the camera Julie...isn't that right?"

"Yes, I'll do anything the two of you want." She replied with a grimace.

"Then answer my question." Said Lee.

Julie took a deep breath as she began. Whatever she said or did from now on was on film for posterity and there was nothing she could do about it.

"I've sucked David's cock a few times. Mainly when I'm drunk. I don't like it a lot. I let him come in my mouth once but I didn't like the taste. He said that he'd drunk pineapple juice as he'd heard that women liked the taste of cum and that pineapple made it taste even better. It didn't. I gagged and then I spit it out. I've never let him come in my mouth since."

As Julie was talking she couldn't take her eyes off Lee. He had started undoing his belt and kicked off his shoes.

"Well there are two cocks in this room that need sucking. We'll help to teach you what a man likes as much as we can. But if you don't give it your best shot and try hard enough we'll punish you. Another spanking firstly. Six off each of us. You'll go back to David with your ass glowing and no cheque. Now get my cock out and wrap those lips around it."

Even though Julie knew she was being filmed and that she had gone from demure housewife to slut in one afternoon she was determined to try her best.

Lee had stripped quickly and was now naked in front of her. His manhood sprung forward demanding her attention.

She reached up with one trembling hand and began stroking the seven inches in front of her. Julie then leaned forward and placed little kisses on the rock hard dick before her. Her small hand wrapped itself around the tool and then she began to work on the head and the top of the rod until the top half of Lee's cock was wet with her saliva. Then Julie placed the tip of the cock in her mouth and began to inch it into her small mouth. At the same time she wanked the shaft with the other hand.

Lee let her continue at her pace and Pete knelt down beside her to catch some close up action of the blonde's mouth working that cock.

Lee could feel himself building towards a climax and pulled her away from his cock by her hair.

"Not bad" said Lee, grudgingly. "At least you tried but you need a lot more work on it. Over the next few sessions you'll have to improve."

Julie looked puzzled.

"I thought if I did all this I got the cheque and we were all square?"

Lee and Pete just looked at each other and laughed. Pete decided to put her straight as to what she had gotten herself into.

"No you silly bitch...One hundred grand gets us ownership of your pussy. You'll get a job in the office as our assistant, secretary...anything. Just a cover so that your hubby thinks its all above board. We are not worried about the cash because you'll earn us that back easy."

Julie had gone from puzzled to shocked.

"What do you mean...earn it back?"

Lee gave Pete a quizzical look as things had moved so fast that nothing had been discussed. All Lee knew was that Pete was a perverted sonofabitch so Julie was now REALLY in a hole. He waited for Pete to continue.

"Well when I was listening on the intercom to how you were stripping so eagerly for Lee I decided that you would be a huge asset to our business. With the accent on ASS. Once Lee and me have fucked you senseless you can entertain our clients for us. You never know you might get to enjoy being the company whore."

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