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Fix It For Me Fast


"James! James! Come here, I need your help. This computer is acting crazy!" I cried as my usually efficient computer slowed more and more with each window that I opened.

"Yes, Ma'am, what is it?" James asked when he arrived in the computer room.

"Look at this!" I complained, "How am I going to get this report written if this thing keeps crashing each time I type three lines. You need to get this fixed before I go crazy and loose it!"

"I'll give Larry a call this evening when he gets home," James promised.

"Please, Ma'am give it a rest until then," he suggested. "I have dinner almost ready and I fixed your favorite Bolivian Getaway Grilled Shrimp and a special dessert, Cherry Yogurt Parfaits," he tempted me away from the machine.

I rolled my chair away from the desk and James took my hand to lead me into the dining room where the table was set with the best china and crystal. Linen napkins lay beside each dish with a colorful ring around them. The wine in the stems was dark read and as I lifted it to my mouth I could smell its full-bodied bouquet.

"Mmmmmm, the table looks so nice and the food smells delicious!" I complimented him as he pulled out my chair.

After James adorned the table with the fragrances of the meal he sat across from me and started talking about our upcoming vacation Cruise to Alaska in an attempt to take my mind off the ailing computer in the other room.

He tantalized my mind with images of eagles soaring over head above volcanic mountains where they nested their young. He described the excitement I might experience watching the Orca and whales as they breach right next to our ship. For the entire meal we shared our dreams of the upcoming cruise. He is such an artist when it comes to distracting my mind.

As soon as he had cleared the table, James went to the phone and called Larry. He is the one who cares for our machines and keeps the stress out of my life when it comes to electronics.

I listened as he explained the problems with my computer. When he hang up I looked to him for answers.

"He said he'll be here in about a half hour," he explained to me then went to do the dishes.

I busied myself reading a magazine and taking deep breaths. I don't know why I let that instrument upset me so. I spend much too much time on it as it is and when it is broken I get way too stressed. However, I can't seem to manage the anxiety of not having a computer to work on or to converse with friends and relatives.

When the doorbell rang, I jumped up from my chair and ran to the door.

"Hey Larry, sorry to take you away from home this late but I am desperate to finish this article I'm working on before tomorrow. You know how harried I become when this damn thing just won't do what I want it to do!" I rattled on.

He laughed and called hello to James. "Well get you hooked up again in a short time, I promise!" he assured me.

I smiled and kissed him on the cheek then followed him into the computer room. As we walked, I explained to him the problems I was experiencing.

"If I open more than two windows at a time then it locks up or is so slow that when I type the letters get lost because it can't keep up," I told him. "Sometimes I have to reboot because nothing will work at all. You just have to get this fixed tonight," I pleaded.

"Well, let's look at it and see what's going on," Larry replied calmly.

James and I have total faith in Larry's ability to correct any problems we encounter on these contraptions. It never takes him long to locate the tic that has gone wrong and have us up within an hour.

He sat down in the office chair and rolled up to the desk. He immediately started clicking keys and going places I could never find when he was gone; no matter how intently I had watched when he did it. I knew that there were areas that could be gotten to if one knew how to get there but I could never find them.

He was unmarking programs that were running automatically when we logged on and telling me that I have too much running.

I tried to explain that I didn't know where most of those programs came from but he just blew me off.

Larry told me that the firewall I had was not efficient. "You are getting programs coming across that you're not aware of and they are installing themselves in your start up," he told me.

"So make it stop!" I cried.

"This is going to cost you both time and a little extra!" he teased.

"I'll be your slave forever!" I promised. I would have promised anything to get my machine running efficiently once again. We both knew I was just flirting to get what I wanted.

"Tonight will be sufficient!" he joked back. "My wife is giving me hell and I need someone to take the burn away!"

We giggled and I ran my hand up to his cock. It instantly became hard. He reached for my breast and I slapped him away. "After my computer is acting right!" I told him.

Larry laughed and quickly cleaned up as much trash as he could. Then he fussed at me. "You need to get your virus software upgraded and put a good firewall on this thing or you're going to lose this computer!"

"Okay," I replied. "What do you want me to do?" I asked.

"You need to backup anything you want to keep then have James bring me just the tower so I can wipe your hard drive clean and reinstall everything," he instructed me. "Then you can load back what you've backed up and be on your merry way once again."

I promised to do it as soon as I could. James walked into the room and Larry repeated the instructions. He agreed to keep at me to get it done.

"Great, now's my favorite part," Larry smiled. "Payment time!"

James came to me, took my hand and led me to the bedroom. He pulled off the light dress I was wearing and pilled up the pillows at the head of the bed.

He gently helped me recline on the bed with my hair covering the pillow. Larry entered the room after he had disrobed in the computer room. His nine-inch prick was swaying as he approached the bed.

"Mistress is ready for you, Master Larry," James said as he walked past him.

Larry sat on the side of the bed and spread his legs open.

James went down on his knees and crawled between Larry's open legs and took his half-hard cock into his mouth to strengthen it. I love seeing him with a large dick in his orifice. It just makes me so wet.

I watched his lips slid up and down on that large tool and my hand moved to my moist pussy. I slipped two fingers into the mouth of my cunt and finger fucked myself slowly. Occasionally I would slip my slick fingers into my mouth to taste my juices. Then I would go back to the hungry lips below. My other hand constantly massaged my throbbing clit that was hard and excited.

Not wanting not to explode unassisted, I played with my pubic area very slowly and cautiously. When I could feel the excitement rising, I would pull my adept fingers away and just watch that penis grow wider and longer in James mouth.

Just when it was getting difficult for me to control my passions, Larry pushed James off his manhood and turned towards me. He pushed my hand away from my treasure and placed his larger fingers into the wet hole I had created.

"How shall I control you to night my lovely lady?" he asked rhetorically.

I smiled and lay back on the pillows James had provided for me. I let go of all control and gave myself to Larry's experienced hands, mouth and perfect prick.

His wet lips found my hard nipples and gently sucked them in and out of his hungry mouth. He engulfed the entire breast the released it. Everytime he released the tit he nibbled on the nipple just before he let it bounce back to its original shape.

The pressure of his teeth as they penetrated my flesh caused a tingle in my clit. My hand slid back to that pleasure point and quickly relieved the pressure that was building up.

Larry content with my breast in his mouth suckled it like a kitten on its mother's tit. His fingers pressed in and out on the fullness trying unsuccessfully to squeeze milk from my heavy mammary.

Frustrated, he gave up and his wet lips traveled up my neck to my voracious mouth. His tongue darted deep into my throat as his hand traveled downward toward the moist garden between my legs. Two fingers found their way into my sticky vagina. I could feel the tackiness as he pushed them deep into the opening.

Larry rammed his long fingers deep into me hitting the back of my womb. The thin membrane tingled as he massaged my G-spot and my legs began to tremble. My clit became rock hard and my hands traveled down to kneed her between my fingers and relieve the pressure that was building.

James had made him long and hard and Larry shoved him away with his foot as he continued to explore my soft body. Fingers and mouth were exploring every opening in my body. I lay there trembling each time he found a sensitive avenue to explore.

Suddenly I felt his fingers pushing at the walls of my cunt. The flared head of his cock was positioned at the opening of my sugarwalls. His entire body was the cannon aimed at the tunnel, which would provide both Larry and myself with pure pleasure.

I prepared my body for the assault that was about to plummet her. Then I felt the flesh rip as his massive tool ripped it's way to the pleasure he sought. As his dick slammed deep into my slit I felt the burning of torn flesh. It was hot and at the same time pleasurable. My body shivered with pleasure.

Larry sighed as he broke through and the fluids surrounded his massive tool allowing it to glide in and out of the warmth as he pleased. His speed and fury slowed and became a comfortable rhythm.

My movements soon followed his and we were as a perfect machine each matching the other's action, pleasure washing over us with every move.

James climbed softly onto the bed and between Larry's splayed legs. He lay on his back and took Larry's copious testicles into his mouth and suckled them. Larry moaned and his pace quickened. The depth of his plunges increased and I could feel him in the deepest parts of my being.

The pleasures were so intense that bright lights danced before my eyes and my breasts were so tight that they hurt. Suddenly he slowed his pace shocking my mind. The slower rhythm made my mind aware of ado that I had not realized prior. I could feel my toes tingling and my fingertips at the ends of my hands twitched. My nose twitched and my left cheek quivered.

My body was realizing a pleasure that, until this point, it had never experienced. I opened my eyes to watch Larry as he rose above me. I viewed the space between our bodies and watched his bishop as it rocketed in and out of my love canal.

It was as if I was in a dream state. Time slowed and I could witness the tiny hairs on his chest as they were encased in droplets of sweat. I saw the muscles in his chest shudder from the intensity of our coupling. The act of our sex was surreal and my mind colored it in shades of purple and gold.

It even appeared to my mind that I could see the thick, pasty cum as it rose from his tongue stimulated balls to the head of his thick heavy rod. In my minds eye I could see it discharge from his cannon into my hungry pussy. Then I felt the warmth as it covered my velvet garden and my entire body shook with delight as one last time his large cock head slammed into my G-spot and warmth ran the length of my convulsing body.

I closed my eyes as his weight collapsed onto me and pushed the air out of my lungs. I could feel the breath, as it was forced from his lungs in a deep sigh of delectation and relief. His unattended weight pressed my body deeper into the mattress and I found it difficult to breathe. I turned my head to an opening between Larry and the bed and tried to catch some air.

James jumped off the bed and rolled Larry off of me. My body shuttered from the pleasure that I had just experienced and it ability to breathe once again.

Larry lay in a heap next to me. His face was a sunshine of smiles. His fingers twitched and his chest rose and fell in the tempo of his lungs expanding to take in much needed air. His phallus twitched emitting the last of the thick fluid as it dripped onto his stomach.

Once assured that I was okay, James crawled up to the twittering penis and licked the last of the cum from its head. Then he ran his tongue around the swollen head. I watched as his lips slid from the narrow tip to the flared wings of his glans.

My fingers found the sticky cum that had been deposited in my cunt. I scooped it onto my fingertips and then used it to massage my palpitating clit. Fire shot through my legs as my fingers squeezed the tiny female penis and massaged her head. My legs trembled and then I felt additional wetness as a tongue licked the head of my clit.

James had finished with Larry and was now cleaning him from my pussy. One more warm orgasm and my hand fell from my female penis and allowed James to please me once again. His tongue flicked in and out of my gummy cum filled cunt as he swallowed the tacky substance Larry had deposited.

Once he had consumed all of Larry's pleasure he snaked his way to my mouth and kissed me hard. I tasted Larry on him and I licked his lips.

Larry finally recovered from his exercise and turned me over on the bed. James moved out of the way as Larry started kissing and licking my body from the toes to my head. He nibbled on my ankles and bit into my Achilles' tendon. This made my toes curl.

He licked up the calf to the back of my knee where he lingered for a while kissing and licking the inside of my leg. His fingers massaged my calf while his tongue tickled the tendon that bends my knee.

Licking, kissing and fondling he made his way to my thighs and spread my legs so that he could lick and kiss the insides of my legs. He massaged and kneaded the loose muscles and lightly kissed the crevice between my leg and my labium majora. I giggled because it tickled. A shiver ran down my spine.

Larry continued up to my butt after his fingers and played in the liquid still stirring in my pussy. His tongue ran the length of my butt crack and then found my anus. He ran is tongue into it and swirled it around. This tingled and caused fluids to fill my cunt once again. My toes splayed and a ripple of warmth ran down my legs.

He got to his knees and pushed his thumb into my butt. It was large and warm. I then felt the coolness of a lubricant being poured onto my ass. I saw James out of the side of my eye hand Larry a condom.

I heard him put it on then felt the tip of his cock at the entrance of my ass. He slowly pressed against the skin causing it to give slightly. The more he pushed the deeper his shaft penetrated my ass. I could feel fire as the tissue ripped from his massive rod.

James rubbed my clit to try to distract me from the pain his tool was causing my delicate butt. But the fire continued until he had made his way in completely. I felt the coolness of more lubricant being splashed on my bottom. Then his shaft slowly pushed in and out.

As the friction increased between our bodies his movement increased, as did the fire in my ass.

It didn’t take too long for the pressure to build and his second coming was a wild explosion that overflowed the cavity of my butt. I felt the hot juices trickle down over my pussy lips and onto the bed.

When Larry separated from me, James climbed between my legs and caught the dripping fluid on his tongue. He licked my lips and gathered as much off of the bed as he could. James then spread my cheeks and licked the tacky substance from my ass. The heat of his tongue irritated and soothed at the same time.

While James cleaned me, Larry played with his cock again trying to get it up one more time. He finally accomplished his task and he climbed behind James as he cleaned my ass. I saw his thick fingers as they grabbed James' hips and held him still.

James froze. Larry squeezed the lubricant over James' ass then guided his once again hard cock into James' tight butt. I saw the wince as James felt the thickness tear his skin. He went down on all fours and Larry raised himself above James.

I watched Larry's face as a smile came across it. James' butt was tight much tighter than my pussy or mine. Larry's fingers dug deep into the skin of James' hip and he very slowly pushed his dick deep into his ass. Once there he made only short pulls then pushed deeper into him. He was very slow and I could see the pleasure on his face as the tip of his cock must have rammed the back of James' ass.

I crawled behind Larry and sucked his scrotum. I reached my hand between his legs and grabbed James' balls too. James spread his legs when he felt my hand on his sac. He moaned audibly and he relaxed. I sucked and massaged each of them and Larry sodomized James for a good long time. When he finally came his thick fluids dripped on my arm as they flowed from James' butt.

Larry pulled out the rolled off the bed and went to the bathroom to shower. James lay very still. The thick cum continued to pump out of his ass for a good minute or two. When it subsided, his anus continued to spasm.

Finally he turned over and looked at me. He had a smile on his face. "He fucked me good, didn't he!" James exclaimed.

"Yes, he did! Are you all right?" I asked.

"Yes, Ma'am, I am okay. I may not be able to walk for a few minutes, but I will be okay by the time Larry is out of the shower," he assured me.

He then turned me on my back and spread my legs. He knelt between them and licked my clit again. I lay there and enjoyed the warmth of his tongue and allowed him to pleasure me once again.

Larry came out nice and refreshed. He dressed and then bent over and kissed me hard on the mouth.

"Have your sissy bring me the tower when you finish backing up and I'll reformat your drive and reinstall your software," he instructed as he slipped his shoes on. "Then I'll come back and please you once again!" Larry waved as he walked out of the door.

James jumped up and went to the bathroom. I heard him turn the shower on and then pee. He came back into the bedroom and lifted me off of the bed. He carried me into the bathroom and placed me in the warm shower. James stepped in behind me and washed my hair. Then he took a wash cloth and lightly washed my back. His hand slowly parted my lips and washed my pussy then he traveled down my leg. He sat down and washed my feet and toes then started up the other leg. I closed my eyes and surrendered to his knowing hands.

By the time he carried me out of the tub I was as putty. My body felt completely fluid. He dried me with a warm towel and covered my hair with another. Then he carried me into the bedroom and placed a light summer dress over my still damp skin.

"I'm going to cook dinner," he said as I lay my head on the pillow. "I'll wake you when it's ready."

I closed my eyes and slept as a baby as twilight entered the room.

~ Lady Dora

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