tagNon-EroticFlambeaux & Staug Ch. 10

Flambeaux & Staug Ch. 10


"There's my house!"

Michelle had never been so relieved to see her house as she now was. Nick and Matt stopped behind her at the old rusty gate. She turned to them, about to invite them inside with her.

"Say, Michelle," Matt started, "how about you go in while Nick and I keep an eye on things out here?"

The suggestion reminded her that they couldn't rest easy until they were out of Down and among the living. She nodded meekly and opened the gate, closing it gingerly behind her.

"And could you get some food?"

She turned to see a hapless look on Nick's face with his hands slightly jutted out. The disheveled look about him made Nick look homeless, and she couldn't help but laugh. Matt joined in as she continued down the uncut grass to her front door. "Sure," she smiled, turning back at them. "I'll find something. If the refridgeration isn't out..."

She pulled a key out of the fifth pocket of her jeans and unlocked the door. Letting herself inside carefully, she didn't bother closing the door behind her. Looking around with a wary eye, she noticed that nothing was different from when she'd last seen it. She walked through the hall and looked into her parent's bedroom, immediately regretting it.

She could not only discern the two bodies by the phallic placement; her mother's corpse was sitting on the bed leaning against the wall with her father's flayed face placed between her legs. Both were eviscerated and gutted with only their bones and muscle present. Tears welled up in Michelle's eyes as she averted their gaze, running into her bedroom. Her room was seemingly untouched, as was the rest of the house. Nothing had been stolen, nor was anything really out of place except for the obvious spectacle across the hall. She walked back out into the living room and grabbed an unopened pack of cigarettes from the coffee table and stuffed them in her pocket. Forgetting why she'd wanted to come back here in the first place, she wiped the tears from her face and started for the door.

Then she remembered Nick's request for food. Letting out a little laugh to herself, Michelle turned back into the kitchen and opened the refridgerator. There was a bottle of ketchup and a half a loaf of bread. Groaning to herself, she opened the adjacent cuboard to find a bag of Mother's Cookies. It felt about three quarters full. "Shit, I'll take it," she said to herself.

Michelle walked back to the front door. She pulled the pack out of her pocket and opened it, pulling one out. She stuck it in her mouth as she walked out the door. She lit it up and looked up to yet another unsettling sight that made the cigarette drop from her lips. A pool of blood was slowly spreading in the street, surrounding two dead bodies. She knew who they were, but she just had to make sure. She needed to actually see it up close. Shaking, she slowly approached them, walking over to the gate and suppressing a scream as she almost tripped over a garden hose. Stopping to catch her breath, she continued on to the gate and opened it. Once it was open, the first thing she saw was Nick's flushed face with a bullethole in the forehead. Laying on its stomach was a body without a head in the uniform that Matt had been wearing. She dropped to her knees, unable to utter a sound as the fear rolled down her cheeks in the form of tears. The lump in her throat was unbearable, and she wrapped her arms around herself in the cold, black night. Then she remembered that the reason she came here was for a jacket. She was too afraid to so much as get up though, knowing that something had just killed Nick and Matt and was could be watching her at this very moment. She looked over their bodies, but the guns they'd had before were now gone. Then she remembered that her parents had always kept a gun underneath their mattress. The mere thought of going back in that room was overwhelming, but it looked like her best chance for survival at the moment.

Michelle looked around, observing everything in sight with the utmost attention. She could find nothing. It was always possible that whomever had done this didn't account on her being around. Or didn't care. Slowly she got back up and walked backwards back into her house. She opened the gate and walked backwards to the door, keeping an eye everywhere all at once. She felt something slam into her back and she nearly had a heart attack; she spun around to find that she'd reached the wall of the house. She rushed inside and back down into her parents bedroom, their bodies unmoved. Michelle shuddered violently as she neared the bed, slipping a hand between the box spring and the blood soaked mattress. Closing her eyes tightly, she shoved her hand as far as it would go until she felt steel. She ran her fingers around it until she felt the handle, and pulled it towards her. She yanked it free from under the mattress and fell back against the wall, panting heavily. Eventually she pulled herself up and walked out, closing the door behind her. She walked out the front door and knelt down to pick up the cigarette she'd dropped before, lighting it up. She walked out through the gate and turned onto the main road, the fog heavier than it had been when they'd entered Down. She only had to walk down this street for a good while. She had food, a gun, and smokes. She figured she'd be alright. Drawing her gun as she smoked, she headed on down the street toward Hillton, half scared and half determined.

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