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Flash Fantasy: A Day at the Movies


John Carrington stood at his podium, his polo shirt smelling of fake butter and his khakis stained by some long forgotten large drink. A worn piece of paper lay in front of him detailing when each movie began and ended. The doodles at the bottom illustrated what a long, dull day it had been. He ached to be anywhere but at work tearing tickets.

"Down the left hall in Auditorium five, thanks. Enjoy your show," he said cheerfully.

He wanted sex badly. It was the exact opposite of what he was doing now. He would be lying down, not standing for hours on end. He wouldn't have to pretend to be enjoying himself. He wouldn't mind doing that for several hours instead. The more he thought about it, the more he ached for release he couldn't have for at least another couple of hours.

"Your movie will be in Auditorium twelve down the right hall, sir. Enjoy your show."

The ghost of wild, passionate sex haunted his thoughts. It lurked in the quiet corners of his mind, waiting to jump out at the most unexpected time. He glanced around the lobby for any messes or customers, and then to concession for any cleaning they may need done. Trisha was working today. She was five foot six, brown hair, brown eyes. Her c-cup chest suited her thin frame well. She was pretty cute in her own way, but in John's current state of mind, she was the sexiest thing alive.

Her gorgeous tits jiggled as she slid her faded polo shirt from her pale body. Her sweet nipples perked up as John caressed them with his lips, tasting their intoxicating warmth.

Desperate moans dripped from her lips like the juices from her wet pussy. "Oh, fuck me, John. Please."

John tore the little boy's ticket and directed him to his theater. "Focus," he told himself. "Just get through your shift and then you can go home and jerk off like a madman. You just gotta get through your shift first." His lectures didn't do him much good. He was burning with lust right now.

His cock thrust into Trisha's dripping young pussy. Her flawless nude body beaded with sweat as she took in every inch of his six inch dick. He could see her tits pressed against the glass through the mirrors in the candy counter, which only made him fuck her harder. Her moans were invigorating as she-

"Down the hall in auditorium seven. Enjoy your show." The elderly couple walked on, blissfully unaware that the real cause of John's cheerful nature was not a love for the job, but a particularly steamy fantasy.

Trisha's long legs pointed skyward as she lay on the counter. The elderly couple looked on in shock as John pounded his dick into her tight body, lubricating his cock with buttery topping.

"That's disgusting," he thought to himself.

He pounded his dick into her tight body, his cock lubricated with Trisha's saliva left after a long blowjob. He tongued her clit as he ravished her body without even contemplating the physical impossibility of such an act. Her d-cups shook back and forth in rhythm to the thrust of his aching prick.

He stared into the game room trying to distract himself, to keep his mind on work. He counted the different varieties of prizes and tried to average their ticket cost. Snakes were four hundred tickets. Puppets were two hundred tickets. The black-light CD tower was five thousand tickets.

Trisha was ten thousand tickets. She sat on the prize counter, beautifully nude. One hand pinched and fondled her double d breasts as the other fingered her shaved slit. "Come on, Johnny. Don't you wanna win me? Just a few tickets, baby, and I'll swallow every inch of that twelve inch cock of yours."

"Down the left hall in ten... or... sorry. Right hall in ten. I got a little confused for a second there." The married couple made their way down the right hall with their two small children in tow.

"Stop thinking about Trisha," he scolded himself. "You've got a job to do and if you keep getting distracted, you'll eventually let something slip, and then there goes your job. Is that what you want?" He continued the lecture to himself, but his mind wandered and ignored most of it.

He thrust harder and harder into Trisha's perfect super model body. She cried in orgasmic ecstasy with every inch of his massive package. Teenaged boys looked on in envious lust, wishing they could have a cock that size or fuck a woman that gorgeous. Her enormous tits jiggled as he pounded Trisha. Her fingernails drove into his back, forcing his cock deeper into him. Every guy who had ever teased John stared on, ashamed at the size of their own miniscule penises and below average lovers.

A gorgeous Hispanic woman entered the lobby clutching her ticket. She was five foot ten, with the kind of body men kill for. Her long black hair cascaded down onto her tanned shoulders. Her tight jeans accented her beautiful, round ass. John followed the trail of buttons on her blouse up to her amazing chest. Through the buttons, he could see the uncovered sides of her immaculate breasts. Her neck was slender, her chin came to a soft point. Her rich lips begged to be kissed, to be wrapped around his cock. Her emerald eyes pierced his soul. John quickly looked to the ticket before she could see what he was thinking. In his mind, she was already engrossed in a ravenous orgasm.

"Do you know where my movie is?" she asked helplessly. "Tell me, and I'll suck your cock."

"Right hallway. Auditorium thirteen. Enjoy your show, ma'am."

He followed the sway of her ass until she vanished out of site.

John clutched thousands of tickets in each hand as he furiously fucked the Hispanic Goddess on the game room counter. She begged to be fucked harder, to be fucked every day by this Adonis of a movie theater usher, to be his sex slave. She told him she needed his cock so much he wouldn't even have to pay the twenty-thousand ticket price. Trisha sucked his balls and ran her hands all over John's chiseled body. Trisha and the stunning latina sucked furiously at his stiff cock, eager for every drop of his cum.

John stood nude on the game room counter. A sign below him read one hundred thousand tickets. Sweat glistened off of his sculpted muscles, as hungry eyes ravished his hard mammoth cock with their vision. Trisha and the goddess cried out with fists full of tickets to be the ones to buy this perfection of manhood, this gift to the sex life of all woman kind. Others waved their tickets behind them, super models, cheerleaders, every girl that had ever turned him down now screamed with tickets waving to purchase a night with this perfect love machine. Only Trisha and the goddess were allowed past the counter to feel him, to fondle him, to grope him, to suck him and fuck him for hours, days, weeks on end. To taste his cum. Every possible position, every possible way a man could fuck two women raced by in rapid succession.

John fucked Trish while the goddess sucked his balls.

The goddess bent over and took John's cock as she buried her face in Trisha's steaming crotch.

John licked at the goddess's fertile crescent while Trisha rode John's mammoth dick.

Trisha and the goddess fought over who would get to taste his cum after a long, hot blowjob.

The voice crackled over the walkie talkie. "John, I need you to check the women's bathroom while Mark covers podium."

John grabbed a broom and trudged to the women's room. He knocked loudly on the door. "Anyone in there?" he asked. "Male employee entering to clean."

He pushed the door open and slid into the empty restroom. Slowly, he began sweeping up the bits of paper towel scattered on the floor and making sure all of the toilets were flushed.

In the last stall, the goddess sat, her pants off, frantically fingering herself.

John swept. "Damn, it's going to be a long day."

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