Flash Hike A


This adventure happened about twenty- five years ago. My wife Jane and I were starting to really enjoy taking photos of her wearing little or nothing outdoors in public and semi-public places. Jane was and still is a very beautiful natural redhead, about five feet four with fine thirty-six C tits, a great ass and fine long legs. At the time her natural red hair hung down to her waist.

We had been having fun with flashing for about two years and she had been seen nude by quite a few truckers and had done a lot of flashing at wayside's along the highway. As we got braver, I had taken shots of Jane with strangers close by as she posed with her dress or coat hanging open wearing nothing but heels and thigh-highs underneath.

By the time this happened, I had taken shots of her three times at different wayside's talking to perfect strangers totally nude but for her heels and hose while I held her dress/coat but had never been touched. All three times lasted five minutes or less before we took off. This adventure happened in late September in the middle of the week.

For some reason I can't remember, we had that Wednesday off. It had been a beautiful week so far with temps in the eighties and we decided the night before to take a ride to a national forest about an hour and a half north to take a hike and do some photos of Jane amid the fall leaves. We left about nine the next morning and arrived at the park about ten-thirty. We liked to go to a small picnic area deep in the woods at the end of an old county road. It wasn't used much in the summer so we felt safe at this time of the season with school's back in session and being the middle of the week. What's that they say about "best- laid plans"?

We liked this picnic area because it had a trail that started at the back of one end of the small park two miles through the forest and ended back at the other end of the park. About a mile in, it opened on a beautiful vista of the forest as the trail curved around a high open field with large boulders in a large open grassy area next to it. The lot was totally empty as I pulled in and parked.

As I turned off the car, I asked Jane how brave she felt, when she asked what I had in mind, I told I would bet her two hundred dollars she wouldn't strip nude and do the hike totally nude. Jane asked if she would have anything to get into and I told her I would bring her heels and thigh-highs in my camera pack otherwise the rest of her clothes would be locked in the car.

She thought about it for a couple of minutes then asked what she was supposed to do if we ran into someone. Before I could answer, she looked around and said she didn't think that would a problem. Jane thought about it for another minute or two before she held out her hand and said I had a bet and we shook on it. I got out and took a couple of shots and Jane got out, stripped off everything but her tennis shoes, locked the door and shut it. I had the keys in my pack.

We were about a half mile down the trail, Jane was ahead of me and had just gone around a bend when I stopped and listened, I thought I heard a car pulling into the lot but I could have been mistaken I listened for a few seconds more and went to catch up with Jane. I wasn't sure so I didn't say anything to her.

About fifteen minutes later we arrived at the halfway point, picked out a nice large rock and Jane put on her thigh-highs and heels as I reloaded the camera. For the next fifteen minutes Jane posed against a large boulder in the sun for me. As she posed for me I asked her what she would do if someone came down the trail and saw her. I too a couple of shots before she told me she would invite him to pose with her. I just laughed and told her she would most likely take off in the other direction heels or not. About ten minutes later I had finished another roll and reloaded while Jane moved to another large rock she could lean back on.

Jane was leaning back against this large rock, her back arched, cupping her tits, and looking back up the trail the way we had came when all of a sudden her eyes got wide and she said oh shit, we have company. I turned and saw a very nice looking young guy standing a few yards away watching the action. He looked like he was going to run before I called out to him and waved him over. As I did, I told Jane this was her chance to invite him to be in the shots.

Jane stayed by the rock as he walked up to me and told us he was sorry for intruding, I told him it was no problem and explained that this was a bet and Jane had left her clothes locked in our car. I told him we were almost done here and he could continue watching if he wanted. Of course he wanted. I took a couple of more shots before Jane surprised me and asked him if he wanted to be in some of the shots. He didn't need a second invite.

He walked over and stood next to Jane, she told him to come closer and put her arm around his waist and pulled him into the shot he put his arm around her waist and I took a couple of shots as he gazed at her breasts. I suggested another pose and was taking couple of shots as he stood behind her looking over Jane's shoulder as he had her arms up with her hands behind her head and her tits thrust out. The look on his face was pure longing as he gazed down at her tits. Remember, up to this point Jane had never let a stranger touch her body.

To my surprise Jane told him he was free to reach around and play with her tits if he was gentle. I was soon shooting more shots as he played with her tits and nipples. It was a real trip to not only watch but to also get photos as my wife dressed only in heels and hose let a perfect stranger play with her tits in broad daylight in a national forest.

I kept shooting as one of his hands slid down Jane's belly toward her natural red bush. Jane didn't stop him as his hand disappeared between her leg's in fact she spread her legs farther apart allowing him better access to her clit. Jane let him play that way for a couple of minutes before she stopped the action. He told her he was so hot he wanted to jack off. Jane told him to go ahead.

He asked her to pose for him and was soon jacking off as Jane leaned back against the rock with her legs spread for him playing with her tits with one hand fingering her pussy with the other. He quickly shot a huge load, pulled up his pants said good by and took off back up the trail the way he arrived.

After he left, we were both so hot we had to do it right there. Jane assumed the position against the rock and I moved in behind her, placed my rock hard cock at the entrance to her wet pussy and slowly slid it deep down her love channel. I pounded her pussy for a good five minutes before we both had huge orgasms. We cleaned up and took off to finish the trail.

We didn't run into anyone else as we hiked and talked. Jane told me it gave her an orgasm when he started feeling her pussy and she even let him put a finger deep in her pussy. She felt like such a wanton sex slut as he played with her body and as he shot his wad, she had another strong orgasm as she fingered herself. We both agreed it was fun and if it happened again we both wouldn't mind. By the time we got back to the car the other guy had left. We also took off and Jane rode home totally nude letting all the truckers see her well fucked charm's.

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