tagExhibitionist & VoyeurFlashing at Shoe Stores

Flashing at Shoe Stores


When I was a bit younger one of the ways I like to flash men was at a shoe store. The salesmen was the only one who got to see but it was exciting. I got dressed in a front button down skirt, garter belt, stockings, and no panties. Sometimes I also wear a dark colored see-thru blouse, no bra and a button down sweater, which I open when I went into the store. I kept the skirt buttons open to mid-thigh so my entire leg would show when I sat down. I usually walked into the shoe store and asked the salesman if I can see a certain pair of shoes or boots. But that I am not sure what size I was, so would he please measure my foot. My skirt was unbuttoned up to my mid-thigh and when the salesman bent or knelt down to measure my foot I would slowly opened my legs. As he measured my foot, they usually look up to talk to me, and that is when they would notice they can see my pussy.

One of the first men I did this to looked away real quick and got up. He gave me a funny look as if he could not believe what he saw and wasn’t sure of what to do. For a moment I thought maybe he got mad. But he slowly knelt down to finish measuring my foot and tried his best not to look up my skirt again.

But it was impossible for him, as his eyes kept looking my way. He was actually sweating as he finished and left to get the shoe I asked for. When he came back with the shoe, I opened my legs just a little wider, so when he knelt down to put the shoe on me, my pussy was a little more exposed and he could not miss seeing it. He got up and the rise in his pants was unmistakable. His cock stuck out like a flagpole, and he was having a hard time trying to hide it.

I asked him if he had the shoe in any different colors. He said yes and went to get them. I sat down and opened my legs a bit further this time. He came back and started to remove the shoe I had on and saw that I was now showing more to him, and he got a big smile on his face. By now he realized that this show was for him, and he was going to enjoy it. He had a good time putting both shoes on me and looking at my pussy and I had a good time showing him my pussy. He knew that I saw he was looking, so he just took his time and had fun. When I was about to leave he said thank you and to please come again. I know I made his night.

Another time when I went into a shoe store, sat down, and my skirt opened and you could just about see my pussy as I sat there. I asked the salesman to check my size and he knelt down to do so. Well I opened my legs just a little further so when he looked up he was staring right at my pussy. He got a look of surprise on his face and I could see him get a rise in his pants right away. It also got me a little wet.

He finished checking my size and went in the back and came out with the shoe I asked for plus about six additional pairs of shoes to try on me. There was no doubt he was going to spend as much time as possible looking at my pussy. Most of these shoes he brought out and buckles or straps to put them on. He would always put both shoes on me and each time he would look a little longer at my pussy. I started to enjoy this so I slowly moved my legs further apart each time so he could see more and more. He had a good time looking at my entire pussy. I was there so long that I actually bought a pair of shoes.

We went to the one shoe store I had on a very sheer top under a button down sweater and a skirt that buttoned down the front. I asked the salesman there if I could see a pair of boots. He was all business at first and measured my foot and never realized that my pussy was exposed to him. So when he left to get the boots I unbuttoned my skirt one more button and undid my sweater. When he came back he saw right away that my tits were exposed through the blouse and he just kind of stared a moment. He was so preoccupied with my tits showing through my blouse that never noticed how high my skirt was unbuttoned.

He finally bent over to put on my boots, all the while trying to look at my tits and not let me notice. He was having a hard time trying not to look at my tits. Well he had a little trouble getting the boot on me so he knelt down to try to get my foot in the boot. When he did this he looked right at my pussy. He stopped dead in his tracks. Here he was hoping to get another look at my tits and all of a sudden my pussy is staring him in the face. Well real quick he got this huge smile on his face and he settled right down. I could tell because he looked right up at me and smiled. He put my foot into the boot and pulled the boot right up my leg. I started to get a little nervous because of the way he was pulling the boot up, I thought he was going to go up and feel my pussy. But he didn’t. he did the same to the next boot all the while enjoying the view.

He then went into the back of the store and came out with another pair of boots that were higher then the ones I just tried on I wasn’t sure what he was going to do, but since I started this I had to let him put the boots on me. When I sat down he knelt right down and reached for the boot I was wearing to take it off. His hand slid along my calf and a little up my thigh, as he took the boot off. I thought for sure he was going to do something and I was prepared to stop him. But he didn’t do anything wrong. Then he took the other boots and started to put them on me. All the time he was staring right at my pussy, with an occasional smile at me. He pulled the boot on my leg and again his hand went up my leg. This boot was thigh high and that is where he went. I thought for sure he was going to reach for my pussy, as he was so close. But he just slid his hand around my thigh and stopped. He put both boots on me this time, and took his time doing it. He had a good time putting the boots on me and looking at my pussy and I had goose bumps and got wet as hell. After I walked around in the boots I sat down so he could remove them and again his has went high up to get the boot off but this time when he did the second one he let his knuckles rub against my pussy. It was like a hot shot went thru me it felt so good. But that’s all he did and I left. I really don’t know who had a better time, him or me.

Another time I went in the shoe store with a real short skirt. I sat down my skirt slid up a lot and I was sure the salesman saw my pussy right away. I asked him to check my size and he got all flustered. He knelt down to check my size and I spread my legs just a little more and the look on his face told me he saw my pussy and the rise in his pants said it also. He checked my size and went in the back and came out with the shoe I wanted and said he had a few more he wanted to show me if I would like that. I told him that I would love to look at some of the shoes he had.

But we both knew all he really wanted to do was look at my pussy. He went and came out with a half dozen pair of shoes. Each time he would put on a shoe he would look a little longer at my cunt. I slowly moved my legs further apart so he could see all he wanted. He finally showed me a pair he said he had in the store for a long time and no one had purchased them. They were red and had a 6” heel on them. He asked if I would try them on and if I liked them he would give me a deal on them. Well of course I put them on me and I walked around the store in them looking at them form all angles. I was doing this for him. I bought the shoes for 2 dollars. (My husband loves them on me at home). When I left he smiled and asked me to come back soon.

A few times I have told the salesman when they are done trying on the shoes that I can’t make up my mind and want to look in other shoe stores. Jerry and I then go for a walk around the mall or do visit other shoe stores if we find a male salesman. One evening I went to 3 different shoe stores in one night because they all had men working that night.

Well after we have been gone for a while I go back to the first shoe store and walk in. You cannot believe how fast the salesman will come back over to me. Most will offer right away to bring all the shoes back out so I can decide which one I want, and some even tell me they have more shoes that they think I will be interested in.

I always sit down and let them bring me whatever they want. But now they want to take my old shoes off and put both of the other shoes on me. They have now had time to think about it and realized all the things they can do to get longer and better looks at my pussy. By now they all realize that I am showing off on purpose, it is no accident. On the second time around I have had men slide their hand up my legs and feel them. None has gone up to my pussy, but a few have slid their hand up my leg to my thigh and look at me and say, “May I”. But I always politely say please don’t and they back off, only a few time I did have to get up and leave immediate. I really don’t like the men fondling me, so I end it before anything else can happen.

A lot not knowing that Jerry is around have asked me for dates or ask me to come in the back room with them. I always refuse, its kind of fun to listen to them try anything to change my mind.

The first time I had a salesman given me a pair of shoes free was in a mall we used to shop in quite often. I usually did not flash here as it was close to home. But we stopped in to get something on our way out to another mall and we say this gentleman in the store by himself and figured what the heck. As I sat down and realized he could see my pussy as he was putting a shoe on me. Right away he asked if I would like to see some special shoes he had. I said yes so he went in the back and came out with some very sexy shoes with very high heels and ankle straps. Shoes I had not seen on display. He tried all of them on me and had a great time looking at my pussy. At one point he put my foot on his leg as he was putting the shoes on me. It gave him a better look at my pussy and I let him do it.

So he did it with all the other shoes. After he was done he said he had a very lovely time showing me the shoes and that I had lovely legs. He then said that to thank me we would give me one of the pairs of shoes he liked on me. They were a beautiful and sexy 5" high heel with and ankle strap. After that we made a point go back to his store a few times and always have him wait on me. He seemed thrilled about this and I think he figures he got his money’s worth.

We do not swing or swap partners or anything such as that. And to read here what we have done it would be hard to believe that I am basically a shy person. But I do get excited doing the showing off the ways I do. I did my exhibitionism on the expressway for only the truckers to see, I wore see-thru blouses in bars, and when we still had them we had some hot adventures in adult movie theaters on Long Island. On summer nights I walk nude on the beach at night and I have and do play a few holes of Golf while naked. But now the place I show the most is in adult video stores. I wear a short skirt, thigh high stocking, heels and no panties and I walk around the store and bend over to look at the videos on the low shelf. This exposes a little of my ass and pussy to whoever is behind me looking.

I do not like to be approached or even talked to when exposing. I like the men to just look and enjoy, and if the know (as I have told men I get to know, like and trust a lot where and when) me send me a not e-mail about it after.

Please write us and tell us what you think. If you think you may have been one of the men I have flashed I would really love to hear from you.

Liz & Jerry

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