tagExhibitionist & VoyeurFlashing the Boys Next Door Ch. 02

Flashing the Boys Next Door Ch. 02


Saturday morning finally arrived and I lay naked on my bed playing with my pussy waiting for Mark to look through his curtains. Then I heard a knock on my door and put on my dressing gown, to find Paula waiting with some bread rolls and ham for the boy's lunch.

She thanked me for looking after them for the day and said, Mark would be around soon with Peter for the gardening jobs.

Paula was going to make an early start and would be back about six that evening, they also left some money for the boy's to get a burger.

By the time I got back to the bedroom Marks curtains were open and there was no sign of him. Then there was a knock on my door and Mark and Peter stood there saying, they were ready to start on the garden "if it was OK?".

I told them it was, but that I had to shower and get changed first and that they could make a start by the bath room window area on removing weeds.

The bathroom window was frosted glass but nearly transparent and with no curtains they would have a good view of me taking a shower from outside.

I watched as they fetched the tools from the shed and make their way to the area by the bathroom window. When I walked into the bathroom Marks face was quite clear, as he stood by the window in his white tee shirt, then I could see Peter holding a rake. I switched on the light to make them aware I was in the room and removed the dressing gown. Standing naked by the wash hand basin I washed and brushed my teeth.

Even though the window was double-glazed I could hear Peter saying, "shit! look at her tits" and then Mark said "I told you I see her naked all the time".

They were a few feet from me, separated only by the glass and I could tell from their silence that they were absorbed with my naked body. My breast again caught their attention, bouncing as I brushed my teeth and Peter said "I could grab a handful of those".

I was soaking wet in my pussy and trembling being so close to my voyeurs, yet wanting them to be in the room with me. - My plan had to work. I showered quickly and then stood drying myself as close to the window as I could and tried to listen to their conversation, but they were whispering. My fingers kept entering my pussy and working my clit until I nearly collapsed on the floor with a gushing orgasm.

Partly satisfied I slipped on my old trainers, a low cut tee shirt that sagged open when I bent over and loose fitting cut away shorts which I hoped would expose my pussy when I kneeled down. My nipples were so hard and were sticking out in the tee shirt fabric as I entered the garden.

Mark could not take his eyes off them as I asked how they were doing and I could feel myself blush and wondered what I was doing here half naked?

However the sex drive I had been experiencing took over and I leaned forward to pick up a garden trowel, exposing my breasts with Peter leaning forward so much to get a better view that he fell forward into Mark.

This then caused Mark to fall into me and he landed with a hand on the top of my leg, for which he apologised, but the feeling of his hand on my naked skin nearly made me soak my shorts as my sex urges rose.

We carried on in the garden with me flashing as much and as often as I could, with both boys never far from my front as I leaned and kneeled for them to see me. One or the other would cough when I was on show so the other was sure to see.

Time for my plan.

Holding my head I told the boys I had a migraine coming on and that, I would have to take some strong sleeping tablets to knock me out for a couple of hours until it passed.

I apologised and said I would make them some food and that they could use my bathroom to clean up when they were ready and that just in case they were finished, I would leave some money for them in the lounge.

I stressed again how strong the tablets were and that nothing ever woke me for about two hours when they kicked in.

Then I told them of a time after taking the tablets, when my ex husband Tony had carried me from the car to the bedroom and undressed me without me knowing anything, until I woke up the next day and remembered nothing of the night before.

Making my way into the bungalow I stripped and walked naked to the bathroom to wash my hands, knowing that from the lounge window they could see me.

I lay on the top of the bed after rubbing body oil on and put on my black silk eyeshades, which looked as if I could not see through, but I had removed the inner lining which allowed me to see out without my eyes being visible.

It took about ten minutes for the boys to venture into the bungalow, but it seemed like an hour as I waited for them to see my naked body for real.

I first heard Mark, who must have peeked through the bedroom door I had left partly open and he whispered to Peter "come and look".

I was lying facing away from them and could see them in my dressing table mirror staring at me.

Mark called my name quietly at first then a little louder to check I was asleep and then they pushed the door open and sneaked in the room.

I was trying not to tremble as my nipples grew hard and my excitement raised with my heart pounding. At last I was lying naked with all exposed to their eyes, then Mark called my name again. They then agreed I was dead to the world and Peter dared Mark to "touch my tit".

He sneaked forward and with quite warm hands prodded a finger on my right breast, quickly moving back in case it woke me.

When I didn't move he became braver and caressed my breast then rubbed my nipple, which was by now rock solid.

Peter then came around the bed and said "look at her cunt its go no hair and its wet". He then touched me rubbing a finger on my clit, which made me wince.

This startled them and they froze, so I rolled on my back and parted my legs slightly. "Shit!" said Peter "I thought she was waking up", but Mark said, "no she's out of it we can do what we want with her".

Peter needed no prompting and started playing with my breast with one hand and the other slipping in my soaking pussy. "Her cunts fucking soaking" he said and then Mark had a feel pushing Peter's hand to one side. "That's her G spot" he said as he parted my legs and pussy lips, then began to work my clit with his fingers so hard that I moaned and started to orgasm. "Is she waking" Peter asked and Mark replied by saying it was a wet dream, you could tell by my hip movement.

Then he started pushing more fingers in me, which caused an excited pain in my pussy and I spurted down his hand.

Peter started sucking my nipples and with Mark fingering me I came in a gush of cum on the bed, giving out an inadvertent cry for more.

Again Peter asked if I was waking, but thinking quickly I pretended to be talking in my sleep and said "more Tony more".

"She thinks its her ex husband" Peter said and sucked even harder on my nipples.

My urges then took over and I had to have them, so I cried out for Tony to fuck me. There was a silence then Peter said "we can have her and she will think it's her husband". "I'm first then!" Mark said "cause your bigger than me and I won't feel her sides after you".

It was then that I realised that they had seen me naked, but I had not seen them naked and didn't know their penis size.

I was now trembling and nearly got caught out as I turned my head to see them undressing.

Mark was the first to strip and as if shy he had his back to me, then turned to expose a very slender body with little hair and a thick mound of pubic hair with a thin penis about five inches long.

He was hard and it was standing rigid against his belly as he got on the bed and straddled me.

He tried to enter me straight away by pushing himself down at first then realised he had to guide it in with his hand between my legs.

He thrust straight in saying "I was like a tongue on his cock", so I clenched and squeezed him inside me, which made him moan.

As he was pumping into me I saw Peter naked beside me and saw how much bigger and wider he was than Mark.

He too had little body hair and being fair had little ginger pubic hair but his penis had developed well with the skin back exposing a large bell end.

Then he took my hand inside his and started wanking himself with my fingers on his cock.

Peter was getting more excited and pumping faster in me and although he was not big he was hitting the right places and I started to climax again, which made me squeeze Mark and he squirted some pre-cum on my cheek.

Then he pulled my head toward him and put his bell end on my lips and pushed it gently in my mouth.

The taste was strange but as he pushed it further I licked my tongue over the end and sucked with my lips. I was lost to them and they could do anything they wanted.

Peter then stiffened and gave a deep surge in me followed by two more then the warm feeling of his sperm surged inside me as he let his young body weigh down on me.

He pushed as deep as he could and lay there for a few seconds until Mark said "get off! it's my turn now" and Peter pulled out of my soaking pussy.

"Get a tissue and clean your spunk off her cunt " Mark said and Peter dried me off with my bedside Kleenex, pushing his fingers into my now swollen Pussy lips, making me squirm again.

Mark then kneeled alongside me feeling my breasts and pinching my nipples with his finger and thumb, but not too hard. He was either experienced or had seen a good video on sex education.

He then moved his hands slowly down my body, gripping my waist,then either side of my legs until he reached my knees. Quickly he raised my knees and spread my legs and positioned himself between them.

First holding his penis he rubbed it against my bulging pussy lips and against my clit until I felt myself very wet and presumed he was wet with pre-cum again.

Then moving himself forward he started to enter me, slowly pushing his hard penis more and more inside me until I let out a gasp and grabbed his firm buttocks!. I suddenly realised what I had done and cried, "fuck me Tony! fuck me now!".

Mark looked shocked! then his lust took over and he started thrusting in me, squeezing my breasts then kissing me and slipping his tongue in my mouth.

I was getting lost with the passion of the sex I was enjoying and responded to his kiss with my tongue and wrapped my legs around him forcing him deeper inside me.

He was bringing me to an orgasm again and just as I gushed he panted and thrust hard into me as again I was filled with his sperm. Mark kept his motion going until every last drop had been emptied from his penis.

I let my legs slip down and Peter asked Mark was he sure I was out of it and Mark told him again I was having a wet dream about my husband fucking me. Little did they know it was never that good with him.

"What now?" said Peter, Mark told him to get the camera from his house and they could film me and wank on me whenever they wanted too.

I hadn't expected this but had no choice other than to go along and lie there for their pictures.

Mark was still naked and even though he had gone soft he still put his penis to my mouth and I took it tasting my cum and his on his bell end.

He grabbed my head and started thrusting himself in my mouth as he got a hard on and again I responded sucking and licking his hard cock until he nearly choked me as he came into my throat.

I had to swallow it, which I had never done before with my husband.

Peter then came in with the camera and they lay me in various poses on the bed but Mark decided that as I would look better without the eyeshades and took them off.

I had to keep my eyes closed as they spread my legs and then turned me on my side with my legs up to get a rear shot of my bum and pussy.

They checked the time and decided it was too dangerous to continue and that they should clean me up and get a burger from down the street.

Mark said he would download the photos and send them to Peter, but to put them in a private file on the computer.

I waited about ten minutes after they had gone, had a shower and wondered what next?

Part 3 to follow as Marks Grand dad comes to stay.

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