tagInterracial LoveFlight Attendant Ch. 01

Flight Attendant Ch. 01


Dear reader,

The following is true. It really happened. I know .... I was there. The following account happened while I was undergoing training. I have a lot more to share with you if you like this.

If I get positive votes from you, I will continue to tell you about the next 20 years. There are a lot of things that went on behind the scenes. One thing for sure, SEX was a major part of flying.


My name is Bruno. My father is Italian and mother is Chinese / Spanish / Malay. I grew up in Singapore where my father emigrated to and Hong Kong where my mom comes from. The year was 1975 and I was 22 when I had just completed my MBA program. I was also in dirt-biking, a black-belt in martial arts; a rugby player for a local club and national water polo player.

2 days after graduating, my cousin who knew my desire for traveling called to tell me that the local airline she was with was hiring cabin crew. 3 weeks later I was sitting in yet another class where I was about to learn all about being a flight attendant. There were 16 of us. Stephen, Simon, Dan and I were the only 4 guys in that batch with the rest being girls. The other 3 guys made it very clear that they preferred each other's company and it wasn't long before they were engaged in a love triangle. I soon became the target of some of the females. We all stayed in the same staff hotel and shared rooms during our training. I was lucky to share with Dan who was never in the room and enjoyed his entire time with the 2 other boys.

Sunita, a local Indian girl standing about 5'4"with a small frame has those deep mysterious eyes and very fine features. She has very light skin for an Indian and a smile that will melt the heart of any man. She is blessed with having very large breasts and found every opportunity to flaunt them at me. She has asked me on several occasions to join her for drinks after class. I, however, was quite intrigued by the Chinese twin sisters of Siu Wan and Siu Lok. They both look very desirable and they knew they turned heads.

There were 2 Japanese girls, Keiko and Satomi and another Chinese girl, Christine that came from Shanghai who was the tallest girl in class standing at 5'7" with cute dimples when she smiled and a killer body. Nice long legs with a butt made for worshiping and very prominent when she wore her baby-blue designer jeans. She roomed with Tania, a somewhat shy and reserved girl. The rest were locals girls and all very attractive in their own way.

Apart from all the expected customer service training, we had to undergo safety training as well. One segment involved water safety and a mandatory requirement was that everyone had to be able to swim. As we all lined up in our swimmies, I have never seen such a bevy of scantily-clad beauties. Almost all the girls wore bikinis except for a few who wore body-hiding one-piece ugly Speedos. The other 3 boys were pasty white and looked like they never went under the sun.

This was the first time I noticed that most of the girls were well endowed with big tits. After our swim we all had to don life jackets for the next part of the training and that was to swim from one end of the pool to the other end with our life-vests fully inflated to where a life raft was positioned. Many of the girls looked naked when their wet swimsuits became almost transparent. I of course wore my water polo Speedos that showed off my tanned and muscular body. I was told later that it also highlighted my well-endowed cock that was reacting to the gorgeous sight of so much female flesh.

After the wet-drill we all went back to our rooms to shower up before meeting for dinner. I just climbed out of the shower when there was a knock on the door. I draped a towel around my wet body and opened the door to see Christine standing there.

"Tania's using the hairdryer and she takes forever to get her hair done so May I use your hairdryer if you are not using it?"

As she was talking I noticed she ran her eyes up and down my body especially my big chest and 6-pack abs, before straying her eyes down to the obvious bulge.

I opened the door while drying my hair with another towel and let her in. As she entered into the light I noticed she was wearing a pink tank top that clearly revealed her wet nipples that were straining against the fabric. She wore a pair of pink toweling material shorts that were like panties, clearly showing the big 'V' of her pussy and the luscious cheeks of her firm ass and every contour she had.

As she stood facing the desk/vanity blowing her hair with the hair dryer positioned under the desk, I could see that her tits were very big for her size. She had a very flat and tight tummy that further accentuated that huge bulge in her crotch. I have never seen a girl with such a bulging cunt before. My cock started stirring and as I was starring at her pussy imagining what lay beneath those tight shorts, I suddenly noticed the whining noise from the dryer had stopped and Christine was looking at me and smiling.

She walked up to me and whipped off the towel around my waist and immediately swallowed my cock as she knelt down and began bobbing her head back and forth. She looked up at me with her big baby-innocent eyes as her tongue played havoc with my throbbing cock.

I pulled her tank top off her head and was treated to a pair of delicious orbs that were topped off with lychee-type nipples. Very rare for Asian girls. I squeezed them gently to find that they were the softest pair of nipples I ever touched.

I picked her up and as she stood up I knelt down and peeled off her shorts. Her hairy cunt was right in my face. I pushed her down onto the bed and her legs automatically opened.

She had an incredible protruding cunt and the thickest pair of lips that were completely bald. I pried her lips apart to find her inner lips were already drenched from her love juices. I licked up her sweet cunt juices and her intoxicating womanly smell made me dizzy. I buried my face into her very wet cunt and licked her all over. I slid one finger into her and she was very tight. She moaned with pleasure as I danced my tongue round and round her clit while fingering her wet tight hole to a massive orgasm. She shot her cunt juice out into my mouth and cheeks and face. I had never experienced a squirter before. She tasted delicious!

As she stopped bucking she stunned me with her verbal barrage. "Fuck my horny cunt with your big prick. Quick, fuck me hard you cunt fucker!" I didn't need a second invite and slammed my cock-head into her cunt. There was no way I could get my cock completely into her eager pussy and had to use several strokes to get it in inch by inch. "Oh you fill me up you cunt fucker. Don't stop. Fuck me hard now. Fuck my horny cunt."

Off I went slamming long and deep into her waiting cunt. I had to use my hands to cup her mouth as she squealed with delight. She started bucking her hips and soon rolled her eyes back and her whole body erupted into an earth-shattering cum. I pulled my cock out and sure enough, my torso was at the receiving end of her exploding cum. Stream after stream of her cum splashed onto me. I shoved my cock back into her fully and with a few quick strokes I pumped my seed into her.

We both collapsed into a heap. When I gathered my strength, I asked what just happened?

Christine said, "I had been trying to get your attention since we first met, but you never seem to noticed me. I saw you eyeing me today at the pool and knew I had to see you. You have a very athletic body and I've been fantasying about having sex with you."

Wow. Straight to the point I thought. "Well I love your body too. You have such beautiful nipples." I said.

"My grandma is Scottish and I think I got them from her." She replied.

I trailed my hand down to her pussy and confided that I had never seen a girl with such a prominent bulge, which I just love. "I used to hate it as people used to look at me as if I was a freak, but I'm glad you like it."

"There's something I gotta do." I said as I bounced off the bed disappearing into the toilet. I returned holding a pair of scissors and grabbing my towel slid it under her ass.

"What are you doing?" she asked.

"I love your cunt and intend to spend a lot of time there, but your hair tickles my nose, so I hope you don't mind if I trim some of it off."

She spread her legs wide apart with a "Go for it!"

I cut off most of it leaving a small triangle mat. In doing so she had already become wet and her inner lips were showing signs of her readiness for more amorous activities. I flipped her onto her front and beheld the luscious globes of her ass. I could see her thick lips between her party legs and ran my fingers up and down over her slit.

She responded by lifting her hips higher and spreading her legs wider to afford me unlimited access to her cunt and ass. I leaned forward and drove my tongue into her butt-hole while plunging 2 fingers into her sopping cunt. She moaned and arched her back completely while using her hands to spread her ass cheeks wider apart.

"Do you wanna fuck my horny Chinese cunt?" She moaned. "Do you want to shove that big cock into my bad-girl cunt and make me ...... aaaagggghhhhhhh?"She screamed as I grabbed her tiny waist as I aimed my throbbing cock into her very wet cunt and drove it to the hilt in one fluid motion.

"Fuck me you horny bastard! Fuck my bad-girl cunt!" she begged, as I plowed my entire length into her cunt, making slopping noises each time I penetrated her.

"Spread your ass cheeks wide apart" I commanded.

As she did so I push my dripping cock into her tight butt-hole."

"Masturbate your horny Chinese cunt, you fucking whore" I slurred while fucking her tight ass.

"Ooohhhhhh, yeeees" she moaned as her fingers slipped into pussy while using her other hand to rub her clit. "Fuck me hard with your big prick!" she groaned.

Her ass looked exactly like a heart-shaped pendant and I'm sure this sight was the original inspiration for the "heart" symbol. I mercilessly slammed my cock into her cunt and she squealed with delight.

"Rape my virgin ass! I'm cumming. I'm cummmmmm agggghhhhhhhh!"

And immediately I felt her gushing her cunt juices onto my legs and the bed. That was too much for me. I pulled out of her as she was towards the end of her orgasm, flipped her over and shoved my ass-stained cock into her mouth and told her to suck hard as I shot my load into her mouth. Having come so many times already I could only muster up a trickle into her waiting throat.

That was the best sleep I had in years.

I woke up ravenous for food and more of her pussy. She went to get us some breakfast while I showered and cleaned up the room that looked like a typhoon hit from the inside. That was a wonderful Saturday we spent together, but I made it clear to her that I was not looking for a relationship at that time.

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