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Flight Attendant - Home


I spent several glorious years with the airlines flying around the world and meeting many fabulous people, not to mention the many romantic interludes I experienced, some of which I am still pursuing to this day.

However, I did graduate college with a degree in business for a reason and that was to take over some aspects of my father's business. One was in the property market where we owned several properties around Asia. I have since made a bundle by including flipping properties in my portfolio. I also manage several other businesses that require me to travel frequently, this time as a passenger.

I was returning home one morning from Taiwan -- home is in a part of Asia that is warm year round - and was delighted to meet Janice and my class mate Siu Lok, the twin sister I hardly had a chance to fly with, on that flight. We chatted for a while and I invited them and all the crew to my home for lunch. 7 of them accepted my offer. I arranged 2 limos to transport all of us for the 45-minute ride from the airport to the outskirts of town.

Janice made the introductions. Fiona, Rachael, Stella and Virginia were the junior crew. They were rather new and I did not know any of them. Siu Lok was now a senior crew member together with Meiko. They were all Chinese, given the predominant type of passengers into and out of Taiwan and Meiko covered the language requirement for the increasing number of Japanese passengers on that particular route.

Janice told them of my past history as one of them while Siu Lok was very clingy from the time we boarded the limo.

"Hasn't been the same without you after you left, Bruno" Janice said. Thoughts of our romantic escapade came rushing back, "You're just being 'sweet' as usual." I said, emphasizing on the word sweet meaning the taste, not the attitude. She smiled in acknowledgement.

We turned off the main road as we approached the short driveway that led to a steel gate surrounded by high walls. I got off the car and opened the gate and all of us walked towards the small building.

From the outside it must have looked like a modest house measuring around 20' by 30'. Next to it was grassy patch, approximately the same size as the house. The door to the house had a protective steel gate, as did all the windows. I hit a switch in my pocket and the steel gate swung open. I then opened the front door. We entered the house, which was very sparsely furnished. I motioned for them to follow me to the next room and when they all entered that room, I shut the door and hit a hidden switch and the room began to move downwards very slowly. They looked at each other and Janice asked me "What's this?"

"Home." I said.

When it stopped I hit a switch on the sidewall and a door opened. We entered a floor-to-ceiling glass-encased room that overlooked an unobstructed view of the sea. The house was very cool as it was designed to allow maximum airflow. The windowpanes could rotate on a hinge to open for ventilation. They could be opened or closed electronically, or manually.

We left their bags in that room and I invited them downstairs - to what I call the fun room. It had a wet bar, a large TV; games; pool-table; books and led to the outdoor infinity-pool that was designed at one end of the pool to seat 10 people in the shade who sat on stools in the pool while the server worked in the island.

"Wow, what is this place and why the steel gated house in the driveway?" Janice asked.

"I bought this place and built this house here. I loved the view. but I also wanted to ensure security. I hired a team of designers from Europe and came up with this plan that allows me a view yet is totally secluded and armed with a high security systems. Below us you can see the marina and the road that runs along it. It has 7 bedrooms and 2 living room in 3 floors with a guest house outside.

As you recall Janice, I joined the airlines to see the world and have some fun after I graduated before embarking on my professional life. I have been very lucky in business and built this house as a 'living' investment so to speak."

"Ok, now that I have satisfied your curiosity may I offer you all a drink? I'm sure I can still remember the protocol for excellent service? Or would you ladies prefer to help yourselves? I pulled opened a paneled wall that covered the refrigerator door, and inside were juices, sodas, water and precut fruit.

"OK, who's hungry, coz I am?" They all chanted in unison "Me"

Ok, grab a drink and let's go. I led them to a room that accessed the outdoor swimming pool. In that room I opened a closet full of shorts, T-shirts, swimwear, hats, even sunglasses. "Every item has been washed and cleaned. The swimwear will fit every size. There are micro-mini bikinis to larger 2-piece outfits to one-piece swimsuits. Help yourself to whatever you fancy. Ladies, inside here are items should you need them" and I opened a cabinet filled with essential women needs.

Out on the pool area were several people laying out lunch, overseen by Claudine, the caretaker. "We will be dining in the pool and the team is getting it ready at this very minute. Please feel free to change into your own swimwear or use these outfits if you prefer. You actually have to get into the water to sit by the table for lunch."

"Bruno, could you guide me to the restroom please?" Janice asked.

"Sure. Follow me" I said and led her the back of the hall. "Could I use one upstairs perhaps?" she asked.

"Ok. It's up these stairs." I replied leading her to the one next to guest room. I showed her the door and pointed out that it was next to the guest room, which I opened to show her. She pulled me into the room and shut the door.

You can guess what happened next and again, just like on the aircraft, she wasn't wearing any knickers and we had to finish very quickly. "One day, we've got to have lots more time!" I giggled.

When I emerged from the room, they were all wearing skimpy bikinis and I mean the smallest ones in the drawer. Chinese girls are somewhat more reserved, but not this lot. Fiona in particular, whose tits were the largest and she was quite pleased to let everyone be aware of her blessings! Their outfits clearly showed off their tits, pussies and asses. My cock jumped in my shorts. Ah, this brought back memories of the good ol flight attendant days!

"Where's Siu Lok?" I asked.

She appeared around the corner in a pair of swimming bottoms and a T-shirt. "Here I am. Will it just be you and us girls having lunch?" she asked.

"Yes, if that's ok?" I replied.

"In that case, I won't need this" and with that she removed her top exposing her beautiful pair of tits.

"I agree" said Fiona and slipped off her top as well, exposing her well endowed tits that wobbled when her top came off. She had small nipples for her huge tits. Just the kind you'd like to suck on.

"Ah, what the hell." I replied. "I'll remove my top as well!" and we all had a laugh.

Next thing I knew all the girls removed their tops. I was standing around 6 girls all topless and my cock thanked me for inviting them over. It was a fabulous sight. The junior Chinese girls were not as well endowed as the others, but their diminutive size made their breasts appear larger.

The door leading to the pool opened and Claudine walked in. "Is it all prepared?" I asked.

Claudine was my housemaid. She was a beautiful local girl in her early 30s and look stunning. She wore a white body-hugging T-shirt that showed off her ample breasts and her protruding nipples since she went braless. She wore a short, pleated blue denim skirt that showed off her long tanned and muscular legs. Ankle-high socks and tennis shoes completed her ensemble. She removed her white clip-on visor that shaded her face from the sun. If one did not know better, she looked like the owner of the house and I was her sloppy houseboy!

I suspect she purposely wore this outfit after I told her 7 flight attendants were coming over for lunch. Whatever her reason she looked fabulous. I had never seen her dress like this and never thought she knew of, or even cared about makeup ...... until today. Damn, she looked gorgeous.

"Ladies, I'd like you to meet Claudine, my Residential Manager. Without her, this place would be a shambles and I would be in a mess." I said.

She smiled politely at all the girls who in turn greeted her with a collective "Hi Claudine."

"Claudine, please join us for lunch as well. Is there anything else that has to be done?" I asked.

"No, sir. It's all prepared. I'm sorry but I have a few errands to finish." She replied. "Oh, I'm sure that can wait. Please. I insist" I emphasized.

"Certainly sir." And with that she walked away just as Janice appeared.

"What's this?" Janice asked looking at all the topless girls.

"Since it's just us ..... and Bruno, I prefer to go topless and avoid those nasty tan lines on my shoulders. Siu Lok said. "The girls followed suit."

Off went her top and now we had 7 partially naked girls.

"Last one in the pool has a penalty!" I said and we all dashed out to the pool and dived into the cool water. The sun was directly overhead and the thermometer showed 102-degrees F. The extended shade over the dining area made it cool and bearable while the water provided the necessary comfort.

"Well, I guess I'm last" Claudine said as she slowly strolled towards the edge of the pool still wearing her whites, sans her shoes. "So I'll penalize myself." With that she slowly removed her top and her gorgeous tits plopped into view. Fiona must have turned green with envy. She had the most beautiful pair of tits I have ever seen with large round nipples. Her body was fit and her torso taut and well exercised.

Then she unhooked the clasp on her skirt and it dropped to the floor. She was totally naked. My tongue hit the floor. She had trimmed her pubes into a small triangle on her mound, which drew ones eyes to her thick puffy lips! My cock was ready to bow to her. The girls just stood in the water watching her as she dived into the pool and swam up to the seat in front of me.

"Welcome!" I stammered. In all the time she has been working here, she was always decently attired, usually in shorts and T-shirts. Never once did she make any sexual gestures and was always politely respectful. At all times I maintained a very cordial and professional relationship whenever I was around her. Come to think of it we were hardly ever together as I was either busy or out in the gym or doing laps in the pool.

"Can I get you a drink Claudine?" I asked, not sure what else to say. I was so caught off-guard that for once I was at a lost for words.

I hopped over the counter and placed the food around the concrete table. "Ok, who's for wine and who prefers sodas or juice?" I asked. I didn't realize that since I was now standing behind the bar, they could see all of me and my hard-on was rather noticeable in my swimming shorts. Once I realized what they were looking at and giggling, I casually bent to retrieve some plastic cups and quickly rearranged my shorts.

I leapt back over the bar and sat with them and we dined on salads; shrimp cocktails; and open-faced sandwiches. 8 pairs of tits were starring back at me each time I looked up and I had a hard time trying to keep my cock under control. I failed!

We had just started to eat when Fiona said, "Claudine, I think you've got the right idea" and she got off here seat and standing in waist high water, she reached for her bottoms and pulled them off and held them above her head before she placed it on the table. The reflection for the water showed she had a dark patch of hair.

We all cheered and Siu Lok, not to be outdone, stood up on her seat then stepped onto the tabletop and slowly slid her pants down, making sure that she turned so that her ass was facing me. As she bent over, her beautiful cunt lips came into view and she made a show of lifting one leg first then the other to remove them. Then she gyrated her hips as she turned to show every one her bald pussy before jumping back into the pool. My cock was straining by this time. One by one the girls started removing their bottoms as well.

They all looked at me in a .... 'So, what about you then' expression. "After lunch, I'll play a special game that involves my swimmies. Ok?"

"Ok". Siu Lok said, "I'm done with lunch. You're on, Bruno."

"Right, whoever can catch me and I mean hold onto me, can remove my swimmies. Are you girls up for this challenge?" Siu Lok immediately got off her chair and made a beeline for me. I jumped off my seat and pushed off the leg of the stool to propel myself under water to get to the other end.

All the girls began cheering and giggling as they raced in after me. I dodged their moves and at times dived under their legs, but pinched their pussies or their butts as I escaped. Threats of "I'll get you for that!" echoed after their screams of surprise.

I managed to surface behind Stella, wrapped my arms around her from the back so that my hands were squeezing her tits, as I used her as a shield against the others. I let go of her after running a hand down her tummy and tickled her clit while kissing the back of her neck.

I did the same thing to Siu Lok except I held her with one arm while my other hand darted under her ass and slid my finger into her cunt. She opened her legs and ground her hips onto my finger and groaned as I kissed her neck while she rubbed my throbbing cock through the fabric of my shorts.

I dived away again and darted underwater where I came up against a pair of legs. I placed my mouth on the hairy pussy and flicked my tongue over the clit while one finger slipped into her cunt. She put her hands down and held my head against her cunt as I lapped feverishly at her.

Suddenly I felt a pair of hands grab my neck and hoisted me to the surface and held me against her soft breasts. "I've got him" Mieko exclaimed triumphantly. All the girls rushed forward, but Meiko said, "No. No. No girls. I get the pleasure of removing his pants.

They all stood around me as I floated on the surface in her arms. She asked the 2 girls closest to her to hold my arms and support my body while she walked towards my hips and slowly untied the knot holding up my shorts. First one lace was pulled, then the other. Then she loosened the waistband and slowly, very slowly lowered my shorts down my hips and over my groin. There was a fine mat of hair, as I keep myself well trimmed.

The pants got stuck against my hard cock and she had to pull it over my cock, which sprang up in all its glory as she pulled the shorts down my legs.

"I get to pay him back first for licking my pussy underwater." Rachael said.

"Oh, so it was you!" I giggled and we all laughed.

She stepped forward and took my cock into her mouth and began sucking me. Siu Lok stepped next to me and began pumping my cock while Rachael was sucking it. "He fingered me as well earlier." She said

I reached out with my left hand and found Siu Lok's pussy with my finger that easily slipped in as her cunt was dripping wet. I sought out Meiko's cunt and began fingering her as well. She looked at me intently and then placed her hand over mine and pushed another of my fingers into her equally soppy cunt. I removed both fingers and slid my thumb inside her cunt instead while sliding my middle finger into her ass.

A hand then took hold of my left arm and removed my hand from Siu Lok's pussy and directed it to her own cunt. She too was soaking wet and moaned as my fingers attacked her cunt. I looked to see who it was and Fiona stood there with her eyes closed. My cock was now being sucked and pumped by several girls and I was feeling extremely horny.

"Ok, who wants to be fucked by my cock?" I suddenly asked. A chorus of "Me" erupted. "First one to bring me my beer gets me ....!" They dropped me and ran off leaving me to choke on my words as I sank.

Surprise. Surprise. Stella, the quiet Chinese girl came back with my beer. I thanked her. Took a large gulp of beer then placed it on the edge of the pool. I then lifted her up in the air and mouthed her hairy cunt then let her down and as she wrapped her legs around my waist.

I turned to Siu Lok who was standing next to me and said, "Guide my cock into her cunt." She reached under and held my cock and rubbed the tip against Stella's pussy hole. When I felt the head at the entrance, I flicked my hips forward and buried the head into her tight little cunt. She moaned into my neck as my cock penetrated her cunt. I began a slow rhythmic fucking of her cunt and said,

"Hold her on the surface of the water" and they supported her body. Then I said, "Rub her tits" and a flurry of hands moved all over her body, causing her to moan further. I gripped her hips and began slamming my cock all the way into her. I love fucking in the pool.

Janice reached down and began rubbing her clit as I pumped away at her tight little cunt. Fiona, held her head up and leaned down and kissed her. Virginia came over to me and slid her tongue into my mouth while reaching down and running her hands all over my ass. I could feel Rachael jerking her body and her moans were increasing, as I increased my pace. Janice's fingers were moving faster over her clit and the pinching of her nipples must have helped her reach her climax a lot faster. She was moaning out loud and began thrashing her hips wildly as her orgasm hit her. I waited till she subsided then pulled my cock out of her.

Siu Lok immediately jumped onto me and held my cock and guided it into her cunt. She wrapped her arms around my neck while her legs gripped my waist.

"Ummmm, you are soooo big! Fuck me baby. Fuck me like you fucked my sister. Ohhhhhhhhhh! Yes, Like that! Like that! Ummmmmm that's good!" she moaned as she ground her cunt onto my cock. "Finger my ass baby. Come on. Fuck me harder. Harder!" she growled.

"Can someone help me with her request?" I asked. Immediately some hands flew to her ass and she squealed as I pumped her harder and faster and the finger up her butt was doing its job. "Ouch that hurts" she screamed to the one who was fingering her ass, but that only caused the girl to go harder.

"Ohhhhhhhhhhhh yeeeesssssssss. Fuck me Bruno. Just like that. Fuck me you big cock. Mmmmmmmmmmm. Fuck me harder than you fucked Siu Wan. Ohhhhhhhhhh I'm coming. I'm coming. I'm coming, " she squealed as she ground her cunt into my groin, "Aaaaaarggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! MMmmmmmmmm. Ooohhhhhh Unghhhhh! Unghhhh!" as her body shook violently.

Once her spasms subsided, I let her down into the water, as I was tiring. My hard-on was now in dire need of release. "Whoever is safe .... Get on top of me now?" I said as I hopped out of the pool and lay on my back. Before I could lie down fully, Fiona was on top of me in a flash and guided my cock into her cunt.

"No. Turn around and face my feet. I want to enjoy you first." She turned and then sat on my pole. As wet as she was, she couldn't get the entire length into her cunt. She bounced up and down a few times until she managed to get my cock fully into her.

"Lay back on me and spread your legs" I ordered.

"Come and help her reach orgasm" I suggested. I could hear splashes as they came out of the pool. Hands floated all over her body and her moans suggested that they had found their mark.

"Mmmmmmmm, yes, lick my cunt like that!" she moaned. I couldn't see who was going down on her, but I suddenly saw Janice straddle our faces and lowered her cunt down onto Fiona's mouth. I could see Fiona licking her furiously and at that close range I could smell her delicious cunt, the one I fucked a little over an hour ago. I began bucking my hips fucking Fiona's pussy harder and faster. Fiona was moaning and groaning by this time and I started on the road of no return.

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