tagInterracial LoveFlirting the Fence Ch. 11-19

Flirting the Fence Ch. 11-19


Hey Everyone!

Since I got such good feed back from chapters 1-10, I decided to post chapters 10-19. All characters are 18+! Please rate and comment!



Chapter 11

Beth handed the cabbie a twenty, thanked him, and got out of the cab, not bothering to ask for change.

"Here we go." Beth muttered under her breath, walking into the lobby of her apartment building.

"Hello Ms.McNash." Charlie, her chipper doorman said, holding the door wide for her.

"Hey Charlie."Beth said striding through the door with more confidence then she felt.

Beth immediately went to the elevator pressing the up arrow and waiting for the car to come down. "How are the puppies?" Beth asked suddenly turning to Charlie.

Charlie smiled warmly at her. "I'm surprised you remembered. They're good, but tearing up furniture left and right." He said with a shake of his head.

Beth laughed, but it came out a little high pitched. God I don't want to do this, Beth thought, turning back to see the numbers counting down slowly.

"Of course I remember! They're chocolate labs right?" Beth asked smiling a little too brightly.

Charlie blinked at her a few times before throwing his head back and laughing. "You're definitely not from around here Ms.McNash. Yes, they're chocolate labs."

Beth just stared at him, a little struck, but then she remembered New Yorkers really didn't act like her. Remembering conversions they'd had with their doorman about puppies, or even having conversations with their doorman.

The elevator dinged, and the doors whooshed silently open. "Bye Charlie." Beth called out to him, stepping into the elevator car and turning, watching the doors begin to close in front of her.

"Have a good Day Ms.McNash." Charlie called back to her, as the doors closed.

The elevator began moving up, and with every level it passed, Beth's anxiety sky rocketed. When it hit her floor, she was all but biting her nails and pulling her hair out. But beth pushed her anxiety aside, because she knew this was something she had to face, something she'd need to face for a while now.

It wasn't like it had been a huge surprise seeing Jason with another woman, Beth knew he routinely slept with other people. It was just the sort of jackass he was, and she accepted that. The worst of it, was that he had slept with her best friend, or rather her friend had allowed him to sleep with her.

Beth stepped off the elevator making her way down the hall to her their apartment. With shaking fingers she pulled out her key, trying three times until she was able to get it in the lock and turn the handle to open the door.

Beth stepped inside, instantly kicking off her heals at the door. It was eerily quiet inside the apartment, but Beth could swear she heard crying. Following the noise, she heard what sounded like someone hitting someone, and recoiled at the sound.

Looking around, Beth grabbed a cordless off the kitchen counter as she passed it. Slowly she made her way to the bedrooms, where the sounds were getting worse and the crying was turning in the pleading.

Beth punched in 9-1-1 or the cordless holding her finger over the talk button. Slowly, using her foot she pushed the door to her bedroom open, gasping at the sight before her. Laying on the ground looking with her arms protecting her head, was Simone, looming bloody and swollen, tears streaming down her face. But he worst of it was Jason who stood over Simone with a bloody first and an enraged expression.

Initially Jason didn't see her, and his fist swung down slamming with brutal force into one of the arms Simone was using to cover her face. Beth watched, horrified as Jason beat Simone, calling her awful names and yelling obscenities at her.

"Stop." Beth said softly, but he didn't seem to hear her. Beth gathered her courage and screamed at the top of her lungs. "STOP!!!!!!!!!"

Jason stumbled back, cursing as he lost his balance and fell to the bed, while Simone just curled more fully into herself. Jason regained himself, looking over at Beth with hatred and malice.

"Stupid fucking cunt!" Jason spat at her, trying to push himself off the bed.

Immediately her finger hit the call button and she raised the phone to her ear. Jason saw what she was doing and make a rush to grab her and the phone.

Beth ran from the room, going back down the hall and into the guest bathroom, locking the door behind her. "Hello, 911 what is your emergency?" A male voice said over the phone startling her.

Beth froze her mouth half open, not exactly sure what to say, but at that moment Jason rammed the door trying to break it down.

Beth shrieked and crawled away from the door clutching the phone to her ear. "My finance just beat up my friend and he's trying to kill me!" Beth screamed over the phone, fear making her voice tight.

"Ma'am, I understand. Can I please have your address?" The operator said, and Beth rattled off her address and apartment number, the banging growing worse.

"He's trying to break in." Beth whispered over the phone, tears beginning to fall.

"Just hang on, the police are on their way, just stay on the line with me. What's you name" The operator asked trying to assure Beth.

"Um, um, Beth. Beth McNash." She stuttered, biting her bottom lip as the banging stopped.

"The banging stopped." Beth said quietly into the phone.

"The police are on their way, just please wait a-" but then something crashed into the door, frighting Beth and making her drop the phone.

"Open up the fucking door Beth!" Jason screamed out, on the other side of the door.

Beth snatched the phone, crawling into a corner and making herself as small as possible.

"Beth! Beth!" He phone screamed at her, and Beth once again pulled it back to her ear.

"Y-yes." She whispered into the phone, closing her eyes, and resting her forehead on her knees.

"They'll be there soon Beth, just hold on. Can you tell me what you do for a living?" He asked trying to keep her talking.

Beth rambled, trying to fill up the space with anything and everything. Finally she heard banging from the front door, and something that sounded like "Police, open up!"

Beth told Joe, the 911 operator the police were there, but he still asked her to hold on.

There was some grunting, some loud shouting, and what sounded like an officer reading Jason his Miranda Rights. Then someone was calling in the paramedics, and it was a jumble of people in her apartment; still Beth remained hidden in the bathroom, talking to Joe.

"Ms.McNash?" Someone said on the other side of the door, knocking lightly. "My names officer Tanus, are you ok in there?" He asked politely.

Slowly Beth drew herself off the floor, and walked over to the door.

"It's ok Beth, everything is going to be alright." Joe said softly to her over the phone, calming some of her frayed nerves.

Cautiously Beth opened the door, slowly looking out to see the officer a few feet away from the door, giving her some much needed space. It was then that she saw two paramedics wheeling out a groaning bloody Simone on a gurney.

That could have been me, Beth thought with a shiver.

"I'm sorry but we need to ask you some questions Ms.McNash. Hopefully it won't take too long." The officer said softly, speaking to her very gently, and gesturing her over to a female officer who stood just a few feet away talking with a paramedic.

"I-I have to go Joe." Beth said to the 911 operator, he voice shaking.

"It's ok Beth. You're going to be fine." Joe said.

"Ok. Bye" Beth said hanging up the phone, but keeping it tightly clutched in her hand.

Beth approached the other officer and paramedic, but the paramedic just gave her a small smile whispered something got he officer and left. The officer turned, and extended her hand. "Office Fin, Ma'am." The woman said politely.

Beth shook her hand. "Beth McNash." She responded.

"Do mind if we sit down, we have a couple of questions for you." The woman said kindly.

Beth nodded raising a shaky hand to indicate the living room. Once they were all seated, the officers pulled out their note pads. "Can you please explain the situation here?" Office Tanus said.

Beth took a shaky breath, smoothing out the jeans Day had given her. Day. She missed him, missed his warmth. It was strange to miss a person she had known for less than twelve hours, it was even stranger to but thinking about him after she had almost been assaulted by her ex.

Lifting her head from her jeans, Beth began to explain. "I had just come back from a... friend's house when I heard crying. I went to go follow it and..."

Chapter 12

Day pulled into the construction site, cut the engine, and turned to look at Brian. "This is our last stop, I promise. I'll be back in a minute. Don't open the door for anyone. I don't care if you know them or not." Day said severely, until Brian nodded his head and continued playing with his action figures.

Day sighed heavily, and got out of the car, making sure the window was cracked and the door was locked.

"Hey Mr.West!" Someone called out to Day as he turned from his car.

Ricky, his assistant came running up to him, glasses balanced precariously on his nose. Ricky was he typical assistant, except he was a little bit of a klutz. But all in all the kid did a stellar job, keeping Day's schedule running smoothly.

"Ricky." Day nodded curtly, striding over to see the progress. "How's it coming?" He asked Ricky, stopping to survey some of the workers.

"Good, but we're about a day behind schedule because Felix sprained his wrist. Other than that, we're good." Ricky said, handing him the workers information and all of the tasks that had been completed, or would be completed by the end of the day.

"You know I hate being late on a project Ricky." Day said, looking over to his car, to see Brian still plying with his action figures.

"Yes, yes, I know. "It's better to be early than late." Isn't that what you always say?" Ricky said with a roll of his eyes.

Day's lips twitched, before he set them once agin in a straight line. Only Ricky could have the balls to talk to him like that, and Day let him because he really didn't want his schedule completely fucked up.

"Damn she is fine!" Day heard one of his men say, with a long whistle.

Day gritted his teeth. He made a point to make sure all his employees were respectful, and that included not cat calling every chick they saw with a short skirt!

Day turned prepared to chew out whatever asshole had made the comment. He saw two guys practically salivating over a smart phone, talking about a woman they saw on the small screen. Day strode over to the, ready to tear up their hides.

"Beth McNash,..." He heard the little screen say as he got closer.

Day shook his head, it had to be a coincidence, but the voice continued. "First seen entering her apartment at 9:30 this morning" - just a little after his Beth had left hid place- "entered her home to find her fiancee Jason Brucksworth the second, known as heir to the Bruskworth metal conglomerate, brutally assaulting her close friend. Neighbors say that..." But Day had stopped listening and instead snatched the phone from the men to peer down at the tiny screen.

"Hey man give me my-" The man began but Day cut him a look that had him shutting his mouth quickly.

Studying the screen he saw a picture of Beth, his Beth pop up as the reporter continued. Fuck! Day thought throwing the phone back at the two men and striding back to his car.

"Uh, Day! Wait up man!" Ricky said running to keep up with Day's stride. "You need to sign off and some stuff and check to see if-" Ricky began but Day ruthlessly cut him off.

"Ricky, not now! I've got bigger shit to worry about. Send me some fucking pictures than drop by the house later, so I can sign the fucking papers." Day growled, fishing his key's out of his pocket and unlocking the doors.

There had been a picture of Beth's ex-fiancee being escorted from their apartment building, and it just so happened that Day knew exactly where that building was. Climbing into the car, Day turned the key and started the engine.

"What time?" Ricky said as Day slid down the window.

"Fuck if I know. Like 9 or 10 tonight, ok?" Day said reaching for his seat belt.

"Yeah." Ricky said stepping away from the car as Day peeled out of the site and into the street.

"Home! Home! Home!" Brian chanted from the back seat.

Day shook his head sadly, looking at his son through the rear view mirror. "Just one more stop." Day said weaving through traffic.

"No!" Brian wined, kicking his little feet.

"We're going to see Beth." Day said to calm his son.

The kicking stopped for all of a second before starting again. "You mean the lady from this morning? She was nice." Brian said, for the time being pacified.

Day sighed, truly exhausted, but knowing that he needed to check on Beth, if only to assure himself she was ok. Though why he should care about a woman he had known less than twelve hours, he couldn't begin to fathom, but there was something there, a spark maybe? Day didn't fucking know, but still he rushed over to her apartment, a force he couldn't begin to understand pulling him.

Chapter 13

"Look, I'm really tired, is there any way we can finish this tomorrow? I'd be happy to come down to the station." Beth said tiredly, running a hand through her hair.

The phone wouldn't stop ringing, and at least a dozen or more nosy neighbors had stopped by before she had just locked the door. Beth already knew that everything that had happened was on the news networks by now. Jason was too rich and too well known, not to get some press.

"Of course Ms.McNash." Officer Fin said, smiling kindly at her.

Beth rose from the couch, her butt asleep, her legs tired, but still she walked them to the door. Officer Tanus handed her his business card, and she promised to meet them at the station around 11 tomorrow morning.

Just as Beth was closing the door, her intercom buzzed. "Excuse me." She said to the officers, who just nodded their heads politely and closed the door behind themselves.

"Yes." Beth said, holding the intercom button down.

She had explicitly asked that only family members be buzzed up, but considering her parents were in iowa and Jason's parents were god knows where, she wasn't expecting anyone.

"I'm sorry to disturb you Ms.McNash." The voice said a little irritated, as if they had just gotten out of a very frustrating conversation. "But a Mr.Day is here to see you."

Day? Beth thought, her eyes going wide. How did he... But even after Beth wondered how he knew where she lived, the realization that her apartment building had just been plastered over the news hit her.

Beth groaned, tapping her head against the wall, utterly exhausted and still a little frightened. Even though the police had said they would keep Jason in holding, rich people had the uncanny ability to bend the law to suit their needs. All Beth really wanted to do was pack her stuff and leave before Jason got back.

"Please send him up." She said into the intercom, holding the button down.

"Yes Ms.McNash, he's on his way up right now." The voice said, and Beth could heard heavy footfalls in the background.

Moving over to her door, Beth opened it and leaned against the jam, waiting for Day to come up.

"Oh my dear Beth!" Mrs.Holiday, her next door neighbor called to her, rushing out of her own apartment to come to Beth.

Instantly Beth was absorbed in a cigarette and rose perfumed hug. "Oh dear, you look so dreadful, and I thought Jason was such a good young man." Her neighbor said, pulling back and looking at her with pity.

At 53 years old Mrs.holiday had been through three husbands, and took each one for every cent they were worth. She had a penchant for throwing elaborate parties, and inviting some of New York cities snobbiest people. Beth didn't really like the woman for the simply fact that she didn't trust her.

Nonetheless Beth smiled, extracting herself from the woman's embrace, just as the elevator door dinged and she saw Day get out with his son. Beth's face lit up, as Day turned his head and saw her, striding over to her with confident assured steps.

Mrs.Holiday took a large step back as Day reached Beth and gave her a hug. "Well I never!" Mrs.Holiday said dramatically before rushing back to her own apartment and shutting the door.

Beth couldn't deiced if the woman was upset with the fact that Day had just all of a sudden hugged her after she had nearly been beaten by a man, or if she was flustered because he wasn't white. The snick of a lock, and the sliding of a chain confirmed that it was likely the later.

Beth drew back from the hug, ushering Day and Brian into her apartment. She indicated they could sit, while she flitted around looking for something she could give them. "I'm sorry I wasn't expecting company so-" Beth began leaning into the refrigerator, trying to busy herself.

"Beth, Don't." Day said silently, making her rise from the refrigerator.

"Brian why don't you sit down, and figure out how to work the TV?" Day said to his son, who happily went over to the wide screen Tv and grabbed the remote, fiddling with it until he found cartoons.

Beth's calm composed smiling facade wavered, and broke. Day was there in an instant, wrapping his arms around her, comforting her. Beth shook her head, trying to compose herself, tried to break away from him, but she was just too tired, too drained to do anything but rely on his strength.

Day stroked her hair softly, whispering about how strong she was, how brave she was. "You did the right thing." She heard Day say as she held onto him.

They stood there for a long while until Beth felt composed enough to draw back. "I need to pack. I-I have to go to a hotel or something, but I can't stay here." Beth said, whipping her face with the back of her hand and moving around Day, towards the bedroom.

Beth could feel Day following silently behind her, like a protective lion. She forced the bedroom door open, cringing at the blood stained carpet, and the slightly mused bed.

Taking a deep breath, Beth forced herself inside the room, skirting the blood and immediately going to the closet. She yanked out three suit cases and plopping them onto the bed. Quickly, brutally, efficiently, Beth went around the room collecting her belongings and stuffing them into the suitcases, all the time aware of Day's concerned gaze following her frantic movements.

The phone began to ring again, and Beth paused, wondering if she should answer it. In the end she reached for the cordless on the bedside table, pressing the talk button. "Hello?" Beth said into the phone.

There was a pause. "Bitch when I get out of here I'm going to fucking find you and cut-"

Beth dropped the phone, stepping away from the phone shaking her head. Day was right there, strong arms wrapping around her as the voice rose, screaming through the phone before the line cut.

Beth gripped Day's shirt, turned her head, and screamed into his chest, her legs giving out. "FUCK HIM! FUCK HIM!" Beth screamed over and over again.

Silently they sank to the floor, and Day began rocking them back and forth. Giving her as much of his strength as she needed.

Chapter 14

Day buried his chin in Beth's hair, rocking her back and forth gently. Perhaps his first estimation of her had been wrong. She wasn't fucked up, Day thought rubbing her arms, her life was fucked up! In the 18 hours or so he had known her, her fiancee had cheated on her with her friend, she had almost been raped, and she had faced domestic violence. The woman wasn't crazy or weak, she might even be the strongest woman he knew!

Day tried to settle her, listening as Brian giggled at a show on the TV and Beth raged against his chest. It took several minutes until Beth calmed, and Day felt comfortable enough to talk to her. "You're coming home with me." Day said bluntly, still holding her in his arms.

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