tagInterracial LoveFlirting the Fence Ch. 40-49

Flirting the Fence Ch. 40-49


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Chapter 40

Day did what he should have done when Beth'd left him the first time. He ran after her.

Hoisting Brian into his arms, Day ran after Beth like a man possessed. "Dammit Beth, Wait!" Day called after her, but either she didn't hear him or she didn't care.

Kicking himself into high gear, he got close enough and snaked a hand around her waist pulling her back against him. Day stumbled, teetered precariously, but somehow righted himself with one hand around Brian and the other around Beth.

Day surrounded Beth, feeling the soft weight of her breasts just above his arm, her soft red curls tickling his cheek. "Beth" He breathed against her hair, pulling her closer. "Don't run from me. Don't run."

Day could feel Beth shaking in his arms, feel her trying to pull away from him both physically and emotionally. But he couldn't let that happen, he couldn't. "Come on baby, let's go home".

Carefully Day lowered Brain to the ground, still keeping a hand around Beth. He flagged down a cab and got them all into it; Day was quick and efficient as he told the cab driver where to go. Once they arrived he got them all out of the cab, paid the driver, forced Beth up the stairs, and then they were in the apartment.

"Brian go get ready for bed". Day told his son quietly. The little boy must have sensed the mood because he went to the bathroom without hesitation.

With quiet strength and determination, Day lead Beth into their bedroom, stripped her down and then carried her to the bathroom. Through it all she was quiet, moving as if she wasn't really there, but somewhere else. Day gripped the woman who meant everything to him a bit tighter as he gently put her in the shower and turned on the water. The water seemed to wake her out of whatever state she had been in, as Day watched her slowly began to clean herself. Only when he was sure she'd be fine, did he go back to Brian and quickly tuck him in.

"Is mommy going to be ok?" Brian asked Day around a yawn, snuggling down into his spiderman sheets.

Mommy? When did he start calling her mommy? Day wondered worriedly. "She'd not your mom Brian". He told his son quietly.

"Yeah she is. Your my daddy and Ms.Beth is my mommy". Brian explained to Day around another yawn before he closed his eyes and fell asleep.

Day got up slowly, shutting off the light and leaving the door cracked in Brian's room as he went to check that all the lights in the apartment where off and the front door was locked. He was tryng to give Beth the space she so obviously needed by doing the mundane task of checking the apartment, but 10 minutes later he couldn't wait anymore.

"Beth?" He called out softly as he entered their bedroom.

He sucked in a breath when he saw her sitting on the edge of the bed, completely nude. He hair was damp and she was staring at him with an expression that made his gut clench. She looked anxious, pensive, frightened, and... sad. So very sad.

"Beth, tell me what's wrong?" Day pleaded as he closed the door and went to kneel in front of her. "I'll fix it baby. But you have to tell me what's wrong".

"You can't fix it Day." Beth said so softly, Day thought he might have imagined it.

"You don't know that. Tell me the problem". Day responded taking her cold hands and kissing her finger tips.

"I love you." Beth said quietly looking into his eyes.

Day's heart soared, but then crashed as he looked at her expression. "Is that a bad thing?" He asked slowly.

"I can't do this Day. Not now, not with everything. I need space. I need time. I need..." Beth hesitated taking a breath.

Day waited silently, never taking his eyes from her. She looked so sad, and he didn't know what to do, what she needed. She wasn't crying, there were no tears in her eyes, she didn't look like she was going to crumble. In fact she looked like she was made out of stone, immovable.

"I need you to make love to me, and then... I need you to let me go. Can you do that?" Beth asked him quietly, drawing her hand out of his grasp and bringing it up to his cheek.

Let her go? Like a goodbye fuck? Not on her life! She is everything, fucking everything to me! Day thought vehemently, angrily. He closed his eyes, blocked the sight of her body, nude and glorious on his bed, in his house. She wanted to leave him, and he doubted she'd tell him why.

Day puzzled out his next move. If he said no and kept her there then what would happen? She'd hate him as much as she hated Jason, maybe more. And if he let her go? Day quickly dismissed that idea, not even giving himself time to think about it. Not a fucking option, he growled into his mind. So then what?

"What about Brian?" Day asked, not caring if she stayed with him just for his son. He'd use any dirty trick to make sure she stayed.

"I still want to be in his life. He's lost too many people, gone through too much. I won't leave him." She said quietly. Yet Day could still hear the whisper: Not like I'm leaving you.

Rational, be fucking rational! Day yelled in his mind, opening his eyes once again. If she stayed with Brian, then she stayed close. He could still be near her, and whenever she got over her fucking... whatever the fuck it was, she'd come back to him. She would.

So this wasn't a last time, this wasn't a farewell, Day reminded himself as he crushed her lips against his and laid her back on the bed. This was a promise, he thought kissing her breasts, his hands greedily gripping her curves. It was a promise that she would be back, in his arms, in his bed, apart of his family, apart of him. At least that's what he told himself over and over again as he made love to her.

Chapter 41

Three weeks later...

"Mommy!" Beth heard Brian scream as he ran down the steps of his elematary school and launched himself at her.

Beth caught the little boy in her arms, twirling him around and giving him a raspberry on his cheek. Brian gigled and laughed, making Beth's heart soar. Slowly she lowered the little boy down to his feet and took him by the hand. "You ready to go?"

Brian nodded vigorously and the two climbed into the back of the black Mercedes. The driver shut the door after Beth had situated herself, then climbed into the front seat. "Where to Ms.McNash?" Henry asked.

"Mr.West's house, please" Beth responded clicking on the television in the headrest and handing Brian a pair of headphones so he could watch TV. Beth sat back heavily in the seat, her arm going around the six year old as he cuddled up close to her. Beth turned her gaze to the passing New York City scenery, her mind in the clouds.

Three weeks, 21 Days, and God only knew how many hours. Beth's life had calmed down to what was now her "new normal". Vehemently she tried not to think of where Day was, or what he was doing, or who he was doing it with, but still the thoughts entered her mind.

It wasn't like she could blame the man for dating again, she really couldn't, she'd been the one to break the relationship off, but she'd also been the one who'd still wanted to be there for Brian. Beth turned to look at Brian who was now asleep against her, his little fist clutching at her skirt. It had to end, it never would have worked out. Beth told herself again, angrily swiping at the tears in her eyes.

God, I'm so fucking sick of thinking about this. She'd broken up with Day, told him they could never be together, but that they would always be friends and she would always be there for Brian. He'd allowed it, much to her surprise. He hadn't put up a fight when she'd left and finally found her own apartment, hadn't said no when she'd suggested picking up Brian from school everyday. In fact the man had been a fucking saint in every aspect of their unusual break up. The only think that he'd forced on her was the driver, Henry. All Day had wanted her to do was make sure that she took Henry with her, wherever she went.

Her phone started to ring, pulling Beth away from her thoughts. "Hello?" she answered.

"Beth! How are you chica?" Ricky's girlfriend Ashley said cheerily.

Beth smiled into the phone. Of course it was Ashley. Over the three weeks Beth and Day had been broken up, Beth had met Ashley and the two women had become instant friends. Ashley and Ricky's relationship was a bit volatile, and at times Beth wondered if they should really be together. But then she'd see them, and the emotions they had for each other lying just beneath the skin, and she'd know they should. They were good for each other.

"Muy bien! Y tu?" Beth said, using the small Spanish Ashley had taught her to respond.

"Oh! I see your Spanish is improving!" Ashley laughed into the phone, making Beth's smile even wider.

"Not really, that's about all I remember. So what's up?"

"You know there's that stupid fucking benefit for some non-profit tonight, right?" Ashley said with a huff, even though Beth could tell she was happy. Benefits meant a new dress, a new dress meant new lingerie, and as Ashley had one very drunk night explained to her, that meant hot explosive sex with Ricky.

"Yeah, and?" Beth said trying to mind erase that entire conversation she'd had with Ashley. But wow, when you get a few drinks in that girl, she just starts going!

"Well, Day's date canceled on him and now the two of them are running around trying to find another woman, but then I was like 'ask Beth', and I swear Beth they flipped shit! I mean, so what you two hooked up a couple of times, it's not like you can never do anything together again! Plus you'd be doing me a solid, cause if Day doesn't have a date then Ricky spends the whole time worrying about him, which means no kinky coatroom sex. And lord knows Beth I need my kinky coat room sex!"

Beth nearly burst out laughing at her friends audaciousness, on more than one occasion Beth had wondered if the woman had a filter. But if she did, then she just wouldn't be Ashley. "Well, um... I don't know Ash; it's still a bit raw, you know?" Beth hedged, hoping her friend would give it one more push. Because if she was honest she wanted to go, she wanted to be near Day, she wanted to touch him, but she also needed a damn good reason to do those things.

"We're here" Henry said from the front seat.

"Oh come on Beth! Pretty please! I'll be your bitch for life!" Ashely said dramatically over the phone.

"Not nessacary" Beth said laughing out loud and waking up Brian. "I'll do it, I'll do it."

"Great! Meet me at Boutique Ludivine in an hour! Bye!"

Chapter 42

"Thanks Ashley" Day said with a giant eat shit grin on his face as he stared at Ricky's girlfriend sitting across from him.

"You owe me big time Day! I hate lying to Beth" Ashley said with a mirror grin on her face, as she stuffed her phone into her pocket.

Day stood up from his desk, walking around and handing her his credit card. "Keep it under 10 grand would you?" Day asked, as Ashley practically yanked of his hand trying to get to the card.

"Yeah, don't worry I will" She said before dancing out of his office.

Day shook his head, moving to sit back down behind his desk and finish his work up for the day. "She's a handful Day, I'm not sure I would trust her to spend under 10 grand, or if she did it would be like $9,999." Ricky said as he entered Day's office, and handed him a pile of documents.

Day just shrugged his shoulders and set the stack next to him. He could lie and play it off like he was actually reading the work in front of him, but Ricky would call his bluff anyway. "It's not like I really care."

"Yeah, yeah, Mr. Money's-no-object-anymore. So is there any reason you're doing it now?" Ricky asked, plopping down in one of the chairs adjacent Day's desk.

"I woke up this morning with a monster erection and it hasn't gone down yet. It's getting a little hard to sleep." Day said with a smile.

Ricky burst out laughing as he grabbed one of the documents and began to go through it like Beth had taught him. "I'm not sure if you're lying or not."

Day just shrugged and rolled his neck until it cracked. His dick being hard was only part of why he'd chosen now, he missed Beth, he wanted her back where she belonged, that's why it was now. He had finally moved out of his and Shontell's apartment, finally sold the car they'd bought together, finally given away her clothes. Day had finally put his wife to rest, and now he was ready to move on with the woman he loved.

It wasn't like Shontell wouldn't always keep a part of his heart, but Beth had the rest of his heart and all of his soul, and it was high time for her to come and claim it. It was still early in the afternoon, and all that separated Beth and him were hours, minutes, seconds. Insignificant little things, that felt like gigantic mountains. Hours, minutes, seconds until he had her back.

Day returned to his work, forcing himself to focus. He'd given her the time she wanted, the space she craved, well in theory he did. In reality he'd been with her every second of everyday thanks to the security he'd hired to watch her. Now the time had come to stop playing games, it was time to call her back, it was time for him to claim his woman.

Chapter 43

"It's too much! I don't want it!" Beth whispered harshly to Ashley, as her friend tried to force the obscenely decadent dress on her.

"And I said don't worry about it chica. Day's paying for it!" Ashley said back loudly.

They'd been fighting for nearly 15 minutes, after Beth had found the perfect dress. Two things had stopped her from buying it though, the ridiculously expensive price tag and the fact that the dress had 'fuck me right now!' written all over it.

I'm not trying to seduce Day! Beth reminded herself internally as she fought with Ashley. If Day saw her in that dress, then... then... well he could fuck her right there in the middle of the event or... something worse, he could smile and treat her like a friend. As much as she hated to admit it, Beth much preferred the former to the later. Day treating her like a friend, while he stared at other women, appraising them, well that would kill her.

"You know what Beth, fine! Don't have the dress if you don't want to pay for it. But what if I could get you a discount? Would you get it then?" Ashley asked conspiratorially, clutching the dress to her chest.

She couldn't wear the dress. It wasn't appropriate, it wasn't something a friend would wear. And even though these thoughts were buzzing through Beth's head, when she opened her mouth all that came out was "Yes."

No!! Her mind screamed as she watched Ashley quickly turn and lean over to the cashier. But Beth felt rooted to the spot, in the middle of the store, a war waging within herself. Get it together me! Beth yelled at herself before her feet finally moved.

Beth approached the register, inadvertently slamming her hands down and startling both the cashier and Ashley. "The dress-" Beth began, forcing herself to get out the words that she didn't really want to say.

"Will be $150 miss." The cashier said pleasantly, holding out her hand for payment.

"But that's-"

"A big ass discount. Yeah Beth, I worked out a deal with her" Ashley interrupted reaching in Beth's back pocket for the credit card Beth had stuffed there after she'd gotten some things at Victoria's Secret. Things that she didn't really need, things that she promised herself she wouldn't wear that night, with Day.

Beth watched shocked as Ashley handed over her credit card to the sales lady. Beth was far too shocked to do anything but sign her name and take the garment bag that the woman handed her. "And for you Ms. Ashley it will be $8,749 altogether."

Beth's eyes nearly bulged out of her head as Ashley handed over the credit card that Day had given her. "Phew, I thought it was going to be over 10 thousand! Thank god I put back that skirt and sweater set!"

Beth could only gape at her friend as she took the bags and credit card and gave Beth an exaggerated wink. "And you know it wouldn't be a day with me if we didn't go to the spa Beth! So move your ass, our appointment is in 20! And they just barely squeezed us in!" Ashley said over her shoulder as she flounced over to the car.

Beth was use to extravagance but even this was a little much, in the back of her mind she wondered if she was stepping into a trap. Things were just too good, but than there was a little voice telling her Day had already started dating again, had been seen with a woman more than one time at a restaurant. Some German supermodel jewelry designer who probably hadn't even heard of chocolate, much less eaten it.

Beth walked slowly to the car, looking down the busy street and noticing two men in black suits sitting at the Starbucks on the corner. Ashley waved her hand at Beth in a gesture of impatience and Beth climbed into the car, forgetting the men completely.

Smoothing her red curls, Beth frowned completely pissed at herself, it just had to be this week that I decided to binge! She thought angrily her hands moving over her curves as if the cookies and cake were sticking out of her stomach and thighs. I must look awful, she thought as she settled into the car, letting Ashley dominate the conversation by telling her about the spa packet she'd bought them.

The sun was still relatively high in the sky, but you could see it wanting to set, craving the need to go down. Silently Beth prayed that it would stay up their forever because if it did she wouldn't have to see Day, she could simply continue to avoid him, like walking around glass. But an ever deeper part of her, a part that she didn't want to admit existed wanted to yank the sun out of the sky and plop the moon in it's place so the night would finally come. So she could finally see Day. Finally.

Chapter 44

Day leaned causally against the wall, making sure his expression reflected that of urban boredom. But just under the surface, probably visible in his eyes if you looked close enough was irritation, impatience, and angst. Beth was late! He'd wanted to pick her up from her apartment, sit in a very small car so he could smell her perfume, be close enough to touch her. But as luck would have it the fucking universe liked to toy with him.

Ashley'd called him and hour and a half ago saying they were at the spa and that they'd be late but that Henry'd drop them off. Of course he'd fucking known that, thanks to his security, but the heads up had been appreciated nonetheless. That of course didn't excuse the fact that Day very nearly wanted to killed Ashley for spending his money so fucking frivolously, but then she'd assured him he'd be glad that Beth went to the spa. Day had nearly given himself a nose bleed thinking about all the things she'd done at the spa, for herself, for him. It was those stupid fucking thoughts that had got him hard, and those fucking thoughts that made him want to whip out his dick and jerk off until he was raw.

"She's late" Ricky groaned coming up to Day and handing him a drink as he threw one back himself.

At least I'm not the only one in pain here, Day thought with a forced grin, taking the drink and tossing it back with the same aggression as Ricky. "Fucking women. Always got to take fucking forever to put on a dress and some makeup" Day growled under his breath, looking around the room for what seemed like the billionth time. "I would still fuck her if she was bat-shit crazy and wearing a god damn trash bag."

Ricky smothered his laugh as a few heads turned their way then quickly turned away. "Chill Day, you're scaring everyone off, and there are some potential clients here." Ricky said with a laugh as he took Day's empty glass and handed it to a passing waiter.

Day didn't give a flying fuck in hell who was here! That hadn't been the point of coming, the point had been to get Beth close enough that he could pounce and she couldn't run away. He'd planned everything to the T, and his plans didn't really include pleasing some 60 year old white men.

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