tagSci-Fi & FantasyFlora's World Ch. 04

Flora's World Ch. 04


As Flora and I entered her "village", it grew larger in appearance, the depth of its interior making it clear that the lack of tall buildings hid the true extent and size of this thriving community of river dwellers. I saw tribesmen, their wives, and children everywhere, with the women unabashedly engaged in breastfeeding and other important pursuits. Modesty was evidently an alien concept here, for which I was glad. Nudity was commonplace, so it was little wonder that Flora was comfortable walking around in the buff.

What quickly became apparent was how different I looked from everyone else. There was something strange, in fact, in how the people stopped when they saw me, as if in awe of me for a reason that I couldn't quite grasp. I saw that everyone lived up to the tribe's adjective: they were extremely fair in complexion and hair color. My dark brown hair, coal-black eyes, and hillbilly tan must have struck them as truly alien, yet they finally approached me with some hesitation when they saw that Flora had my hand in hers. She had evidently indicated that I was hers and she was mine. That indeed, as she said before, made one of them.

"Brothers and sisters of the Tribe, I present to you my husband, Marcus Rogers. He told me to call him Mark, however. Welcome him, please, to our humble town. Treat him as one of our own, just as you have always done with strangers who marry our people. Do not let his dark looks frighten you," she told them, quite bluntly.

"Why would they fear me?" I whispered her.

"Because dark-haired men are so rare that they are believed to be powerful wizards or warlocks. Dark-haired women are thought to be witches. There is also a prophecy, that a dark-haired man with coal-black eyes and swarthy skin would become Head of All Tribes someday, so naturally there is a fear and respect of any man who might have that kind of power someday. You have an advantage, my lord. See how the women already ogle you. Get used to it, because they will do a lot more of that over the years," Flora explained the mystery to me, which only made me wonder if she believed the prophecy herself.

The Head of the tribe then walked up to me, dressed in a red tunic and trousers, unarmed except for a dagger buried in the sheath attached to his hard leather belt. He curtsied to me, and then extended his right arm to me in what seemed a gesture of goodwill. I reached out to him and he gripped my forearm with incredible strength.

"Welcome, husband to my daughter. I am proud of such a son by marriage. You are a worthy man, I can see it in the ferocity of your eyes and feel it in the power of your arm. You are now a thane of the tribe. May you prove worthy of my trust. What weapons do you use? My name is Rand," he greeted me.

"I can shoot and wield a knife, but this is the best weapon that I possess," I pointed not to my gun, but to my head.

"You mean your mind? Well stated. Few warriors come armed with that, sad to say, especially the younger ones who rely too much on pure brawn," the Head agreed with a smile.

"Enough talk of weapons, please, Father, Mark. Let's talk of how best to celebrate my new marriage and prepare for the coming of my unborn child. Not to mention the other wives who are soon to join me in serving my new lord," Flora interjected, not wishing to be forgotten (as if she could be, the lovely lass).

"I like those ideas, for certain," I grinned, as Flora began kissing my neck and nibbling my ears.

No one seemed even slightly embarrassed by the sight of my naked wife and her passionate attention to me. She had dropped her tunic on the ground and nobody thought to pick it up or comment on it. Everyone was much more interested in the fact of my arrival. I noted much whispering and pointing, especially by the ladies.

"Well, there is a traditional feast for the men who marry the Head's daughters. This is particularly significant if the Head has no surviving sons, as I do not. My living wives are all around my age, past their time of child-bearing. Flora's mother died giving birth to her, so I married her sister. All of my daughters except Flora had already wed, so her union with you completes the family arrangements. She must have sensed something in you, something that I realized as well.

"My sons, Flora's brothers, were twins. They were slain by the Lord Constable, hacked to pieces in a raid. Their parts were sent back to me in a gesture of disdain. I have no heir, as yet, since the Head must be a man. It will have to be one of my sons-in-law, but which one. I believe the prophecy. I can tell that you have been chosen by the Gods for something great. I put those thoughts together, and I must think that you are the Dark Man. You are he who will be Head of All Tribes, uniting us under one common rule. You are my designated heir," Rand declared with pride.

"Father, that is what I believe, too. I am glad that he is your heir, but there is the slight matter of arranging the feast. We women need to have time to plan it, not to mention that we need to find more wives for Mark. Can we talk about something other than politics and war for the moment? I want some time alone with Mark, too, if you don't mind," Flora responded between kisses.

"You have things to do, eh?" he teased his daughter in a way that most fathers in my world would have found shocking.

"Don't worry, when Mark is busy with other women, you'll get your turn with me," she reassured her father in a clearly amorous tone, before guiding me toward our temporary home: her small house.

"Is that common in your ... our tribe?" I asked her when we were alone.

"Fathers with daughters? Naturally, it is, just as brothers with sisters and mothers with sons. I have bedded Father many times. Who do you think took my maidenhead?" she smiled and then bent over for me to take her again.

"Which hole, my dear?" I asked her, curious as to her desires of the moment.

"I am yours, my lord. It is your wishes that are my commands, not the reverse. However, if you want to know my present impulse, it is to have you use my bottom at last. Will that please you?" she replied with evident lust.

"Your bottom sounds rather appealing to me, I must admit. What about lubrication?"

"There is a special ointment on that table. Use it to prepare my arsehole, so that you can penetrate me with less pain and more pleasure," she suggested.

I did as she recommended, enjoying the sensual experience of applying it to her backside. I then felt the intense and intimate act of sticking my cock into her asshole. She winced a bit at first, and then she started moaning with increasing delight, since my hands were busy caressing her clit as I rammed her sphincter.

I plundered Flora anally for what seemed a glorious eternity, during which she energetically pushed back at me. Her enthusiasm, as usual, was a major turn-on. I found myself ruthlessly and forcefully taking her butt, while still stroking her clit. When she came at last, I still didn't stop either the buggering or the manipulation of her most sensitive parts. I simply continued thrusting in and out of her backdoor, while now fingering her pussy. She turned pink all over her body, as she became more excited from the combination of my cock and my fingers.

I was so busy pounding her rear end that I didn't hear the door open, or for that matter the entry of another person. I didn't have any idea what was about to happen until balls felt a tongue licking them. The extra stimulus quickly prompted me to release my seed into Flora's bowels. I withdrew from her ass and looked down to see one of the women of the Fair Tribe, a somewhat shorter woman with bright red hair. She stuck out because of not being blonde, but she was lovely in her own right.

The woman used a cloth to wipe my dick and then started licking it as well, at which point I eating Flora out. I wanted to taste her pussy and ass, but as I started to move from the former to the latter, the redhead joined in rimming my bride. She cleaned up my cum, after which she went back to work at servicing me orally. I licked and kissed my wife repeatedly, moving my lips and tongue along her butt-crack, taint, and pussy lips. I sucked on her clit a while as well.

As I sampled Flora's body with my mouth, the anonymous redhead continued her oral efforts, getting me fully hard again after about twenty to thirty minutes. I wasn't quite sure about the passage of time, since I was caught up in the moment. When I was ready, Flora and I stood up and surrounded the woman. My wife first embraced her and then kissed her on the lips. I joined my bride in this action and we both removed the other woman's clothing. She put herself on her stomach, offering me the chance to take her, and I was quite happy to do so.

In scant moments, I found my cock buried in the redhead's cunt, fucking her doggie-style. I loved how willing she was to enjoy the act with Flora and me. Her delight in both of us seemed to be drawn from an inherent sensuality about her nature. I took a while longer to come this time, of course, given that I had done that so recently.

Even so, my excitement grew as Flora began rimming the redhead while I fucked her. She then walked over to the head of the bed and thrust her pussy into the woman's face. My new paramour devoured my wife's cunt with her typical enthusiastic manner. Flora held her face down, keeping it busy with her oral duties. She seemed to recognize the other woman, but I didn't know where.

When I finally came and withdrew from this redheaded stranger, she stood up, albeit a bit wobbly, and walked over to me for another kiss. Flora followed her, caressing her waist and licking the back of her neck. She parted the woman's cheeks and slipped a finger into her backdoor. My new partner gasped for a second, and then sighed with a mixture of surprise and ecstasy, as my bride invaded her asshole with each of her fingers in turn. She planted kisses all over the redhead's neck, while the shorter woman tangled her tongue with my own.

At last, I broke off the French kiss and Flora pulled her finger of the redhead's butt-hole. My wife stood beside her and laughed. I couldn't quite see the humor, but I knew that something was up. I also knew that it was a good time so far, especially for me.

"Mark, my lord, meet my sister, Lora. She is married to Bruno, but she wanted to try you out. I told you that this would happen. In this case, there is no need for worry. Her husband is missing, and we don't know if he will be back. We think that he is still alive, but we are not sure. The Realm people tend to throw heads over the river when they kill ours. Where he went, I don't know. If he doesn't return soon, Lora has told me that she will find a new husband, because she will assume that he doesn't want her anyway. I think that she is looking at you with keen interest as a candidate. Is that so, sister?" Flora announced with her seductive smile.

"That is so, my dear sister. By 'soon', I mean by the end of the day. Otherwise, I will look elsewhere for a man. That is nothing against Bruno as a man, because he is a fine lover, when he is here. He wanders too much, going where I know not. I need a man who spends more time in my bed, not wherever he is at any given moment. If you wish it, and he doesn't come back, I will join you in the stream and mate with you whenever I am fertile again. Would you like that?" Lora asked me directly.

"Yes, I would say that if he doesn't return, I would like you as a second wife. Tell me, though, how did you get red hair? The rest of the women in the tribe have blonde, I have seen. I'm not complaining, just noting that fact," I asked her with genuine curiosity.

"That's easy. My mother, unlike Flora's, came from Red Tribe. The trait passed on to me. Red Tribe is much like this one, but lives further east. We sometimes intermarry with Red Tribe. I sometimes wonder if Bruno is spending time there, but if he is, that is his choice. What is not his choice is whether I wait for him to return," my sister-in-law explained to me with a wink.

"I don't think that Bruno is coming back at all. I think that he is either dead or a traitor. I would not relent. Give him the rest of the day, as you said, but then make plans to marry Mark. He would be a great husband to both of us, and I would love to share a mate with my favorite sister. You need a proper husband, don't you agree?"

"Quite so. I do need a real husband. To marry the possible Dark Man is even better," Lora said before kissing her sister on the mouth.

"So, two wives, that should be quite a thrill for me. Now that we have enjoyed each other, why don't we join the others?" I asked them, ready to walk around the village (or was this more of a town).

"That's a good idea, but we girls need to confer first. Why don't you join the menfolk, husband?" Flora proposed.

"Very well, then," I agreed, as we left the house.

Unfortunately, right at that moment, I saw a large boat cross the river with several of the Realm folk on board. They were armed and seemed to be eager to cause trouble. Their leader was tall, dressed in ostentatious clothing, and clean-shaven. The Fair Tribe wore simple clothing, when it they were clothed at all. The men also tended to wear beards. It was a sharp contrast, indeed, but I knew where I stood.

The leader of the East Realm party took a moment to get his land legs, and he was visibly seasick from just crossing that river. This was an advantage, and I seized it, walking to him in order to demand that he explain himself. I wanted the initiative from the outset of this encounter.

"Are you in charge of this miserable collection of Realm rats?" I confronted him, taking a chance by not waiting for the Head.

Rand stood aloof with a sadistic smile, indicating that he approved of my action. The rest of the men of the Tribe seemed to accept his decision, waiting for me to return from my discourse with the Realmsman. I had already shown leadership at this early point. Boldness, so far, seemed to work for me, so why mess with a successful strategy.

"Excuse me, but that is rather rude of you, savage. Where is your chieftain?" he frowned, while trying not to lose his breakfast.

"I am his son-in-law, Mark. You can speak to me. I ask you again, are you in charge of this delegation?" I stared him down.

"Yes, naturally. I am Milan, Deputy Constable of the Marsh," he answered with false pride.

"In that case, let me make this plain to you. Your people have treated mine with contempt for far too long. We demand respect. We insist that our rights be recognized by your lords, and that you stop treating us as slaves and peasants. We are not savages, we are not chattel, and we are not serfs. Is that clear?" I seized the moment to make the Tribes' point, before he could make his own demands (or rather, those of his impudent lord).

"That is quite unacceptable. Does the dog command the wolf, the wolf the lion, the lion the bear? Yours is a primitive tribe, not matter how proud you might be. It would do you some good not to be so stiff-necked and respect the rights of my lord, the Lord Constable of the Marsh. He asks only what is his due. He wants you to stop poaching in the Blue Forest, and stop coupling in the Noble Creek. Furthermore, you must pay restitution to the Baron of Blue Forest for past encroachments, do homage and tribute, and swear fealty to the Lord Constable, as he does to the Duke of East Realm himself. These are not your lands, and you must cease to use them," the Deputy Constable finally showed his mettle by listing the proposals of the Lord Constable.

"Absurd. Completely insulting, if you ask me. Those are NOT your lands, as you took them only by conquest or declaration. How else did you get them? They do not belong to the Baron, who has his own estates after all, and has no right to claim that forest, anyway. That forest belongs to us, by common usage and the fact that you are only now asserting a claim. The legal doctrine of adverse possession clearly applies here. Men and women must not be deprived of the means of acquiring meat and fish, and other forms of sustenance available in such lands.

"As for the stream, you are suddenly stating that it is sacred to you. I have seen this creek that you mentioned, and yes, I have mated there. I did not see any of your people within three leagues of it, at any point of my visit. Also, I have noted that you have abandoned many lands, including a manor house that is perfectly useful, and which I now claim, with as much or more right as you have to claim the Blue Forest for Baron Lorne. By adverse possession, all of these disputed lands are ours, as we have used them more often than you. As for saying that we are smaller predators, time shall test your claim in that respect. See to it that time doesn't make a liar out of you," I laid down the gauntlet for a surety now.

"I do not know this concept of 'adverse possession', of which you speak, but I do know that this means war. Pray to your Gods, barbarian, because only they can save you now," the Deputy Constable turned his back furiously and returned to the boat.

"Well, I hope that you don't mind that I have challenged him. He is right, that this is a declaration of war. I trust that you are all ready for it," I informed Rand and the rest of my new tribe.

"It is time, Mark. Time for war. Time to bring these arrogant lords of East Realm to their knees. Red Tribe is bound to us by sacred covenant, as are the other tribes. We shall stand together, and we shall bring them to grief, on either bank of this great river, or I am not Rand, Head of Fair Tribe," my father-in-law assured me.

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