tagExhibitionist & VoyeurFlorida Exhibition Adventure

Florida Exhibition Adventure


While I was going to college in Florida, a girl that I met in North Carolina came to visit on her spring break. Stephanie was a born and bred true Southern Belle. I met her a few years ago when I was visiting my family. She lived down the street and I met her once in front of her house. She was in High School at the time, but is now on spring break from her university.

She wanted to go to a Florida beach for the break but couldn't find any college friends to go with. She remembered me and tracked me down through my brother. She was staying for almost two weeks with me and my roommate Bonnie at out cottage in Daytona Beach.

I remember Stephanie as a little short, with not much development body wise, but a great wit and personality. She had a very pretty face and warming smile. There was no doubt she was going to grow into a stunning lady with a wit to be reckoned with.

Well, when she arrived I couldn't believe how she changed. She was now quite curvy and had an air of confidence in her. She even grew a few inches. I could tell she was just beating the guys off. In her first year of college she tried just about everything and was excited to experience what Florida had to offer.

Our first night together, all three of us got acquainted and Stephanie made a list of the things she wanted to do in the next two weeks. She had the normal Florida stuff but also said that she really wanted to try different things. Maybe only things that the locals know. My mind was racing at this point about taking her to a nude beach but I didn't want her to get spooked right away after just arriving, so I just fantasized about it for the next few days.

The next day I dropped Stephanie off at the beach for the day while I went to classes. When I returned to pick her up, she was wearing a very small bikini that really showed how she had matured in a couple of years. Her long blond hair was now draped over her front, but I could see that she had quite the perky boobs just straining the bikini top. With her small frame, I estimated they were a full 34D.

The rest of her was shaped in the classic hourglass with everything in perfect proportions. I'm going to like watching her for the next two weeks. For a moment my thoughts drifted at her walking around the house nude like Bonnie and I often do. But I knew she was raised the proper Southern Belle, so I dissolved the thought and moved on.

That night after baking in the sun, and after a few drinks, she admitted that she really wanted to do something radically different than the usual vacation stuff. Bonnie and I slowly looked at each other and came to the same conclusion. We can introduce her to our little secret.

Now, I had to figure out a way to take the conversation smoothly into our house rules when Bonnie just said, "Well, we do something around here that is very different indeed. Even though we don't have a sexual relationship, we do walk around here nude when we feel like."

Stephanie was a little shocked and said, "You mean anybody around town can walk around naked?"

I said, "Although I wish we could do that, it's just Bonnie and I around the house and once in awhile some friends that drop by."

So, I started in slow and explained that Florida is so very humid and it takes most people quite a while to adapt, which she readily agreed while tugging at her hopelessly uncomfortable and sweaty polyester top. I also mentioned that there're so many miles of beaches that you can find just about any kind of beach you want.

I tread tentatively and mentioned that there was a nude beach not far down the coast and Bonnie and I have both been there a few times. Stephanie drew back for a moment and I was worried that I just labeled Bonnie and I perverts. Well, Stephanie thought about it for a moment and asked for more details and that a nude beach was definitely a new experience.

Bonnie and I then told her what the beach was all about and that we sometimes also walk around the house nude for convince and to keep cool. Stephanie was very accepting of that arrangement and was actually a little excited. She asked when is the soonest we can go to the beach. I wasn't doing much the next day so I offered to take her.

Even if I was busy, I would've found the time to see this southern goddess on the nude beach. Bonnie had to work, so she was a little disappointed. I've already got Bonnie trained on the exhibitionist thing and she enjoys the experience of introducing a newbie into the lifestyle.

We didn't talk much more about it that night but I could see that Stephanie was a little quieter than her normal. Probably because she was nervous about the next day, as any conservative-raised girl would be. I was totally excited that I'll get to see her nude and didn't get much sleep that night. I even purposely tried not to look at her, for I would imagine I'd get some very lustful thoughts and probably say something stupid.

While the three of us were talking earlier, Bonnie and I made it clear about the separation of nudity and sex. Neither of us wanted to scare off Stephanie, although knowing very well how horny we get from the exhibitionism games.

Stephanie was sleeping on the couch for her stay and when we all said our goodnights, she got under the blanket, threw out all the night clothes she was wearing and said something like, "Gotta start this sometime." Great, I wasn't going to get any sleep tonight.

I thought about masturbating myself to sleep, but I wanted to keep that built-up tension for the next day. My dick stays much harder throughout the day when there's pent-up tension, and I like the feeling of always being on the verge of a raging hard on while parading around the nude beach. The girls on the beach always appreciate it, and who am I to disappoint my fans.

Waking up the next morning, I went directly to the shower from my bedroom. Not my usual routine, for I usually head out to the kitchen first for breakfast while waiting for Bonnie to finish in our only bathroom. I slept nude and really didn't want Stephanie to see me nude yet nor I her. I wanted to get my first glimpse of her on the beach.

I really enjoy the rush of seeing a girl nude for the first time, when at the same time they are also bearing themselves in public for the first time. So to avoid bumping in to her when she wakes up nude, I go right into my room after the shower and get some clothes on. I busy myself in my room looking away from the door.

I hear her walk by and give me a "Good morning" on her way to the bathroom. I reply but don't turn around knowing she is probably nude. Just knowing she is nude while talking to me is such a rush. I feel a stirring in my shorts and realize this feeling will be with me all day.

After I hear the shower start, I lean against the wall in a blissful daze next to the partially open bathroom door, which she left open on purpose of course. Just taking in the future events of the day. I'm usually just beside myself knowing that a woman that I desire is nude only feet away.

Before Stephanie is finished with her shower, I tell her through the door that we really need to get a move on and I'll be outside getting things in the car. This way she'll be dressed when I see her next. I also mentioned that she should get one of Bonnie's sun hats.

She takes awhile and apologizes, but she was talking to Bonnie and getting advice for the day. I was a little curious about what was said, as Bonnie and I talk about everything in great detail, but I let it go. On the drive down to the beach, Stephanie talked about her couple of boyfriends she's been with in her first year of college and how even though she's new to this sex thing, the sex with those two guys was kind of routine and boring after awhile.

I mentioned that the nudist/exhibitionist thing is always new and even though I've been doing it for years, it's still exciting and a great way to get those juices going.

She was curious about the difference between a nudist and exhibitionist. I explained that pure nudism is just doing the same things you always do, but in the nude. The ideology is the separation of nudity from sex. Exhibitionism on the other hand is basically showing various parts or all of yourself to others as a sexual turn on. That can be taken to the deviant extreme though with the perverts in the trench coats.

She asked what I was. Well, I do enjoy being nude just as a convince, but I also get a little worked up from it, but I never take it to any deviant extreme or anything. I do it in a tactful way. She decided then and there that she would be an exhibitionist for the rest of her life. Great, I created a monster, and she's even getting me all worked up before we even get to the beach.

We hit a restaurant for breakfast on the way and seeing her across the table with just a t-shirt covering those beautiful boobs was distracting and I was already starting to sweat. When she walked back to the table after going to the bathroom, her boobs were moving in a rhythm that seemed deliberate and practiced. Wow, she really knows how to use those, as most southern bells do with such class.

On the way down she had all kinds of questions, which was her way of easing the anxiety. I explained all about my experiences and especially my first time and how it was a fear that I had to get over and how I conquered the fear to become a more experienced and complete person.

After arriving at the beach she was very excited, which seemed out of place for a young girl that hasn't done this before. I asked if this is her first time going nude in public and she said yes, but that she was raised to respect and not be ashamed of her body. As we get things out of the car, she brushed a boob up against me a couple of times. She even asked if people have sex on the beach. I said no, but sometimes you see a lot of teasing going on. She grinned while my shorts became even tighter than they already were.

As we walk down the beach looking for a somewhat secluded spot for her first time, we pass a few nude couples and Stephanie seems to want to comment in detail on every nude body she sees. She noticed that all three women's crotches were shaved clean. And she rarely sees that in the North Carolina locker rooms.

I mention that it's sort of a nudist thing. Kinda like if you're going to expose yourself, you might as well let people see everything. She says that since she's going to be doing this a lot, she'll need to get shaved soon. I tell her that I've shaved a few girls and that I'm pretty good at it.

Stephanie then asks me if I shave, admitting that both guys she's been with were hairy beasts down there and she was always curious what was really underneath. I said that she would soon find out, but yes, I trim my hair very close, for two reasons. One that it looks better and two, that with the high humidity, it's much cooler and doesn't get all gooey with sweat.

I find a spot on the beach that's about 50 yards from anybody else. I explain to Stephanie that they are far enough away that they can't see any details, but still able to see that we are nude. My logic being that Stephanie can strip without feeling leered at, yet still experience being nude in public. She thanks me for my consideration, and says she trusts me.

I explain that I've introduced a few women now to this adventure, both just friends and girlfriends, and I know exactly what to do. As we sit on the dune, watching the ocean, I give her a little heads-up that throughout the day I'll be having her do certain things that will incrementally push her further into exhibitionism. And even if it seems one of my requests is too scary, that she should trust me, as I'll make sure it's always safe.

Curious, she asks me, "Like what?"

I say, "Well, like on our way home, you flash a truck driver or something."

She seems a little relieved, and says, "Oh, is that all. I thought I'd need to fuck somebody right on the beach or something. OK, I'll go along. It sounds like fun to push it a little every time."

With her agreement, I announce that it's time we begin the adventure. I told her before to not dwell on what she's doing by breaking a society taboo, but to just do it at the first opportunity. That way the big fear is out of the way early and she'll get on with enjoying the day.

I've seen so many times a newbie just sit there with their clothes on forever trying to gain the courage and be all stressed out when they should just get it over with quickly. So, I stand up right in front of her, saying I'll start, and acting quite casual, remove my t-shirt and shorts. I was semi-erect and when it sprang out, Stephanie was a little taken aback, but quickly composed herself as I sat down next to her.

She doesn't skip a beat, and while still sitting, takes off her t-shirt and shorts to reveal one of the most beautifully shaped bodies I've ever seen. I can't help but flat out gawk at her now exposed body. She has that milk creamy skin on her luscious boobs that have never seen daylight, with slight tan lines that perfectly frame those beauties.

They're topped with pink, medium-sized nipples that have been at attention for the last hour, to which I've been coyly eyeing in the car. They're the perfect size for her large and still very perky boobs. As I gaze lower, I admire that she's not real skinny, which I totally love. I always confess that women should be curvy, not all muscular.

I really don't like the skinny model twigs. Women love hearing me say that and I always get brownie points for that one. She's keeping her legs together, so I don't get a good look at her bush. I'll have to savor that later, but I do notice that the hair is a light brown, matching her other fair features and skin.

I really got off on exposing my nude body to Stephanie. I still like an audience and I was proud to show her all of me. I told her in the car earlier that I sometimes feel that I really don't know somebody completely unless I've seen them nude. It kinda gives me the whole picture of them.

She teased if what I meant was that I need to bonk every girl to understand them and I replied that no, just nude. I admitted that a few of my past girlfriends, I haven't had sex with because of religious beliefs or something, which I respected, but I still did get to see them nude.

Stephanie was very curious about this, because all the guys she's been out with would dump her quickly if she didn't put out.

Well, I said that I'm in it for more than sex and enjoyed just being with them in any capacity. I said that I'll tell her about my relationships later, but for now I really wanted to hear what she was feeling at being nude in public for the first time.

She begins to tell me that she feels wonderful already and this is the way beaching should always be. I mention that in Europe, all the beaches are topless and many allow full nudity. I say that there are still many new experiences yet to come today. She replies by glancing down at my still hard dick and smiles. She still has her legs pulled up in front of her, so I move my head to attempt a better look at her crotch. She quips that boys will be boys.

Although I'm totally into the sexual banter, she seems to have the single idea that it's all about just sex. I try to cool her jets and tell her that it's about more than that, when she poutingly questions what I mean.

Her limited experience with sex, and with jerk boyfriends, have limited her view of all that is sensual. I explain that she needs to think in terms of experiencing new sensations, both physical and emotional, and that she should feel proud of her body.

Still a little confused, she says in a sassy tone, "What, so I should just offer my body to any dick that walks by."

I return, "No, no. Just that having the element of strangers, adds to the teasing excitement. Like meeting new people while nude, and showing off in various capacities."

With a look of willingness on her face she asks, "Like what."

"Well," I reply, "first lower your legs and open them a little. Nobody else is around and you'll enjoy the nice breeze that you've probably never experienced before."

She complies, to which I now discover that she doesn't have much hair at all, but it does cover the sensitive parts. I think back to our comments about that I'm good at shaving women and say, "Wow, you got a great, well, everything. Do you trim that much?"

She replied, "Just around the sides, but I just don't have a lot, to the delight of all my boyfriends."

I tell her that she looks a lot like Bonnie down there, with her blond hair. We can compare them maybe later tonight and possibly have a shaving session. I can see that she's thinking about that one and doesn't outright reject it.

I open my legs a little and look down while saying, "I don't shave my balls totally clean, but I keep it short. Although, I've always wanted to shave it clean, but was afraid of cutting something important and I just can't see it well. Maybe later we can ..." She gets a devilish grin on her face.

I also tell her that I've tried to get Bonnie to shave clean but she always says that it would make her feel like a little girl and teased that I may be wanting that. I adamantly deny that of course and just tell her that it makes the good stuff very accessible and that she would feel more sensitive. The other nudist women that I talk to just love the feeling and that it really takes the whole exhibitionist thing to the next level.

If you're on show, you might as well be on show all the way. Stephanie agrees.

This night is going to get very interesting indeed with Stephanie telling Bonnie about her first time at a nude beach and the shaving thing. I also tell Stephanie that some women shape their hair into various shapes, hearts, racing strips and such but she may not have enough to work with. This comment will get her thinking about it all day and I even caught her looking down at her crotch a few times and thinking about possible shapes.

With all this talk of shaving and such, we both notice that I've grown a pretty large hard-on, although she can't get a good look beyond my semi-raised legs. I joke that I guess it's all this talk about creative shaving. It's so hard that it's starting to hurt and I really need to either relieve the pressure or think about something else.

Since I really get off on the continuous, all day stimulation, I don't want to relieve the pressure, so I just let it fly and don't make it a big deal. I notice her sneaking a few sideways glances and squirming a little. I know she's just itching to get a good look.

Always one to oblige a curious lady, I drop my knees so my legs lay flat, and offer her a good look. I tell her that she can stare anytime and ask me any anything she's curious about. She giggles, and refrains from any questions, but she does stare for a long time.

We're sitting on the crest of the beach, where the waves have caused some erosion, so we're a little elevated to anybody walking on the water's edge. It's a perfect position to give a passerby a direct view of our crotches if we leave our legs open. I picked this spot for just that reason.

She's still distracted staring at my hard-on, when I notice a couple of women strolling our way at the water's edge. They appear to look like a mother and teen-age daughter. They're both fully nude and without tan lines. I startle Stephanie from her focused gawking of me, when I mention that two women are approaching.

She tenses, and pulls her legs up tighter. I try to calm her nerves with some small talk about overcoming her fears. It begins to work, so I announce, "Now is the time girl, to begin your exciting adventure."

I then quietly tell her to open her legs a little more, as it's only women and a good opportunity to practice. She complies, without making it look too slutty. I open my legs wider also, to which Stephanie quips with embarrassment of my still hard dick.

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