Florida Fun


Almost every year we travel to Florida during the winter months to visit relatives and escape the cold weather of the northern USA. During these visits we usually take the time to sneak away for a couple of days and head down to southern Florida and spend a couple of days in the sunshine.

One of our favorite places to go is the South Beach of Miami as the beaches are full of people and the sight of so many women laying out topless in the sunshine makes it easy for T to slip off her top and not feel self conscious about having men walk by and look at her tits. We've also spent a few days up the coast a bit a Haulover Beach, which is a nude beach, but we prefer South Beach.

This story is based on our visits to the Florida beaches.

We handed over the keys to the valet so he could park the car and as we walked through the lobby to check into our hotel room T and I were excited about the time we were going to have where we would be able to soak up some sunshine and get away from the business of life. While we were checking in two couples walked into the lobby from the pool area and immediately started to look us over.

T noticed that we were being checked out by them so she looked at them and then mentioned to me that we might be bothered by them as she knew them from before we were married. She and I were both hoping that they wouldn't remember who she was, but as luck would have it as soon as we got our keys they came over to us.

Immediately I knew that they would be the kind of people I didn't want to hang around with as they were loud and arrogant in both their speech and actions. They quickly introduced themselves and made a huge show out of how happy they were to see us, even though they had never met me before.

It turns out that T had gone to high school with 3 of the 4 but knew all of them. It also was evident that they hadn't seen her for at least 10-15 years as they didn't know me, and that we were married. After quite a lengthy time of listening to them go on and on about "old times" I finally cut them off and said we needed to get to our room. They practically begged us to meet later for drinks and without our consent a time was set to meet in the bar after dinner.

When we got up to our room T explained that both of the couples had dated in high school and at one time the most boisterous couple, Bill and Betty, had been very popular and involved in sports and cheerleading. However, the potential for their future lives was hampered by the fact that she was pregnant before they got out of high school. The other couple, Tom and Linda, were from the neighborhood but only he went to the same school at T and the other couple. She also mentioned that they were mostly just "support staff" for Betty and Bill and did what they were told and always agreed with what the others were bragging about.

T made me promise to be nice to them as she knows I have a low tolerance for people who are loud and obnoxious and in general act like asses. So with my promise of good behavior we sent off to meet them for drinks. We made it down to the bar just a few minutes late and I wasn't happy to see that Betty wasn't there yet. It was typical of someone who thinks they are the star of the show that they have to arrive late so every sees them and has to wait for them.

It seemed like everyone else was used to operating on her schedule as they had already started drinking. About 15 minutes later we were "graced" by Betty's grand entrance. She had gone all out and was dressed like she was going out to a very fancy dinner, and not just drinks in the hotel lobby bar. It seemed that they were all used to that as well as the other three made a big deal out of her appearance and presence.

I should describe Betty here as she's one of those women that always says she's got a set of 38DD breasts and her husband would always describe her that way (and perhaps even write about her on Literotica that way?). However, what they always fail to let you know is that if her tits were indeed 38DD her stomach was about a 38D or even DD. Her tits and her stomach looked like they were in a race to the finish line and it would be a photo finish to see which won.

I played nice for the next hour or so and they talked about old times, mostly how popular they had been, and also about how difficult life was now. A couple of times they made reference to "how tight the money is" and as we began to close the conversation and move to dinner (alone) they mentioned how expensive the hotel was and told me which room they were all staying in. A "2 queen bed" room that looked out over the street.

Until then I had not entered into the conversation but simply watched as they devoured bowl after bowl of bar snacks and pounded down one beer after another (using buy one get one coupons). Finally after they'd pressured T several times about where we were staying I told them which floor and that we had a nice suite over looking the ocean. I think it finally dawned on them that I didn't enjoy their verbal games and that it was also likely that I made more money that both of them put together.

T and I adjourned to the dining room for our meal and we were glad that they didn't follow us to eat as, according to them, "who can afford to eat here?" Once again T apologized for getting me involved in the drama but at the same time she told me it was nice to be the person who had come out on top this time. She told me that they'd always looked down on her, and most everyone else, and that it was good to see that their lives weren't all that spectacular.

Based on what we'd heard them talk about we figured that we only had one more day where we might run into them but the chances of that were slim since they had already made plans for the next day. After a wonderful dinner we enjoyed sitting out on the balcony as we drank our bottle of wine and watched the business of the beach close down as it was now nighttime. We sat in the semi darkness of our balcony and watched as the band set up by the swimming pool and people started to move towards the band.

As the activity below was starting to heat up so was our activity on the balcony. By the time the band was playing the first song I had removed T's shirt and bra and tossed them into the room. By the third song she was totally naked and laying back in my arms as I stroked her shaved pussy and pulled on her nipples.

We sat like that for some more time as I enjoyed T's naked body and she enjoyed the night breeze blowing on her skin. It wasn't long before she grabbed my hand and held on tight as she squeezed my fingers with her thighs and pussy. T soon relaxed and turning over asked what would I like, even though she already knew the answer. Just a slight push down on her shoulder and she slid down the lounger and started to lick on my cock.

As the band played below us I was treated to the lovely sight of my naked wife kissing, licking and sucking on my cock. Since we were more or less out in the open anyone that would have been looking up would have known what was happening. I don't know if we had any watchers that night but what I do know was that it was an excellent blow job!

The next day we were pleased to not see T's former classmates at breakfast and we soon forgot about them as we made ready to go lay out on the beach. T was wearing her very tiny pink "micro bikini" underneath her cover-up as we both knew that the purpose for being in south beach was to get as naked as possible on the beach.

We found a nice double lounger and without any thought T untied her top and set it aside. It wasn't really warm, but just enough that you felt comfortable and didn't need to get into the ocean to cool off. Actually the ocean was cold but most of the tourists were swimming in it anyway. After we'd spent an hour or more in the sun we got up and made our way to the beach bar for a couple of beers. Since we were walking around T had put her top back on so she didn't feel too exposed and wrapped her cover-up around her waist.

Just as we made it back to our lounger we were surprised! Up came Bill and Tom to say hello. They explained that they had left their wives as they were tired of carrying around shopping bags and with a chuckle they also said what they were really trying to do was get out on the beach for some sightseeing. Evidently their wives hadn't allowed them to spend time on the beach once they saw that there were so many women sun tanning topless.

Of course that was the only reason Bill and Tom were on the beach since neither one of them had any tan at all. They were both so white that they almost looked blue as you could see the blood veins through their white skin. The also had a few spots that were starting to turn a very bright shade of pink from the sun, that would soon turn red and keep them up most of the night I figured.

They made several remarks about how great it was to be "free on the beach" and also expressed dismay that their wives wouldn't do such a thing, after all Betty had 38DD's! Also, that their wives didn't even want them to be looking at naked breasts on the beach so that's why they had to sneak away.

During this whole time neither Bill nor Tom had been able to keep their eyes off of T's body for very long. Although she still had on her swimsuit top it didn't' cover very much and would often slide side to side a bit as she moved and it would give them a glance of the edge of her nipple and the side of her breast. Bill also kept looking down at T's stomach, perhaps intrigued that not all women have stomachs that stick out past their tits?

It was soon evident to both T and I that they were hoping to see more and even though her swimsuit top was small, and only one think layer of cloth it did a pretty good job of covering her up. What they didn't know was that her bottom was just a little string thong and if she had been laying on the lounger they would have easily been able to the outlines of her shaved pussy.

I'd had enough of listening to them ramble on and as we stood next to our lounger so I slowly slid my hand up T's back and reached the point where her top was tied in a bow in the middle of her back. As I pulled the string a bit I could feel T tense the muscles in her back and then eventually relax as she looked over at me and smiled. She knew then what I had planned.

I slowly pulled the end of the tie and soon her top was loose in the back. Even though her top was untied in the back it was still tied around her neck and since she was very careful how she moved it wasn't obvious that she would soon be exposed.

I rubbed my hand up and down her back several times as she relaxed and we listened to Bill drone on and on. Finally my hand slid up her back and rested at the base of her neck for a few moments before I grabbed the tie between my thumb and finger and slowly pulled the knot loose. It seemed like Bill wouldn't notice as he was so caught up in talking about himself, but Tom was aware of what was happening and watched closely.

Once the knot came loose T's bikini top slipped down and as she moved her hands it fell completely away and she tossed it onto the lounger. Bill FINALLY shut up and stood there with his mouth open as he was caught in the middle of a sentence. Tom started to reach for a camera and I simply told him "don't even think about it" and he put it back in his pocket. Bill looked like he wanted to try and get something out of his "fanny pack" but then he thought better of it.

We had finally found a way to keep them both quiet! Bill hadn't said one more word since T's top had come off and only just stared. Both Bill and Tom were transfixed and stood silent at the sight of T's 34b's being out in the sunshine. They actually seemed to squirm and be uncomfortable at the sight of a woman's naked tits.

T then moved over to the lounger and dropped her cover up next to her as she crawled over to her spot on the other side of where we were standing. This gave all three of us a nice view of her bare ass with just the tiny pink string running up between her cheeks and joining another string that went around her waist.

Of course this also gave us a nice shot of her tits hanging down and wobbling side to side as she crawled on hands and knees over to her spot. She also treated us to a rear view of her ass and shaved pussy which by now her swimsuit bottom had managed slide between her outer pussy lips and expose pretty much everything.

T settled into her place on the double lounger and was slightly sitting up as she moved into place giving them a good view of her naked tits and her tiny bikini bottoms pressed tightly into the folds of her shaved pussy. She slowly arched her back and pulled the bikini bottoms loose giving us all a quick view of her naked pussy before she settled back down.

Since she was now on the lounger her face was at crotch level and it was obvious to her as she looked back and forth at Bill and Tom that she had made a very good impression on them as they both had visible tents in their swimsuits.

After a couple more moments I moved them aside and sat next to T on the double lounger. Tom and Bill weren't quite sure what to do next but I finally asked Bill if the DD's of his wife Betty were as good as looking a T's 34 B's bared for anyone to see in the sunshine. He was still at a loss for words, but Tom did give T several compliments and even expressed his surprise that he never knew that T was such a "hot woman" and into these type of things.

Bill started to find his voice but I was about done listening to them ramble on so I told them to go away and leave us alone, which they did. About an hour or so later I did notice Bill on the beach one more time and he seemed to be looking for someone, T I suppose? But we had already moved from the place we had occupied.

It looked like he had his camera ready and was hoping to sneak up on T and get a couple of photos of her tits to show the people back home. What a poor excuse of a man he was. We got a good laugh out of that and enjoyed the rest of our stay on South Beach in Miami.

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