tagBDSMFollowing Masters Orders

Following Masters Orders


This is my first submission on this site, so feedback would be great! Thanks and enjoy.


Natasha waited, kneeling in position at her masters feet. Natasha had been with her master for three years now and in those years they have constructed a very close connection. Being her master, he adored her dearly. However, if she ever stepped out of line, he is more than happy to put her in her place. And tonight will be an example of how he does so.

Natasha was told to serve drinks at her master's party that night and made a fatale mistake. As she was handing a guest a drink, another walked behind her and grabbed a handful of her ass and caused her to spill all of the Champaign over the guest she was attending. And her master was so furious with her that he ended the party early and now is staring at his slave.

"Natasha," Her master started calmly. "You have disappointed me tonight. What do you think a suitable punishment would be for your behavior tonight?"

Natasha kept her eyes low as she answered him. "What ever punishment you wish for me to have master." She replied. Master smiled at her.

"Smart decision girl. For the first part of your punishment I think a nice spanking is required, don't you agree?" He asked her.

"Yes sir, it sounds like a wonderful punishment." Natasha replied.

"I'm glad you think so. Now crawl to me and get over my lap." Master said as he went over and sat on the foot of the bed. Natasha slowly made her way over to his feet and soon was over his knee.

"Now Natasha, you know the rule. Count every hit out." He said As he brought his hand down on her left cheek. She winced at the blow but didn't cry out.

"One" she counted. He then slapped her again. They continued this way for the next twenty spanks. Master rotated between hard and fast hits, to slow and hard spanks. By hit thirty, Natasha had tears running down her pretty face.

"Please stop master. I've learned my lesson. I'll never spill a drink on another guest ever. I promise!" She pleaded out to her master. Even though her face was stained with tears, she was incredibly turned on by this. She could feel her pussy pulsating with need, and how wet it was.

Master stopped his assault on her ass and ran his hand across it and down to her panty covered pussy. Be then starts massage her there. "Mm is my little slave getting turned on from her punishment? I don't think you've truly learned your lesson." He said as he took his hand away from her panties.

"Get down and please my cock slave." He ordered her as he pushed his dress pants and boxers down to his feet. Natasha took his cock into her hands and ran her finger tips along the head. Master growled in pleasure."That's a good girl. Give your master pleasure."

Natasha moved his member in the other hand and started to play with his balls. She squeezed them gently, as she used her tongue and slid it along the length oh his cock.

"Ugh, yeah that's a good girl. Now take me in your sweet throat." He moaned out as he ran his through her hair. She did as she was told and started to take him into her mouth until his cock hit the back of her throat.

Moaning, he gripped her hair tightly in his fist and starts to give her hard short thrusts, fucking her face. "Mm baby I'm going to come in your mouth and give you all of my hot cum. And your going to drink up every bit aren't you?"

Natasha moaned sexily around his cock, giving him the answer he wanted to hear. Hearing her sexy moan he fucked her face harder and said, "Get ready slave. Take my cum!" Master said loudly as he starts cumming deep with in her mouth, never stopping until he was fully drained.

"That's a good girl." Master said as he finally let her face up. "I'm very proud of you. I think you have learned your lesson now, and ready for your reward for not complaining any the whole time of your punishment."

With that being said, master stood up and changed position with Natasha. He pushed on her chest, making her lay flat onto the bed. He then slowly took of her panties, dropping them to the floor.

"My sweet slave. Your pussy is so nice and hot for me." Master says as he licked the inside of thigh, teasing her.

"Oh master please lick my pussy." Natasha begged him. Her master always loved it when she begged him. He slowly ran his tongue up her pussy. Letting her fill the heat of his tongue. "Oh yes master." She moaned out.

Master, let his tongue run down her clit, to her ass whole, teasing the ring of it. Then moving up to her entrance. He forced his tongue deep into her pussy causing her to whine in delight.He then started to move his head back and forward towards her pussy. Letting his tongue please his slave.

He watched as Natasha thrash around in pleasure, arching herself more and more to him, feeling herself getting close to coming. "Oh master! I'm coming." She yelled loudly with passion as she started to come.

Master slowly took his tongue out of her wet pussy and started to kiss his way up her body, reaching her face. She closed her eyes exhaustedly as he did to. "On no you don't my slave. The night has only just began. You have a long night ahead of you." He said beaming as he felt himself start to become hard again.

Natasha opened her eyes after she clamed down and looked at her master. "Whatever you wish master."

Master smiled at her and motioned for her to move up, and until her head rested on a pillow. He then stood up and went over to the bedside table and picked up two pared of hand cuffs. Grinning, he made his back to Natasha.

He took one of her hands and locked on hand in one cuff, and attached the other cuff to the bed rail, and the same for the other. He then crawled onto the bed, where he was hovering over her. "Are you ready to be fucked my sweet slave?"

Natasha could fill her pussy juices running down her thighs at his actions. "Yes master. I'm ready to take your cock. Please give it to me." She responded, arching herself to him.

After giving her a long sensual kiss, Master then rammed his whole member into her tight pussy. He could feel her walls squeezing him as he repeat his actions. "Master!" His beautiful slave moaned out to him in pleasure.

Hearing her moan was music to his ears, which caused him to fuck her harder, giving her short fast thrusts. "Oh Natasha. Your so nice and wet. I'm going to cum in you so hard." He said as he fucked her even faster.

Natasha circled her legs around his waist, letting him go deeper into her, and bump her clit. "I'm coming!" She screamed out loudly. Feeling her come around his cock triggered his orgasm. He gave her hard thrusts until his orgasm subsided.

Pulling out of her, Master looked down at his sleepy slave. "Rest now my slave. You have earned it." He said to her as he uncuffed her hands. Natasha, not objecting, followed his orders and was soon sound asleep in her masters arms.

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