tagIncest/TabooFollowing on from a Strange Request

Following on from a Strange Request


This story is a continuation of the story "A Simple Question" by RogueLoad. Please note that I am not the author of the original story.

A few months ago Rogueload posted a fantastic story called A simple Question. I thought it was crying out to be extended and Rogueload has given me permission to use his story as a springboard into mine.

Also I've taken the liberty with the permission of litfan10 of weaving events from his fantastic series called The Deal into this one. I hope every one forgives me my presumption.

My continuation of A Simple Question


It was a week since I ejaculated onto my mom's upturned face, a week during which I felt I'd changed considerably. I was filled with a new sense of well being and had loads more confidence; all in all I felt dam good about myself. I got home at the usual time and dropped onto the couch in our lounge. I was flipping through the TV channels when mom got in half an hour later. She sat beside me and we made a little small talk. When I could find nothing worth watching I decided to go to my room and check the internet. As I was leaving the room I casually asked if I could cum on her face again after dinner.

'Sure thing honey.' Mom replied in quite a cheerful tone, as if I'd said I'd do the washing up. 'Thanks for the heads up.' She added and flashed me a smile...

As soon as I was in my room I stripped off my things, laid on my bed and idly stroked my aching erection. Was I imagining it or had she seemed genuinely pleased at the idea of me shooting my sperm onto her face. Over the last week I'd obviously thought about it a lot, which in it's self is a bit of an understatement. The realisation that mom was willing to do what ever it took to keep me sane and possibly alive into the bargain was as you can imagine extremely erotic. In my fantasies I'd asked her to do ever more outlandish acts; after dinner instead of just emptying my balls onto her upturned face I was going to ask her to at least open her blouse as well.

Last week I'd primed my self for only a few hours, this evening I'd got nearly two days worth of spunk backed up, I'd lost count of the number of times I'd jerked off but not finished, mom's call that dinner was ready came as I almost let myself go.

As I slid onto my chair opposite my mother I noticed immediately that she had not only changed but had applied fresh make up too. I told her she looked great which pleased her I could tell. As we started to eat I told her how much I was looking forward to later.

'I'm glad you felt you could ask me to do this for you.' Mom said, 'I read another magazine article this week which reiterated the other, it simply isn't healthy for a young man to bottle up his desires.'

Music to my ears.

'Mom you have no idea how true that is.'

I told her how relaxed and confident I'd felt over the past week and how I'd not realised just how frustrated I'd actually been.

'Honey that's fantastic. Is your steak ok? Mine is so tender.'

'It's cooked to perfection.' I told her.

Like last week I tried to match the speed I ate to hers, but I needn't have worried, I can't remember ever seeing my mother eat so heartily.

'It's funny you should mention that magazine article 'cause I saw something similar that focused on single mothers and how they often forget their own sexual needs.' I can't believe I got that sentence out in one go, before last week I'd have faltered and stuttered over it like a young kid.

'I suppose I have been sort of neglecting myself since your dad died. We really did used to have fun' She said with a shy conspiratorial smile.

Wow, I thought, save that tit-bit for later.

By then we had finished our dinner. 'Are you ready?' mom asked.

'Always, if you are.'

A few seconds later mom was kneeling on the kitchen floor looking up at me standing in front of her.

'Mom before we start, can you undo your blouse.'

My heart was beating so strongly I'm sure she could hear it. I almost had to sit back on my chair when her hands moved to the top button of her blouse and she slowly undid them all. When she had finished she looked up at me waiting.

'Open it wide.'

Under her blouse mom had a white bra which did a very good job of concealing her tits, but still I was almost too excited to stand.

'Can you take it off?'

'My blouse?'

I could only nod. As she slipped it off her shoulders I pushed my shorts down to let my erection spring out, we were so close it almost caught her nose. As I started to stroke myself I decided to push the boundaries just a little further.

'Mom, take your bra off.'

Straight away mom reached behind her back to deftly unclipped her bra, two seconds later I was looking at my mothers tits. Two seconds after that the first sticky string of sperm hit her face closely followed by several others which liberally coated not only her face but most of her chest with my spunk.

At that point I really did have to sit back in my chair, mom didn't seem to be in any hurry to get up and I have to say that suited me down to the ground.

'Honey when you've got your breath back can you pass me a couple of paper tissues.'

'Sure thing, just give me a second.... Mom I don't think I've ever seen anything quite as sexy as you at this moment.' Mom just sat there, actually looking very contented.

I got mom some tissues and sat back in my chair to happily watch her wipe my emissions from her face before very carefully wiping every last sticky drop from her boobs.

'Cancel that earlier comment. That was the sexiest thing I've ever seen.'

'Honey you're easily pleased but thank you. It's a good job you asked me to take my blouse and bra off, there's tons of the stuff.' Satisfied that she was sperm free mom slipped her blouse back on but not her bra. I'm sure she was aware it was so thin I could easily see her nicely rounded tits though it.

'Right.' Mom said when she was standing, 'While I shove the dinner things into the dish washer, do you fancy sorting a film out to watch?'

'That sounds good, what do you fancy? Not a chick flick!'

'Would I do that to my favourite off spring?'

'Well yes mom you would.'

'Fair point... you choose one, but nothing too bloody.'

'I'll pop to the DVD shop.'

'Here's ten, pick up a bottle of wine as well.'

It didn't take me long to get to the corner shop, there was a copy of the new Sherlock Holmes DVD available which neither of us had seen. I'm sure the woman serving thought I was simple as I had a grin so wide the top of my head was starting to come loose.

When I got back, mom was already in the lounge, I slipped the disc into the machine and filled mom's glass before dropping onto the couch beside her. Less than half an hour after I'd shot my load onto mom's bare tits we were sitting thigh to thigh as cosy as you like happily watching the film.

We both enjoyed the film, by the time the credits rolled it was getting late. mom yawned and said she was going up for a bath. I'll admit to briefly toying with the idea of asking to join her but wasn't sure what her reaction would be so I went to my room to check my computer. When I didn't find any new stories on literotica that took my fancy I got undressed and lay on my bed idly stroking my latest erection.

I'd been like that for only a few minutes when mom tapped on my door. Fighting the conditioned reflex to dive under the covers I told mom to come in.

'Jesus I'd forgotten how virile young men are!'

'Mom I'm really glad you let me do that earlier, it really meant a lot to me.'

'That's all that matters honey, I'm glad it makes you feel so good.'

'There's a series of stories on an erotic story site I've been reading. It's funny but in a way it's a lot like us.'

Mom came into my room and sat on the edge of my bed, it didn't go un-noticed that as she sat her dressing gown gapped open giving me an enticing view of her right nipple.

'What are the stories about?'

'Well basically there's a son who lives with his mother, he's failing all his courses at collage and degenerating into a bit of a slob. His mother makes a deal with him, which is actually the name of the story, that if his grades improve and he gets his act together, she'll stop wearing clothes when they are at home together.'

'Christ that sounds sexy. I suppose they're at it like rabbits.'

'Actually part of the deal is that they never touch in a sexual way but that doesn't stop them having a load of fun together.'

'What sort of fun?'

'Well the thing that makes the story so good is that we're seeing things though the mothers eyes, it turns out that before the lads father died she had an extremely active and varied sex life.'

'I can sort of see why you're making connections. So what do they get up to?'

'Like I said there is no touching but in one chapter he makes a video of her using a vibrator.' Mom gasped . 'In the latest chapter they make another deal after ordering a Chinese take away, if a man delivers it she has to answer the door wearing just a shirt fastened by only two buttons, if it's a woman he has to go to the door in just his shorts...'

'You'll have to let me read that it sounds really hot.'

I got up and went over to my computer, totally at ease being naked in front of my mother. It only took a few moments to print off the first chapter but as I was about to hand it to her I said with a smile

'How about we make a deal of our own'

'Go on.'

'While you read it you have to be topless.'

'Ooh you drive a hard bargain young man.'

'How do I know the story is worth that much.'

'Good question... if you don't enjoy it... the next time we watch a film you can choose.' I swallowed dramatically before adding. 'Any film you like.'

'Now that is a good offer, I am seriously tempted here.'

'But I added... if you enjoy the story and want to read the next chapter, you have to read that one with no clothes on at all.'

'Wow, you really do think highly of this story... I seem to have a lot to loose here, give me more.'

'You're worse than the mother in the story, are you sure you've not read it? OK... where were we... if you don't enjoy it I'll do the vacuuming for a whole week, but you still have to be topless for this chapter and nude for the next.'

'I think I'll quite while I'm ahead.' mom said and slipped her dressing gown off her shoulders. I took a moment to stare at her gorgeous tits for the second time that evening before handing her the story.

I sat on my computer chair as mom read, I positioned it right in front of her and placed my feet either side of her knees. I gently stroked myself while mom carefully read the first chapter of The Deal. I couldn't help but hope she liked it enough to want to read the next one. When I was close to cuming I just managed to stop myself, I could see mom was enjoying the story, her breathing had become quite deep and she was absent-mindedly stroking her right nipple with her left hand, but the biggest clue was when she began to gently rock her hips.

I printed off the second chapter. It was ready just as mom finished reading the first.

'Well I have to hand it to you that is one hot story, you won't have to sit though one of my films or vacuum the house for a week.'

'I've got the second chapter here...'

Mom looked me straight in the eye, I could almost hear her thinking. 'I think the dice were loaded... you knew I'd want to find out what happens next.'

'I took a big chance too, you don't know what effect your films have on an impressionable young mind.'

'Mr. Funny guy. I said I'd be naked when I read the next chapter and I'll go along with that, but to paraphrase the story as it were, you have to spend the next week naked, you take your clothes off as you come in and put them on before you go out.'

Now it was my turn to say Wow. 'I can cope with that, but don't blame me if I spend the entire week with an erection.'

'I'm getting used to seeing it, actually I don't believe it ever goes soft.'

'If I spend the week naked I'm sure you will at some point.' As I handed her the second instalment I had an idea. 'What do you propose to give me in return for the third chapter?'

'Let me read this one while you think of something.'

Before mom took the papers from me she casually opened her dressing gown. True to her word she was naked as she read.

I was on my chair again carefully stroking myself as I watched her read. Not for the first time that evening I marvelled at how quickly events can unfold. Earlier this evening I'd hadn't even seen my mothers tits, for that matter I'd not seen any woman's tits, now here she was lying on my bed completely starkers. As I watched her, struggling to stop my self cuming, I decided that I might use the offer of vacuuming again in our negotiations, I'm sure the idea of me doing it in the nude would be a deal clincher.

I could see mom had almost finished the chapter so I quickly printed off number three.

'I loved the little chat they had while Diana was stripping.' Mom said as she finished and I'm really looking forward to seeing you like that all week.' she said nodding at me with a mischievous grin.

'You'll soon get bore of the sight.'

'Don't be too sure, you're the first naked man I've seen since dad died, I've got a little catching up to do.'

'Are you ready for the next instalment?'

'I maybe, but first I need to pee.' With that mom left the room leaving me staring open mouthed.... What a fantastic bum, I was still wide eyed as she returned and casually sat back on my bed.

'What do I have to do for this chapter?' Mom asked which sort of nudged me back to our resemblance of reality.

'How about you have to mimic what Diana does.'

'What stop wearing clothes around the house?'

'Now there's a thought, but no mimic what she does in this chapter.'

'What does she do?'

'Now that would be telling.' I said with a smile.

'I'm not agreeing to something with out knowing what I'm getting myself into.'

'Fair point, I suppose a little hint might be in order...she's naked and doing something err private.' Mom gasped when she realised what that meant.

'That's a tall order young man, maybe too tall.'

'OK, if you mimic the mom I'll do the vacuuming for the next week...while I'm naked of course.'

'Wow that is tempting...' Mom stared into my eyes as she weighed up our deal. 'I think I need one thing more, agree to watch one of my films with me and you're on.'

I handed mom the chapter and resumed my gentle stroking, Christ the evening kept getting better and better, in a short time I'd possible get to see my mom playing with herself, I hoped like mad she had a vibrator to use like Diana does in the story.

It didn't take her long to read though part three, as she finished she looked decidedly nervous.

'Honey, I'm not sure I could do what Diana did, sitting here like this is one thing...'

'Mom it's ok, to be honest the thought of sitting though one of your films was filling me with dread too.'

'Ha ha, I'll tell you what mister, give me a little time to get used to the idea, you won't need to touch the vacuum or endure a chick flick unless I perform for you, deal?'

'That sounds ok, the longer you wait the less vacuuming I do.'

'There's an incentive for me if nothing else. Right, I'm off to bed unless you've any more requests.'

At that point mom was sort of sitting or lying across my bed, still of course naked while I was sitting on my chair with my legs on the bed either side of her knees also nude. I had been careful playing with myself almost the whole time mom had been in my room.

'Before you go, can you open your legs a little.'

Mom moved her knees about six inches apart I could see more of her pubes but little else.

'Is that enough?' she asked in a teasing way.

'A little more.'

The gap widened to a foot. I could just about make out the delicate folds of her vagina. I knew I was only a few heart beats away from cuming, I'm sure mom realised it too because she slowly spread her knees until I could see her completely. That is when I came, hardly any sperm erupted but man what a rush, it not only left me breathless but speechless as well. Mom giggled as she got up and walked over to my door.

'See you in the morning stud.'

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