tagIncest/TabooFollowing on from a Strange Request Ch. 03

Following on from a Strange Request Ch. 03


My story uses the characters and ideas created by Rogueload in his story A Simple Question. The Deal stories are posted by Litfan10 and if you've not seen them, are a real treat to read. Thank you to everyone who's voted and left comments after reading part one and two. Part four will follow along very shortly, Petertowers.


Sunday morning is usually slow in our house, it's not uncommon for neither of us to make an appearance 'till late morning. But though it was only nine, I was already adding the finishing touches to a breakfast tray I'd made up for my mother. Not wanting to barge into her room unannounced, after all she might have been doing something a son shouldn't see...I taped lightly on her door and waited until I heard a sleepy 'come in.'

'Good morning mother.' I said as waited for her to sit up. She'd slept in the nude and I considered the effort I'd put into making the breakfast worth just to see her two delicious tits appeared as she sat up. She made no effort to cover herself as she looked down at the tray I placed on her lap.

'What a very pleasant surprise, I can't remember the last time I had breakfast in bed...if I ever have.'

'I thought I'd surprise you, plus I wanted to do something for you, you know as a thank you for the last few days. And to say sorry for last night, using the C word.'

'Oh stud, you didn't need too, but thank you all the same. The C word?'

'Yes when you came into my room after your bath'

'Oh you shouldn't feel bad about that you were in an excited state of mind. It actually turned me on a bit, hearing you call it that.'

'Thanks mom, I felt bad about it when I'd calmed down.'

'That's what I mean everything seem different when you're aroused. And speaking of which, is it broken?' She asked nodding towards my slumbering dick.

'Just sleeping.' I said and added, 'On the subject of arousal, I got the distinct impression I was metaphorically touching some buttons while you were in the bath.''

'Did you ever, I've never cum like that before, I think I may have even passed out.'

'I think you did, I started to panic when you started to slip under the water but you woke up before I had to pull you back up.'

Mom started to tuck into her breakfast, as I happily feasted on the sight of her eating it topless.

'What you up to today?' She asked between mouthfuls of cereal.

'I've got to finish an essay but that won't take long.'

'I need to catch up on some washing...heady stuff but it's got to be done.'

'Hey, I'm doing my bit.' I chipped in 'I reckon my laundry pile should half over the next few weeks.'

'There is a bonus to being naked I guess...'

'I think it'd be too much for me, seeing you nude all the time. You could wear just a top and a skirt though.'

'Okay stud, I'll spend the day commando. My breakfast was delicious, thank you for that.'

'You are very welcome. I'm starting to get a little concerned about my dick. I've been sat here staring at your delightful tits and it's still not stirred.'

'I'm not surprised it's had quite a hammering the last few days.'

'I'm still worried though... pass me the tray.' When it was out of the way, I lay back across the bottom of her bed.

'Maybe if you showed me your err, what shall we call it today, vagina, that might help.'

Mom tutting and made a show of being reticent but still pulled her covers back to let me see the dark pubes at the top of her legs.

'Anything happening yet?'

'A slight twitch, you need to stimulate me a little more.'

Mom raised her knees and let her legs fall open. Then looked inquiringly at me.

'There is definitely something happening, maybe if you touched yourself.'

Another tut escaped her lips but her fingers were soon gently stroking the top of her pussy.

'That's doing the trick, keep it up. God you look so hot doing that. I'll dig out the camcorder later, maybe we can film you doing the dirty things that get you going.'

'What sort of dirty things?' mom asked in a quiet voice.

'Where to start, you could be using your new toy, slipping it into your arse maybe. How about a film of you undressing or having a shower, all covered in soap. But then again last night you seemed to find being filmed peeing a huge turn on.'

Mom's breaths were coming in short gasps, she wasn't far off cuming.

'You'd film me peeing?' She asked in a husky voice

'Dam right I would, in close up with the lens only a few inches from your cunt.'

That did it, mom came with a loud grunt and her body went ridged on the bed, almost pushing me onto the floor. Needless to say my dick was at full attention by then. I stroked it for a while but stopped before I came. Happy to save my emission for later.

'Right I'll leave you in peace, I'm shocked at what lights your fire mother, but it's good fun finding it out.' I left my naked mother with a very contented look on her face.

In my room I soon got into my essay. As I worked on it, it didn't escape me that a little over a week ago I'd have found it almost impossible to concentrate in the way I could now. Maybe all I needed was an outlet for my sexual tensions. There was no denying I'd found that for sure.

Once I'd finished my collage work I checked literotica and saw chapter seven had been posted. I devoured it hungrily and left a comment to it's author, litfan10. After reading it I couldn't help wondering; if we had the type of physical contact Matt and Diana have, if I could stop myself handling her assets...I knew with out a doubt what the answer was. For me the distinction between fiction and reality was becoming distinctly blurred.

I found my mother putting a couple of rolls together for our lunch. God did she look sexy in a tight stretchy top and a skirt that only just covered her bum. Knowing that was all she had on made it even more arousing.

'Have you broken it again.' She teased.

'Actually he's only just got his head down. I read the latest Deal story just now.'

'What did they get up to?'

'Well a girl delivered a takeaway and Matt answered the door in his shorts but his mom pulled them down as the girl was watching. The food got spoiled and they ended up going out to eat and got served by the girl who delivered the takeaway. After the meal on the way home they kept daring each other to remove more and more of their clothing.'

'Which one did I read last night?'

'That was number four. Which you've still not 'paid' for.'

'You planning on calling the bailiffs?'

'No need, I know where you live sweetheart. Turn around and bend over for me.'

Mom gave me a look but for once didn't 'tut' before doing as I asked.

'Lift your skirt over your bum, that's it, now pull your butt cheeks apart.' After I'd inspected my mom's arse closely I said 'They're strange things really, arses.'

'Strange in what way?' Mom asked as she retained her undignified pose.

'I don't know, they hold such a fascination to us all but actually they don't look that attractive.'

'Are you saying I have an ugly anus?' She said in mock indignation.

'Not yours per say, arses in general are not that pretty.'

'Actually I've never looked at one that closely.' She said as she turned back to face me, 'Maybe you can return the favour.'

It was my turn to pull my butt cheeks apart for inspection which I did with out a second thought.

'You're right if mine looks anything like yours I'm glad not many people have seen it this closely.'

'Right is that my roll?' I asked when I was sitting at the table again.

'Yep, cheese and onion.'

When we'd finished, mom asked if I had any plans for the afternoon. I asked if she had something in mind.

'You've not been to see your Gran in ages, do you fancy coming with me?'

I made a show of not being that keen, but we both knew I was more than happy to go. 'Are you planning on changing?'

Mom gave me a look before checking the shortness of her skirt. 'I'll need to put on something a little longer.'

I pasted a sulking expression onto my face, and then smiled. 'You can on one condition.'

'Go one...'

'That the payment for chapter four is that you let me film you doing anything I ask you to.'

'I don't like the sound of that 'Anything' mister.'

'Don't play the miss innocent, you and I both know you'll get as big a kick out of it, if not bigger than I will. If you have a limit name it now or be prepared to do what ever I ask when we get back from Gran's.'

Mom studied me across the table, elbows on the table her chin resting on her hands.

'What are you thinking?' I asked when she hadn't moved in over a minute.

'I'm trying to decide what you might ask me to 'do'. It's difficult when I'm sitting here in the cold light of day to imagine how I'll feel doing some foul and degrading act while you record it for posterity.'

'It has to be born in mind that by the time you 're doing this 'foul and degrading act' you'll more than likely be as turned on as I will be.'

'Yes I know but I'm dredging the depths of my limited experience in foul and degrading acts to decide if I have a limit you might reach.'

'Change your skirt and we'll talk about it on the way to Grans.'

'Okay stud, don't forget to put something on your self.'

With that mom skipped off to her room, leaving me to once again take stock of how much my life had changed since I asked if I could cum on her face.

Mom's longer skirt barely reached her knees I wasn't sure she would dare wear it without panties so I had her show me her snatch. Just as I was opening the front door mom pulled me to her and we had one of our very infrequent hugs. As we separated me gave me a chaste kiss on my lips.

To my inquiring look mom said, 'That's for making me feel so good, I've not felt like this... well since your dad died. And before that if the truth be know.'

'Your tits felt good squashed up against my chest...' I pride myself on knowing the right things to say.

We still had our arms around each other and mom pulled me close to squash them against me a second time. As we embraced I slipped a hand onto her bum, my other hand rubbed her back. Mom purred very contentedly as I held her.

'Come on it's time we were off mom whispered into my ear, if we stay like this any longer you'll have another hard-on needing attention.'

'Too late to worry about that I'm afraid, but it'll keep till later.'

On the trip out to Gran's we didn't get to discuss the evenings entertainment we were both content to reminisce about times when dad was alive.

Gran as always was pleased to see us and of course like Grannies always do, she told me I was looking pale and undernourished, she told mom that she wasn't looking after me properly, mom and I just winked at each other. By the time we left she'd force fed us both more food than we'd eat in a week.

On the return trip we chatted about Gran and her gossip before we knew it we were home and mom was on the couch watching me remove my clothes.

'Have you thought of a foul and depraved act for me to perform?'

'Loads but some of the ideas which flick though my mind, scare me sometimes.'

'Scare? In what way?'

'Okay not scare as such, more like worry me.'

'You want to know something, you're not alone there stud.'

'You too! God I was starting to think I was some kind of sicko.' Mom let me know she knew where I was coming from. 'For years I've been imagining you in more and more perverse situations, but nothing you've done in my imagination comes anywhere close to what this weekend has been like. Not once did I ever imagine, I'd ever be sat here like this stroking my erection, with you sat there fully prepared to show me your tits and cunt if I asked you to.'

'Do you want me to?'

I nodded and watched as she slipped the thin straps of her top off her shoulders then pulling it below her tits before hiking her skirt to above her waist.

'Slip your bum to the edge of the couch and spread your legs... I will never get used to seeing you do that....where do you keep your new toy?

'It's in the top draw next to my bed.'

'Don't move, I'll be right back.' I dashed up the stairs my erection swinging from side to side as I took the steps two at a time. I found the vibrator and picked up my camcorder before making my way back to the lounge.

I handed mom the vibrator and waved the camcorder for her to see. 'I want you to tease yourself like you did yesterday and pause before you push it into yourself. Then you're to pump it until you cum'

I sat on the carpet between her legs and got my camera ready. 'Okay, Action.'

It wasn't until I'd said action that the realisation hit me... I'd not actually asked her to perform just told her too. Be that as it may she performed as well as any porn start, if her moans of pleasure were fake I for one couldn't tell. I filmed the action from several angles, above, from each side and of course from so close I could easily smell her arousal.

When she was close to cuming I moved the camera onto her face to catch her expression which was a joy to behold; total bliss. Once she started to come down from her plateau I moved back to between her legs to film the vibrator being slowly removed.

'That was quite a show, consider your debt paid in full.'

'Thank you, I was starting to loose sleep over it.' She said faintly, 'That felt so perverted... doing it while you were watching gave me a huge thrill but to know you were filming me... it was just so...intense.'

'You have no idea how good that all looked on the lcd screen, I can't wait to run it though the T.V.'

'Christ you're not are you? Please tell me your kidding?'

'Mom, I'd not joke about something this serious. Wait there I'll get the lead.'

Less than a couple of minutes later we were watching a re-run of mom's star performance, well I was mom had a pillow over her face for most of the time. I've seen similar videos on the internet but they were all low resolution where this one was pin sharp and of course filled the forty inch screen in absolute x rated detail.

'Turn it off you little pervert.' Mom kept saying but she became as fascinated as I was at the sharpness and out right sexiness of the images.

'I can't wait to film you peeing.' I told her. 'I can't decide whether to have you standing in the shower, sort of bending over away from me or lying on your back in the bath with your hips pushed up. But then again in the open air might be cool, maybe letting it run down your legs. How about if you had jeans on and just let go.'

'I've spawned a monster. Pass me the camera, two can play at this game. I just press this button to start and stop it?'

'And that rocker switch to zoom in or out. You planning on filming yourself?

'Very good stud. I want to film you playing with your appendage. Where do you want to do it?'

'Seeing as you ask so nicely you can stay where you are and I'll stand over you, you'd better take you things off unless you want me to cover them in cum.'

And that is what we did. Mom was lying back on the couch, her feet up on the coffee table and I was right above her soaking up the view, the little red light was a constant reminder that I was being filmed. I'd not cum since last night so I knew I had a good supply stacked up, I was actually looking forward to seeing myself cum on the large T.V.

Needless to say with my mother naked only inches below me it didn't take long to finish. I came with a 'here it comes' and shot a stream of hot sperm almost directly at the camera. The second and third gushes hit her tits and belly and seemed to take away all of my strength. It was as much as I could do to not fall on to my mother who still had the camera trained on me.

'Hey stud, this is fun, did it feel different for you?'

'You know, it did. Give me a second and I'll get you some tissues.'

I popped into the kitchen when I was able to walk, when I handed them to mom she was practically sperm free.... But she was licking her lips like a cat who'd just eaten the cream!

'Shit, next time you plan on doing that, tell me!'

'Maybe I'll save that as payment for the next Deal story.' She said with a smack of her lips. 'Which reminds me, the girls are coming over on Tuesday evening, you said you'd serve the coffee and snacks.'

'You assured me I'd not be naked as I recall.'

'That's right. They'll be here about seven'

'Okay, I'll be home way before then.'

'Right now lets see if my film is any less gross than yours.'

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