tagIncest/TabooFollowing on from a Strange Request Ch. 06

Following on from a Strange Request Ch. 06


The sixth chapter of my story based on ideas and characters created by Rogueload in his story A Simple Question. The deal stories though not mentioned so much in this chapter are, as I'm sure you're all aware, posted by Litfan10. Thanks for everyone who's voted and taken the time to get in touch.



Sex with my mother... she wasn't wrong when she said it'd be a surprise I'd enjoy. Even though I'd only lost my virgin status earlier that evening, the first time with Maria had been fantastic and was something I'll never forget, but pure animal lust had been very firmly in the driving seat. Relaxing in my bed with my mother riding my cock with a slow measured rhythm was a whole new ball game. That she was enjoying the experience as much as I was, could be seen in her serene and smiling face. What a day!

There are no superlatives to do justice to how it felt each up stroke and down stroke were slices of heaven. But eventually I could hold back no longer, I gasped that I was cuming a moment before I reached the point of no return and my mother seemed to clamp her cunt onto me as tightly as a fist... pure magic.

Completely exhausted I was a sleep, with my mother held tightly in my arms, with in minutes. Just as sleep over took me I offered up a silent pray to who ever or what ever was behind the fantastic events that had filled my day. Life could simple not be any sweeter.

Waking to find my mother still asleep in my arms was another dream come true. As usual I'd woke ready for action and for the first time in my life I was in a position to use my erection how is was intended to be used.

Doing my best to get into position with out waking her I almost made it when she said a very sleepy good morning and almost as a reflex action opened her legs wide for me.

'What a way to start my day.' She said dreamily as I tried to keep the same measured pace as she had last night.

'It's something I could get used to as well.' I told her. ' In the stories I've read the men are always demanding blow jobs when they wake, but I can't see that a BJ could ever compare to this.'

'Well for what it's worth I completely agree with you. Are you looking forward to seeing Maria later?' mom said as I continued to slowly screw her.

'Yes... I told her I'll be making you to eat her out; she had a massive orgasm just thinking about it.'

'You're going to make me lick Maria's cunt?' mom whispered, her orgasm already starting.

'I'm going to fuck her while she's eating you too.' That delicious thought tipped her over the edge, and as her vagina walls clamped onto my dick I came as well.

Over breakfast we chatted about the normal events of the day, as usual I hadn't dressed and mom was still wearing the invisible nightie under her open dressing gown. When I was dressed and ready to leave we had our now regular hug.

'I'm going to love feeling your cum in my cunt all day. I won't be able to stop thinking about this evening either.'

'And you think it'll not be looming large in my thoughts?'

'I've never tasted another woman's pussy. Listen, another of my fantasies is being used by some one who has no regard for my feelings. I'm yours stud, do all the things you've ever dreamed about. Another thing you should know is that you may have to force me to do what you want. Don't be afraid to hurt me, it's all part of the fantasy. Tell Maria what to expect, from what you've told me she sounds like a real live wire.'

'Wow mom that was quite a speech.'

'Feel my cunt and see how excited I am just thinking about this evening.' I did and couldn't believe how soaking wet her pussy was, it was actually running down the inside of her legs.

'I believe you,' I was already half hard from what she'd just said, I undid my shorts and pulled me dick out. 'On your knees my dirty bitch, you've got me hard again so you know what to do.'

There was a definite spring in my step as I walked down our garden path...cuming twice before even leaving the house!! I had a feeling today was going to just a little bit special.

Surprisingly I had no trouble concentrating at college. Lunch was slow so I text Maria about mom's earlier disclosure.

Hi, looking forward to seeing you later, told mom that I was going to make her eat you later. She said she wanted us to use her like a sex toy.

Hi, can't wait for this evening. That sounds so cool, will you be naked when I get there.

I'll be naked, can't wait to see you strip again.

It won't be much of a striptease, I'll only be wearing a short dress.

Let your self in when you get there I'll be on the couch with a hard on ready for you to sit on.

Christ it's going to be a long afternoon. I was stock taking all morning, counting vibrators and fake pussies... I'm as ready for a fuck as I've ever been.

Hold on to that thought. Mom said it will look like she's not enjoying herself but she will be. We're to force to do anything she refuses to do.

Oh Man, what are you trying to do to me. I'm home alone, do you have time to come and fuck me.

I would love to but class starts in ten, sorry. I'll make it up to you later.

C U @ 5

Four hours later I was sat on my couch and ready for action, Maria arrived right on cue and as soon as she saw me nursing an erection, she lifted her dress over her head, knelt on the couch with a knee each side of my legs, kissed me deeply at the same time as guiding me into her. Once she had me lined up she lowed herself onto me with a very satisfied sigh. As she rode me I sucked on her swing tits and pulled her face to mine to kiss her passionately.

We were still in that position when my mother got in, though by then I had already cum into Maria's delightfully tight vagina. As we'd continued to make out I'd told Maria in more detail, of my mom's desire to be used by us. But before I go on, the twenty four hour running total has moved onto seven since yesterday evening. Just over three hours left to improve on that score. Mom got right into her roll by adopting an attitude of moral indignation.

'Can't you two have a little decency, fucking on my couch like a couple of degenerates.' She exclaimed.

'Watch you language, who are you calling degenerate? Apologise or you'll live to regret your words.' I retaliated and eased Maria off my lap.

'Apologise!! It's you who needs to apologise, sitting there with no clothes on, your sorry looking drooping penis on show to the world.'

'A sorry looking penis do you say. That's something else you can apologise for. You've got until I reach you.' I said as I got up. I glanced at Maria to make sure she knew what was taking place, she was smiling from ear to ear... she knew.

'If you think I'm going to say sorry, you are very much mistaken my lad.'

By then I'd reached her, standing right in front of her I looked her straight in the eye, she maintained her look of indignation, for a split second a doubt flicked into my mind which instantly disappeared as mom winked at me.

I reached up with both hands to hold the neck of her blouse. 'Your last chance to apologise.' When a smile caught the edges of her lips I ripped her blouse completely open. I pulled it down her arms span her around and used the remnants of her blouse to tie her wrists behind her back. From behind her I fondled her breasts though her bra before I roughly pulled it up over them, I left it fastened.

Her slacks and panties were removed in very short order, before I pushed her down onto the couch beside Maria who was beside herself with glee.

'Slap her face for calling us names.' She suggested. So I did but not with any real force.

'And her tit's, teach her a lesson.' I slapped each breast but with even less force.

'Make her lick your cum out of my pussy.' I hardly had to man handle mom at all to get her between Maria's raised knees. But I did have to grab her hair to slowly push her face into Maria's glistening and sperm filled snatch.

'Ooh that is so good, smack her bum.. again...I'm cuming, oooh...she's stopped! Make her carry on.' I smacked mom's bum again with my open hand making a loud cracking sound.

'She's still not licking me, use a rolled up magazine.'

'Good call.' I said as I picked one out of the rack, quickly rolling it into a tube and swiping mom's arse several times. 'Is she licking you now?'

'A little but not like I want her too. Stick something up her arse.'

'What do you suggest?'

'Your hard, shove your dick up her, that should get her moving but do it quick, I'm so close.'

Not wanting to let the girl suffer I did as she asked, it wasn't easy to get my head past her rose bud but once it was, the shaft of my cock slid in with one smooth push. I heard my mother groan with pain or lust, I've no idea... hey, I was fucking my mom's arse... one more experience to cross of the list in my head. As I slowly slid myself in and out of her I asked Maria if it was working.

'Yes, I'm almost there, do her faster.' So I did but I knew I was close myself, it was going to be touch and go which of us finished first, in the end mom was the surprise outside winner. I heard the unmistakable grunt and groan she often makes as she cums. Maria came in second with me very happy to be in third place, I wondered at the time if a bronze medal would be appropriate and couldn't help but smile and even wider smile at the perverted idea. Eight times.

'Enough.' Maria gasped. 'Make her stop, I can't take any more.'

I grabbed mom's head by her hair and pulled her away from Maria's pussy needing to use as much force as I'd used to push her there in the first place. I flipped mom back onto the couch and left them to rest while I went to the loo for a slash and to clean my dick. As erotic as anal sex is, the fact that there was shit on my tool was not a big turn on for me. But it was soon sparkling like new and more to the point inching to get into one of the six sensuous orifices waiting for me in the lounge. Now there's a thought, I'd used four today already, that just leaves Maria's mouth and her arse....with just over two hours to go for the twenty four hour dead line.

Returning to the lounge I found that neither of my beauties had moved. I leaned over the arm of the couch beside my mother and started to roughly play with her pussy. 'You ready to apologise yet?' I asked her.

'Torment me all you like, I'm not about to say I'm sorry.'

'What do you think Maria, she still needs to be taught a lesson.'

'Put her on my lap, I'll tan her behind, that'll make her change her mind.'

'That's worth a try.' I said as I pulled my mom up from where she was sitting and almost pushed her across Maria's legs. She squirmed even before Maria started to swat her bum with her right hand, she had to use her left to hold mom steady with her hair. I sat to Maria's left and lifted mom's face onto my lap and fed my limp dick into her mouth... I had grave doubts that she would be able to make me rise again, but it was worth a try.

'See how much of your hand you can get into her cunt.' I suggested to Maria. I felt mom groan and nip my still soft dick with her teeth.

'Hey all my fingers slip in real easy, I'm going to see if my whole hand will fit, need to work it around a bit first but it feels like it should just pop in.' Mom's groans were growing in volume, but my best friend was showing signs of rejuvenating.

'How about that, all of my hand is in her cunt, bet that can't be much fun, take your dick out of her mouth and ask her if she wants to say sorry yet.'

I did as she asked, Maria pulled her head back by her hair. You had enough?' Maria asked her.

'Don't stop I was enjoying that.' mom said contemptuously.

Not one to resist a challenge Maria pushed her hand into mom's cunt and twisted it as harshly as she could. Mom began to moan like a baying dog, she even lost interest in my now rock hard cock.

'Hey, when you need a rest my dick's ready for action again, mom has cleaned it for you, I don't want to cum in her mouth, not until she apologises.'

I lifted mom's head, 'Do you want me to cum in your mouth?'


'Say your sorry.'


'Lets prop her up on the arm chair, she can watch while you blow me, maybe she'll learn a trick or two.'

It took longer than ever for me to reach cloud number nine, but Maria was determined that I was going to cum while she sucked me off, maybe it was female pride, with a combination of wanking me with her hands and sucking my head she got me off eventually, whether any sperm came out I guess only Maria knew.

We both lay back on the couch to get our breath back and to look at the hunched up mess that was my mother, she was slouched on the arm chair where we'd placed her, arms still tied behind her back her bra still fastened and rucked up above her tits and her legs hooked over the arms of the chair. She looked like she could hardly keep her eyes open and her pussy looked red and sore, which was hardly surprising given what Maria had been doing to it.

'You want to know something Maria?' I asked.

'Go on.'

'That was the ninth time I've cum in less than twenty four hours. And out of the six err, holes you two have between you I've used five... so far.'

'That is the nicest way any lad has asked me for anal sex.'

'Have you ever done it?'

'No, the thought has always grossed me out. But I could feel that your mom enjoyed you doing hers earlier...'

'You mean you you're up for it?.' I asked excitedly even though the chances of me physically being able to rise for the occasion were slim to none existent.

'Yeah, but I've a feeling we may have left it too late.' She said nodding at my very tired looking penis. 'That blow job was the fourth time for us. You've had it five times with your mom?'

'When you say it like that it almost sounds sordid! Up until last night I was still a virgin, you were the first.'

'Oh, you should have said....'

'I don't think talking was on our agenda last night if you remember.'

'Good point. So we did it twice, then what happened.'

'Well mom wanted another chapter of the Deal to read while she had a bath. When she got out we hugged I got an erection and she blew me. As payment for reading the chapter six she said she'd surprise me.'

Maria chipped in with '...and the surprise was she slept with you?'

'In ever sense of the word, that was our first time and as I always wake up ready for action, I did her a second time as she was waking.'

'So that makes, err, five and three this evening... one missing.'

'After breakfast she told me about her fantasy of being used... I couldn't very well go off to college with a hard on, so she sucked me off before I left. Nine.'

'Wow that is just crazy. Okay so before we go on, what time was it when I went down on you yesterday?'

'Well you arrived with your mom some time around eight.'

'It was just after, I remember the news had just started on the radio as we pulled up.'

'Right so you were here at eight. I didn't switch the kettle on for three or four minutes, it was full so two for it to boil and a few minutes to make the coffee, mom called me not long after it was ready. Ten past max.'

'I thought you held it together really well considering the way mom's friends were shrieking at you.'

'Thanks, it wasn't that bad actually, not as terrifying as I thought it would be.'

'Right, you served the drinks doing a very good job I might add, you could rent yourself out as a nude waiter...I guess you were in the room five minutes tops.'

'Yep I'd say that too. Retreat to the kitchen as embarrassed as hell to sulk on the counter, three minutes... it must have been just after quarter past when you joined me.'

'Right, we chatted for five minutes before I stripped off and you called your mom?'

'Yes five minutes which makes it almost twenty five past eight and I guess technically the clock starts when I first came which must have been a few minutes after mom came into the kitchen.'

'Two minutes max, which all adds up to twenty seven minutes past eight and it's five past six now. You have just over two hours to recover and get that thing up my arse. I don't know about you but I could eat a horse.'

I lobed a cushion at my mom who was practically snoring. 'Wake up, we need feeding.' Mom's eyes opened and she looked across at us both, it didn't dawn on her immediately why we were naked. When she realised her hands were tied behind her back everything dropped into place.

'God I feel like I've been in a wrestling match. How long have I been asleep?'

'Only a few minutes, listen we've got a plan.' I told her that I was going to try and do Maria's arse, but I had to do it before twenty five past eight. Of course mom asked what was special about that time and laughed when I told her.

'You really are a randy devil aren't you. Do you think you'll be able to rise to the occasion?'

I stroked my limp dick which was actually very tender and said 'With two hours rest it'll be raring to go. Sit up and I'll untie your hands. We need feeding.'

'Ah that's better.' She said when she was free. She rubbed her wrists after she'd unclipped her bra and asked us what we fancied. We both almost in unison said pizza. 'I can sort that, it'll be about twenty minutes. I'll pop two in and grab a shower.'

After she'd gone up stairs Maria and I turned to each other. With everything that'd happened between us this was the first time we been alone together in what you might call a normal situation, okay we were both nude but you know what I mean. We chatted about her job and my college courses we found that we both liked similar sit-coms and films all in all we had quite a lot in common.

Mom came down just as the oven pinged, wearing her really short dressing gown, as usual it was unfastened. I was very pleased when my dick twitched at the sight of her.

'So stud.' Mom said as we tucked into the pizzas. 'What's it going to take to get you hard?'

'That is a good question, it really got me going watching you eating Maria earlier, maybe she could eat you while I do her.'

'Hey I'm still here by the way.' Maria mumbled through a mouthful of food.

'We could tie her hands behind her back, I bet that would light your fire.' Mom said.


'Jesus, just thinking about that is getting me hard.' I exclaimed.

Maria reached under the table.' Yep, it's at half mast already.'

'That's settled then, we'll tie Maria's hands behind her back maybe play with her a little then get her between my legs so she can lick my cunt.'

'It's completely hard now.' Maria chipped in.

'Remember when Diana got oiled up before Matt filmed her?' I said.

'Oh stud, I like that idea, I call her tits.'

'There's two, we can have one each, you can lube her arse if you want.' I said.

'Just be gentle with my arse, remember it's my first time.'

Oh, you'll love it dear, just follow the advice of Frankie Goes To Hollywood and Relax. If you think it's hurting it will. Relax and enjoy the sensation and you'll enjoy it as much as ordinary sex.'

'I'll take your word for it. I will not be amused if it feels like he's ripping me in two.'

'It will feel like that if you think it does, pain is mostly in the mind, think pleasure. I'm stuffed, have you two had enough?' Mom asked us. We both said we had and we all moved though to the lounge to let the meal digest. I sat in the centre of the couch with Maria and my mom on either side of me. Each was gently stroking my erection, which I have to say was still very tender but I was getting more confident that I would be able to reach my goal.

After ten minutes mom said she'd fetch a bottle of baby oil and find some cord. When we were alone Maria gave me an extremely deep and sensuous kiss. Then asked me again to be careful. I promised her that I would and assured her that if she asked me to stop I would.

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