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Fool Me Once You're Out of Here


Christy was every man's wet dream. At 5'9", she had long, jet-black hair, perfect 36C breasts, and legs that reached all the way to heaven. Her skin was flawless, with a slight olive tint, which made it look like it had never seen the sun. She was college educated, had a fantastic job, in sales with a large drug company, and loved to watch basketball with me. My only problem with her was that she oozed sexuality, and was a huge flirt. I didn't care when it was directed towards me, but she flirted with others as well.

Like I said, everyone thought I had the hottest wife around. I was living the American dream. I finished law school, second in my class, and moved right into my family's law firm. Yes, my family had money.

My dad, Rick, told me the first day I started. "Steve, if you think I'm going to cut you any slack, think again. I expect you to put in a minimum of thirty-five billable hours a week, like everyone else, and to bring in one new client every three months. This is our family's livelihood, and I don't want to see any drop in profit, by my adding you to the staff, understand?"

As I said, my dad was a businessman first, and a father second, but I had known that my entire life. So my career was on track, but my personal life wasn't ready for the hit it was about to receive.

After four years of marriage, to Christy, all the traits that I had fallen in love with were starting to wane on me. I fell in loved with her free and wild impulsive spirit, and her huge sexual appetite. Nothing, I mean nothing, wasn't on the table when it came to sex.

A typical example would be the night of the hospital fundraiser. Christy pulled me into a hall closet, and wouldn't let me out until I climaxed her. Or being awaken in the middle of the night, by one of her fantastic blowjobs, and then riding my cock until we were both satisfied. Life was good with her, or at least, it use to be. I didn't want arm candy, or a trophy wife, I wanted an equal partner, who loved, and respected me above all others; but I guess, she just didn't have that in her.

It all started to go sour, when Jerry, her ex-boy friend, moved back into town. He was an arrogant, ex-jock who thought he was God's gift to women. Jerry and I, had more than a few run-in's, especially when I found out we were both dating Christy; something she had conveniently failed to mention.

I called Christy on Wednesday, to ask what her plans were for Saturday night. "I have to meet with a client and finish my work schedule for next weeks trip," she said sounding a bit disappointed. "However, I'm free Sunday if you want to spend the day with me?" she added.

"Great, I'll pick up at 9:00 for breakfast, and we can make our plans then."

"Can you make it 10:00 instead, I know it's going to be a late night and I want to sleep in a little, a girl needs her beauty sleep you know."

"All right, I'll make it 10:00," I relented. "Make sure you bring a jacket, I want to watch the sunset on the pier after dinner," I told her hanging up. "I guess I'll call Dan back, and tell him I am available Saturday night," I said to myself hitting his number on my cell phone speed dial. Dan was my best friend, and I've been neglecting him, since Christy and I started going out."

"The little lady gave you permission to go out with the guys tonight?" Dan ribbed me. "I'm surprised, and shocked, she's letting you go out after dark," he continued.

"All right asshole, keep it up and you'll be by yourself Saturday night," I shot back. "And just for your information, Christy's working, but if push came to shove, I would rather be in bed with her, than you, any day of the week."

"Ya, ya, talk to the hand, you pussy whipped sucker," he replied. "I hope you still know how to party, because Saturday night, we're going to let it all hang out. I'll pick you up by 7:00, so be ready," he said before hanging up.

I dressed casual, but well enough to get into any club that we decided to go to. Dan and his wife, split up about six months ago, and had been kind of floundering since then. He was trying to, single handedly, screw every girl in South Florida, and from what I'd heard, was making good progress. Christy and I had decided to be exclusive, since our second month dating, so it looked like I'd be the designated driver. No strange stuff for me tonight.

Dan brought along Keith, so we took my Expedition. After three hours, and two clubs, we decided to hit one last club and call it a night. I had switched to plain soda, but Keith and Dan were feeling no pain, as we made our way through the crowd.

They were dancing on the floor, with two hot babes, when out of the corner of my eye I spied someone I knew. Let me rephrase that, it was two people I knew quiet well; and one of them was Christy.

"Damn," I said under my breath as I watched them grab a table and order drinks. It wasn't ten minutes later they were up on the dance floor, arm and arm, dancing to a slow song. When his hands went to her ass, I had seen enough. I probably should have just ignored them, or left, but that just wasn't my style.

Waiting for them to return to their table, I crossed the dance floor, soda in hand, to confront the two of them. "So this is your idea of work," I said to Christy catching her off guard. Jerry started to say something when I stopped him. "I'm talking to Christy not you asshole," I said loud enough that most people, in the tables around us, now took notice.

"Steve, you know Jerry," Christy stammered trying to regain her composure. "We decided to take a break and just ended up here," she continued. "Would you like to join us?" she asked.

"Christy, how stupid do you think I am? He was almost dry humping you, on the damm dance floor. If this is your idea of work, I want a job like yours," I said sarcastically.

At this point Jerry got up, and we went nose to nose. "Look shit head, she's with me tonight and if you don't like that, too damm bad. Why don't you get your ass out of here, and let me, and my woman, do what we do best," he said with a smile on his face. "Maybe I'll take some pictures tonight, and show you how a real man makes love to a woman," he said trying to bait me.

"Take the whore, she's not worth fighting over, besides I can see now that she's damaged goods," I said turning my back on the two of them. "But if I were you, I'd wear a condom tonight, you don't know who else's been in there besides the two of us," I said loud enough that everyone heard.

I went back to my table, and told Dan and Keith I was out of there. "If you guys want a ride home tonight I'm leaving right now," I told them. They looked at the two girls with them, smiled, and told me that they'd find their own way home. With that I left, more than a little hot under the collar.

It took me almost two hours, of driving around, to settle down. Jerry was an arrogant prick, and if Christy was fucking him, I wanted no part of her. Women to Jerry were a challenge. He would do whatever was necessary, to get them into bed, and then dump them like a rock. I knew a couple of his conquests personally, that's why I hated the bastard, and now it looked like he had set his sights on Christy.

When I didn't show up at her place Sunday, she called, and left me message after message on my cell phone. I erased them all, without listening to any of them. She then proceeded to filled up my home answering machine, with voice messages that, "we needed to talk," I dumped those also.

"She can't be that stupid," I thought to myself. "What did she think, after I caught her in a lie? That I would just run back to her, like it never happened, and beg her to forgive me? Not likely." Thank god after about three weeks, the messages stopped and I got on with my life.

I threw myself into work, which pleased the heck out of my dad, especially since I was on a salary. He pushed a couple of hard cases onto me, which took most of my waking hours. I think at this point, he was testing me.

Three wins, zero losses, I wrote on a blank piece of paper, and taped it to his office door. At the bottom I put a happy face, so he would know, whom it was from.

Paper in hand, he walked into my office. "I don't pay you to lose," he said in his toughest voice before cracking a smile. "Nice work though." I had just gone through my baptism by fire, and had passed. After that he eased up on me a little, and even asked my opinion on a few cases.

It had been over eight weeks since I'd last seen Christy when my dad and I were having a business lunch, at one of the local hotels.

"Hi Steve, how have you been?" a familiar voice greeted me. I looked up, and there stood Christy, in all her glory, looking as fantastic as I had remembered her.

"Hi Christy, long time no see," I replied.

"Your choice not mine," she said with just a hint of a smile. "Aren't you going to introduce me?"

"Excuse me, dad, this is Christy Wilson, we used to date a while back," I told him.

"We did a bit more than date, but that's another story," she said shaking my dad's hand. "Well I've got to go, I've got a meeting in a half hour that I need to prepare for. Don't be a stranger," she said giving me a kiss on the cheek before walking away.

"You dated that, and let it get away?" my dad said watching Christy's ass, as she walked away. "I'd give my left nut to take that to bed, just don't tell your mother I said that," he said with a laugh. "It looks like she's still interested in you," he said sitting back down in his seat.

"It's a simple story dad, the short version is that she lied to me, and I think was cheating on me," I told him.

"Do you know for a fact, that she was cheating on you?"

"Do I have proof, no, but the asshole she was with made it pretty clear what they'd be doing later that night, so let's drop it, it's a dead issue with me anyway." Well it was five minutes ago, but now I wasn't so sure.

We saw each other, here and there, over the next couple of months. She was always friendly, and always went out of her way to talk to me. By chance, we were both walking out of the same club one evening, when she spoke up.

"This is bull shit Steve, and you know it. We're nice and corgel to each other's faces, but I know you're backstabbing me whenever you get the chance. I admit it, I screwed up, what do you want me to say? I'm sorry, ok? Now can we talk, like a couple of adults?" she asked.

"What's there to talk about, you lied, you cheated on me; end of story," I told her.

"You're right, I did lie. However, I never cheated on you with Jerry or anyone else," she said loud enough that everyone, near by, was starting to stop and listen to our conversation.

"Let's get the out of here, and go somewhere quiet where we can talk. I'll pick you, up at your apartment, in twenty minutes and we'll go down by the beach," I told her.

She smiled, gave me a quick peck and told me, "ok, twenty minutes," as she ran to her car.

"What the hell was I doing? It took me a long time, but I'm over her," I said to myself. But I didn't believe it, and neither did she.

I picked her up, and we had a quiet ride to the beach. "I love it here," I told her as we walked along the waters edge, as the waves broke and soaked my shoes and pants.

"I didn't lie to you, about not sleeping with Jerry." "We fooled around, but I never slept with him," she said in her most sincere voice. "He had been bugging me to go out with him, for the last two months. I finally said yes, Tuesday night, when he called. When you called Wednesday, I figured you wouldn't be happy, but I'd make it up to you on Sunday, and you'd never know; I'm so sorry" she told me.

"Where do you want to go with this?" I asked her.

"I want you back in my life," she replied squeezing my hand. "Just give me another chance, you won't regret it," she said giving me a full mouth kiss. "I really do love you."

My gut told me to run, but both of my heads, talked me into giving her another chance. In a month we were an item again, and nine months later, I was saying I do in church. She moved into my house and we started our new life together. You might think I was dumb, and stupid, and you'd be right, but only partly right.

Before we got married, I had my dad's best divorce attorney, draw up an iron clad pre-nup agreement. It wasn't fancy, but it was direct and to the point. Any cheating, and I mean any cheating, by either party, would result in an immediate separation and a divorce. Also, cheating wasn't limited to just screwing around either. It also included lying, disrespecting the other, and or ruining the reputation of the other party. It gave examples, and was detailed enough, so any idiot could understand it.

"I think this is un-necessary," Christy said signing the pre-nup, "but I love you enough, to know you'd never screw me over," she told me.

"Babes, the agreement goes both ways. If I screw around on you, you've got me by the short hairs also," I said with a smile. "But that's never going to happen," I said grabbing her and dragging her upstairs to our bed. Like I said, she could fuck a guy to death, if she wanted to.

"You'll never guess who's back in town?" Christy said one day at dinner. "Jerry Collins moved back to town, with his new wife, and kid last month," she said waiting for my reaction. "He wants to know, if we'd be interested in having dinner with him, and his wife, next Saturday."

"Not a chance in hell," I replied not even looking up from my newspaper.

"I still have to work with the clinics he manages, so I'm going to come in contact with him about every other week," she explained to me.

"Work is one thing, getting together socially is a whole lot different," I said starting to get a little angry. "Babes, you can't have that short a memory, of what Jerry almost did to us? And you want me to break bread with the asshole, I'd rather be gang raped by a bunch of Hells Angels."

"Well, since he's the office manager of the two clinics, I've got to be nice and work with him, my lively hood depends on it," she said in almost a definite manner.

"Working with, is one thing, sleeping with, is an entirely different matter," I said in a now pissed off tone.

"Steve, I told you nothing happened between us," she said almost spitting the words out at me.

"I know what you said, but I also know his reputation also," I replied.

"So you think I lied to you, is that what you're saying?" she yelled back at me.

"I never said that, but the thought did crossed my mind back then."

"Screw you Steve, you can sleep in the damn guest room tonight," she said turning her back on me, heading up the stairs to our bedroom.

I knew when Christy got her dander up, she was going to be a bitch for at least two days; and she was. However, I decided to nip this in the bud, before it got too far out of hand. So on Thursday, I found myself driving to Jerry's clinics.

"Do you have an appointment?" the receptionist asked.

"No, but Jerry will see me," I said in a matter of fact voice.

"And you are?" she started to ask.

"Just tell him, Christy's husband, is here to see him." Two minutes later I was following her to his office.

"I expect this isn't a social call," Jerry said motioning to a chair in front of his desk.

"I'll stand, I don't plan on being here that long," I told him. "Look Jerry, you don't like me, and I sure as hell don't like you. Because of Christy's job, she has to work with you, but that's all. There aren't going to be any lunches, dinner meeting, and the like; do I make myself clear?" I said staring at him. "If I even think there's any thing going on, let's just say, I will be your worst nightmare."

"Steve, are you threatening me?" he asked standing up.

"Heavens no. I'm just a lawyer, giving you some free legal advice," I said with a smile.

"Well you had better tell your wife then," he told me. "But I don't know what good that'll do, since she likes my sweet stick, a lot better than that puny thing, you call a dick. I guess she doesn't yell, like a bitch in heat, when you lay the meat to her, too bad. However, if you'd like some pictures, I'd gladly send them to your office, I've got all I need," he said laughing out loud. "Now get the hell out of my office," he said in a defiant tone.

"Gladly, just remember Jerry, I'll be watching you both. I don't think the doctors in the clinic, or Christy's drug company, would take kindly to rumors of improprieties going on between the two of you," I told him. Something about collusion, between the clinic and the drug company, would make a good newspaper story though," I said turning my back and walking out

I drove back to my office, fully knowing that Jerry was probably on the phone right now, telling Christy what I'd done. "Damn her," I said hitting the steering wheel. "She's married to me, not him, and the sooner she realizes that the better off we'll all be."

I expected a blowup with Christy, but even I was surprised by the intensity of it. "How dare you go behind my back?" she screamed at me as I walked through the door. "This is my damn job, what right have you to put it in jeopardy? Do you know that Jerry is threatening to pull his account, and give it to someone else?" she yelled. "Do you know what I had to do to get that account?"

"No, I don't Christy. Please explain it to me; what exactly did you have to do, to secure Jerry's account? And by the way, I told him I had no problem with you working with him, I just wasn't going to allow him to fuck you anymore," you'll notice I said anymore.

"She stopped, and just glared at me."

"Jerry said he'd be happy to send, over to my office, pictures of you and him fucking, because he had plenty," I told her. "So if you're through, I'm going to have a beer, and catch up on a little work, because I think I just lost my appetite."

After that evening, things went from cold, to down right frigid. We slept in separate rooms, and didn't even have dinner together anymore. Neither one of us, told the other, when we'd be home, or what in the hell we were doing. Christy had dug in her heels, and wasn't budging one inch.

My family noticed the distance growing between us, but I told them to stay the hell out of it. But I did do one smart thing, I put the company investigator on my personal payroll, to watch Christy, and report back to me weekly. Did I think that Christy or Jerry would be stupid enough to try something, no, but if they did I wanted it on tape. You always want to believe that the one you love wouldn't lie to you, but right now I didn't believe a word that came out of that bitche's mouth.

Tonight, Christy made sure she had left the bedroom door open, just wide enough so I could see in. She walked around nude, and even so far as to apply lotion, to all her body parts, when she knew I was watching. Damm she was beautiful, and I was so horny I could hardly see straight, as I watched her rub lotion on her arms, and breasts, paying particular attention to her nipples. It was when she laid on the bed, and took out a large black dildo, that I almost lost it. She licked it up and down, before shoving it almost all the way down her throat. Coated with saliva, she rubbed it on her clit, before working it into her cunt.

It must have been ten inches long, and two inches in diameter, but she was working it in and out of her pussy with ease. "Oh yes, give it all to me," she said as she worked it, in and out of her cunt, as she played with her clit. "Oh God," she said as she stopped for a moment. "You want my ass too?" she said pulling the dildo out of her pussy, and putting it up to her anal opening.

I'm still amazed, that she got in as much as she did. Christy had let me do a little finger action, in the past, and we'd attempted anal a few times, but we had never gone all the way. But by what she was doing now, it looks like someone had taken her anal cherry; and it sure as hell wasn't me.

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