tagHumor & SatireFoolishness: The Sequel

Foolishness: The Sequel


Prior to reading this account the reader is directed to the original short story entitled 'Foolishness' which is available at the link below.

It was still relatively early when he got back to the caravan so he expected to find his wife Mandy watching the television, but the lounge area was in darkness and the set silent.

He opened the door of the bedroom anxiously; suddenly fearing her terminal prognosis had cut her down and found her on the divan, apparently asleep.

Troubled, he made his way around the cramped room and felt her brow.

‘It’s all right, don’t flap,’ his wife muttered weakly. ‘Things were a bit rough after you went, so I took a tablet and had a nap. I feel much better now and will get up to share a pot of tea with you.’

‘I’ll make it,’ he offered with relief. ‘I shouldn’t have left you alone.’

‘That’s nonsense, there was nothing you could have done,’ she argued as she got out of bed. ‘You can’t change things, so don’t spend the rest of your life fretting about me and my tumour.’

They watched the news with their drink and then switched the set off.

‘I’m not in any great hurry to return to bed,’ Mandy announced as her husband gathered up the crockery. ‘Let’s talk for a while.’

‘Sure, if that’s what you want to do,’ Timothy sat down again. ‘What’s on your mind?’

‘Nothing of any great importance,’ she said evasively. ‘It’s just that we seem to avoid talking about the future these days.’

‘Are you surprised about that?’

‘I suppose not,’ she agreed, ‘but you have a future, even if it doesn’t include me and you should be planning for it.’

‘Please don’t talk like that,’ he complained with a lump in his throat. ‘I’m just living from day to day, grateful for each hour we have together.’

‘But, nevertheless, you went out tonight,’ she observed with a smile. ‘Did you enjoy yourself?’

‘Not much,’ he grunted noncommittally.

‘Why not? Didn’t she come across?’ Mandy asked with a grin. ‘Perhaps you’re losing your touch!’

‘What on earth are you talking about?’ Timothy flared defensively. ‘Whatever makes you think I’ve been with a woman?’

‘Because I know you,’ she almost whispered. ‘There’s no way you were seeking solitary amusement, although heaven alone knows when you had the opportunity to set it up.’

‘I don’t think your opinion of me is very flattering,’ he muttered, embarrassed by her understanding of what made him tick.

‘Please don’t go and get upset,’ she said firmly. ‘At this stage of my life I would prefer honesty between us instead of your usual hedging. It doesn’t hurt me to know you can enjoy yourself with another female, in fact, I’m only too pleased you can find some relief during these difficult times. Further more, I honestly hope you’ll manage to establish another relationship when I’ve gone. However, I have to admit to being nosy about who she was tonight and how you arranged the assignation.’

‘I was conned into something by a young prostitute,’ Timothy mumbled, surprised at his own candour.

He quickly explained what had happened and how he’d been duped, not sparing her any of the details. Mandy had asked for honesty and he provided it without frills.

‘You have to give her full marks for initiative,’ she said with amusement when he’d finished, ‘and she’s obviously a good actress, deserving every penny she gets for putting on such a performance for dirty old men like you. What a pity she has to pass the cash on to the pimp afterwards.’

‘I’m not sure he’s a pimp in the real sense of the word,’ he said slowly. ‘From what I saw, I think he’s just a boyfriend looking after the loot between clients.’

‘So she’s probably looking after his sexual urges as well?’

‘From the way they were behaving, I should think it’s a certainty,’ Timothy agreed with a frown. ‘Why is that so important?’

‘Just a little idea I’ve got,’ she murmured with an impish grin. ‘Even though you know what her game is, could you raise any enthusiasm for a second offering?’

‘What? You mean fuck her again?’ Timothy could hardly believe he was having this discussion with his wife. ‘To be absolutely truthful, yes I think I’d enjoy another shot, especially now I wouldn’t have to fight my conscience about the circumstances.’

‘Then let’s go back to the café tomorrow and see if she puts in an appearance,’ Mandy suggested eagerly. ‘If we find her, I’ll get lost while you make another appointment. Tell her how much you enjoyed the first time and beg for another opportunity, but, whatever you do, don’t let on you’ve cracked their little scam.’

‘Then what?’

‘You keep the appointment and, for the first time in your life, enjoy an adolescent floozy with my approval, but it’s important that you start with a condom this time,’ she said slowly. ‘I’ll come with you and remain out of sight until you’ve returned to the car, then I’ll put on a performance of my own.’

‘Doing what?’

‘Never mind, you don’t need to know that,’ his wife whispered. ‘All you’ve got to do is make the most of the opportunity, take pleasure from a good shag and then advise her that you enjoyed it better the first time without a condom, then leave the rest to me. Hopefully I’ll wreak a little revenge on your behalf.’

‘I’d rather know what you’re up to.’

‘Don’t worry, it’s nothing very drastic,’ she assured him, ‘and I’ll tell you all about it afterwards. You’ll act more naturally if you don’t know what’s to follow your pleasure. Now take me to bed as all the excitement is taking its toll.’

They sat in the café for an hour before she arrived. This time the blouse was pale blue, matching the original colour of the tight jeans. She looked even better than he’d remembered and it was difficult to grasp that her glowing innocence was only a veneer covering a devious whore.

Timothy nudged Mandy and carefully indicated to the girl as she strutted along the length of the counter, apparently contemplating the food on display but also ensuring every male in the vicinity had his eyes on her. Finally she joined the queue, purchased a can of cola and made for the same corner she’d used previously.

He watched her take stock of the potential clients as she looked around to assess each individual at the other tables. Their eyes met and she gave a brief smile before looking elsewhere.

‘Okay, I’m off to the loo,’ Mandy whispered. ‘Take care to maintain your infatuated image.’

He waited until his wife was out of sight, having made sure the youngster had seen her depart and then moved towards his goal.

‘Hello,’ he whispered, ‘remember me?’

For a moment she looked startled, turning her big blue eyes towards him.

‘Of course, how could I possibly forget,’ she eventually murmured with a warm smile. ‘It was your generosity that permits me to be here with cash in my pocket.’

‘I got good value for the money,’ he led her on, ‘and I hope you’ve got no regrets? You did seem a bit upset when I left last night.’

‘Oh, that was only a childish reaction when I realised I’d been behaving like a prostitute,’ she said woefully. ‘I’m over that now.’

‘I’m pleased to hear it. It would be stupid to punish yourself for a single act within your unfortunate circumstances of yesterday,’ he pandered to her parody. ‘Mind you, it’s a pity you’re not a professional, as I enjoyed it so much I’d be back begging for the chance to buy another session with you.’

She looked at him quickly, hesitated and then grinned.

‘If you feel like that, perhaps I shouldn’t deprive you,’ she whispered coyly. ‘You did me a very big favour yesterday and one more time won’t do me any harm, especially if you were prepared to pay again?’

‘Of course,’ he replied, nodding eagerly, ‘that goes without saying.’

‘All right, why not?’ She exclaimed brightly. ‘Same place at six this evening?’

He agreed the date and was back at his table when Mandy returned.

‘It’s done,’ he affirmed quietly. ‘Let’s get out of here before she smells a rat.’

They drove to Rayner’s site to give Mandy a chance to reconnoitre the area. The tent was still there, with the boyfriend busy at a Primus stove.

After a few minutes of thought she nodded her head with satisfaction and suggested they should go on to Corfe for a pub lunch.

‘You must remember to pick up a packet of condoms,’ she reminded him. ‘They’ll probably have a vending machine in the toilets at the Queens Head.’

They sat in the almost deserted hotel garden with their meal, enjoying the sunshine and each other’s company. Mandy was more alert than she’d been for a long time and kept on about the arrangement for that evening.

‘Did you manage to find some Durex?’

He confirmed his success by tapping his trouser pocket.

‘Have you got enough cash to pay her?’

‘Yeah, but I’m not going to be so bloody generous this time,’ he growled, ‘and I’ll make sure she earns every damned penny.’

‘Do that and enjoy every minute of it with my blessing,’ she said, ‘but then grow up and stop lusting after young girls. You need to establish a stable relationship with somebody more mature, or, better still, find another marriage partner for when I’m gone.’

‘I’m not trading you in yet,’ he answered gruffly, trying to make light of her advice. ‘You’ll not get rid of me that easily.’

‘You’ve got to face facts,’ she replied sharply, ‘and I’ll rest easier in the hospice if I know there’s somebody to look after you.’

‘I tell you now, whatever happens, I’m not getting married again,’ he told her decisively. ‘Nobody is capable of replacing you and I’m not going to make you promises I don’t intend to keep.’

‘All right, calm down,’ she chuckled. ‘It’s your life to do what you will with, but at least you know how I feel about it.’

‘Anyway, I’m much too old and set in my ways to contemplate starting over again,’ he muttered as an after thought, partly mollified by her apparent surrender on the subject.

‘But you’re not too old to go fucking young girls!’

‘That’s only lust,’ he admitted, ‘just a physical craving that’s pleasant to satisfy. A bit like eating a cream cake, naughty but nice with no long term benefit. You need to love a wife!’

‘Do you love me still, after all this time?’

‘You know I do.’

‘Then say it.’

‘I love you,’ he dragged the words out slowly as her face lit up.

‘Thank-you darling,’ she beamed and whispered. ‘Now prove it. Take me back to the caravan and make love to me before you go to dissipate your lust on that young hussy.’

He did…

With his libido vented by a caring session with his wife, Timothy’s anticipation of the early evening appointment did not reach the same pitch of excitement as the previous day. In fact, he felt very much in control of his emotions as he drove towards the campsite.

Sure, he was looking forward to invading the wench’s body, but this time he could reduce the urgency to maximise the pleasure.

Once again he parked away from the meeting place, leaving Mandy in the car to follow and conceal herself once he was in the tent.

The girl was waiting at the lay-by and didn’t enquire why he was on foot, anxious only to get him inside to complete the business.

‘Same price as before,’ she stated while zipping the tent flap shut and holding out her hand.

He took out his wallet and passed her a note.

‘Only twenty?’ She asked peevishly, waving it in front of his face. ‘Last time it was forty.’

‘This time I’ve remembered to bring a condom.’

‘Oh, I see,’ she acknowledged sourly. ‘Are you sure you wouldn’t prefer a bare back ride? The thought of rubber between us tends to put me off.’

‘No, I think it’s better for you to be protected,’ Timothy said gratuitously as he started to undress. ‘A beautiful young thing like you shouldn’t be taking risks.’

He was naked and squatting on the groundsheet before she reluctantly accepted the situation and unfastened her jeans. While she stripped he ogled her perfect form and stiffened below.

She dropped onto the sleeping bag and spread her legs while he rolled the Durex down his shaft.

Entering the moist channel he slid in easily.

He moved back and forwards very slowly, positioning his body for maximum contact with her clitoris. Resisting her attempts to speed things up, he deliberately postponed his ejaculation and toyed with her for ages until she climaxed violently.

Breathing heavily and looking sheepish, she indicated he should withdraw.

‘Jesus,’ she puffed, ‘I wasn’t expecting that. I feel like I’ve run a mile.’

‘Didn’t you enjoy it?’

‘You’ve completely knackered me,’ she evaded the question as she sat up. ‘That’s an awful lot of energy to expend for a mere twenty quid.’

‘You want to earn some more?’ Timothy asked, raising his eyes to her face.

‘Yeah, why not, you want to do it again? Maybe without the rubber?’

‘I agree it was better without the condom last time,’ he replied, keeping faith with Mandy’s instruction on the subject, ‘but now I’d like something different. I want to lay back and enjoy being pleasured without any effort on my part, so how about providing some oral delight.’

‘What do you want me to do and what do I get for doing it?’

‘I’ll give you a menu to work to,’ he said as he rolled onto his back. ‘Removing the Durex and licking my dick clean will earn you five pounds. Continue until I’ve got another hard on and you’ll get a further fiver. Letting me shoot off in your mouth brings five more. Showing me that you’ve swallowed the spunk without dribbling will increase the total to twenty pounds. Are you game?’

‘Yeah, I suppose so,’ she muttered, sounding far from enthusiastic. ‘You don’t want to nibble my fanny at the same time?’

‘Nope. Apart from fondling you while you’re at it, all the work is down to you,’ he declared decisively.

Without another word, she bent over and removed the condom by pulling on the filled teat with her fingers until the rubber slid from his limp organ, spilling semen over his balls.

‘Lap that up at the same time,’ he instructed as she crouched ready to start.

At first he remained still, enjoying the sensation of her tongue wiping around his scrotum and engaging the root of his tool. Before long his soft penis was sucked into her mouth and he felt her fingers pulling at his balls to ease the foreskin back.

Not bad, he had to admit to himself as she ran the tip of her tongue underneath the bulbous head of his cock, she’s obviously done this before!

He felt a twitch as his manhood swelled slightly and threatened to grow stiff.

Reaching out, he caressed a pendulous breast and rubbed her nipple between his fingers.

Issuing a low moan from the side of her mouth as she continued the massage of his organ, she raised her leg and straddled him, sandwiching his head between her thighs.

Running his hands gently up and down the smooth skin of her slim limbs, he contemplated the open crotch just above his face. The red and purple fold of skin parted to expose her clitoris surrounded by a wisp of dank hair. The odour of the cocktail resulting from their earlier sex crept into his nostrils as a drop of moisture fell onto his lips.

He sucked the viscous fluid into his mouth as he looked down the length of her body, between the swinging tits to her mouth still busy at his groin.

It was too much. His cock went rigid as the red mist descended.

Despite his previous resolve to resist, he raised his head, poked her core with his tongue and drank from her dripping fanny.

With a shudder of delight, she pressed her cunt down hard to his mouth while nipping the head of his throbbing appendage with her teeth. Squirming with the orgasm that was starting to overtake her, she almost swallowed his entire penis before it spurted its fluid down her throat.

Timothy almost suffocated as she squelched her way to the zenith of her climax before rolling off him.

‘I could learn to enjoy servicing you,’ she murmured appreciatively, fingering his spent dick. ‘Have you got any more tricks like that to show me?’

‘No, I reckon I’m finished for today,’ he replied, exhausted and almost oblivious of the fact that she was again sucking his flaccid member.

‘That’s a pity,’ she mumbled, still persevering with her attempt to revive him. ‘If you could manage it, I’d be happy to continue at no further cost,’

Timothy glanced at his watch and suddenly realised poor Mandy had been hanging about outside for almost an hour.

‘I’m sorry, I have to go,’ he stated, pulling away from her and reaching for his clothes. ‘I’ve already stayed longer than I intended.’

Dressed, he handed over the second note while she still sat naked on the sleeping bag. His eyes wandered over her shapely little body for the last time as he sighed with regret and let himself out of the tent.

Without pausing to identify Mandy’s location, conscious of the fact that the boyfriend was probably watching the tent, he walked to the lay-by and made directly to the car down the road.

His wife joined him thirty minutes later, sniffing as she climbed into the passenger seat.

‘My God, whatever did you get up to in that tent,’ she asked in mock horror. ‘Not only did you keep me hanging about longer than I’d expected but you niff a bit! It pongs like a brothel in here. Did you shove your head into her as well as your prick?’

‘Not quite,’ Timothy laughed self-consciously as he wound the window down, ‘but it was a close thing.’

‘Well, I hope you enjoyed it, because you’ll not be welcome there again.’

‘What have you done?’

‘Only given them something to worry about for a few hours,’ she replied. ‘I waited until the boyfriend put in an appearance and then played the irate wife.’

‘What, threw a tantrum, you mean?’

‘No, quite the opposite. I was concerned, as the spouse of a randy old goat, that they might rue the time you’d spent with the girl.’

‘I don’t understand.’

‘It went something like this,’ Mandy took a deep breath and recounted the event. 'I introduced myself and said I’d been looking for you for hours. The girl recognised me from this morning in the café so it was credible. I told her I had reason to believe you’d been with her for sex. She blushed and gibbered, expecting me to be mad at her, but I explained I was resigned to your lecherous ways and was only worried whether or not you’d been a responsible lover.’

She paused and giggled before going on.

‘I asked whether you’d worn a rubber and feigned great relief when she confirmed it. But then she obviously wanted to know why I was so concerned, so I told her you had a particularly contagious venereal disease that wasn’t responding to treatment. They both looked pretty white around the gills by the time I left.’

‘What did you gain by doing that?’

‘Sweet revenge for them taking advantage of you. They’ll suffer a restless night before they get to the clinic for a check-up tomorrow, that’s all,’ she said with a grin, ‘and I’m sure they’ll move on pretty soon afterwards. It'll probably be some time before she contemplates pulling that scam again!’

‘No more nookie for me then,’ he joked.

‘Not with her, that’s for sure,’ his wife confirmed with a self-satisfied smile. ‘Maybe I’ll give you a cuddle later, but not until you’ve washed off the stench of her. Come on, let’s go.’

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