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Foot Slave


I first married in 1997 when I was 20 years old. I met a local businessman who ran a number of stores by my mother's house. I was and still am attractive; I have a size 10 figure and long blonde hair. My secret is that I have had breast surgery to make my breasts d cup and firm.

Paul was going to be my slave, not bad considering he was wealthy and had his pick of the girl's in my area. He did make me sign a pre-nup agreement but I made it my resolve to work on him and take control of his life. I guessed he had a submissive side.

I had him under my control just because I discovered his foot fetish. Poor hubby used to give me massages and stared at my feet for a long time. At first I didn't know what a foot fetish was but Paul would readily agree to buy me high heels and boots whenever we had sex together. It didn't take me long to work out that my feet made him hard and weak at the same time.

I remember my first night of slow seduction with Paul. We had been married a year and I felt I deserved more of his hard earned money. I was getting bored of have high heel's as presents and wanted cash to enjoy myself.

Paul had booked a nice hotel and dinner for me on our anniversary so I made my plans. I booked into the room earlier then Paul to get ready. I chose a short over the knee skirt, black and sexy. I know that my see through top would do the trick for Paul especially as I was blessed with nice 32d breasts. I let my hair fall down my back; a natural blonde and I know that men notice my hair.

My new heels were open toe and had a 4-inch heel, black and sexy. Paul walked into our room and he was restrained as usual but I knew I had him burning with desire.

At the dinner he had arranged I told Paul how much I loved him while I casually rubbed my heels on his legs under the table. Paul was becoming breathless and was visibly watering around the mouth. I had him under my control but he just had to realise it.

I said, "Paul, I know that when I press my heels into your foot or leg you really enjoy it."

He murmured that he was a leg man but I knew that he was trying to hide his weakness.

I said "Paul, you love my feet, why don't you admit it, you can trust me I am your wife and I want to know your fantasies so I can fulfil them and be a good wife. I see you staring at my feet and I know that you would love to kiss them."

Paul was pretending to look shocked and said he just loved my legs as they were perfect.

" Oh Paul, I must have got you wrong. If you said you would worship my feet I would have done so many things for you. I would get them massaged and then if you begged I would let you kiss them. I think I could make you beg to kiss them. If you think I am on the wrong track just tell me know and I will stop now"

I stared right into his eyes; the first one to break the silence was the loser.

Paul lowered his head and said in a low voice " I love your feet and would worship them all day long. My dream is to be your slave and submit to you but I need to trust you because I get so weak and want to submit so much I get worried in case you clear me out financially."

"I wouldn't take advantage Paul, I know how far to go and if you were my slave I would take all the stresses out of your life, let me control your life and make decisions for you."

I could see Paul was whimpering and acting like a puppy so while he was in this state I asked him to settle the bill. Upon settling the bill I told Paul to go to the hotel room we had booked and wait for me naked and on his knees.

"Paul, I want you to do this for us. I will promise you that you will never had an intense an experience as I am going to give you. Now be a good slave and wait for me in the room while I finish my drink."

Paul almost run to the elevator. I waited and finished my drink. I also wanted to leave my number for a businessman who made a pass at me when I went to the ladies room earlier. I slipped him my number at the bar and asked him to phone me in a few days.

I entered the room and there was my husband on his knees and naked. I felt such satisfaction because I had been a lowly housewife in his eyes. Paul controlled me with his money and now the tables had turned. I slowly walked behind Paul. I pushed his head down by the back of the neck and then moved in front of him again.

Paul was on his knees staring at my high heels." Now, husband of mine I am in charge. I will become your Mistress and you will address me as Mistress Toni. Do you understand boy"

How he must have wondered how much I knew about domination but I had trawled the Internet for ideas and many came from this site.

" I understand Mistress."

" Now follow me slave."

I walked towards the bed and sat down and motioned Paul to come towards me. Paul was kneeling at my feet with his face just above my shoes.

"Paul, if you want to kiss and lick my heels then you have to beg for the honour."

Paul started begging straightaway. I crossed my leg so the open toes of my right foot were just below his nose.

" Please Mistress let me lick your shoes, I beg you, I will do anything for you."

I didn't want to give in that easily to him, Paul was my slave. The whole basis of this foot worship was to get money out of my husband. I rubbed the tip of my toes and shoe under his nose. Just to tease him I let him suck the tip of my heel for the briefest of moments.

This made him even weaker and in my control. I preferred sex but what was the point when I could get money and control just by using my feet.

"Paul, I think you should be nicer to me not just tonight but every day. I think if you want to lick my heels you should pay. I need new sexy outfits to go out with. I'm only young and I want to go out clubbing more. I could dance all night in my high heels and when I get home you could lick my shoes clean. Would you do that for me? I have so many girlfriends that still go out every week and I miss it."

The state Paul was in I think he would have eaten the sole of my shoe if I asked.

"Yes Mistress, anything I could give you an allowance every week and clean your shoes with my tongue before and after you go out."

I had him, his cock was harder then I had ever seen it. I put one foot under his cock and lifted his head with my other foot." Lick my shoes clean now slave. I want long slow kisses while I film you on my camera phone."

I don't think Paul realised how much I would control him. He was so good at licking my shoes. I made him admit he loved to lick girl's heels and feet. After about ½ an hour on the shoes I made him take them off with his mouth.

" Now Paul you are going to lick the inside of my toes clean and the heel of my foot. I want you tell me how much of a pervert you are. I want you to tell me what a good slave you will be. You will worship me every hour of the day and treat me like a Queen. Talk into my camera phone as you do it."

Silly Paul admitting all his fantasies as I recorded him. When I had recorded him for half an hour on my phone with him telling me he would wash my thongs by hand every day, let me go out when I want and give me money every week. I also filmed him licking in between my toes.

" Paul. I have bought some handcuffs with me and I want to tie you to the bed so I can tease you more."

I had had sex with Paul with him handcuffed before but this was different. After I made sure he was cuffed properly I went to the laptop in the room that I had bought with me. Paul looked up to see what I was doing, still hard and in my control.

"Mistress Toni, what are you doing."? "Slave, I am just downloading my video of you admitting to being a pervert and licking my shoes onto my email account. It's embarrassing for you if it got out onto the Internet where your customers could see it. My face is not in the video. It's safe with me but if you break any of your promises then I'll post it onto the Internet."

I walked over to Paul after I had finished on the laptop. "Let me out of these cuffs you bitch " he retorted.

"Oh Paul," I said as I grabbed his cock in my hand as I sat beside him. It didn't take long for it to go hard again. I smiled to myself, how easy this was. " You know you want to serve me. I know your weakness now and I will keep our secret if you comply." Paul groaned as he came under my control again. " Paul, I think if it is better if you don't cum because you love feeling weak don't you"

"Oh yes Mistress please I'm sorry but let me cum and I am sorry for what I said. Please let me cum."

I knew that once a man cum he changed so I put the next part of my plan into action. I was still fully dressed so I left Paul tied up and went out the room. I returned after a few minutes with ice from the machine on the landing. I put the ice on Paul's cock sand he screamed. I laughed and said " Paul, I am going to put a chastity belt on you. Don't worry about a thing, I ordered one off the Internet and it's in my case. I will put the lock on and then post the key to my mum's house using the mailbox downstairs. You don't want to cum anymore because you love feeling this weak don't you slave."

Paul agreed, I had a video of him and his balls under lock and key. I left him tied up again and went out the room to post the key. When I returned I untied Paul. He had given up the will to fight and kneeled down before me. I had the power in the relationship. He was 37 and a powerful businessman but he answered to me.

We let him lick me out then as I drifted to sleep I made him hand wash my underwear.

More to follow.

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