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Foot Slave


Nervously my finger pressed the buzzer, within ten seconds the release mechanism clicked and opened the door, I pushed it ajar and entered a dimly lit hallway, a stair case lay in front of me, leading down to a single ominous black door, I walked down and knocked,

"You may enter." Came the quick curt reply.

Sheepishly I entered, and closed the door behind me.

The room was spacious and painted a matt black with a cold stone floor, recess lights in the ceiling were dimmed to give a low glow of light, the striking furnishings and the various chains and restraints which hung from the wall gave no illusion that this was anything other than a dungeon.

Directly in front of me across the other side of the room was a large dark wooden throne, sat on the throne with her legs crossed and her arms folded was my new mistress. She was dressed in a shiny black PVC catsuit which clung to her beautifully shaped physique, the PVC covered her entire body leaving only revealing a tempting show of cleavage, her hands and of course ending just above her ankles it revealed her beautiful feet. She was wearing black stappy patent high heels, with the most exquisite feet I had ever seen, they were perfectly shaped and extenuated by the high curve in the shoe, her toenails were painted a deep red, a stunning contrast to the black PVC. Adorning her right ankle was a silver ankle bracelet with a small key attached, a key that unbeknownst to me at that time would be the key that would hold me as her slave.

"Take off your clothes!"

I immediately took off my shirt, trousers and underwear and threw them in the corner of the room, I immediately felt both embarrassed and humbled to be standing naked in front of this powerful dominatrix.

"Get down on your knees and crawl to me."

I dropped to my knees and began to crawl on all fours, feeling the coldness through the stone floor, when I got to within a meter of her throne she looked down at me.

"That's enough, stop right there."

I felt so powerless, kneeling in front of this beautiful woman who was controlling my every move and consuming my every thought.

Uncrossing her legs and stepping down off the throne and on to the floor she walked over to the wall and unhooked a dog collar and a pair of wrist cuffs with a short chain attached linking each cuff. As she came closer I could see the inscription in bold letters on the collar, it read "SLAVE".

She walked slowly behind me and attached the thick leather collar around my neck strapping it tight, then grabbing my arms and hoisting them up she put the leather cuffs around each of my wrists, then she took out a small padlock and hooked it around the hoop on the front of my new "SLAVE" collar, then grabbing the chain between my bound wrists she clasped it midway to the neck collar, thus restraining my arms from moving more than a few short inches away from my face and most importantly ensuring I couldn't touch myself and thus deny me any pleasure until that little key dangling from her ankle unlocked the padlock, I knew it was going to be some time before that privilege was bestowed upon me.

Then a leash of chain was attached to the back of my collar, the chain rattled above my head as some of the cold links touched my back. Holding the leash in one hand she walked slowly around me, putting her finger under my chin to ensure I was staring at waist level, my head positioned upright my eyes strained downwards trying to get a glimpse of her feet once more, as she circled my naked body with her sexy high heels clicking loudly with each slow teasing step.

"Now.........Now you are my FOOTSLAVE, you will beg and grovel at my feet, you will be mine to tease, torment and punish. Is that understood slave!!"

"Yes...Yes I understand."


"Yes Mistress, Sorry Mistress."

As I replied my head fell and my eyes caught sight of her beautiful feet

"Did I give you permission to look down at my feet? Did I slave!"

"No Mistress, sorry Mistress."

"Don't you dare look at my feet until I allow you to, is that understood slave!"

"Yes Mistress, Sorry Mistress."

I was completely at her mercy.

"So slave, you have a foot fetish don't you, you love looking at women's feet, always wanting to kiss, lick and worship them, you're such a pathetic little footslave aren't you!"

"Yes Mistress, I am a pathetic foot slave."

"Well you're going to be my footslave now, you see where my black PVC catsuit ends, well that is where you begin foot boy, you belong at my feet you pathethic little slave. "

With that she sat back up on the throne, dragging me towards her with the leash.

"Lie on your back with your head below my feet slave."

"Yes Mistress, thank you mistress."

Immediately I lay under her as she crossed her legs and dangled her high heel over my face.

"Kiss the soles of my shoes and remove them for me footslave."

Using my elbow angled myself and strained to kiss the black patent sole of her shoes just as instructed, and then, with my hands still restricted I unbuckled the high heel straps and gently slipped off her stiletto shoes, revealing her beautiful soles resting just inches above my eyes and lips.

"Well, well, What a good obedient little foot slave you are, I think I might give you a treat foot slave, I am going to allow you to lie below my beautiful feet and you will be allowed to look at my soles, and my arches and my toes. You're such a lucky little footboy aren't you!"

"Oh Yes Mistress, thank you mistress."

As I lay under her feet, lying naked on the cold floor with my cock standing to full attention, I was truly mesmerized by her exquisite soft shapely soles, I stared in awe at what lay before me, something that was so pleasing to my loins but yet so unattainable.

"Now you are not allowed to lick my feet but I want you to stick your tongue out so Mistress can tease you, you will always have your tongue ready to serve my feet, but I will decide when I will allow you to lick them - tongue out slave!!"

I stuck my tongue out as far as it could go raising my head trying to reach the sole with my lapping tongue, but it was only to heighten my arousal and tease me further, my foot Mistress had no intention of allowing her slave to lick her feet.

I lay underfoot for what seemed like an eternity, awestruck by the beauty of her feet that now dangled over my head. I craved the slightest touch of her beautiful feet.

"Get back on your knees slave." With my wrists bound so close to my neck I awkwardly rolled on the floor like a pathetic worm and gracelessly knelt before my new Queen. Too humbled to make eye contact my head stooped downward, receiving a visual foot treat, instantly my Mistress raised her foot below my chin, her beautiful red manicured toenails just inches from my wanton mouth.

"Now foot slave I want you to be my foot stool for the next few hours -- prostrate your self before me slave."

Removing her controlling foot from my chin, I put my hands on the floor, the slave collar and chains also dragged my head down to floor level, I knelt before her with my back hunched so her feet could rest comfortably.

"That's where you belong footslave below mistress's feet at all times, isn't that right footslave!"

"Yes Mistress, thank you Mistress."

"You love being my pathetic little footslave, don't you!"

"Yes Mistress I love being your foot slave."

I could feel her feet resting on my back, feeling so powerless with her sitting above me, using me as her pathetic foot stool.

I kept my uncomfortable position below her feet for so long my knees began to pain, but I knew I was pleasing my mistress so I didn't move a muscle until my mistress commanded me to. Lifting her feet from my back she placed her right foot on my shoulder and harshfully pushed me back, tugging the leash to ensure I upright kneeling position.

"You would love to smell my feet wouldn't you footslave, you'd love to stick your nose between my toes and savor them!"

She held her foot just inches from my face, I was mesmerized by her bare sole.

"Beg for it slave, beg! beg to sniff my foot, I know how much you want to, don't you footslave."

"Please Mistress, please allow me to smell your beautiful feet."

Then wrapping the leash around her wrist she pulled it hard, bringing my face to her foot, my nose buried in her toes they smelt divine, I wanted so badly to begin kissing and licking but knew to restrain myself for fear of being punished, and my privileges, whatever ones I had would be withdrawn. I audibly sniffed at her toes, breathing it all in, with my Mistress smirking down at me. After some time, with my nostrils full of the scent of my Mistresses bare feet, my mistress uttered the words I longed to hear.

"Would my little footslave like to worship my feet, I think my slave would you like to kiss and lick my beautiful sexy feet, wouldn't you slave!"

"Oh yes, please, Please let me worship your feet."

"Please What!"

"Please Mistress, Please let me worship your feet."

"I want to hear you beg, slave. Grovel at my feet and beg like a proper footslave!"

"Oh Please Mistress I am your pathetic footslave, please allow me to worship your beautiful feet, please let me lick your beautiful soles, and kiss your toes, P-l-e-a-s-e Mistress."

She looked down at my face, which was strained from the teasing and torment that her feet were inflicting on my mind and my raging hard on, she crossed her legs yet again dangling her foot inches from my face. She realized the power her feet had over me and relished using it. She teasingly wiggled her red toenails right in front of my face.

"I said tongue out footslave, tongue out at all times, I want you to look like my pathetic slaveboy ready to serve me when I allow you, is that understood!"

"Yes Mistress, sorry Mistress."

I immediately stuck my tongue out as far as it could go waiting in anticipation of planting the first kiss on her beautiful feet. Then lifting her foot up her bare soles hovered just above my head I tilted my head back following her every move with my eyes and salivating tongue, she continued to move her foot above my head, swirling just out of reach, I felt so powerless, kneeling on the floor with my hands bound and a slave collar around my neck, following my Mistresses feet as the moved from side to side and up and down, like a cruel game to tease her eager footslave.

"Would you like to kiss them foot slave?"

She said as she brought her foot to within half an inch of my tongue.

"Oh yes please, please Mistress, please let me kiss your beautiful feet."

"You may kiss my feet."

This was the moment I had been waiting for, shuffling on my knees, my face edged closer to her bare foot and pouted my lips ready to plant kisses on her divine feet, my lips made contact with the centre of her soft sole I held my lips on her foot, and closed my eyes to show gratification for this gesture my Mistress had granted me. Then I started kissing all over the soles of her feet, I was overwhelmed with arousal, and kissed feverishly, feeling possessed by her naked foot on my lips. Then I began to kiss her toes as she moved them towards my mouth, kisses only, even though I yearned to lick them. I kissed each toe slavishly, savoring the touch of her toes that I craved for so much. I kissed both feet all over, from the edge of the PVC catsuit, down her slender ankles, around her heels, along her soles and to each one of her beautifully pedicured toes.

"That's enough for now footslave."

"Yes Mistress, thank you Mistress, thank you for the privilege of allowing me to kiss your beautiful feet Mistress."

With that she withdrew her foot from my lips and calmly rested both feet on the floor in front of me. I bowed my head, knowing that it was my duty to look down at her feet at all times as I was her humble footslave and was there only to serve her feet.

"Now footslave, I'm getting tired of sitting down, so I'm going to go for a little walk around the room, and you slave are going to follow my every step along the floor, I want you on all fours trailing behind me, with your tongue out, and as I take a step you will lick the sole of my foot as I offer it to you, licking the dirt from my sole and keeping my feet soft and clean at all times, is that understood footslave!"

"Yes Mistress, thank you Mistress."

She placed her right foot on the crown of my head and forcefully brought me down so my elbows touched the cold concrete floor, my hands still bound to my neck dragged my head with them. Grabbing the leash she stood up from her throne taking one step to the right of me, from my lowly position I could see only the floor and the sight of her amazing foot adorned with ankle bracelet and cherry red toes.

As she moved I followed, on all fours right behind her, as she took a step she slowly and seductively raised the sole of her foot behind her, looking back over her shoulder to ensure I completed my duty correctly. With outstretched tongue I started at the tip of her toes and licked all the way up to her heels. With every slow step she made my lapping tongue licked in unison, cleaning off any dust or dirt that might blemish her immaculate soles.

After walking around the room with her footslave following pathetically behind, she finally stopped in front of a cage, it wasn't more than four foot high with cold vertical iron bars running down to meet the concrete floor, affixed to the top of the cage was a long padded black leather cushion, for my mistress to lie on no doubt, in the centre of the cushion there was a small circular hole, not big enough to allow a footslaves head out but big enough to allow Mistresses foot in.

The door of the cage opened before me.

"Crawl into your cage footslave."

On all fours I awkwardly entered the daunting cramped space, then without warning the steel door shut behind me making a loud clang with Mistress securing the bolt to keep her slave captive. I knelt inside the cage feeling so vulnerable but yet so excited, my cock was still hard and my chained hands could not reach my swollen cock to allow any pleasure, not that I would be allowed to touch my cock even if I wanted to, that wasn't my choice to make, I was a humble footslave and my foot Mistress made all my decisions for me now.

Mistress sat on the side on the cage with her legs dangling over the side, her heels were close to me but outside of my reach, tongue access hampered by the iron bars, all the same I knelt there with my tongue extended and available as the willing footslave I had become.

Then my Mistress sat on top of the cage, for the first time I couldn't see her or her feet, and I felt, alone and degraded to be kneeling naked in a cage in a dark dungeon, with my mind and my cock being teased by a powerful woman and her bare feet that ultimately controlled me. From above my head my Mistress began to speak,

"Whats my little footslave waiting for? Are you waiting for my feet slave!"

"Oh Yes Mistress Please allow me to see your beautiful feet."

"Beg foot slave, beg for the privilege of looking at my feet. I know that's all you want, your little foot fetish is insatiable isn't it slave, you can function without thinking and yearning for my beautiful feet!"

"Oh yes Mistress I beg you please allow me to look at your feet, p-l-e-a-s-e Mistress."

Then from above her dainty foot slid throw the narrow hole above my head and she gently placed her bare foot in my shackled hands, her sole resting in my palms, I quivered at the sight of her sexy red toes.

"You may hold my feet for me slave, you may look at them and you may beg for them but you will not be allowed to kiss or lick them until I allow you -- is that understood footslave."

"Yes Mistress, thank you Mistress, thank you for the honor of letting me to hold your feet and for allowing your pathetic footslave to look at your feet."

I held the ultimate object of my desire in my palm, like a fragile priceless ornament that had to be handled so gently and compassionately. There I was stripped naked, collared and cuffed, on my knees, locked inside a cage, captivated over the beautiful foot resting in my hands, I had no dignity or esteem left, they had been stripped away and had been replaced by humility and servitude for the female foot.

It was an unbearable tease to feel her soft soles in my hands, and with her foot placed so close to my face due to the short chains connecting my slave collar to my wrists, it was hard to restrain myself from worshipping those perfect toes with my willing tongue. After what seemed like hours of studying and appreciating every intricate detail of my Mistress's feet, without warning she retracted her slender foot back out through the hole brushing her tantalizing toes purposely against my cheek as they left the cage.

Mistress got down from her position above my slave cage and with leash in hand she tugged it hard, bringing my face to rest between two cold steel bars, my tongue still out at her command.

"Kiss my soles slave."

I pouted my lips as she raised her left foot to my face and I passionately planted one single kiss in the centre of her foot, my nose gentling grazing against her arch. Then her right foot was offered to me, again I my lips met her soft bare sole. This was obviously my reward for restraining myself for so long in the cage. Although I was so appreciative of the kisses I was granted, my cock yearned to be granted a greater reward.

My mistress unlocked the cage and with her grasp of my leash pulled me out, shuffling on my knees I fell to the floor, just by her feet.

"Good boy just where I want you, now you may lick the soles of my feet as I walk over to my throne footslave."

"Yes Mistress thank you Mistress."

I immediately began my foot cleaning duties at her command, slowly licking each sole from the tip of her big toe, along her soft sole and instep and finishing on her heel. As she took her bare foot from my tongue I swallowed hard and gulped down any dirt and dust that had accumulated on my tongue, knowing that when she took another step even more dirt and grime would stick to her wet soles that had just been smothered in my saliva. When she reached the throne she sat down, crossing her legs seductively so that her red toenails rested themselves inches from my mouth, I had still to suck on her beautiful toes, I wanted them so badly, and my foot mistress knew it.

"You've licked my soles are clean slave but what about my pretty little toes, does my little foot slave want to lick and suck mistresses toes? Oh I bet you do. T-o-e-s, hmmm the very word gets you exited, what a pathetic little foot slave you are!"

She flexed her foot and spread her toes before my drooling mouth, teasing me with her perfectly painted red toenails. Kneeling in an upright position before my mistress giving the full attention she deserves, awaiting permission to worship her toes and worship her feet all over. My heart was pounding in anticipation, my cock was aching from the sustained upright and unfulfilled position it had been in since the second I had walked through the dungeon door and had been peeled of my clothes and peeled of my dignity. It felt both exhilarating and yet so cruel, my mind tried to process all the feelings but my mind was elsewhere, focused on five beautiful cherry red toes.

"Oh please Mistress, please allow your pathetic foot slave to worship your feet mistress please, I beg you, please Mistress please."

Every begging word from my mouth was filled with real heart felt yearning, I was so powerless in front of her, I felt so weak before her with my arms strapped and bound to my collared neck and leashed as a pathetic naked slave.

"Tongue out then foot slave, Mistress is going to give you a treat, I am going to allow you to worship my toes, I know how much you want to lick and suck on each toe!!"

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