Football Star Pt. 02


He grabbed both of her breasts and pressed them together so the nipples were close enough to bite and lick at the same time. She moaned when he nibbled and kept rising and falling onto his cock. He sucked and played with her incredible breasts with his mouth and slid his hands down her back and spread her cheeks and pressed them together rolling her nicely formed ass in his hands. Sliding his middle finger down her crack he found her little puckered hole and was surprised to find it wet and slick and partially opening and closing as she rose up and down.

He pressed the pad of his longest finger onto her tight opening and felt her close up instinctively but he proceeded to rub it in small circle with increasingly more pressure until she opened up a little allowing just the slightest penetration. She moaned and her ass grabbed at the tip of his finger and she got more active on his cock. He held his finger still feeling her ass clamp and release on it as she grabbed his cock with her pussy. Slowly he pressed more of his finger into her up to the fist knuckle and she bucked and squirmed under the new sensation.

She was going to cum and he knew it as well by the way she was acting and how her legs grabbed the sides of his hips and she drove down onto him with purpose. More of his finger found her inner depths and she lost it grinding her clit down on his pubic bone with all of his cock deep inside of her. She screamed and her whole body convulsed as her orgasm flooded her. Her ass was grabbing his finger hard and she clenched and shook as her pussy flooded around his shaft and she came and came.


Jen watched as Jake's parents drove away and she got out of her car and kept to the shadows walking towards his house. She walked around the back of the house and followed the noise and lights she saw in the windows. She heard a TV and hid behind some bushes and peeked into the window. It was hard to decipher Megan and Jake's voices from the TV but she could see them clear enough sitting on the couch talking and everything that happened next.

Jen got aroused quick as she watched Megan suck on Jake's wonderful cock and do the milking Jen wished she was still doing to him. As she watched her hand drifted down her body and under her jeans pulling on the material of her panties. Her underwear squished into her moist folds and she rubbed her little clit and pulled on the cotton as Megan stopped sucking and mounted Jake's shinny wet cock. Jen longed to have that thing in her again and vowed to herself to make it happen.

She brought herself to a small orgasm watching Jake press his finger into Megan's unfortunately perfect ass and the jealousy kept her from fully enjoying her climax. Then when she could tell that Megan was climaxing herself Jen cursed under her breath about how lucky the little bitch was. She decided not to stay too long and snuck away soon after.


Neither Megan or Jake noticed the face in the window watching them and as Megan came off her peak she melted in Jake's embrace and he took his finger out of her bum and held her against him so she wouldn't fall over.

"Oh Jake I love to cum, I love how you can make me cum so well," she whispered. "I liked your finger there it felt better then I expected." She finished.

"I love to make you cum and I'm really glad you like that," he whispered back in her ear.

"I liked it so much I'm not afraid to try more, actually I'm excited to see what its like to have you in me there," She said and lifted her head off his chest and looked into his eyes.

Shit she was beautiful and Jake got lost in those big blue eyes and the perfect face. His cock was still firmly inside of her and she asked the question with her eyes. He knew without hearing her that she wanted to try anal and he said, "Really? Now?" and she nodded slowly.

"I read what you said in your statement so just go really slow and I'll do exactly what the other girl did." Megan said.

Jake was so excited his cock lurched inside of her and she acted like she didn't notice, got off of him and knelt doggy style in front of the couch. She was already playing with her clit and rubbing her new flowing juices all over her little puckered ass as Jake stood up and kicked his shoes and pants off. He took his shirt off next and she gave him a 'come hither' look and he approached her.

"I think I'm wet enough but just take it slow okay?" she reiterated.

Jake's cock was rock hard and still shiny wet from her pussy, but instead of just pushing his large member into her he started slow and went with a finger, then two and Megan moaned and said it was okay and she was ready for more. He fucked her ass for a few more seconds with his fingers and then pulled them free and marveled as her tight hole slowly closed.

She worked her little clit fast and added more juice to her ass as he pulled out. Jake looked down at her and hesitated just taking in how incredible she looked on her hands and knees with her ass out for him and her big firm tits hanging off her body. He loved what he saw and hadn't seen anything better ever. She smiled up at him, knowing what he was thinking, and this brought him back to the present. He took his cock in his hand and rubbed the new pre-cum all around his head and squatted down over her, bending his cock down so the head was ready to find her tight hole.

It was so hard it was difficult to bend it enough to go where he wanted it and it looked huge next to her little hole. As his head met her ass Megan went faster on her little clit and turned her head back to the ground and held her breath. Jake pressed forward and felt a tight barrier; he kept the pressure constant and let her open up to him as much as she could. Slowly after what he thought was a long time the wall eased and some of his cock entered her. Megan started breathing again and it came in quick uncontrolled gasps as his head finally popped into her.

"Oh shit, fuck Jake its tight really tight. Don't move," she said.

Jake froze and he stared at the awesome sight of his long cock extending out of her ass. He felt her muscles straining on his head a pinching him tightly. He kept quiet and still, letting her adjust the best she could and he saw her arm moving rapidly underneath her. She dropped her head to the carpet and put her other hand under her as well and went to town on her pussy and clit trying to work through the tightness. It took a long time and she never let up on her clit. Jake's legs were getting tired from squatting over her but he remained steady and didn't move either way.

"Okay Jake it's feeling a little better," she said raising her head off the carpet.

She turned and looked at him and smiled a small smile. She turned back around and Jake added some spit around his shaft and pressed further into her. She moaned and Jake saw her hand come out from under her and grab his leg pushing him back. He got the hint and stopped moving forward as her nails grinded into his calf.

"Jake I don't know about this," she said panting, "it might just be too big and I'm not ready," she got out between ragged breaths.

Jake pulled back and took what he had just pushed in back out so just his head was in again. Her hand grabbed at his leg as he did and he froze again, not wanting to pull out completely, because it felt so good. The excitement had his balls tight and he knew if she would let him move just a little he would cum quick.

Megan's ass ached and the only things keeping her from moving forward away from the pain was her clit play and knowing Jake wanted this so badly now. She bore down and pushed out and back on Jake's cock and felt his shaft press into her again. Somehow she managed and pulled back away leaving his head in and repeated the process a few more times until she was exhausted from the stress and breathing so hard. She encouraged Jake with her hand on his leg to continue while she muffled her moans in the carpet. It didn't take long and she was extremely grateful when she felt his cock leave her poor ass and a large amount of warm semen splattered on her back and ass, followed by many more long ropes of hot cum.

Jake stroked his hard engorged cock over his gorgeous girlfriends body and watched in awe at all the cum that shot from his head. It just kept coming, large long strings of cum hitting her arched back and dripping off his head onto her ass. She never moved and remained with head down as he finished up.

"Are you okay Megan?" he asked.

"I think so," she timidly said back.

"I'm going to get something to clean you off, don't move," he said and quickly left her there covered in his cum.

He quickly returned and she heard him rip a paper towel off the role and felt him start to clean off the cum. Her ass throbbed and was tender to the touch and as soon as he said she was good, after a few more sheets, she rolled over onto her back and looked up at him. Her breasts only wobbled once before coming to rest in perfect round orbs and she saw him admiring her again with love in his eyes. He looked great in all his glory and his cock was slowly shrinking with shiny cum still oozing out of his head. She had missed him while he was gone and she was really glad he was back and would do anything for him.

"Are you sure you are okay?" he asked again.

"Ya I'm great it wasn't that bad at all," she lied and motioned him to lie next to her.

He did and she snuggled up to him and laid her head on his broad chest and wrapped her sexy smooth legs around him. They lay there for a long time and then decided to get dressed before his parents came home.


Jen was in her hiding place between Jake's house and her car; she patiently waited for her prey and was excited to put her plan into action.

Chapter 7

"Are you sure you don't want a ride home Megan?" Jake's dad asked again.

"I'm sure it's only two blocks I'll be just fine," she returned, she was worried he might see her fidgeting in the car on the way home because her ass still was throbbing and hurt.

She was trying not to let anyone know including Jake and just wanted to get home and soak in the tub even though it was quite late. They all said their good byes and Jake's parents left them alone. They kissed deeply on the porch and then she turned and started walking home. Jake watched her for a while and then turned back inside the house and closed the door.

The street was lit pretty well with street lights and there were only a few dark places in between. Megan began her painful walk home trying to hurry but having to take it slow with her ass aching. She was about halfway home when she heard a strange noise right before a sharp sting in her left shoulder. She turned and looked and saw the red fluffy end of a dart sticking out and by instinct grabbed it and pulled it out dropping it on the ground. She was too late and stated feeling dizzy and her eyes blurred. As she fell she saw someone approaching her and then everything went dark.

Jen quickly put her tranquilizer gun away, picked up the dart lying next to the unconscious Megan and ran back to the car. She pulled up next to Megan and with some effort got the woman into the back seat and quickly drove back to the prepared safe house. She called Deb on the way and told her to meet her there but didn't give specifics. She only said she had done something and to meet her now.

By the time Deb finally showed up Jen had Megan blindfolded, totally naked, and tied spread eagle to the bed prepared for the next boy they were to kidnap, she was still unconscious and breathing slow and steady. Jen's hair was disheveled with her efforts and she was pulling it out of her face when Deb walked into the room.

"What the hell! Is that who I think it is?" she freaked seeing the naked woman lying on the bed.

"Megan, yes Jake's girlfriend, and before you loose it just listen to me," Jen defended. "I think we can use her to get Jake back, he'll do anything to keep her safe even if it means returning to us."

"So what? You want to just call him and tell him we have her and just hope he comes alone and doesn't call the cops?" Deb asked.

"Pretty much, we of course tell him if he contacts anyone else that we'll hurt her and we'll have him meet us somewhere else and before we get him we'll check it out and make sure its safe. We can do this I know it, just think we'll have him back!" Jen sounded excited.

"And what are you going to do with her?" Deb asked.

"I don't know, we'll worry about that later, and hell she could be fun to play with as well," Jen said with a smile and ran her hand up Megan's flat tummy and over her large breasts, slowly rising up and down. "She is very beautiful and basically perfect."

Deb approached the side of the bed and looked Megan over, "Ya but there is a few things missing on her, no cock and no balls so what good is she?" Deb asked.

"I'm sure we can think of something, I mean look at those tits, her face, and well shit everything on the bitch is gorgeous," Jen said and caressed Megan's twin orbs.

Megan's nipples hardened and she moaned in her sleep and began to come out of the drug induced slumber. Her head rolled back and forth and she made little noises and tried to move her arms. When the ropes went tight and she was unable to move she panicked and became wide awake quickly. She started to scream and pull at her restraints and fight.

Fear rushed through Megan and she knew that she was in the same predicament as Jake was. Everything was the same; blindfold, naked, tied hand and foot. She fought and fought and the knots got tighter on her wrists and ankles and bit into her flesh. Her ass was really sore now and she finally stopped struggling, whimpered and began to try and listen.

"Got that out of you system did we girl," Jen said when Megan settled down.

"Who are you? What do you want from me?" Megan asked surprised to here the voice so close.

"Oh I think you know who we are. As far as what we want...... well...... your boyfriend back and you are going to help us get him," Jen said running her hand in between Megan's breasts.

"Don't touch me bitch!" Megan screamed.

"Learning the hard way isn't wise girl. I suggest you be nice and cooperative," Deb said and Megan's head snapped towards the new voice.

"I know how this works, I know everything. One of you is 'Deb' the other 'Jen' and you plan on hurting me if I don't do as you say. I'm assuming since I can't be 'milked' that you just have me to use as bait. So why the hell am I naked?" Megan asked.

"Wow aren't you just so smart, and as far as the naked part, lets just say out of habit," Jen laughed. "And would I be able to do this if you had clothes on?" Jen asked licking her fingers and slowly rubbing the cooling saliva into one of Megan's nipples.

Megan screamed and pulled at the ropes again but the woman wouldn't stop and tugged at her right nipple sending a strange sensation through her body. She didn't know if it was pleasure or pain or a mixture of both but a thought scared her; she might actually like it. Her mind went to Jake's statement and how much he tried not to enjoy what they did to him but it was eventually impossible and Megan wondered if the same was going to be true for her.

"Stop! Let go please, you're hurting me!" Megan yelled out.

Jen didn't stop, instead she licked her fingers again and rubbed both nipples in small circles until both of them were rock hard, "You know you love it girl, don't try and pretend I know exactly what this is doing to you," Jen voiced and continued her rubbing and once they were hard she pulled. She wasn't pinching or pulling hard enough to cause pain, just hard enough to get them erect and stimulated. Jen knew if it were her nipples it would feel great.

Megan realized this as well, her captures were women and they were going to know exactly what to do to cause her pleasure and if needed pain. What they didn't know probably was the added insult of having no choice and being forced to endure what they were doing. It may have been meant to feel good but mentally it was torture.

"Please stop! It doesn't feel good please," Megan lied, it felt good but she hated herself for admitting it and felt the tale tale signs of her pussy getting moist.

Her body was going to betray her and she couldn't do anything about it. She had never had a problem with dryness, just a simple kiss or causal brush of her breasts and she would almost immediately get aroused and wet. Even against her will was no exception and she expected any second for them to pick up on that. She couldn't hide it, she was spread eagle with her legs wide and soon rather than later her clit was going to show under her hood and her lips were going to engorge and open slightly allowing her juice to ooze out and run to her anus.

Deb noticed first because she was lower then Jen, watching from down by Megan's feet. She saw just what Megan feared, her pussy was flushed and her growing clit pressed out on the folds of skin above. It got more and more noticeable as Jen continued to play with her luscious breasts releasing her nipples and running her palms over them lightly touching the erect stubs. Then adding more saliva and pinching them again causing Megan to react and roll her shoulders.

"Oh she likes it alright, her little clit is all excited," Deb said.

"I knew it...Can't fool us girl," Jen said and continued her breast play.

"No, damn it no! Just stop stop!" Megan screamed, but the two women just laughed.

Megan's pussy was humming, she could feel her own heartbeat in her clit, pressing on the hood, as the woman continued to play with her breasts. A minute later and she felt the slow oozing juice leave her vagina and begin it's decent to her sore little asshole. She really hoped they'd leave it alone at least.

"Oh shit Jen you got her juices flowing now, check it out, there's a small stream running to her ass." Deb laughed.

Megan heard her and now knew which one was which, Jen was working her tits over and Deb was apparently watching the show.

"Oh ya she likes it, just like a good girl should," Jen said. "Hey Deb hand me the oil we'll give her a real treat."

Megan heard Deb walk towards her and open something, then seconds later a cap popped open on a container and one of them poured warm oil all over her breasts and the other one, she figured was Jen still, started working it into her smooth skin. She rubbed her orbs all over and massaged them, then went back to pinching the nipples and letting her fingers slip off the ends with the slick oil. Megan couldn't help it and moaned when her nipples flipped out of Jen's hands and fell to her breasts. It surprised her, hearing herself moan, and she quickly tried to cover it by begging for them to stop, but it didn't work and they had heard her pleasure.

"Don't even bother girl you're so wet and turned on nothing you say could make us think you don't love this," Jen said and pinched them again until they squished out of her fingers.

"Plleeeese.........Stop...........ohhh.....shit please no more," Megan begged. She cursed in her head for being so venerable to pleasure and knew if they decided to finally touch her clit and pussy she was going to cum because she was already so close from just the breast play.

Her fear was realized soon after when suddenly a warm hand touched her stomach and moved lower to her shaved mound. Ever so slowly with a light touch Deb's fingers glided over her womanly folds up and down and around her inner thigh's causing tingling sensations to spread through her. Deb got more aggressive as Jen continued to massage her breasts. She felt two fingers squeeze her little nub and pull the hood way from her body. Megan couldn't stop and her back arched from the pleasure and soft touch. Next Deb used her thumb and index finger to open Megan's folds and reveal her fully engorged button, pulsing and straining out.

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