tagFirst TimeFor Claudia Ch. 01

For Claudia Ch. 01


Chapter 01: Claudia and Jen

I lost my virginity in my early twenties. I held off until then, hoping for the fairy tale. What I got was about a thousand times better.

Tonight was supposed to be the night. I was about shower off and get really dolled up to go out. I looked into the mirror with satisfaction and pride at the beautiful nude body in the full length mirror. I wasn't arrogant at all. Don't get me wrong, I went through all those phases that every woman went through in her life of sometimes hating her body. But now at the ripe age of 23, I was very happy with it. I thanked God every day and gave him credit for my health, my facial features, my brain, and all the other gifts I had. I was in great shape because I simply worked harder at it than almost any woman on the planet. I trained mixed martial arts. I was about 5'9" and fought at 125 and was ripped. I started at the top and inspected my body all the way down. I had pretty, dark eyes and a cute freckled face. My hair was long and black. Although I had kept it up while at the gym that day, I could style it and make it really shine. My arms were toned from all the boxing. My breasts were a solid B-cup, perky and standing out nicely on my slender frame. They fit perfectly in the palm of my hand, and when I squeezed, it was all breast. I had two fashionable nipple rings, the small hoop kind. I loved them, having just installed them a few weeks ago as a surprise for my boyfriend, who was overseas in Afghanistan. They brought attention to my chest in a good way and I thought made them appear sexier and bigger. This was one treat I allowed myself, since I refused to get tattoos like all the other women that competed in MMA. I even skipped the tramp stamp that most women were doing.

My gaze went down lower on my body that was tired from working out, but energized at the same time and glistening with leftover sweat. My stomach had almost no fat on it, and my muscles were clearly visible rippling beneath my skin. I shaved my pussy every day, so there was no hair visible. I ran my fingers down to my outer labia, feeling just a little stubble, which I would take care of in just a minute. I turned and admired my backside for a moment. I loved my ass. I was rock hard from all the squats and other training I gave it every day. My glutes were large and strong, and that combined with my slender waist and Latin hips allowed me to have a nice hourglass figure despite the low body fat. I knew my figure wouldn't fit with every guy's taste, but if the guys liked a fit, slender woman, I would be perfect for him.

Turning again to look at my front in the mirror, I lazily ran my fingers through my inner labia, my fingers brushing up against my clit, lightly flicking it. I knew I would climax soon if I let myself. I was way too horny. After 23 years of resisting my urges due to my strict Catholic upbringing, tonight I was going to let myself go and lose my virginity. I looked at my pussy as some silly questions went through my head. Would I feel different tomorrow? Would my pussy look the same? Would people that knew I shaved completely bare think I was slutty even though I had never put out?

Then I laughed out loud thinking of those silly questions. I also laughed at myself for having this great body I loved, but overlooking one big problem. I had a black right eye. The bitch I fought in my last fight a couple weeks ago landed a few lucky elbows before I took her down and choked her out. The swelling was gone, but there was a little blackness in the eye still. I thought it was sexy and hoped a certain someone would agree.

I showered, shaved, and dressed in a nice black bra with a nice lacy black thong underwear. I loved wearing a thong. I hated panty lines, but the biggest reason was that I actually enjoyed the weird feeling as the strap slid in place between my cheeks, the perpetual wedgie serving as a constant reminder of important pink parts down there that would need my attention later. I put on my best pair of jeans and a top that was both revealing and just conservative enough to get by. I went light on the makeup as always, gifted with a Latin complexion that could afford to do that, then styled my hair and was gone. It was time to meet my man, if I could call him that yet.

I met Lance at the bar a few nights before his deployment while I was out celebrating getting my first big promotion, although I had seen him before at my church but never had met him. He asked me out for the next night, and we got along great. He was a young Captain in the Air Force reserves, 26 years old, and very handsome. The date ended at my place. I stayed up all night talking to him at my apartment. We never had sex despite his pleas for me to "take one for my country" before he left. He was in Afghanistan for a year. We agreed to not be serious while gone, but that when he got back, we would date and see where it went because we had such good chemistry. We had fun writing and talking, and I enjoyed knowing I was encouraging a serviceman and doing my part to help a great man cope with defending our country overseas.

As his tour went on, we got to know each other better. Every now and then we'd get to use Skype videoconferencing. He did manage to get my panties off and see my pussy briefly while online, but I never let it get kinky and masturbate for him or insert anything for his viewing pleasure. I had been naked around men a lot before, so this wasn't a huge deal for me, and I really wanted to do things to help him keep his morale up and cope with being away from home and in harms way.

By the time Lance returned home safely, I thought I might be in love. This had never happened to me before. Perhaps because we got to know each other slowly and because I was one of his connections to his home world helped. We had a special connection and had a lot in common compared with other men I'd been with despite the fact that nobody in my family was affiliated with the military. I had decided I wanted to date him steady for sure and see where things went, and I was going to kick that process off with some great sex I hoped.

But it wasn't to be. I don't know for sure what happened. When the phone call came in, Lance just said he didn't want to come tonight. I probed a little and he said mentioned he'd heard stories about me, and that "he should have gotten a BJ on out first date since everyone else does." I asked for more info, but he wasn't giving it. I assumed he'd talked to a friend or two that I'd serviced in the past. Who knows what was said. I had been with a few guys from the same military post. My college, my job, and my church were all nearby. The town had many people who had seen my lips wrapped around their cock. Lance wouldn't say, he just said he didn't want to pursue a relationship with me further. I was heartbroken. I wanted to scream out that I was a virgin and to consider that in light of whatever he'd heard. I wanted to rant about the bullshit double standard that made it cool for a man to get a BJ, but made a woman a slut for giving them out freely. But I held back. The virgin part was personal info about me that nobody knew and I was planning on rewarding him with later, and I was annoyed with him for not hearing my side of the story.

This phone call came right after I got out of the shower. I was crushed. But I still had to go out. A friend of mine in church named Bob was hosting a brief dinner for me in honor of my 23rd birthday which had actually passed the week before, but I was encouraged to celebrate on a weekend with about ten other people I knew. Everyone knew I was bringing a man, and he had just bailed. This was going to be awkward. But I pressed on, determined to have a great time.

I still had a great time at the party, but people noticed and asked why Lance wasn't there, then quickly dropped it. At least they knew what I did to stay fit and didn't think Lance had given me the black eye. As the party wound down and people started saying goodbye to go home or go to church for the social event, I was helping Bob clean up. My best friend in town was another Latina named Patricia, and she had just hugged me and left, promising to call later. So I took the opportunity to get to know the host better. I thanked Bob and gave him a warm embrace as we hovered around the dishwasher. I enjoyed feeling his strong arms around me, and for a second I thought everything was okay, and I took a step toward moving on from the guy that had broken my heart hours earlier. Bob was really cool, and he was very handsome. I was rarely drawn to black men. The few I had hooked up with in the past were always responsible, soft spoken ones that I didn't get that gangster vibe from like all they wanted to do was lay me, breed me, and move on. But the friendly, educated ones did sometimes arouse me.

Under different circumstances, I would have loved to thank him properly with my talented lips. He was a little on the tall side, maybe 6'3" or so, so I thought to myself he probably had a giant cock. I'd seen a few on black men his size already, and I liked them quite a bit. They felt so powerful, and I hungered for the day I could let go of my virtue and feel that black power between my own widespread legs. But seeing how my love interest had just canceled a date because he probably he knew about all the dick I'd sucked., I thought blowing Bob might be a bad idea. That was too bad, because I was probably the most orally talented virgin on the planet, and I liked to play to my strengths.

"Go sit down at the table. I have something for you," he said, bringing me out of my daydream As I sat, Jen came in and sat across from me and gave me a warm smile. I always liked her too. I didn't know her that well, but I was drawn to her. She always had something nice to say with a nice smile. She was a beautiful, tiny blonde girl, about six inches shorter than me, petite but with a monster chest. In fact, these might be my two favorite people at my church, even though I didn't know them that well.

She gave me that smile I was accustomed to, with the large, sultry lips. "Is it just us now and Bob?" I asked.

"Just the three of us," she said. "I think he's making us drinks. Real drinks I mean."

"Good," I said with genuine appreciation. It was a church function, albeit not an official one. We didn't see any alcohol during the dinner since everyone was a Baptist and was going to a church function afterward anyway, or going home to bed early.

"He's crazy, you know," she said. She held out her hands across the table, and I clasped her hands in mine. Her genuine smile and the human touch really put my at ease. I was happy to hold her hand. Despite my amateur fighting hobby and the fact sometime my mind seemed to think like a man, I was still quite feminine and did well with female bonding.

"What do you mean?"

"Come on. He's been in a war zone for months with one of the most beautiful and cool women in the world waiting for him and he blew it as soon as he got off the plane."

I blushed at the compliment, but I really liked hearing it. "Thanks."

"Where are you from? You're an exotic beauty, and you have a Spanish accent perhaps?"

"Correct. I'm second generation Mexican American, but Spanish was my first language." I didn't look like the prototypical Mexican immigrant, very dark and a mix of native American. Although I'd never say there is anything wrong with that look, which I find beautiful. I was light skinned, but I still had the dark black hair and a nice light bronze skin tone. Of course, there are millions of Mexicans that look lighter like me, but hardly any of them were in the U.S., so people here always seemed surprised when I told them. My dark features and slight accent were just noticeable enough for people to think I was a Latina.

"Well, you're gorgeous. The cute freckles sure had me fooled. The best part is you are unique also. I don't know anyone who looks like you."

"Thank you so much, Jen. Coming from a gorgeous, blue-eyed mid-western blonde, that means a lot to me."

Bob came in and put three mixed drinks on the table and a shot glass. "The whiskey is for you, you deserve it," he said. The night was still young. At 9PM, I downed the shot quickly and then we nursed the first drink over small talk. He made them strong, and I knew I would be feeling it soon. But I needed it. He was soon serving us all a second one. "We can drive you home later if you need it, or there is the couch if you're desperate," he said.

"Thanks guys I needed this. I do not need to be at an innocent church singles gathering or moping at home alone tonight. I need to be drinking with the two coolest people in our uber-conservative congregation."

"Thank you for that," Jen said. "Bob, we're just among friends now right. Is everyone gone for sure; nobody is hooking up in the bathroom or smoking outside?"

He shook his head no. "Um, that was a church group," he reminded us. Smoking and hooking up would have been unlikely.

"Good. I hate this bra," Jen said. "My back hurts and the wires are digging into me. My tits are just too big. Do you mind if I de-bra?" She didn't wait for an answer. I was very surprised as Jen casually unclipped from the front. She then proceeded to remove the bra expertly without taking her top off. I couldn't help but look. I couldn't be sure, but they looked very real beneath her shirt. They had a nice natural hang to them, falling with a jiggle just barely lower than their supported position in the bra, and they still appeared perky and young. She had large nipples that immediately poked through her shirt. The shirt was kind of tight and low-cut, so I could easily tell Jen had remarkably large tits for a woman her size.

"I'm jealous of your rack," I said.

They are great indeed," Bob said and put his arm around Jen. I noticed the subtle gesture.

"Wait," I teased, "Is there something going on between you two?" I asked, feeling myself turn red as I thought with shame about what I was thinking of doing to Bob earlier.

"Not really," Jen answered. "We're just occasional fuck buddies."

I almost choked on a piece of ice. "Oh my god!" I said, half serious and half in mock, exaggerated surprise. "I had no idea."

"We're very discreet," Bob said.

"Why not, you know, date in public like everyone else?"

"I want to marry a nice white guy my mom will like," Jen said, obviously teasing as she rubbed the man's leg under the table. I thought I did detect a barely noticeable tone of regret or sadness in her voice though. "But this guy's cock is so big and perfect, I can only go about a week without needing a fix."

"Again, oh my God!" I joked. Bob didn't seem to mind the arrangement though and the reasons why. These two obviously had better chemistry and communication skills than most real couples. The look he was giving her only had affection and respect in it.

"Anyway, we are very discreet," Bob continued, "so you can talk to us about anything. Like what the fuck happened and why you came alone."

Their talk of casual sex emboldened me. But I didn't want to drag them down. "Come on, you guys are all upbeat and positive, I don't want to be the party pooper."

"It's not like that," Jen said. "We think you're great, and we know we can help you. Tell us what happened. We want to get to know you better and be closer friends."

"It appears my reputation is spreading further than I thought. Lance and I were never a couple really, it wasn't exclusive. But I was faithful anyway. Almost. We just had one great night, no sex, where we talked all night before he left. We talked every day we could and used Skype while he was gone. Then halfway through he says this is crazy and he wants a break from talking to me so much. I went out with a guy and hooked up. Then Lance and I started talking again. I think he might have known that guy and found out, or he might have figured out about my even more slutty ways before we were together, and that might have freaked him out. He won't talk to me, so I am not sure of the exact reason."

Both Jen and Bob were nodding. "What?" I asked.

Bob answered. "People around here have potty mouths. We know at least three people in our church that have hooked up with you. Word spreads. And you know Lance came to our church from time to time before he left." I turned a little red again, if my Latin complexion allowed it, and thought to myself I should have known this would catch up to me.

"Wait, we don't judge," Jen said, sensing maybe I was upset. "I fuck black men for fun." We all laughed at the joke.

"You know what the worst part is," I said, then stopped. I wasn't sure if I was ready to tell them all my secrets. But they did seem like they at least didn't run their mouths. They had their own secrets too, and besides, how could news spreading of what little virtue I had left actually hurt my reputation more? They looked at me expectantly. "God, this better stay between us," I said. I never talked to anyone about this kind of stuff. I had close friends like Patricia, but I left these details out of our deep conversations. But I always did want someone to open up to, and I had a feeling these were the right people. Or maybe it was the booze talking.

"Of course," Bob said.

"I never even went all the way with those guys. I just gave them head."

"We hear you're very good," Jen said and laughed.

"Thank you," I said, my mood improving, feeling more comfortable with my new friends. "I am. I've had a ton of practice." More laughter. I paused. "Forget it. You won't believe it."

"Come on!" Jen practically screamed.

What the hell. I was going to lay the cards on the table, and the conversation was about to get really interesting. "I suck dick. I love it. I do it on first dates even. I enjoy having that control over men's pleasure. I enjoy delivering satisfaction. If someone explodes in my mouth or shoots all over my face and in my hair, I like it. I would like nothing more than to have the honor of being the best women in the world at fellatio." I was looking in their eyes for judgment as I told my tale. There was none. "I don't even feel like I really know a guy until I've held his penis in my mouth," I said. I laughed at that last part, trying to make it seem like a joke, but it was partially true.

"How many men have you sucked off?" Bob asked.

Jen playfully hit him, "Let her tell it at her pace," she accosted him.

"I tried to count once, at least 30 or so. My senior year was very productive. But you guys are missing the point. I didn't get a lot of second and third dates, maybe because they were turned off by my slutty behavior, or maybe I just couldn't find anyone I was interested in. So I never went further. I'm still a virgin."

There was dead silence for about five seconds. "Wow, didn't see that one coming," Jen said. "You?" she said, looking at Bob.

"No fucking way," he said. I just nodded.

"But you're so incredibly beautiful, and confident, and you hang out with those aggressive fighter types, and you're 23 today!" Jen said. "You're not what comes to mind when I think 'virgin'".

"And you already like the taste of semen," Bob said.

I laughed. "I wasn't always this way. Up until I was about 20, I never did more than kiss a guy. My fashion sense was horrible. I was a nerd. Then I started fighting for fun my sophomore year in college. I got good at it, and I became more and more popular. I had friends that taught me a lot about boys and about how to dress. I carried myself with confidence. I was a virgin, but no boy or girl every made me feel naive anymore or under-confident.

"I decided to compromise with men as I became more and more curious about my own sexuality. I gave my first blowjob soon thereafter at age 20, and then that sort of turned into my thing. I sucked a lot of dick. Don't get me wrong, I wanted the complete experience with sex. I fantasized and masturbated all the time thinking about getting fucked. I knew without taking some kind of poll that I was significantly hornier than the average woman." I paused and laughed. "Why am I telling you this."

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