tagFirst TimeFor Claudia Ch. 02

For Claudia Ch. 02


Part 2: Claudia and Bob; Claudia and Lance

This part picks up right after Jen deflowers Claudia with a dildo. Bob is invited to participate now.

"That sounds great," Jen said as Bob eagerly got out of his boxer briefs, finally ready to really join in. I was rewarded with the sight of perhaps the most beautiful penis I had ever seen. He was almost fully hard now, and huge. He was both thick and long, and if I hadn't sucked black ones before, it would be very intimidating. Well, it still was intimidating.

"Oh my God!" I said, sincerely impressed with his size, but playing it up a bit for them. It was a couple inches longer than the dildo, and at least an inch thicker in circumference.

"So, I don't want to put any pressure on you or anything," Jen said as she playfully reached out and touched my lower lip with her finger, "but would you mind getting him ready for me?"

The thought of wrapping my lips around that thick cock was extremely appealing, but I didn't want to tread on Jen's turf. "I'd love to, but... are you sure?"

"If you want to, I'd love to see it, and I know Bob wouldn't mind having those pretty lips on him." I looked at Bob, and he moved a little over from the edge of his large king sized bed. He spread his legs, and I knelt between them. I reached out and grabbed the base of his large penis. It was truly a work of art. He was circumcised, although I didn't have a preference either way. I loved sucking both types. His pubes were completely shaved very recently, because there was no stubble. I rarely saw this completely shaved look on men, but I loved it, especially on the more well-endowed men. It really showcased his important assets.

"Be careful, you might end up with two black eyes," Jen said. I ran my hand affectionately up his leg and rubbed his belly briefly and pumped his shaft gently a few times. He was about 75% hard; soft enough to flop around a little, but almost ready for insertion. I swung his cock from the base in a circular motion and marveled at the large piece of meat as it flopped around.

"What are you going to do with all this size?" I asked.

"Bigger than Damon and Jamal?" He asked. Damon was the black guy form church they had heard I'd been with. I could tell Bob wasn't asking in that insecure way guys talk so much, but just to have interesting conversation.

"You're comparable," I said, then turned to Jen. "I think he's almost ready already. But I'll play a little, just to make sure," I said as I leaned down and flicked my tongue across the head.

"Do you like them big and black?" Bob asked.

"I have no preference," I said. "But I love your big back cock, yes." The truth was, I liked all kinds of colors and sizes of penis, but I had yet to have a reason to care about size. I wanted this big black cock simply because it was Bob's. He was a very appealing lover. He was both dangerous and kind, warm and easy to be around, but mysterious. He was smart and raised well. He had mastered the art of attraction, and he treated everyone with respect. I wanted his big black cock only because I adored the man wielding it.

My mouth opened about as wide as it could without being painful, and I took the head inside my mouth and slid down about half the shaft. I could feel him twitching and growing as I bobbed my head a few times. My left hand gently cupped his balls as my right hand stimulated the base. I looked him in the eyes and saw a good look of satisfaction on his face. This is why I loved oral. Sure, I liked feeling him in my mouth. But despite my dominant personality, I loved to please others. I enjoyed knowing my mouth was delivering this pleasure, and I was looking forward to exploring my sexuality and pleasuring men with the other tools at my disposal with this recently broken in body.

I counted briefly in my head. I wasn't sure, but I think I'd blown four black men before this night. Only one was comparable in size. I guess that made him tied for first place in my little black book of oral adventures. After about 30 seconds, Bob was fully hard. I was impressed a dick this large could be really hard and firm like this. I squeezed firmly from the base to the top, and a sizeable glob of precome appeared at the tip. "This has a white tint to it, Jen," I said. "I think he's as ready as he's gonna get. I'd love to keep going, but I'm going to get a creamy mouth if I go much longer." I licked up the glob and spread it on my lips for a second before cleaning it off with my tongue and swallowing. It had more than just the neutral precome taste to it. I could definitely taste real semen. He was close to blowing his load and incredibly turned on. "You have a nice taste," I told him. I swung my leg back over and got off the man.

Jen got to her knees and kissed me briefly. I wondered if she could taste Bob at all. "I'm going to try to make you as jealous as I possibly can, okay? All in good fun, of course," she said and patted my left butt cheek "Damn, you've got a nice ass," she said. A compliment like that from a beautiful blonde never gets old! It helped that my muscles were taut from being in the kneeling position.

Jen turned to face away from us and leaned over into a nice doggie style position. She was right, I was jealous already. She was in my favorite position and about to have sex. Of course, I hadn't been in that position before with a man grabbing my hips and thrusting into me over and over, but I fantasized often. Jen's ass looked perfect as she arched her back. With her forearms on the bed, her large mammaries brushed the sheets because they were so huge. She tossed her long, blonde hair to the other side of her head and looked back and said with those sultry, full lips, "I'm ready."

Bob was already up and in a kneeling position, approaching Jen's hindquarters. His large erection was almost against his belly he was so hard. "Why don't you put it in her for me, Claudia," Bob suggested. I though that was a fantastic idea.

Bob mounted her from behind as I knelt to the side. I ran my hand along her back. "You look beautiful, sweetheart. His cock is so much bigger than your crack. I know you've done this before, but are you sure you're ready?" I asked.

"Oh yeah. Feel how wet I am," she said. Bob spread her cheeks slightly, and a small hole appeared at the bottom of Jen's tiny crack. I slid my finger inside, and it went in completely unimpeded. She was dripping wet, and her moisture had leaked out, making her outer labia shiny with her own juices. I pulled my finger out and grabbed the upper part of Bob's thick shaft. I steered the very erect flesh down and watched as the large head pressed against that tiny hole and popped right in. I released my grip as Bob slid forward slowly. He took about five seconds to gently fill her up and bury himself all the way. Both partners moaned their approval, but I saw a slight grimace of pain on Jen's face.

"What's wrong, baby, I thought you've done this before," I said.

"The first few thrusts always hurt no matter what. God, he's huge. Take a turn and you'll see," she fired back, grinning through the pain. "Oh yeah, here we go," she said as Bob withdrew, then began a slow and steady tempo as he drilled her.

"That's hot, Jen. You always please me in just the right way," Bob said. "You are a credit to white women everywhere." I chuckled, knowing Jen was that and more for all women, and Bob knew it.

"Why don't you tease him a little bit? Give him something fun to look at while he uses me," Jen said.

"I think your ass and bouncing titties are all the eye candy any man could want," I said as I leaned back on my elbows. I spread my legs and gave my companions a nice view of my pussy as they had sex. This was actually comfortable, and I brought my right hand to my crotch and lazily rubbed my clit to enjoy myself as they did their deed. I got curious really fast, and I slid a finger inside for the first time since my deflowering. "Holy shit! You guys traumatized my little pussy," I said as I inserted a second finger into my dripping wet hole. "Spacious." It felt good to finally be able to really finger myself, but I had a brief moment of regret thinking about how I had held on so long to something that was now gone. But overall I was still thrilled to have done it. I noticed Bob was looking at me, and I hoped I was helping with his arousal.

"She just broke you in and made you good for me. You want to see ruined, come look over here, Ms. Innocent."

"What?" I said, intrigued and pretending not to notice his not-too-subtle implication that he wanted to fuck me.

"He likes to gape me. You should see it I suppose," Jen said wearily, but really happy to show. I got up and went back to Jen's rear. Bob pulled her cheeks apart with his hands, and just like in the best porn movies you can see, he pulled his cock out and left a giant hole where Jen's cute, tiny pussy used to be.

I was feeling kind of frisky and brave, so I brought my hands to her pussy and inserted two fingers from each hand into the open hole and gently pried it open even more. "I can see your tonsils," I joked to Jen.

"She's opening your hole with four fingers," Bob said. "That's hot."

"So is that what you want to do to me, stud?" I said as I withdrew my fingers and patted his strong ass muscles.

"I was hoping I might," Bob said.

"No way," I teased as I backed away.

I resumed my old position of relaxing and watching, and Bob focused more on Jen now and less on me. He began to fuck her harder, and the harder he did it, the more beautiful she became in my eyes. She began to sweat again as she met his thrusts, and her large tits bounced around in a chaotic mess all over the place to the sides and front and back It was a beautiful sight to behold as the large black man contrasted against the petite, fair skinned blonde.

I began to turn my attention to Bob more and more, my hetero urges starting to take over as the impressive man performed. I liked Bob's strong ass in this position. I become more attracted to him. He had superb erection quality with his rock hard oversized cock, and I started to wonder how that cock would feel sliding inside my pussy.

I wondered how long Bob would last. He had been fucking her over five minutes now after over an hour of eye candy foreplay. Jen seemed to read my mind and put her hand back and signaled him. He stopped his thrust halfway in. "Slow down," she said then mumbled something to him I didn't hear since she was turned away from me. Bob pulled his cock out and got back on his back. Jen straddled him, facing away. He guided his prick into her, and she began to ride him reverse cowgirl.

"Come here, gorgeous," she told me and held out her arms. I came around to her front and knelt with her. I was at the very end of the bed. She embraced me and kissed me a few times as she slowly rocked up and down on Bob's cock. "You know, it's my first time too. First threesome anyway. I've always wanted to kiss a beautiful woman while Bob did me."

"Well I'm happy to make your fantasy come true," I said and kissed her some more. As we made out, my finger went to her crotch, and I attempted to rub her clit as she rode Bob. "How's that?" I asked.

"I like it a lot," she said. "I can get off with just the penis, but that will definitely speed things along." It wasn't an exact science for sure. I knew my fingers were occasionally on target and occasionally flailing around outside her crack since she was in motion. But the large cock at least did stretch her outer lips very wide and make her tiny clit more exposed and easier to find. "Mmmm" that's nice. Keep going," she cooed as her hands found my ass while we kissed. "God, he's so big. It feels great to be this full."

She broke off our kiss and leaned next to my head and briefly nibbled my ear, again sending goose bumps down my side and sparks to all pink parts on that side of my body. "Are you attracted to him?" she asked. "Do you want to fuck him?" She pulled her head back so she could look closely into my eyes. She was speaking quietly and turned away from Bob, so I didn't think he heard.

I thought carefully. "No, because I don't want to come between you two. I would never do anything that might hurt your feelings."

"Don't worry," she said again whispering in my ear. "I really want to see this. Especially if you want it, too. Think about it while you make me come."

I didn't realize how badly I really wanted to fuck Bob until Jen gave me her blessing. I hadn't pictured my first time with a man to be like this, with a new female lover's fuck buddy. But things don't always work out the way you expect. If I wasn't going to lose my cherry in a wedding bed or at least to man I loved, suddenly the exotic and taboo appeal of a big black cock in a hot threesome just went way up. At least I would be broken in completely and ready to enjoy any penis, assuming I could take this one.

I suddenly felt the need to make Jen climax as quickly as possible. I continued to stroke her clit with my fingers as she rode the powerful black man. I noticed as she approached orgasm that she slowed her pace down instead of increasing it. She spent more time at the bottom, with his shaft fully inserted, and slowly rocked her hips forward and back. I think she liked the sensation of being full, and when she slowed and stayed bottomed out, it was easier to keep my finger on her clit. Jen's breathing pattern became deeper and more regular. Her face was flushed again. She stopped kissing me and just stared into and through me. She was almost there. "Come for me, baby," I said. I increased my pressure against her clit and grabbed her right ass cheek, pulling her into my hand.

Jen sat motionless on the cock for a few seconds without breathing. Then she smacked her hand on the bed a few times as the pleasure began to ripple through her body. "This is it," she said. "Rub hard. There you go. Oh God, this is amazing!" Jen's body shook for a few more seconds in orgasmic bliss. "Okay," Jen said and reached for my hand. Now experienced in this matter, I knew she was hypersensitive and I shouldn't touch her clit for a while. Apparently a penis insider her didn't bother her as long as it wasn't moving. She sat back on her knees and recovered her breath.

"Uh oh," Bob said. "You came."

"Fuck yeah I did," she said in an uncharacteristic burst of obscenities. Jen looked at me and raised an eyebrow. The ball was in my court to decide what to do next. I smiled at her and nodded. She returned my smile as she slowly eased herself off Bob's monster and unstraddled him. "Don't worry stud,'"she told him. "Claudia will finish what she started earlier for you."

"Nice," Bob said. "The infamous talented lips of Claudia," he teased.

I approached him from his feet. He was about to spread his legs to give me access for a blow job, but I held his knees together as I straddled him. I had to laugh inside my head, because this was the position I normally put women in right before I rained down vicious elbows to their head to incapacitate them in the cage, and here I was doing something even more fun with it. I felt the underside of his huge penis press against my crack as I settled my weight on him. I closed my eyes dreamily and shuddered involuntarily as I felt the powerful weapon beneath me. I had only straddled a man before like this dry humping with clothes on a few times, and they weren't nearly as well endowed, and I wasn't nearly as aroused then as I was now.. This was totally different. I tossed my hair to the side and leaned in and gave him a quick kiss, my breasts mashed against his beefy chest. "I think we can do better than a blow job now. Can I take a turn?"

"Yeah for sure," he said, clearly enthused.

"I'm going to try. No promises, big boy." I told him. I slowly rocked forward and back, just feeling the throbbing member between my legs sliding beneath my dripping labia for a bit, marveling at his size and potency. He was going to tear me apart inside. I was nervous. "If I hadn't just seen your tiny body take this thing, I wouldn't even believe it was possible," I said to Jen as she appeared at my side.

"I'll hold it steady for you," she said. I raised up a bit more forward and higher than normal, and Jen steered his erection to my hole. I settled my weight again and felt the large, blunt head against my tender lips. The tip slipped inside easily as I lowered. I had a brief moment of optimism as the spongy tip of the head barely opened me, but I quickly felt the pain and stretching as I tried to engulf the head and beginning of his shaft, since this represented his full girth. I knew right away this just wasn't going to happen. "That's it baby, come on down," Jen said. I grunted and gave another push. My pussy burned in protest, and I could feel his thickness outside my hole trying to pry its way in. I was getting frustrated after two more attempts. Now that I had made the decision to take my first real cock, I really wanted it inside me!

This time I pushed down really hard and contorted my face in concentration as a I gritted through the pain, and I felt the head fully enter me. But the pain escalated, and I chickened out and slid forward off the penis. I leaned down and kissed Bob briefly on the lips. "I'm so sorry. I want it in me."

"You have all night to take this, baby, so you take as much time as you need working it in. I am dying to fuck you, but we're in no rush." Bob smiled up at me and touched my cheek, and I was reassured.

"I'm not giving up, don't you worry," I said.

"Lean forward into doggie," Jen said. "Let me add some more lube."

"Okay," I said. I wasn't sure I needed any more. I was already super horny and dripping wet, but anything that might help was a good idea. Still straddling Bob, I elevated on my knees into doggie style as I heard Jen open the lube. I looked back and saw her apply it to two fingers, then I felt her easily enter my hole. The fingers burned inside me just a tad, but this time I knew it was not from the stretching, since I was sufficiently opened up, but just that my canal was getting a little tender from all the attention.

I turned back and looked at Bob, and he winked at me and nodded his head. "Oh yeah, it's going to work this time. We're going to have sex now, and I am just here thinking how beautiful you are and how much fun it's going to be to fuck you, Claudia." I felt Jen's fingers probing me at various angles, testing the walls on each side of my pussy. She applied lube several more times in the process. Then I felt myself slowly stretch more than I had before, but it was done carefully and did not hurt. It felt more sideways, but then I felt the stretching top to bottom too, and she alternated back forth a couple times.

"What was that?" I asked her and looked back. Both her hands were attending to my rear end.

"Four fingers. I'm stretching you a little to prepare you. You will have no problems now," she said and pulled out her fingers and patted my butt. She had used two fingers from each hand and spread them inside me, prying me open. "Let's try again. I lubed him up a bit more too." Jen held his erection steady for me again as I lowered myself. I felt the difference immediately as the head entered my well oiled hole. I felt Bob's hands on my hips, pulling me down. He was gentle but firm. I was not getting away this time. I felt the first couple of inches of his enormous shaft enter my pussy now. It was an amazing explosion of fullness and stretching. It hurt. I gasped. I could feel my pussy being seemingly permanently re-sized and adjusted to accommodate him, and I know I would never be the same down there. "Yes. Slip that right in there," Jen said enthusiastically.

"Ummppfh," I grunted. "Arrgh," I said in a very un-ladylike way as I pushed again and felt the next couple of inches nudge inside me. This time, instead of blocking the large head, my tight muscles opened just enough to allow the head to squeeze past them. "God, you are huge," I told Bob, half complaining and half giving him a compliment. I looked over my shoulder at Jen and smiled, then noticed the mirror on the dresser for the first time. Jen was slightly to the side, so I could easily see the large black cock half buried inside my pussy. I had just a couple seconds to reflect on the situation I was in, and I was very happy. So many white (or as in this case, very light-skinned Hispanic) women had this fantasy of having a big black cock, and here I was living that fantasy on my first time! It turned me on immensely to see the dark, taboo penis penetrating my delicate, tiny, light-skinned body. It made no sense that something this big could fit, and yet here it was inside me. Wow, that was a turn on! I turned back around and looked at my lover with a new-found desire to fuck him good. "You're only half in and I'm running out of real estate here," I said with a laugh.

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