For Fun and Profit


"Nope," I said. "I thought about it a couple of times, but I didn't do it."

"How about letting us see you make it hard again?" Denise urged. "Give us something to fantasize about."

What the hell, I thought, let's give them a show...

I began to stroke my cock. It grew instantly since I still found my situation more arousing than embarrassing.

"Yeah, stroke it, Mark," I heard Stephanie say. She was watching me, and so were all the others in the living room. "You know what we want. Come for us!"

Something in my brain told me to do it. They all joined in encouraging me, and I saw that even the women from the kitchen and the dining room had come back into the living room.

"Stroke that cock," Megan said softly, and then they all started chiming in.

"Come on!" shouted Heather. "Go all the way!"

"Let us watch you come, baby..." Irene exhorted.

"Go ahead," said Holly. "Jack it off! You know you want to!"

I was fully hard by that point and couldn't stop myself. I was embarrassed for a brief moment but I pushed those thoughts out of my mind as I stroked my cock in front of them. I began leaking pre-cum as the waves of pleasure washed over me. I was so highly aroused that I decided to give my audience exactly what they were demanding. I knelt in the middle of the room and reclined against a leather ottoman as I continued to pump my cock. The women gathered closer, leaning in and urging me to keep going.

"Go, Mark, go!" Erin and Robin chanted as I stroked. "Go, Mark, go!"

"Spank that monkey, Mark," said Denise. "Give us a show!"

My orgasm was getting closer and they knew it.

"Go, Mark, go! Go, Mark, go!"

I heard their gasps and whispered comments as I continued to masturbate, but soon I was lost in a kind of mental fog. With my eyes half-closed I was aware only of the flexing of my buttocks, the weight of my ball sac swinging between my thighs, and the heat of my erection in my hand. I was rock hard and the head of my erection seemed bigger than ever.

The women were all laughing at something, so I opened my eyes and saw Holly. She was kneeling in right front of me, pretending to give me a blowjob. I motioned for her to move closer and take matters into her own hands. She must have wanted it badly, because she reached out and grabbed my cock with both hands. Then she leaned forward and took me all the way into her mouth.

It felt wonderful and I wasn't about to make her stop. The rest of the women laughed and clapped, and then they began a new chant.

"Go, Holly, go! Go, Holly, go!"

With her friends cheering her on, Holly began to put on a show. She slid her lips up and down my cock, sucking with all her might on the out strokes and tickling the underside of my shaft with her tongue on the in strokes. Overcome with pleasurable sensations, I was still able to fully appreciate my situation. I was naked and I was getting a blowjob from a buxom blonde while surrounded by more than a dozen other women. What could be better?

I was getting close to coming when Holly stopped sucking and leaned back. She opened her mouth and showed everyone my cock ring. She had removed it with her mouth and tongue! Then Nicki was urged forward as Holly released me and backed away.

"Go girl!" Holly encouraged her. "Let's see what you can do."

Nicki was blushing as she moved in front of me. From what the others were saying I learned that she had won the pool on the size of my erection. It was her task to get me off, and from the look on her face I knew she was wishing she hadn't "won."

"Make him come!" Irene shouted.

"Finish him off!" said Heather. "Let's see how far he spurts."

Nicki grabbed my cock in her strong right hand and went to work. Others put their hands on my shoulders or grabbed my wrists and ankles, ensuring that I wasn't going to move away. Nicki picked up the pace and all I could do was relax and try to enjoy it. Her hand was a blur as she jacked me much faster than I ever did myself. She wanted to finish me off quickly but I was determined to last as long as I could. I relaxed my muscles and tried my best to think of anything but Nicki's tight grip as she worked me over. In my head I named every NFL football team and Major League baseball team. That kept me from coming so I started naming NBA basketball teams.

Nicki started to complain that her arm was getting tired and she asked one of her friends to take over for her. Instead, Denise stepped forward and caressed my right thigh with her right hand while she reached underneath me and squeezed my right buttock with her left hand.

That did it. My whole body went rigid as my orgasm began. Nicki continued to jack me off, Denise and some of the others continued to fondle my body, and the rest of them cheered like they had just scored the goal that won the championship. As for me, I felt as if every cell in my body was contracting as a long stream of jism shot out of my cock. I watched it arc through the air above me before it came down and landed all over my stomach, chest and neck.

Nicki didn't stop stroking me just because I'd fired off one shot. She wanted more out of me and I certainly didn't mind having a longer orgasm. My second spurt went higher than the first, or so it seemed from my perspective, and most of it landed on my face. If Nicki hadn't been holding my cock I would have sprayed jism all over the room, but she was doing her best to aim my shots. Her target was my face and, with someone behind me holding my head, a good part of my third load hit me in the nose and mouth. Part of the fourth spurt hit me in the right eye, with the rest of it landing on my forehead and in my hair. My fifth and last spurt didn't have that much force behind it. A couple of drops hit my chin but most of it landed on my chest and stomach.

Whatever was in Stephanie's pills had certainly stimulated my prostate. I had stopped spurting but Nicki kept on stroking me as long as my semen kept coming. It pulsed out of my cock, over her fingers and onto my groin and legs until it dripped down to the floor. I've had a lot of orgasms in my life but I've never produced that much cum.

Nicki kept on stroking and kneading my cock until she had milked me dry. The women let go of me and without their support I slumped to the floor. I was a quivering mass of naked flesh, covered in my own cum. As I regained my senses I looked around and took note of the mess Nicki and I had made. The streaks of jism on my chest had run down my sides and were dripping on the tiles. Almost as much of it was on my face and in my hair, but the biggest pool was dripping onto the floor from my crotch. I was sitting in it.

Nicki wiped her hand on my stomach and thighs and stood up to accept congratulations from her teammates for a job well done. All I could do for the next minute or so was just sit on the floor and try to catch my breath. Feelings of shame and humiliation returned and I wondered how I had gotten myself into this mess. What really mattered was getting out of it, but my only option was to play along until the party ended and I received my promised reward.

Pamela and Stephanie helped me to my feet as the women applauded enthusiastically. Rhonda said something about the rest of the show, but that didn't make much sense to me until I looked down and realized that I was still hard. My Viagra augmented cock might have enjoyed giving them another show, but my aching balls weren't ready for it. At least not right away. And since I had just had a huge orgasm my nakedness was making me feel vulnerable and exposed, rather than sexually aroused.

My jism was drying all over my bare body, so I started toward the bathroom to clean up. Stephanie and Pamela steered me over to the ottoman instead.

"Kneel right here," Stephanie said. "We're really going to have some fun now."

She gave me a little shove and I was forced to kneel on the ottoman to keep from falling over it. Pamela and Stephanie kept pushing my shoulders forward, forcing me to bend over and put my hands on the ottoman as well. I was afraid my ass was going to be violated in some way, and I was especially confused when I saw Holly holding a container of Cool-Whip. She used a plastic spoon to scoop some of the jism off of my body, and then she mixed it with the Cool-Whip.

"Dessert," she said.

"Just stay put for a moment, Mark," Stephanie told me when I tried to stand up. "We have a surprise for you!"

Her voice held a hint of mischief, and I was both pleased and concerned. From my position, bent over with my elbows resting on the ottoman, I didn't have a very good view of the room but I could hear that something was going on behind me. And then I saw an erect penis in front of my face.

Actually, it was a very realistic dildo, and it was jutting out from Angela's crotch. Her white dress was gone and she was wearing a t-shirt in its place. Her thighs were bare, and that pleased me, but those good feelings were overwhelmed by a sense of foreboding as Angela wagged the strap-on back and forth by swiveling her hips in front of me.

"It's time for you to reciprocate for that blowjob I just gave you," Holly said as she moved alongside Angela. "And we're going to watch."

Holly held the container of Cool-Whip (and my jism) so Angela could scoop up some with her fingers. She coated the dildo with the white cream and then she stroked it a few times, just like a guy playing with his hard on.

"Uh... umm..." I stammered.

"Hush, Mark," Stephanie said.

"Yeah," Heather said. "You'll be making plenty of noise soon enough..."

I felt faint, and the room seemed to be turning slowly. "What... um, why..."

"I guess we have to spell it out for you," Stephanie said, slightly annoyed. "Suck Angela's cock! Is that blunt enough for you?"

"Okay, but..."

"You need to stop talking and start sucking," said Pamela. "Half of that dildo is inside her, so she's going to feel everything you do to her."

I looked up at Angela for a moment, then at the dildo. It stuck out like a real erection, and it looked huge! Its color wasn't quite the same as Angela's peaches and cream complexion, but it was close. I paused for a moment, gathering my wits and my courage. That gave me time to realize the dildo wasn't all that big. It was about the size of my own erection, and maybe just a bit smaller. Part of my brain told me not to do it, but I also felt a strong compulsion to do as I was told. I felt there was just something right about all this.

Angela moved closer, bringing her strap-on to my lips. I stuck out my tongue and licked up some Cool-Whip (I couldn't taste any jism), causing her to squirm slightly. The dildo was both soft and hard. It had a spongy outer cover that moved slightly over whatever firm material was underneath, and it even had testicles inside a realistic scrotum. I began to give Angela the best blowjob I could. First I cleaned off all the Cool-Whip from the shaft by starting at the base and licking my way up the underside. I licked off the sides and top of the shaft, saving the white cream on the head for last.

Opening my mouth as wide as I could, I took the head of Angela's dildo into my mouth. I tried to get it in, Cool-Whip and all, without letting it touch my lips, but she squirmed enough so that I ended up with Cool-Whip on my nose and chin. She moved her hips forward, trying to shove her dildo farther into my mouth, and that caused me to gag and roll my eyes.

"See, Angela?" Irene said. "That's what you look like when you suck dick. See the way he keeps his eyes looking up at you? That's what a man wants to see when you suck him off."

"He does look like he's smiling," Angela agreed.

"See the way his mouth looks," Stephanie added. "See how submissive he looks with his lips stretched around your cock?"

"It is pretty erotic," Angela said, smiling at me as my head bobbed up and down on her cock. "I feel so special. I can't believe he's doing this to me."

"Exactly!" Irene said. "A blowjob really does make you feel special."

"This should tell you something about men," Rhonda said. "Do this right and a guy will remember a blowjob from you for the rest of his life."

Angela used both hands to stroke my hair and caress my face as I sucked on her fake cock. She was obviously enjoying the physical sensations from the part of the dildo that was inside her, but she was enjoying the psychological stimulation as well. She looked very pleased, but she was far from satisfied.

Meanwhile, out of my sight behind me, someone started to massage my buttocks and caress the insides of my thighs. I realized there must be more than one woman working back there, because I definitely felt more than two hands. One set of hands pushed up between my thighs until they got to my balls. More pressure was applied to my legs until I moved my knees farther apart.

I tried to ignore all that and just concentrate on the dildo. I wanted to take it deeper, for the sake of experience if nothing else, but I started to gag if I got more than half of it in my mouth. Angela had her eyes closed. She had one hand on the top of my head while the other was inside her t-shirt, playing with her nipples. She was obviously feeling a great deal of pleasure, and I wondered how long it would take to bring her to orgasm.

I was feeling a great deal of pleasure, too. There were more hands on my body than I could count. I was being stroked, fondled and massaged all over. At least two hands were on my cock and balls at all times, kneading, rubbing and squeezing me just enough to keep me hard but not enough to push me over the edge. My buttocks were also getting a lot of attention, and I felt fingers very close to my anus. Something cool and slimy pressed against my asshole and I tried to straighten up.

"Get your ass up in the air," Holly commanded as she or someone else smacked my buttocks. "This is why you're here!"

"That's right, Mark," Stephanie whispered in my ear. "You wanted a piece of ass for coming to this party, so you're going to earn it... the hard way!"

I was a little bit afraid now that I knew what was going to happen next. Getting anally fucked was a new experience for me and I wasn't sure I wanted to go through with it.

"Keep sucking, Mark," Rhonda said to me. She was leaning over right beside me so I had no trouble hearing what she had to say. "We know you've never been fucked in the ass before, and we know we need to go slowly, and we'll make sure there's plenty of lubrication."

The hands continued to rub and caress me, and that kept me in position. I tried to hold my back half still while I continued to work on Angela's dildo with my mouth. I had a feeling of dread in the pit of my stomach and I wanted run away, but Rhonda stayed beside me with her hand on my back. Denise knelt on my left and stroked my neck.

"Stay down, Mark," Denise directed. "The first time is the most difficult and we can be more careful if you stay on your hands and knees."

I felt two fingertips (or maybe it was three) press into my asshole, and they were coated with some sort of thick lubricant. I tried to relax and control my breathing as much as I could with Angela's dildo still in my mouth. I felt more lubricant being applied to the crack between my buttocks, and a second later the fingers were pushing it into my opening.

"You like it, don't you, Mark?" Denise said. She had to know that I could only respond by grunting around Angela's dildo, but she obviously wanted to have some fun at my expense. "Yes, I know you do. I knew when Pamela told me you were coming to our party that you'd like it."

"It's going to be okay, Mark," said Rhonda as she ran her fingers through my hair.

"Be gentle with him, Angela," Irene said. "But strong, too."

"Relax and you'll feel wonderful," Denise said.

"That goes for both of you," said Heather.

"Just enjoy it," said Erin.

"You can come if you want," said Holly. "If you want to come while Angela's fucking you, do it."

"And you won't even need to use your hands to stroke yourself, Mark," Stephanie told me. "You'll see how good it is."

Their soothing words and their constant touching reassured me. I forced myself to relax, just like I have to do in the dentist's chair. Even though I was about to lose my anal virginity to a twenty-two-year-old woman while another dozen women looked on, I knew it would be okay. Someone was still working a finger in and out of my anus and I could tell there was a generous amount of lubricant back there. I knew I would be fine if I could just stay relaxed, so I tried to just concentrate on sucking Angela's dildo.

Angela's eyes broke from mine and she looked to whoever was directing things behind me. She nodded and pulled her rubber cock from my mouth. I noticed that there was a bit of soreness in my jaw, and knew I'd feel it in the morning. Angela kneeled down and kissed me, probing with her tongue deep into my mouth. I closed my eyes and felt the pleasure, both from Angela's wonderful lips and from the finger gently but constantly invading my backside.

Angela pulled away but stayed in front of me so I could watch as she greased her dildo thoroughly with lubricant. Her hand became slick and shiny as she stroked the entire length of her rubber shaft. She gave me a wicked smile and thrust her hips a few times to show me what she wanted to do. I shuddered, knowing she was about to put it inside me.

Then I couldn't see her any more. Irene, Heather and Erin moved in close in front of me, all three trying to squeeze into the space vacated by Angela. The finger pulled out of my hole and I felt the tip of Angela's strap-on dildo hitting my buttocks as Angela took her position behind me. That made me flinch and then I felt several hands on my back, legs, head, neck and arms. They softly caressed my skin, but at the same time they kept me from moving very far.

The women in front of me shifted positions and then I felt a pair of hands softly holding my face. I opened my eyes and saw my wife kneeling in front of me.

"A long time ago you told me you wanted to try this, and now's the time," she said. "I want you to enjoy this as much I am going to enjoy seeing it happen to you."

I started to tell her I loved her, but Pamela silenced me with a finger to my lips.

"Get ready, Mark," she said. "You're going to get fucked, so you might as well just relax. We want Angela to enjoy her first time, and we're not letting you get away."

I felt a little lightheaded, possibly from the Viagra, but it didn't last more than a few seconds. I took a deep breath and let it out slowly, savoring the feel of Pamela's bare thigh against my arm and shoulder. She and the others continued to stroke and fondle me, making me feel comfortable.

"That's right, Mark," Pamela encouraged. "Just relax."

"Now spread his ass cheeks apart and put the tip right against his hole," Rhonda said, obviously coaching Angela. "Okay, Mark, I hope you're ready! That's it... Now, Angela, use one hand to guide it as you push... steady... keep pushing..."

"Are you really a virgin, Mark?" Irene asked. "Back there, I mean..."

"Yeah..." I managed to say as I felt my sphincter opening as Angela pushed her dildo into me.

"No, you're not," Irene giggled. "Not any more..."

"Very good," said Rhonda. "It's in... but keep up the pressure..."

"Oh... goodness..." was my only verbal reaction to my deflowering. I felt an instant of pain and then I felt the head of the dildo slide into my ass. "Oh..."

I had a hard time sorting out everything I was feeling. It was both pleasure and pain. Pamela held me tight and urged me to relax. I pressed against her leg, just barely aware of the other women in the room. I was much more aware of the dildo invading my ass. I could feel the ridges and veins as Angela pushed into me a little more.

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