For Give Me


I know that you are hurting
I can feel your pain, from here
I also know who put it there
There is know one else to blame
For it was me this time
Who let you down...and
Yes I am ashamed.

For it is I who loved you deeply
I who dared to dream
That at night
It's you who hold's me in your arms
However you and I are from diffrent times
Born to the wrong years
If I could just move back a bit...and
You stay were you are
Life with you would be wonderful
craddled in your arms.

I would have loved to live
In your castle, up on the mountain top
So I could have shown my Master
What a good pet I could be
However things are diffrent...and
This I wish for you
I hope with all my heart
That someday you will find
Everything that you are searching for
A soul mate and a bride.

For all that I could have of you
Is only in my dreams
So late at night while you sleep...and
You feel me lying there
Please wrap your arms around me...and
Hold me dear
For I am truely sorry
That I hurt someone I will charish
As my friend, my pal and buddy
If things would have been diffrent.

My world,
My life,
The reason I breath
The man I hold so dear

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