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For Him


The feelings of his fingers running through my hair woke me up. Sitting on the floor at his feet with my head resting against his knee. My arms were wrapped around his leg, hugging it to me while my own legs curled against my body. My body hurt from being on the floor for so long. I looked up at him and was greeted with a hard slap against my cheek.

"I told you not to look at me," his words venomous and rough. "Dirty sluts don't get to look at me."

My face stung and I could feel the fire on my cheeks, the blood rushing to the abused flesh. "I'm sorry..." Should I call him Master? I never know. I never feel like I'm saying the right thing. I make sure to keep my eyes on the floor. I heard him spit down at me and then felt it hit the side of my face. I didn't dare reach up to wipe it off, knowing that would only cause things to get worse.

"Are you too stupid to even clean off your face?" He growled as he smacked me again in my face. His fingers that once so loving entwined in my hair, suddenly wrapped my locks around them and yanked me roughly back against the metal frame of his futon. I whimpered out as the hard bar hit my back and the coldness of the metal penetrated the thin fabric of my shirt. My legs kicked out trying to steady my body, only infuriating him more.

"And now you can't even sit like I asked you." He dropped my hair and stood up, standing above me. "I gave you simple enough instructions. I forgot I was talking to an idiot."

He knelt down in front of me and grabbed my ankles, pushing my knees back against my chest. He parted my feet just enough that the wetness my pussy had made on my blue cotton panties was visible.

"Your pussy must like when I think you're stupid. Good thing you do so many stupid things." His took both my ankles into one of his hands and lifted my feet slightly off the floor. His free hand moved towards my pussy, his fingers sliding against the soaked fabric, toying with the swollen lips. He moved my panties to the side and I could feel the cool air hitting my wet skin. My clit ached for his touch, I craved it but he denied me. Instead his fingers ran a slow course down one side of my pussy, down to my ass and back up the other side.

I could feel his eyes on me but I didn't dare look at him. He was quiet as he stroked the tender, sensitive flesh of my body. I had just let my eyes start to close when I felt both of his hands on my hips, yanking my body forward. He parted my thighs with his head and let my body fall to the floor beneath him. My legs rested against his shoulders and my thighs brushed against the rough hairs of his beard. I cried out as his teeth bit sharply into my thighs, pulling the flesh into his mouth and sucking on it.

My thighs burned with every bite. I wanted to beg him to stop, to tell him he was hurting me but my pussy wanted more. He stopped the assault on my thighs only to bury his face into the cotton of my panties. I heard him suck the fabric away from my skin, tasting me. He dropped my hips only to tear the fabric from my body and leave my pussy exposed to him.

He sat back on his knees, looking down at my body that I was so willing to give him; my body that he knew was his. He spread my thighs, rubbing the soft, fleshy folds that connected to my pussy with his thumbs. I didn't dare move. I wanted to grab his hand and force it against my clit. To fuck into it, to make myself cum. I waited as he just stared at me, toying at the crease between my thighs and pussy.

A rough smack against my pussy caused me to look up. He was glaring down at me. He spit in my face and growled at his words "You aren't even going to beg me to eat your disgusting cunt?"

He grabbed my tits. Roughly squeezing before grabbing a nipple and pulling the hard nub towards his body. I cried out, not daring to say no. His other hand cupped my ass, his thumb roughly parting my tight, asshole and beginning to fuck it. His head sliding between my thighs again, his lips capturing the swollen nub that craved his embrace so much.

I was paralyzed on the floor below him. He yanked and clawed at my breast while his mouth sucked my clit into it. My ass burned as it was raped by his thumb. His shook his face back and forth inside my pussy, covering his face with me. His lips moved away only to allow his tongue to slide against my swollen lips and push into my ass. Both of his hands moving to my hips, he lifted them off the ground and buried his face into my ass. The warmth of his tongue, made me beg him to fuck me. I wanted to feel his thick cock part the tight opening of my ass and spread it open. I wanted to feel him take me into he came and then fuck it back into me with his fingers.

My body wiggled against his assault. My clit throbbing. He lips moved from my ass and captured my clit again. I thrust my pussy roughly into his face and rode him. I cried out as I came against him, his rough beard scratching against my clit. I whimpered as his dropped me to the ground and stood up. He didn't even look at me as he sat back down on the couch and left me in a crumbled, satisfied heap on the floor.

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