tagBDSMFor my Master

For my Master


I've been corresponding with a Master on the internet for a week or so and now it's time to meet Him. He wants to be called Sir for now and says He will earn the title of Master. He knows i am new to this and He is willing to train me to pleasure and serve him. He wants my body and my mind to be His to use as He wishes and in return He promises me He will always appreciate my gift to Him and He will show me pleasure that i've only dreamed about.

We meet at the 99 Restaurant and have a couple of drinks. He is tall, strong and very assertive. He's intelligent and experienced at being a Dom. He promises He will push my limits but never exceed them and i am to have a safe word. i choose chocolate as my safe word. i can feel my pussy leaking while He is talking and telling me what He expects and how He will train me. i can feel my nipples straining against my bra and i see that He notices. At this point, i feel safe with Him, so when he draws me up out of the booth, i willingly follow.

He takes me to His home nearby. i follow in my car so that i have a way to leave if i start to feel threatened. Before i can open my car door, He is there opening it for me. He pulls me up out of the car and kisses me there in the driveway. He backs me against the car and grinds His hips into my belly. i can feel that He is already hard. His hands slide under my top and unclasp my bra. He pulls off my top and yanks the bra off. i am pinned there naked from the waist up in full view of anyone who drives by and i move to cover myself. He catches my hands and pins them between us.

"You will never cover yourself in my presence," He says. "You will never again wear a bra or panties around me. When I want access to your body, I will take it. Whenever and wherever we are."

i shiver, His words exciting me and driving a current of heat through my pussy. He leads me into His house. It is a modest home, typically male. Sparse furniture, very neat. He leads me straight back to His bedroom. His bedroom is very masculine with dark colors and a large, high bed. He has covered the spread with rose petals and He turns on soft Celtic music on His stereo. i wait while He lights what seems like hundreds of candles around the room. I feel self-conscious, half-naked, the cool air in the room teasing my nipples into hard points. He turns back to me and His eyes are hot enough to make my heart skip a beat.

"Take off the rest of your clothes," He orders.

With trembling fingers, i unzip my slacks and slide them down and off. Feeling suddenly shy, i hesitate at taking off my panties.

He stands so close behind me; i can feel the warmth of His body even though we are not touching.

"When I say take your clothes off," He growls against the back of my neck, "I mean all of them." i feel a sharp tug as He tears my panties from me.

i stand trembling while he walks in a slow circle around me, studying me. "Spread your legs, bend over and put your hands around your ankles."

i comply and He stands behind me once more. i feel the intense heat of His gaze on my raised bottom and exposed pussy. He lightly caresses the fullness of my butt cheeks before running a finger down the crack separating them. He lingers at the opening of my asshole before moving further down to test the wetness of my pussy. i can't help but let out a whimper and thrust my hips back as He lingers there, teasing the soft folds. All of a sudden -- Whack! i yelp at the stinging as He slaps first one cheek and then the other in quick succession, spanking me and not letting up. Just as i want to use my safe word, He stops and lightly caresses me and my ass is now so sensitized from the spanking that i jump a little.

"That was for not obeying." He runs his tongue down the crack of my ass and again lingers at my puckered little hole. my pussy aches for His tongue as He moves slowly down and nibbles lightly on my outer pussy lips. i squirm trying to bring Him into closer contact with my pussy, but He pulls back, teasing.

"I'll bet you want my tongue on your clit, don't you?" He asks. I moan in answer and again try to thrust back against Him, but He's holding my hips firmly and pulls away. "Not yet, baby."

Gently he pulls me to a standing position, and noticing that I'm still trembling, he pulls me into his arms for a hug. "It's okay," he promises. "we'll go slowly and you'll enjoy it, you'll see."

When my trembling eases, He pulls back. "Undress me," He orders.

i pull his polo shirt and t-shirt up and off in one movement, baring His muscular chest to my greedy gaze. He is hard and sculpted with soft hair narrowing to a line disappearing beneath the waistband of His denims. i rub my palms across His chest and nipples loving the texture and feel of Him. As i rub my hands down His belly, His abs ripple beneath as He breathes deeply.

Putting His hands on my shoulders, He pushes me into a kneeling position before Him. I fumble with His belt and the buttons on His denims. He is not wearing anything underneath and as i undo the last button, His cock rises into my hands and my mouth waters at the thought of tasting Him. He is long and thick and my pussy leaks as I think about that cock buried in all of my holes. i push his denims down to the floor where He kicks them aside. i want so much to take Him into my mouth, but i know i must wait for His permission.

He stands before me, aroused, with a drop of pre-cum glistening on the head of His cock. He wipes it up with a finger and inserts it into my mouth. i suck eagerly on it, tasting the sweet saltiness of him and wanting more.

"Do you want it baby?" He asks. "Do you want my cock? Say it. Tell me what you want."

"Yes," I moan. "Please, I want to suck your cock." The words feel strange and naughty in my mouth.

"Take it," he groans. I wrap my hand around his cock and guide it to my mouth. My other hand comes up to massage and manipulate his balls. He is so thick; i can feel my jaw stretch to accommodate Him. i begin swirling my tongue around the shaft and head as i suck. I hear Him moaning and it sends a thrill through my throbbing clit. i nuzzle the underside of His cock and take His balls one by one into my mouth, rolling them on my tongue. Licking still further down, I rim His asshole and tease it with my tongue and a finger. He squirms a little, but i can tell he likes it by the tempo of his breathing. Moving back up, i take him into my mouth and begin sucking in earnest, swirling and swirling my tongue around the head. He is leaking still more pre-cum and i lap at it like a cat with cream.

"Oooohhh, that's it baby, suck it good. You love it don't you, my little cock-sucker? You love my cock, can't get enough huh? Yeah, that's some sucking mouth you've got."

His words excite me and I reach between my legs to try and give myself some relief. He jerks his cock out of my mouth and slaps it across my cheek. "Uh, uh," he growls. "That pussy belongs to me and you do not touch it unless I say so."

i moan in frustration, but he cuts off my protests by thrusting himself back into my mouth. He tangles His fingers in my hair and holding my head in place begins to fuck my face faster and deeper, gagging me as the head of His cock hits the back of my throat.

"I'm gonna cum in your mouth. I want you to swallow it all. Show me how much you love my cum. It's cumming.... Uuuuhhhhh," he groans and hot cum shoots down my throat.

I try to swallow it all, but some leaks out the sides of my mouth. He grabs my hand as i raise it to wipe the stickiness away. He tells me he likes the sight of His cum on my face and next time He will squirt all over it.

He pulls me once again to a standing position and leads me to the bed. For the first time, i notice the wrist and ankle restraints that are attached to the headboard and footboard. My mouth goes dry and my safe word is at the tip of my tongue.

Do i really want to do this? Put myself completely in His hands? I swallow hard. Yes, i think, i am ready and i know He will not hurt me. i've come this far. i need Him and i want to please Him.

He swings me into His arms as if i weigh nothing and places me gently in the middle of the bed. He follows me down and covers me with His large, warm, solid body. For long moments, He does nothing but kiss me. His kisses get hotter and more demanding; His tongue thrusting in and out of my mouth is incredibly erotic. i squirm under Him, wanting Him closer.

He trails kisses along my jaw, stopping to nibble just under my ear. How does He know that's my most sensitive place? Goosebumps pepper my body and my nipples harden against His chest. I rub against Him like a cat, relishing the rough feel of Him against me.

He stretches first one arm, then the other above my head and fastens the wrist restraints, then returns to His kisses and nibbles before i even realize what He's done.

He trails a line of kisses across my collarbone and down through the valley between my breasts. He gathers them in His hands and massages, careful not to touch the nipples. i arch towards Him wanting Him to touch them, suck them. They ache with longing.

Finally, He flicks His tongue over each nipple in turn. Teasing and nipping. He pulls a length of silky rope from a duffle bag beside the bed and wraps it around my breasts, pulling tight in a figure eight, making my tits stand up off my chest like two round balloons. I watch as they begin to turn red. It's uncomfortable, but not so much that I can't stand it. He traps a nipple between his thumb and forefinger and tugs, pulling it tight up off my tit. Deftly, He slips a nipple clamp on it. He adjusts the clamp so that it pinches and i feel the sting go through me straight to my clit. He does the same with the other nipple and pulls away a little to gaze at His handiwork. my nipples are throbbing and my clit is throbbing at the same tempo. i can feel my pussy leaking. i squeeze my legs together to try to get some relief from the ache centered there.

"Baby," He murmurs as He gazes down at me. "I love your tits. They're beautiful."

He moves down my body leaving little nipping kisses here and there. Slightly stinging nips that leave my skin incredibly sensitized. i'm aware of the lightest breeze and touch. He comes closer to my pussy and i hope He's finally going to put his mouth there where i need it the most. But He moves past it to trail more stinging kisses down my inner thighs. i move restlessly beneath Him and He holds my legs apart. i'm moaning incoherent little sounds, wanting Him, His mouth, His cock.

He fastens the ankle restraints around my ankles and i'm now tied spread-eagled on His bed. He slips a pillow under my hips, raising me so that my pussy and ass are open and vulnerable to Him.

He sits back, gazing at me. "You're so fuckin' beautiful," He croaks. He trails a finger through the wetness coating my pussy lips and brings it to my mouth. He thrusts it in and i can taste myself on Him. i suckle His finger. He trails more fingers through my slit, being careful not to touch my clit, and gathers more wetness. He again brings His fingers to my mouth for me to suckle.

"You like that pussy juice, don't you baby?" He asks. "Now you know why I'm gonna love licking that slit of yours and making you cum into my mouth."

His words are so naughty and i'm already so hot for him. God, i've never wanted my pussy eaten so much before. He reaches up and pulls off the nipple clamps. i gasp with the sudden sharp pain, but His mouth is there, soothing as He unties the rope binding my breasts. He draws a nipple deep into His mouth and rolls it on His tongue. My back comes up off the bed, thrusting my tit into Him as i scream and my orgasm hits like a freight train.

my pussy is still spasming when He moves down and glides His tongue the length of my slit. He laps at my clit, rolling it on His tongue and i moan beneath Him, my head thrashing on the pillows. He wets a finger in my pussy and circles it around the tight bud of my asshole. His tongue plunders my pussy before moving down and rimming my hole. He wets His finger again and inserts the tip of it into my ass. i gasp at the intrusion, but He inserts more fingers into my cunt and begins fucking them in and out while His lips and tongue travel back to my clit and suck it in. i'm bucking against him as much as i can, desperate to cum again.

Just as i'm about to go over, He pulls his fingers out of my ass and pussy and sits up, leaving me empty and begging for Him.

"Tell me how you want it, Baby," He commands. "Beg me for it."

"Oh, please, Sir, please make me cum. i need it so bad."

"What do you need? Hmmm?"

"Your cock, i need your cock inside me. Please fuck me." i'm almost out of my mind with lust. My pussy is steadily leaking and i'm thrusting my hips up into thin air. "Fuck my pussy."

"That's it," He growls as he moves over me and positions Himself at the entrance of my cunt. "My little slut is hungry isn't she? I'm gonna give you my cock, baby. Go ahead, baby, scream for me."

He buries Himself inside me with one deep thrust and I scream out His name as i cum over and over on His cock. My pussy clutches Him deep and He groans as He begins a steady fucking in and out." His jaw is clenched tight and His eyes are glazed. A slight sheen of sweat coats His skin. He fucks into me hard and deep once, twice, three more times and cries out as He begins to shoot His cum deep inside me. His orgasm triggers another one of mine, and we buck together milking each other for every last drop.

He collapses on top of me and lays there for long minutes. i long to wrap my legs and arms around Him and hold Him there forever. i'm incredibly moved by what happened between us and i know that He was meant to be my Master.

Finally, He moves to undo my restraints and then i do wrap myself around Him and hold Him tight as the last tremors fade from our bodies. He kisses me softly and tells me how much He appreciates my giving myself to Him. "It's just the beginning," He tells me and i fall asleep safe in His arms with the knowledge that our story is just beginning.

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