tagLoving WivesFor Sale by Owner Ch. 02

For Sale by Owner Ch. 02


As Joe walked back into the Rec room, he was shocked at what he saw. The redheaded housewife was reclined on the sofa with her head on the armrest. Al was straddling her head, and had his 12-inch cock buried to the hilt in her mouth. Cindy wasn't sucking him, she was letting him fuck her mouth like it was a pussy. As Al rammed his cock in and out, Cindy was gagging and moaning in ecstasy as the cock pushed deep into her throat.

Joe had seen a lot of sex, in person and in porno movies, but he had never seen a woman get face fucked and deep throat such a big cock. The contrast between her white skin and Al's deep black color made the scene all the more erotic. Joe looked to Randy to make sure he was getting it all on tape, and Randy gave him the high sign as he moved in even closer.

Al pounded his cock into Cindy's mouth for a good five minutes before he started thrust even faster. His balls, which had been bouncing on and off of Cindy's chin, tightened up, and everyone in the room knew he was about to cum. Al let out a loud roar, and pushed his cock as far he could down the housewife's throat, as he shot his cum deep into her gullet. Cindy gasped for air and howled as the cum ran down her throat.

Al left his cock deep in Cindy's mouth until he was through cumming. The three men watched as Cindy's throat muscles contracted and released, milking his cum from his giant rod. Finally Al pulled his deflating cock from Cindy's mouth. It stayed connected to her tongue with a long strand of a mixture of saliva and cum. Cindy reached out with her tongue to lick the last of his cum from the head of his cock, and licked his balls for good measure.

The only sound in the room was heavy breathing, as Cindy fought to get her breath back, Al recovered from his intense orgasm, and Joe and Randy calmed down from what they had observed.

Al finally spoke, "damn, girl, that was the best suck I ever got."

Cindy couldn't answer, still not fully recovered. She did manage a smile.

Joe realized he hadn't even been aware that he had taken his cock out while he was watching the face fuck, and had stroked it to near cumming. He thought about getting more head from Cindy, but decided it was time to move on.

"OK, lets take this party upstairs," Joe said. He went over to Cindy, who was still dressed in her bra and panties, and led her toward the stairs. She followed, in a trance-like state.

Randy and Al picked up the camcorder and the duffel bag and followed Joe and Cindy up the stairs. The group passed through the main level of the house and went straight up to the master bedroom.

"Ah, cool bedroom," Randy remarked as he entered, taking note of the spacious room, dominated by a king size bed across from french doors leading to a balcony.

Joe crossed the room and closed the blinds on the french doors, as well on the windows. "We don't want the neighbors to see what a slut you are, do we Mrs. Dorsey?" he asked Cindy.

Cindy didn't answer him. The tequila was wearing off, and the reality was sinking in of what she had done, sucking off the three strange men, reluctantly at first, than with wild abandon. Her mind was racing with conflicting thoughts of guilt over what she had done, and lust for more.

Joe pulled her over toward the bed. He reached behind her and unclasped her bra. Cindy instinctively moved to cover her breasts, but Joe pulled her hands away. She realized she was way past the point of modesty.

"Nice tits!" Randy exclaimed. He took her bra from Joe and looked at the label. "Size 34C. Just what I would have guessed," he said.

Joe and Randy each began kissing and sucking one of Cindy's beasts. As they did, Al came over and pulled her panties down her hips and to her ankles. He steadied her as she stepped out of the green nylon panties with the flower design and lace trim. They were still soaking wet with cum from the guys and Cindy's own copious juices. Al tossed them to the side of the room, intending to keep them as a souvenir.

Joe maneuvered Cindy toward the bed, and eased her down on the bed, on her back. Randy held her legs apart as Joe put his head to her crotch. "Umm, she's plenty wet. And smells so sweet," Joe said before darting his tongue into Cindy's slit.

Joe stuck his tongue as far into the redhead's cunt as he could. He licked the walls of her vagina, and nibbled on its lips. Cindy writhed around on the bed, but when his tongue connected with her clitoris, it was as if she had received an electrical shock. Joe licked her clit and inserted two fingers in her wet pussy. He nibbled and lightly bit her clit, sending her into a convulsive orgasm that had he screaming and panting.

Joe didn't let Cindy calm down before slamming his cock into her pussy. He pumped into her furiously for a few minutes, with Cindy adjusting to meet his thrusts. After a few more minutes, Joe pulled out and moved to a sitting position on the side of the bed.

Without a word being said, Cindy scrambled around to straddle Joe. She slowly lowered herself down to impale herself on his cock, and began to gyrate up and down and back and forth. She felt herself building toward another orgasm, and picked up her pace.

The ringing of the phone on the nightstand beside her shattered her passion, the shrill sound catapulting her into reality.

"Oh my god, it's probably my husband!", she exclaimed, trying to pull herself off Joe. But Joe grabbed her by the hips, keeping her in place and his cock in place inside her. Meanwhile, Randy had stepped over, picked up the phone, and handed it to Cindy.

Cindy stammered out a "hello" as best she could.

"Hi hon." It was Ken. "Whatcha doing? You sound out of breath," her husband continued.

"I... I just ran up the stairs," Cindy said. Joe was increasing the tempo of his thrusts into her pussy, and she prayed that the slurppy sounds of their sex would not be detectible over the phone line.

"How did the open house go?" Ken asked. "You didn't have any more trouble with perverts cumming on your panties when you weren't looking, did you?"

"No, not when I wasn't looking," Cindy retorted, shocked by her own boldness.

Ken just chuckled, unaware of the meaning of his wife's answer. "How many people came?" Ken asked.

"Let's see, I guess four people came here today," Cindy responded, enjoying the fact that her husband had no idea of her true meaning.

"I guess you're disappointed then," Ken said.

"No, not really, I kinda got into it," Cindy responded.

Cindy was still rocking on Joe's cock. She had become comfortable that Ken couldn't hear the fucking sounds. She had not noticed that Randy had moved up onto the bed, and before she realized what was happening, he had his dick at her mouth. She let the telephone mouthpiece slide down, and took him into her mouth.

On the phone, Joe was going on about his dinner, and his plans for the client's work tomorrow. Cindy was glad he was talking so long; she was able to just grunt around Randy's cock to keep the conversation going.

Suddenly Joe stopped in mid-sentence. "What is that noise?" he asked.

Cindy realized that her sucking cock right beside the phone mouthpiece must be audible. She took her mouth off Randy and quickly said, "I made myself a smoothie, and I'm slurping. It's down toward the end.'

Cindy was able to keep Randy from putting his cock back in her mouth, but he continued to jerk off inches from her face. Suddenly, his cock spurted cum right onto Cindy's face.

The first blast hit her eye, then as Randy's aim got better, he placed the next three squirts on her mouth. Some of it hit the phone mouthpiece.

"What was that?" Ken asked.

Even while she was licking cum from her lips, Cindy answered, "oh, I dripped some smoothie onto the phone."

Meanwhile, Joe had increased the pace of his fucking. Cindy knew that she was fast approaching the point of no return, hot from Randy cumming on her face and Joe's incessant pounding of her pussy.

"I've got to go," Cindy said. "I'm about to make a real mess with this thing."

"OK babe, I love you," Ken said. "I'll call you tomorrow night."

"OK, love you, too," Cindy barely got out the words, and in fact her voice was cracking by the time she got to the last word.

She started screaming out in her orgasm as she was replacing the phone in the cradle, and she again prayed that Ken was not still on the line before she got the connection broken at her end.

Joe held her tightly in place on his cock as he pumped his load of sperm into her.

Cindy collapsed onto the bed. She was still regaining her breath from her orgasm when she felt hands lifting her off the bed and turning her over. She looked back to see Al pulling/pushing her into a position on all fours. In an instant, Al's cock was at the entrance to her pussy.

Al tried to enter the housewife in one fell thrust, but even with Cindy's pussy drenched with her juices and Joe's cum, Al's giant cock met resistance. He pulled back and slowly worked his way into Cindy.

"Come on, baby, take this big dick," Al said softly.

Cindy moaned in pleasure and pain as her pussy stretched to accommodate Al. While Joe was not nearly as large as Al, the pounding he gave her had left her a little sore. But her pussy muscles gradually relaxed and began to let Al's big cock in.

"Oh yeah, give me that big black cock!" Cindy squealed. "Fill my pussy with it."

Al pistoned in and out of the housewife's pussy from behind, with his big balls slapping her clit.

Randy and Joe watched in awe as Al ravaged the petite redhead. He fucked her for over twenty minutes, during which time Randy and Joe counted at least three squealing orgasms by Cindy.

Finally, Al grunted out "I'm getting close to cumming."

"Oh yes, give me your cum!" Cindy cried. "Shoot it deep in me."

Al pulled her hips close, and thrust as deeply as he could as he began to shoot his cum into Cindy. Cindy was squealing through another orgasm of her own as Al grunted with each squirt.

Finally, Al pulled out of Cindy's savaged and gaping pussy with a loud "slurp" sound. He plopped on the bed beside Cindy, who immediately went down to his crotch and began licking the remaining cum off his cock and balls.

Joe could feel his own cock stirring again, and thought about taking another turn with the redhead. But he knew he had other appointments to keep, so he resisted the urge.

As Cindy lay on the bed exhausted but satiated, Joe pulled Randy and Al to the side of the room. "This has gone far better than I hoped," he said. "I've got to go now, but you two will stay with her. I'm not sure we can trust what she will do yet, so tie her to the bed for the night. Otherwise, you can do whatever you want with her."

Randy and Al nodded, and returned to the bed. Cindy reacted in shocked surprise as they handcuffed her wrists to the headboard.

Joe bounded down the stairs, dialing his wife Nancy on the phone as he did.

"Hey, I decided to stay for another go with her, but I'm on my way now," he said. "Al and Randy will take care of her tonight, and we'll come back tomorrow."

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