For the Love of Botany: Future Ch. 03


The crowd around the stadium was cheering wildly and many of the audience had fallen to masturbating to the erotic games played out before them. Ariana's breasts bounced upon her chest as she rode to the top of the foot long penis and then was slammed home again. The broad head of the penis would support her momentarily at the peak of the fuck and would disappear back into her wet depths seconds later. Ariana was more than participating fully now, her own body working to bring more cock into her body. When her first orgasm came she was ready for it and eagerly anticipating the waves of intense pleasure it brought.

Still pinned against the wall, Ariana would find herself nearing a second orgasm when she was distracted by a wave of heavily armed guards backing from a long hallway to the opposite end of the stadium. A loud roar from the man whose penis so fully penetrated her brought her back to the sex she was a partner too. He had cum. His massive cock shot and reloaded and shot again, tons of semen filling Ariana's womb with fluid. Her stomach and pussy warmed as they filled with the creature's fertile juices. The beast never faltered in its thrusts and much of the semen would pour down her spread thighs. Ariana went with him as her womb became a hot container of seed and her pussy sought to absorb the thick white fluid. She rotated her pussy on the thick vein covered penis until she could move no more and her second orgasm exploded. The human and the Reborn collapsed together against the wall as their sexes drank as much of each other as possible.

A terrifying cry echoed from where the armed squadron had just retreated. It was a singular noise that every woman and girl were taught to fear and even the unWomen turned in terror at its repeat. Ariana's violet eyes shone outward, tears forming, as they saw the creature which padded out of the hall. The guards pedaled backwards hurriedly, their weapons carried before them and their eyes never leaving the massive feline form. They ignored the growls of the men and the clamoring of the crowd. They only wanted to escape before the creature charged. They would manage to get out and behind the stone stockade just before the creature's puzzled walk became a full on charge.

Ariana's terror would be redoubled as a second of the beasts entered the ring. The man who had just fucked her completely dropped her to the ground, a similar look of terror filling his face.

Silence swept over the crowds as they watched at this most vicious of punishments. Only a truly evil individual could deserve so vicious a fate.

The two tigrans took up a position in the center of the Ellipse, their large heads swaying from side to side as they evaluated those trapped with them.

Ariana's partner would attempt to organize some sort of unified defense within the grunting and growling language of the unWomen. But it would last only a few seconds before the onslaught of two caged tigrans.

Once all the men had been dispatched, the blood soaked beasts turned towards the three women trapped with them. The unconscious girl was ignored. Ariana and the guard attracted their attention first.

The sex crazed monsters would easily overcome their victim's efforts to resist the stabbing thrusts of their barbed penises. As always, the mating of the Seeded and the tigrans would end in death, following insemination. The creatures merely needed the woman's womb to store and harbor the eggs that were deposited deep within.

Once the ring had fallen still, the Seeded would not attempt to recapture the creatures, instead they executed them from a distance. The Ellipse's ancient stage would be cleaned of all bodies save one: Ariana. Her lifeless form would be burned unceremoniously in the center of the ring and her ashes left to be scattered by the wind.

The next few days would be ominously stormy. Severe winds and rains lashed the unsteady foundations of the civilization. Quietly and in darkened corners, the Seeded began to fear that perhaps they had been wrong about the first of the Reborn. A pervasive nervousness spread, like a disease amongst the oldest of the Seeded. Those who remembered the past, silently dreaded the future.

Then three days before the end of the seasonal cycle something unheard of since old times happened.

It was a foretelling of what was to come.

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