For the Love of Botany: Revolution 3


Bethany grimaced but managed to nod her head as she warily glanced at the waiting monster. Renae was too be first. She spread her thighs slightly and held Bethany's head just below her slit. Renae relaxed and allowed her piss to flow freely pass the outer lips of her cunt. Bethany closed her eyes and began to swallow the piss as quickly as she possibly could. Renae moved slightly causing some to spill onto Bethany's naturally tan face. Bethany momentarily closed her mouth and grimaced causing more to pour out around her lips and into the hair trapped against her sweaty skin. Finally Renae felt her stream die out. She grabbed Bethany's dirty face and pressed it into the folds of her cunt, forcing her to clean it of the golden fluids that had flown through it moments before.

Once Bethany had finished Renae stepped back and watched as Angela squatted over Bethany's face and relieved herself. Renae almost came as Angela stared lustfully up at her with her piss flowing from the pink walls of her cunt. Finally she too stopped and was cleaned by Bethany. Renae had a surprise for Bethany in the form of the remaining eight. Out of the crowd stepped eight nude men with massive cocks standing straight out from their bodies. Each was chained and restrained in some way. They shuffled forward as Bethany was forced onto her knees with her mouth wide open. She began to cry softly as the men took up position in a circle around her.

All eight began peeing in a torrent of golden fluid at once. Bethany's crying increased as much of the fluid poured out over her face and onto her body. Soon the men were ignoring the open sobbing mouth and were focusing on pissing on her tanned gorgeous body. Renae watched with satisfaction as Bethany's humiliated form was covered in piss from the erect members. Finally the piss flood died out and Bethany was left huddled in the puddle of fluid, with bitter pee dripping from every section of her body. Renae ordered several plants to hold her in place for the remainder of the time spent camping there. Bethany sobbed as she realized she would be trapped in the golden puddle she rested in now, and she would be forced to relieve herself soon in the same area. Renae made a final order to speed up Bethany's humiliation. Torches were planted in a circle and Bethany was made to drink several canteens of water until her belly was visibly distended from the water. When she was about to pee, the plants held her up over a torch with her legs wide spread. Bethany nearly lost her mind as hundreds of sex crazed women masturbated as her piss flowed out of her sharply contrasting pink cunt and down her tan thighs and to the ground beneath.

For several minutes her piss flowed and finally she was dropped in the puddle with a loud splash. Her degradation was complete and she was ignored as the next officer was introduced to their fate. After several hours of different humiliations, fuckings, and tortures, the commander of the rebel forces was brought forward. Stakes were driven in the ground and she was hung horizontally 8 feet above the ground, totally nude. Several small plants were instructed to get her aroused. After several minutes of lewd fucking they withdrew leaving her wondering what was next. Her question was answered horribly. Three plants moved forward with a loud rustling and took up positions around her. The first, who was positioned between her widely spread, ebony-skinned thighs, was well over 25 feet tall and its cock when exposed reached a length of 3 feet and had an amazing width of 12 inches.

The one bent beneath her was 18 feet tall when straight and had a stamen that was one and a half feet long and 9 inches wide. The one near her head was 17 feet tall and had a stamen that was also one and a half feet long with a width of 9 inches. The commander began to scream and cry for mercy but Renae and Angela would hear none of it. She had been responsible for the death of a Breeder and several plants; she would pay with her life. Renae gave a hand motion and one plant made its move. The plant beneath her lifted her clean off the stakes as it made a terrific lunge that ripped through muscle and skin in her ass. Several inches had been buried inside and the blood rapidly running down the length lubricated it. The commander screamed in agony as the plant gripped her thighs with powerful vines and forced her twitching body down farther on the cock. The commander's eyes appeared to be about to pop from her head as the pressure built as more of the cock rammed inside of her.

Renae angrily rammed her raw cunt lips up and down on Angela's largest plant. It was thick enough that it made Renae feel like a virgin again when she fucked it. The screams of the commander only drove her on as she watched the bloodied cock bury its entire length in her ass with another stroke. Renae knew the commander would soon be dead and so she ordered the next plant to move. The cock rammed through the flimsy-seeming outer lips of the commander and tore through more flesh. The outline of the massive member was visible on the exterior of her stomach as it pressed deeper and deeper into her torn cunt and crotch. The commander stared in horror as the cock pressed through the back of her womb and into her stomach, rupturing many veins and arteries. She could see the cock pressing past her belly button and into her rib cage area. Suddenly her jaw was torn open as the final plant plunged into its destination. In a matter of minutes the commander's lifeless body was dropped to the ground before the terrified rebels, many of whom were busy reproducing with the plants.

Renae turned and left the scene pleased that her job had been completed. She went to the former commander's tent and took up residence there, waiting for the Queen to return. She had saved one girl for her own pleasure. After several minutes the young black 18 year old virgin was pushed through the tent flaps, her arms tied behind her back with thick straps of black leather. Renae grabbed the girl by a long leash hanging from her neck and pulled her close. Renae tide the young wench against the thick tent pole in the center of the pavilion. Renae pulled a large black rubber strap on from a carrying case she had found inside. After fitting it around her waist, with a thick second dildo pressed into her cunt she moved towards the cowering girl. Renae pulled the beautiful chocolate thighs of the girl apart to reveal the bright pink cunt hidden there. Renae watched in glee as the girl wet herself and the pussy shone with the fluid. Renae pressed the rubber cock head into the wet lips of the girl and began to press in and out until she felt the cock press against the thin membrane of her maidenhead.

Renae pressed her luscious lips into those of her virgin slave and thrust through the cherry. Renae bit down on the girl's lip as she gasped at the intrusion and pain. Renae toyed with the girl's nipples as she thrust up and down inside the rapidly lubricating cunt. Renae wished she could feel the girls enveloping folds surround her cock but knew it was useless. She pounded harder and harder into the black beauty's twat enjoying the gasps of pleasure and the hot tips of the girls dark nipples pressing into her own white globes. Soon both of the women were orgasming in a tight embrace, their lips and tongues locked together. Renae slowly pulled herself free and ran a hand over the smooth soft flesh of the deflowered girl's ass. She then untied the wench and pulled her into bed for the rest of the evening. Renae knew more fun was to come.

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