tagReviews & EssaysFor the Love of Mary Trenchard

For the Love of Mary Trenchard


John Cranby is a respected Tutor of Divinity to the Lady Jane Dover, daughter of a wealthy family in Tudor times.

He aims to continue his celibate life despite realising his true love with his pupil when she comes of age.

But Mary Trenchard, visiting the Dover mansion house to help prepare Jane for marriage, has other ideas, for one thing she really fancies John and another believes that no man should have to endure celibacy ...


Who would have thought that a man of the cloth such as the devoted John Cranby, who had an impeccable reputation for what was right and proper in those unscrupulous Tudor days, when sexual extravagance was the byword with the gentry - who would have even surmised that this very churchy man would relent to the charms of Mary Trenchard, one of the John Dudley children who, second to the King, was the most powerful man in England.

But Mary was adamant she wanted this man, whether it was the challenge of his cloth or a certain attractiveness that procured her we shall never know, but John was soon to discover just how persistent this woman could be...

"You are not an unattractive man," Mary Trenchard said to the man of God during her visit to Dover House, her purpose there - to assist in the preparation of the girl destined to be become the queen's escort , the sixteen year old Lady Jane Dover, but Mary had other things in mind to brighten and excite her brief visit.

John was Jane Dover's tutor and was loyal to his cause.

"You are indeed little portly around the hips, John but I am sure some virulent bonding would help remedy that and I could so easily succumb to your masculine charms. You, so agile and so bustling a man whom, I observe, plays bowls with great zest and vigour. I have watched the way you swing the wood and accurately align it.

" And you come from a fine family too. You will be most welcome in my boudoir, sire. Come tonight. I will be as prudent as you wish and I am sure a little soothing pampering would be good for the soul as God only knows, and you of course too if you were to be honest, even as a man of God.

" If it was the Lord's intention for the sexes to intertwine -that he alone made us that way - then such a divine bond is surely a taste of his heaven and - In the interest of survival of the stronger species, it is natural for a woman to prefer good hardy stock."

She knew what she was about without a doubt in the world, she murmuring into his ear how she would enjoy the taste of a man of cloth - how she would love to be confirmed by him and sample his bread and wine upon the tip of her tongue

John told all in his memoirs how he was unable to hide his profound distaste for the outright disrespect of the woman who hailed from one of the finest families and shuddered as he stood there, unable to find the appropriate words in response. ...

"You need not be too shocked, John Cranby for I conceive the way you are with Jane in contrast to the way you are with me - for I am a real woman of essence, truly aware of my femininity and my effect on the opposite sex whether they be of high nobility, the lower class or, indeed men of cloth. You would not be the first one, sir whom, entrenched in the word of God, has chosen temporarily - yea; occasionally, to submit to temptation, -and feel the better for it I might add, to disregard the cloth for a brief rehearsal of what it may be like to be in heaven. I have that ability, John Cranby - to give you an exclusive rehearsal of what heaven may be like

"If indeed, you choose foolishly to decline my invitation," she continued, " be careful not to report my indulgence to those fine aristocrats who attend this house, for they too may have enjoyed a little time in my heaven."

John was revolted by her manner and her vile tongue but chose to remain silent, not to be drawn into such conversation.

He later discussed the matter quietly with Dr. Haddon. He was desperately in need of good advice and explained his fears regarding Lady Trenchard's unfavourable conduct and the impression she may have on Jane.

But John could not understand his response:

"I am sure our brightest pupil will not be effected by one who stoops so low, do not be concerned, John" he said. "You know God always works in mysterious ways."

John lightly quarrelled with the older man suggesting that, never the less, we should discuss the matter with his grace. That it was surely their duty to uphold certain moralities.

"Such are the female of the species," Haddon replied coolly, "we know not how their mind's work which is probably a good thing, you are surely more involved in your student's welfare more than becomes your place here. Sometimes I feel you are too possessive of the girl Jane and it is high time she should indulge in other interests which will eventually compliment her well-being.

"Regarding: Lady Trenchard, we know these things go on, John. Such is the way weak men are, that they encourage the immorality by their degrading actions. Given those temptations by an extremely stunning and attractive woman such as Lady Trenchard any sense of morality is rapidly surpassed. If no harm is done then we must remain silent. If we break the rule the harm will come I have no doubt. Lady Trenchard is a very formidable woman with an equally formidable father; she is also a grasping woman who will brazenly take what she desires without recourse. I have heard that her sexual appetite, like her father's, is enormous."

Mary Trenchard's father, John Bilgard was one of the topmost figures in politics of the time.

"Yet she is married to Henry Trenchard, Dr. Haddon. John interrupted, "She is breaking her vows to God"

"That is correct but the Lord will be judge of that and of her husband who, on the last count, had three mistresses' I understand. It is the way they live, John. Your naiveté sometimes astounds me, it really does."

"I prefer not to think of such things, Sir. It is surely not good for the soul."

"It is only bad if you yourself doubt your cloth, John. Look deeply into your soul and ask yourself this - you are made of flesh and blood and, even in your capacity, you are prone to the natural feelings of man to woman. Let us be quite truthful about this. The Lady Trenchard will catch the eye of any normal man."


The astute Mary Trenchard had sensed her man of cloth held a secret love, a secret lust that needed to flourish. John was more than fully aware of that. She planted the seed that in his mind she could be good for him, and in so giving his passion to her, he would then diffuse the sheer frustration of holding back and not being able to give, body and soul to the woman he truly loved, adored and cherished. For one, Jane Dover was of Royal Blood and two, committed to marry John Dudley's son, Guildford.

Mary would come to him in such a way, that he would lose his senses that he would reach that point of no return, she would see to that - no problem, and she would have achieved what she wanted, to take a man of the cloth - and show him a short cut to heaven.

He sensed when she was about, when she was swishing along the corridor outside his room, her long silken dress floating from one side to the other as she walked the walk of all that was woman. And her scent also was very exclusive, the very sniff of it arousing John's male libido Which embarrassed and shocked him to realise he was, as a man of cloth, thinking such carnal thoughts.

All the time Mary was whispering sensual and mischievous these things to John, making him quite aware of her innermost thoughts - and he felt like he was the proverbial lamb waiting for slaughter as it were.

For the second time she invited him to join her privately - then silently she lured him into her den, guided him to her bed, then placing herself delicately next to him on the edge of the bed, encircled his neck with clasping hands and laid his head down upon her bosom, she continued to gently talk to him, whisper the shocking things he secretly wanted to hear, the things he would really like to hear from Jane, Mary said she would be Jane's voice box, the love between he and Jane would be the absolute love lust and be transmitted soul to soul, through the surge of passion. In other words Mary was enticing him to imagine in his darkest imagination that she was Jane.

"Just close your eyes, dear John and it shall be, your prayers will be answered and you will be so much more a happier and contented man."

He was slipping as if unconsciously into another world, a world within his secret self, the deep self that harboured sensual desires to complete the love I had for Lady Jane.

"I can feel you have suffered so much in consequence of your love for Jane, it must be sheer frustration for you in being utterly unable to consummate your love, and would your God be right in having you go through that sheer torment, the agony must be awesome?"

"I do love her so," John heard himself confess as he felt the comfort of her firm ample breasts against his brow. "I want her so. I have been unable to sleep, to think properly - it has been sheer hell on earth.

"Yet I know it is an impossible wish. I have known the girl since she was three, have seen her grow into a woman, when my feelings changed from the sheer adoration of a young girl to the love and passion of the woman she had become."

Mary whispered for John to shush as she comforted him, he feeling the warmth of her caress slowly fondle in a way he had never realised could be so wonderful. But in his mind, it was not Mary kissing his brow and feeling his passion, it was Jane, wonderful beloved Jane - and then his mind sensed a perfect peace, wanting her so much.

"I have longed for this moment my beloved Jane, if only you knew how much, I do love you and need you completely, you are my reason for being, my urge to live and be forever there by your side, for each of us to comfort one another, to arouse and satisfy the passion our love ferments, the flame that burns, to feel that which is truly you inside, to sow the seed of life itself."

John was there. Almost there - feeling the heat of their passion grow, the absolute yearning of what a woman can give man, to her lover.

But then, she was not his lover, the senses sparked and he came back down to earth from that place that seemed to be heaven. It was Mary. Not Jane! His mind was playing tricks , and all the time he felt he was being adjudged by the Lord, his Father.

As if reading his thoughts, Mary calmed him - "it is God's will for all his children to use the gifts given of him, to withhold such deep feelings is truly a recipe for sin, that which ferments the soul of man to take some God forsaken woman against her will, and in so doing, to make her suffer emotionally for the rest of her life. And if a child is born as result, what of that child to think her or she is the result of a horrible rape. Truly love is the only course."

"But, Lady Mary - I do not love you, I love Jane!"

"Call me plain Mary, John. Of course you do - but we are adorned to each other that is obvious, and I would be a pleasing substitute - would It not?"

"Because you taunt me so much, and take full advantage of my predicament," He replied with some haste - but then realising he was wrong to caste the blame upon her. It was as much he wanting her, wanting the love she could give, if not by way of mind but through the passion of her being - knowing how deep and fermenting was the pulsing of his soul. But it would still be as substitute for the love of Jane, but how could he explain that!

It was not right, John opened his eyes and saw ahead a man rejected, a man who had forsaken both his God and the young woman he loved, and he would have to live with that.

"This is not the way forward, Lady Mary. We must be sensible and put aside our feelings. Let us take time to reconsider and reflect. Let me pray to God for guidance."

He then discovered how no woman likes to be rejected and Lady Mary was no exception, she exclaimed, very loudly that she had never been turned down like this.

She shouted, she tore away the bed covers, stamped her feet wildly, and knocked things off the bedroom cupboard. She rendered words unheard of to him, words which shocked and astounded, and he responded - telling her she was a devil woman, she was the most wicked woman he had ever encountered, that in the course of his duties he had met many who had come to him, come for God's forgiveness for the things they had done, so blatant and so nasty. And now this woman was showing her true colours.

But when she calmed, as if to realize that way not the way forward she claimed she had one more pawn to play. Passion and lust and hate can come together in the most extreme way, and when she stripped, portraying her all to the man standing like a statue before her, when he lavished his eyes upon the full beauty of her charm, her womanhood, it was like a magnet. He was howling with torment, fighting with his conscience to resist the sheer determination of this woman before him and she was howling too, as if the anger and annoyance had returned, but he was also taking her in his arms, struggling with her, one part of him saying he should let go and leave, the other submitting to her strong persuasion and desire, the glass that had been half empty was also half full, and when they clambered relentlessly onto the thick goose feathered mattress, even God could not stop him, John was at that point of no return, he was an animal, and was still howling out at her; what a wicked woman she was as he took her completely and without inhibition, fired with the energy of passion and all that entailed, thrusting, heaving , feeling the heat of her body, the body he wanted now to explore, every fissure, every part of her femininity, and soon she was thus primed, so utterly ready for his fuck, she said, - her passion ripened with words of sexuality, words to which John was unaccustomed in his circle of acquaintances - yet words which he discovered where exciting to the full, more thrilling because of the way they were whispered by the very ardent woman beside him...as her fingers clawed the thin skin over his back - drawing him closer to her. He couldn't hold back now, he had to go all the way until the climax and the heaven came with a burst of reoccurring energy, both of them meeting the surge of their passion until they were still again.

Now they were lovers - the seed sewn - and that was just the start ... Later, when they had calmed, when they both just laid together, like it was after the storm; She said; "John Cranby, you have so much to give, all that pent-up and restrained energy now released, for a man who has never made love before you were absolutely wonderful, and I do feel proud, no matter what you think of me, I do feel proud and honoured that I have been your first lover."

For a while John was happy to remain still and silent. Feeling calm and at ease. Until he came down to earth again, realizing what he had done.

It was as if almost she knew his thoughts. He had to come to terms with himself, Lady Mary was an intellectual woman given her lust for overriding passion, and she was flirtatious to the highest degree.

Her eyes caught John's once again as he lifted his head from her bosom. She touched her lips with her index finger, then, with the same finger, placed it on his, teasing it along his lips sensually, assuring him of her absolute discretion...

"You are alright, John. You don't need to relent. It was the most natural thing in the world you have just done, that you have accomplished with me. You are indeed a wonderful lover and have so much to give, and I hope I have the opportunity to share our heaven together more in the coming days, and then you won't feel so bad, I know it must have been difficult for you, not being able to release your true sexual desires with the one you love."

"I am unsure, Lady Mary - if God will accept me now, that I have done this deed, that I have done it without love, that it was purely lust of one's carnal misgivings. I am not at all sure if it was right, that it would have been correct."

"So, John Granby, you are still not at ease, please look into yourself., The real you, a God made man of quality. I can see maybe I have been too gentle with you, that you need a lot more of what I can give to bring out that man who is still hiding behind the cloth.

"Sexual bonding is indeed like a big adventure of discovery and I have certainly not finished discovering you, I think maybe I ought to taste the man in that body of yours to the full, not just the whimsical kiss of my lips upon your most manly parts.

"I have sucked a king's cock but never a man of God; yes I have been bedded by Henry himself which was no real blessing. He was loathsome and cruel and wanted everything almost at once. So I finished him quick giving him the oral delight, three times in all 'till he was spent and unable to have me to the full.

"But you, John are much more genteel and indeed Jane Dover, although you cannot love her to the full, is a very lucky woman indeed.

"You actually slept with the Henry V111?" John gulped as she went down to him. But she did not reply, engulfed in what she had in mind to do. Then realising what was about to do he made every effort to prevent her, turning himself away from her face.

"Mary, please let me quell the feeling you have already given me, give me time to battle with my conscience before we bed more."

"Just relax and let me forever quell that so severe conscience of yours " she whispered moving her fingers to where she wanted her lips to be, but he having turned almost upon his front, this action simply adding to the thrill of the moment as she ran her fingers up along the inside of his thigh, higher and higher, procuring him to turn onto his back again, she prompting him to part his thighs so she could gain better access to her objective which by now was again full, so full she could feel the throb between her teeth, extending deeply into her mouth, her cheeks stretching to accommodate him, now she could taste him properly as she sunk his ample extremity deep into her throat, he whimpering almost like a child as she busied herself with mouth and tongue to give him the most splendid oral pleasure he could never, ever have imagined, like how it was with a woman so lusty and wanting, a woman who was hungry for more of him, a woman that was bold and demanding and he realised he was enjoying her demands in a way he could never have imagined, at last he relaxed , laid back his head on the pillow and let her have her way, feeling the absolute divine pleasure of her deep enjoyment of him, he building again in readiness for the deep fucking they would both enjoy - he wanted that now more than anything, perceiving that yes, it was a heaven for sure, the touches, the feelings, her body moulding to his, her kiss divine, the touch of her bosom, she prompting him to suck in her juice then, her warm erect crimson/brown nipples, her pouting lips beneath inviting the passage for her strong lusty length which signified her readiness for his deep penetration once more, to enjoy each other in the most thrilling and delightful way, she nestling over him, her thighs lowering like that, until his face was smothered with her femininity, he now tasting her, sensing what he perceived to be the taste of honeydew, her ripeness like a big red split plum, urging him to suck the juice squirting all over, then she going down again - like she was still kneeling over him, he feeling her busy mouth upon him once more, somehow he wanted more and more and more, they worked feverishly upon one another until they climaxed with a loud cry and a sudden surge until once again they were spent, their bodies separated and laying beside each other, catching their breaths and seeping the after feelings of a perfect bonding.

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