tagBDSMFor the Master Ch. 04

For the Master Ch. 04


When Michael came into the house, he expected to find Anna and her friend waiting for him on the couch or in the kitchen, drinking lemonade and chatting. Instead they both came down the hall and for a moment he was suspicious but the conversation at dinner was easy and culminated with a sweet scoop of banana pudding for dessert. By the end, Michael was sitting back in his chair, enjoying Shelly's travel stories and sipping whisky that had been aged in a charred white oak barrel.

Anna smiled at him over the rim of his glass, remembering the evening before and how sweet and warm his breath had been from the alcohol. Michael had been so romantic, his hands gentle and he fucked her slow. In fact, it made her think of "making love," the way his hips had rolled and filled her with solid pleasure. The whole evening, she had kept her hands on his body or her arms around his neck or her lips against his skin and it seemed so terribly ironic that Shelly would appear the next day.

She had been so cordial with Michael that Anna was exhausted by the tumultuous shifts in attitude since they met each other earlier. Shelly had always been a mistress of emotion. As easily as she could be turned on, she could be turned off. The same could not be said about desire, however, and Anna knew that her former friend was waiting for the opportunity to pounce again.

Knowing this, Anna was grateful when Michael offered to clear the dessert plates and tidy up the kitchen and asked Shelly to join him to finish their conversation about Dhubai. She took the opportunity to dash in her room and think! Should she call a friend? She could think of so many people she would like to call, especially Gary, a gay friend from college who had been her confidante throughout the Shelly years. He would know what to tell her, being similar to Shelly in temper. The main difference was that Shelly could never deny herself while Gary was total self control. In fact, Michael was a lot like Gary and she smiled, thinking how much better the day would have been if it was Gary in town for business.

Groaning softly, she dropped on the edge of the bed with her arms tightly crossed beneath her breasts. She became so lost in her memories and thoughts on the day that she did not hear Michael come in the room. He told her that Shelly had left, just like that, because she had a meeting in the morning.

Anna let out a long, deep breath and could not stop the wide smile that crossed her lips. At that, Michael raised a dark blonde brow. "Anna?"

"Oh. Well..." Anna shrugged her shoulders. "I'm glad it's just you and me is all." She kicked her feet up like a little girl and immediately regretted the action. To disguise it, she slipped off the bed and walked over to slip her arms around Michael's neck and place a kiss on his hard jaw. "You smell so good, Michael."

"Master," he corrected.


With her body pressed to his, she could feel his muscles tightening with desire and, of course, his erection. Pushing away from him, Anna smiled as she began to pull her clothes off.

In her eyes, he was an angel. Golden haired and lit from behind by the warm 60-watt light bulbs.

He could tell what she was thinking from the soft focus of her eyes and the way her lips parted. For some reason it wasn't the impression he wanted her to have, so he moved toward her and roughly pulled off her remaining underware and shoved her toward the bed. Caught off guard, Anna tripped over her own feet and fell on her back. Her startled yelp easily gave way to an inviting smile as she rolled her hips and parted her legs.

Michael roughly grabbed her thighs and held her open, staring down at her smoothly shaven, pink centered pussy. He stared. It was so soft and growing wetter as he looked at it. Like the woman's heart, her pussy was warm and inviting. All he wanted was to be buried in her snug hole but he enjoyed denying himself at times. His cock was stiff and he was still in black pants and white-collared shirt.

"Want to know what I was thinking of during dinner?" He waited a few moments and let the silence stretch. "Your friend, Shelly, with you on the couch. I bet her tongue would look so nice. Right here." He lightly laid a finger on her clit and she squirmed but, he noticed, was frowning.

He continued, "And I thought of your hard nipples, exposed and swollen from her mouth. I was thinking of you on your back, a sweet submissive black whore, accepting her tongue on your clit... and here." He buried two fingers in her pussy and had to keep himself from growling at how wet and hot she was. He slid his fingers back and forth in her pussy then pulled them out and held them up for her to see. "Look at how wet you are."

A dark smile spread across his lips and her eyes grew wider and more luminous. "How did it feel?"

A shadow of guilt passed over her face and he began to laugh. Michael suspected Shelly was more than a friend. When his woman and her friend had come down the hall, he could tell from their faces that something was amiss. Anna's eyes had been more eager than happy to see him and Shelly's cheeks were bright red. Thinking of Shelly's tell-all cheeks, he caressed Anna's dark hip, obsessed with its smooth skin and soft flesh beneath.

"How did it feel when your roommate would lick your little black pussy?" He unzipped his pants and freed his cock, letting it stand free but keeping his clothes on. He would not touch himself.

Instead he grabbed her thighs and pulled Anna to the edge of her bed, then forced her onto her knees, rubbing his dick on her face. "How did it feel, Anna? Was she gentle with you?" Anna glanced up, her brows knotted together. "Oh. Is that a no? Don't tell me you were a submissive little black whore in college too! And to that woman, no less. You little dyke, open your mouth."

Ever obedient, Anna lifted her chin and opened her mouth so that he could slowly guide his cock into the slick warmth. Oh god, only to find it was more than slick. Her mouth was full of hot saliva and his hands instinctively cupped the back of her head, wanting to pull her fully onto his groin and fuck her pretty mouth. But he resisted.

"If she was here, I'd have her lick your pussy while I fucked your ass. Mmm, oh yes. She would serve me by eating your pussy and you will serve me by letting her. And by letting me fuck your tight asshole."

The last word was hoarse and he drove his cock to the back of her throat. A shudder ran down his spine, hearing the wetness of her mouth and a quiet gag. "How do you like that, Anna? Would you want her to sit on your face while I have your pussy? Or would you prefer your face buried in her pussy the way your face is deep in my crotch right now? All while I ram your pussy from behind and fill you with my cum?"

Anna kept her mouth open for his cock, gently holding him in her mouth but not sucking, just listening. "I want her to know that you're mine now. I saw her looking at you during dinner, eyeing your breasts and lips when she thought I wasn't looking." He pulled his cock out of Anna's mouth. "Who do you belong to?"

"Only you, Michael."

He growled and pulled her up and hiked her legs around his waist and walked her back out to the living room. His heavy cock was just beneath her pussy.

On the couch, he lifted her hips and she settled over his cock, sighing all the way down the length of him. "Oh," she said when she was full.

Without another word, she lifted his hands to her throat and pressed his fingers. Taking the hint, Michael squeezed her throat and let her take charge of their pleasure.

As soon as his hands pressured her throat, she swallowed, loving the tightness. Anna began to ride her master's dick, sliding her black pussy up and down and rolling her dark hips in circles.

"Does that feel good?" Her voice was small and light, almost begging him to approve. He just stared up at her.

She whimpered softly, a peculiar sound that gave voice to her need to be wanted, her desire to satisfy, and the complete fulfillment of being in a submissive position even when she was on top.

Anna leaned forward and dropped her pussy fully on his dick so that she could grind her hips and then fuck him again. "Master," she whispered, rocking in his lap, unashamed of her juices running down his dick and ruining his pants. Her mind registered the contrast between her nakedness and his fully clothed body except the white dick she so eagerly devoured.

In his ear, she whispered, "Do you like that, master? That black pussy is so wet for you and all yours. I love sitting on my master's dick. I love being your naked whore. Oh... please choke me harder."

Immediately his hands tightened around her throat and she whimpered again and slammed her pussy harder. Now Michael raised his hips and filled her, thrusting upward harder than she could ever fuck him. Her breasts were against his chest and she was kissing his ear and cheek, coaxing him into filling her body with semen.

Close to release, Michael released her throat and slammed her pussy down on his cock and held her there by her hips. Anna sat up and locked eyes with him as her hands instinctively reached up to squeeze her full breasts and tease the dark nipples. She lifted one and began to lick the mound. He lifted his hips and she squinted at the pain of his dickhead turning her cervix inside out.

Deciding to fuck her ass, Michael pulled from her pussy and reinserted in her butt without saying anything. Anna's back arched and Michael grinned as he pushed up Anna's ass.

Anna repositioned so that her pussy was open to Michael and she could rest her hands on her knees as she bobbed her hips up and down on his cock. It was a tight fit, a little dry. Her pussy was dripping and Michael stuffed it with two fingers. The fullness of her dry ass and soaking pussy was so intense, it elicited a rough scream and soon a wail of pleasure as she came.

Michael sat up and circled his arms around her waist, coming soon after with his face buried in her breasts.

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