tagGroup SexForbidden Ch. 05

Forbidden Ch. 05


Chapter V – Ante Up

Jill and Tommy spent the early morning together on Thursday. Tommy’s mom, Connie, was returning from her seminar around noon, so the two lovers would soon have less time together. They’d have to take care to conceal their affair from a mother that would not understand.

They sat at the kitchen table, talking, just before he left. “You do remember that I’m going out with the guys tonight, don’t you,” he asked.

“Yep,” she answered. “Are you up to anything in particular?”

“Just hanging out,” he replied. “Guy stuff.”

“Guy stuff, huh. I know all about guy stuff. You’re not dumping the old broad next door already, are you?” she pouted playfully.

“No chance of that,” he smiled.

“Hey,” Jill beamed suddenly, a playful look in her eyes. “How about I hang out with the guys, also?”

“Sorry,” Tommy answered. “Like I said, this is guy stuff. You’d be too much of a distraction. Besides, how could we talk trash about our old ladies with you around?” he teased.

Ten o’clock saw Tommy heading home to clean the house up before his mom got home, not that it was all that messy, since he hadn’t spent much time there.

After he left, Jill took a short nap before heading off to the gym for a workout, followed by a relaxing stay in the hot tub and a nice hot shower. On the way home, she picked up a movie to entertain herself with that night. At around 6 o’clock, she called Connie to welcome her home. At first, she was a little nervous talking to Tommy’s mom, but that quickly faded as she gossiped with her best friend.

“I’ll tell you, Jill, that was the dullest seminar I’ve ever attended,” Connie explained to Jill. “Boy am I glad to be home. Say, I don’t suppose you’d be interested in taking the day off tomorrow and going on a little shopping excursion, would you.”

“I already have the day off,“ she answered. “I thought you’d want to just stay home and relax tomorrow,” Jill answered.

“I’ve been sitting and relaxing all week. It’s time to buy something,” she declared. “Are you in?”

“Sure, it sounds like fun. When do we leave?”

“1 o’clock,” Connie answered.

* * *

Before settling down with her movie and a glass of wine, she headed for her bedroom to change into something comfortable. She shed her shirt, jeans and bra, before selecting one of the shirts Tommy had left, a long sleeve blue oxford, in lieu of her normal nightgown. As she rolled up the sleeves, she thought, if she couldn’t have him that night, she at least had his shirt. The shirt fit her more like a dress then a shirt, covering her panties on the sides and reaching halfway to her knees in the front and back. She left the top three buttons open, which displayed an ample amount of her braless bosom, if only someone was there to notice.

It was around 9 o’clock when the movie ended and she had finished her second glass of wine. She heard a knock on the front door. “I wonder who that could be,” she said out loud, hoping it was Tommy.

She opened the door wide enough to see not only Tommy, but three of his friends. “Hi Tommy,” she said. “What’s going on?”

“Hi Jill,” he said. “We were just hanging out, doing guy stuff, you know, when somebody suggested we play some poker. We all thought it was a great idea, but we needed a fifth player and a place to play. Knowing how much you like cards, I thought of you. I hope you don’t mind.”

Jill hesitated. “Oh sure, it sounds like fun,” she said at last, opening the door wider. “Come in and make yourself comfortable at the table. I’ll just put on something more substantial and be right with you.”

“Oh, don’t do that on our account,” Tommy smiled. “You look great. And besides, it’s not like we’re anybody special, just the guys playing poker.”

“What the hell,” she said reluctantly. “Would anyone like some wine? I’m afraid that’s all I’ve got to offer besides pop and water. I’m sure you’re all 21,” she smiled knowingly at them as they filed into her house.

“Hi Jill, my name is Todd,” one of them said, stepping forward. “If you don’t mind, we’ve got some beer in the car.”

“Sure Todd. There’s plenty of room in the refrigerator.”

As Todd went out for the beer, Tommy introduced the other two guys as Dennis and Kevin. The guys settled in at the table while Jill put the beer away, serving one to each of them, and poured herself another glass of wine. She grabbed a deck of cards and set them on the table. “What are we playing for?” she asked.

Tommy smiled at her. “We’ll start with quarter maximum and go from there.” Jill disappeared into her bedroom, reemerging moments later with a bag full of change. She sat opposite Tommy, between Dennis and Todd.

She grabbed the cards and shuffled them briefly. “First Jack deals,” she said as she turned one card in front of each of them until Tommy got the deal.

The first few hands progressed quickly. During that time, she caught Tommy’s eyes with hers and gave him a questioning look. He simply smiled back at her, saying nothing. “Anybody want another beer?” she asked. “Or maybe some nuts?”

There was a chorus of yeas for the beer and nuts.

She opened the refrigerator door and, bending deeply at the waist, grabbed a couple of beers and delivered them to the guys. She repeated the procedure for the other two beers. Next, she moved to the cupboard which contained the peanuts. To the pleasure of all the guys, who at this point were watching her intently, the peanuts were on the top shelf of the cupboard. Jill stretched to reach them, in the process raising her shirt high enough to offer a clear view of the side of her panties and her waist, and held the pose a bit longer than necessary.

The rapt attention the guys were paying her was not lost on Jill. In fact, thanks in no small part to the wine she’d consumed, she was reveling in it. The stretching for the peanuts had been purposefully exaggerated. After all, why not? Why else had Tommy come by that evening? Surely, not just to play cards.

As the game progressed and the beer and wine flowed, Jill got bolder. She made a point of keeping her posture erect, allowing her tits to stand out in front of her. She found reasons to lean over or stretch, revealing as much of her bosom as the guys cared to look at. And they cared to look at it all. Maybe it was the wine, or maybe it was Tommy. Or, maybe it was just the slut in her. Whatever it was, she was enjoying how she felt. Whenever she caught Tommy’s eye, he would nod slightly, and smile.

Todd, sitting to Jill’s right, was having a hard time keeping his hands off of her. Whenever she won a hand, he would touch her shoulder or put his hand briefly on her thigh and say “good hand” or “way to go.” When she didn’t win, he would touch her in the same manner, saying things like “too bad” or “maybe next time.” After the last hand, he left his hand on her thigh longer then he had before, massaging it as she spread her legs slightly, making it easier for him to be bold.

“I’ll sit this hand out,” Todd declared after he removed his hand from her thigh. He stood up and moved behind Jill. “Do you mind if I watch you play?” he asked her.

“Not at all,” she answered. “Maybe you’ll learn something. Todd smiled as the other guys broke out laughing.

Tommy dealt five card draw, a pair of Jacks or better to open. Todd put his hands on Jill’s shoulders and began to massage them. She responded by rolling her shoulders, which served to further accentuate her breasts.

Kevin was able to open for a quarter and everyone else called. Jill held two cards and drew three. When she looked at her cards, she saw a pair of aces. Kevin again opened the betting but, this time, Jill raised. The others folded and Kevin called. “A pair of aces,” Jill declared.

“Nice pair,” Kevin said as she laid down her cards.

Before she could rake in her winnings, Todd stopped her. “The way you’ve been prancing around here tonight, I think it’s high time you showed your other pair.” With that, he ripped open the front of Jill’s shirt, exposing her beautiful tits, her aureoles hard and pointed.

Jill sat there, making no attempt to cover herself, instead staring right at Tommy. Tommy looked at her and smiled, giving an almost imperceptible nod of the head.

Everyone sat silently for a moment. Jill spoke first. “I wonder if this pair is worth a raise,” she said. She turned in her chair to face Todd, pulling him in front of her. She lifted her hand to his blue jean encased cock, squeezing it tenderly. “Yes, they are,” she declared, smiling at Todd.

With agonizing slowness, she unbuckled his belt and jeans. After easing down the zipper, she hooked her thumbs in his waist bands and pulled down both his pants and under wear. Pushing her chair out of the way, she dropped to her knees in front of Todd and shrugged her shoulders, dropping her shirt completely to the floor, leaving her clad only in panties.

She pushed his shirt up his chest until he took over and ripped it over his head and threw it to the floor, leaving him naked before her, except for his pants around his ankles. There was a deadly silence at the table as she took his cock in one hand and his balls in the other and began to caress them. Gently she caressed his balls while she stroked his cock. “You have a beautiful cock, Todd, and such a hard one” she smiled, never taking her eyes off it. “It must be 8 inches long. Do you mind if I suck it?”

“Far be it for me to deny a lady’s request,” he responded. As Jill continued massaging his balls and stroking his cock, she leaned forward and flicked her tongue at its head. She stopped stroking him and held him by the base of his manhood, while she licked the under side of his weapon. Gently she nibbled on the sides, working up one side and down the other, all the while continuing to fondle his balls.

She removed her head and looked up at Todd. “Take my cock, woman. Take my cock in your mouth and make me come. And if you’re real lucky,” he smiled, “you might get some more of this later.”

Dennis and Kevin hooted at Todd’s comments, but Jill only smiled. “Yes Todd,” she answered. With that, she took the tip of his meat into her mouth, basting it with her tongue. She withdrew her mouth, only to attack again, taking more this time. Once more she withdrew from him. She released her grip on his nuts, grabbed a butt cheek in each hand, and brought her mouth to his tip once more. This time she opened up, pulled him into her waiting mouth, and began bobbing her mouth back and forth on his cock. She felt his hands grab the back of her head and pull her into him deeper. She gagged as he filled her totally, but forced herself to continue as he began fucking her mouth. She felt his urgency increase as she stepped up her oral assault on him. Finally, she felt his body tense as he thrust desperately into her mouth, and felt his cum filling her mouth. She swallowed most of his cum, but a few drops dripped out of her lips. She released his cock, looked at him, and licked up the final few drops.

Todd staggered backwards until he reached his chair, collapsing into it. Jill stood, faced the table, and slowly removed her panties. She looked at Dennis and Kevin. Both sat there, dick’s in hand, starring at her, wondering if it was all a dream.

“Would you boys like a hand with that,” she asked sweetly, dipping her left hand to her pussy, rubbing lightly. They hesitated briefly, looking at each other, before leaping out of their chairs. Dennis was out of his clothes in a shot, while Kevin went directly to Jill and let her undress him.

Jill surveyed the room once more. Only Tommy remained clothed, while Todd was showing signs of making a quick recovery. She kneeled before the two naked boys before her, taking a cock in each hand and beginning to stroke them in harmony. She leaned over and took Dennis’ meat in her mouth, bobbing her head on it. She then leaned to Kevin and repeated the procedure. She continued stoking each with her hand while she sucked on the other, alternating her attention between them, until she felt something behind her.

What she felt was Todd, who had recovered enough to want to get back in on the action. He was lying on his back behind Jill, his head by her feet. Jill, getting the idea immediately, spread her thighs apart, allowing him to slide his head under her dripping pussy.

“Oh yes, lick my pussy,” she exclaimed as she felt his tongue dart into her. She momentarily forgot Dennis and Kevin until one of them took her head and guided it back to his cock. Once again, she started pounding on the two cocks before her with her hands, alternating her mouth between them. Todd continued his assault on her pussy, alternating between sucking on her love button and licking deep within the folds of her pussy.

She felt his hands reach up from behind her and grab her tits, squeezing them roughly as his tongue continued to work on her pussy. She tried working on the other two cocks, but had trouble maintaining any real rhythm as she felt her orgasm building. Todd squeezed her nipples with his fingers, pulling on them, as she felt her body explode. She removed her mouth, no longer aware of anything but her exploding orgasm, and used the cocks to maintain her balance, no longer making any pretense at the blow jobs she had started, as the waves of pleasure washed over her.

When she regained her composure, Todd had slid out from under her, but she still held Dennis and Kevin firmly in her hands. She released them, trying to catch her breath. Dennis moved to kneel down behind Jill, pushing her upper body gently forward until her hands rested on the floor in front of her. She automatically assumed the doggy position, allowing Dennis to jam his aching member deep into her cunt.

Jill gasped as he mounted her urgently and began pounding his manhood into her. The next thing she knew, Kevin’s cock was directly in front of her face. She reached for it eagerly and took it in her mouth. She matched her rhythm on Kevin’s cock with the rhythm of Dennis’ cock in her pussy. She could feel the pleasure once again building within her, as she was fucked from both ends.

“I’m cuming,” she vaguely heard Dennis declare. She felt him pound his meat into her pussy, as he filled her with his cum. Then her second orgasm overtook her, just as Kevin slammed his cock into her waiting mouth and erupted. Instinctively, she tried to swallow his cum, but mostly failed, as it ran out of her lips and down her chin.

She felt Kevin and Dennis withdraw from her. She tried to stay where she was until she could compose herself, but to no avail. Todd took her shoulders and helped her to her feet. She went along with him, unable, or unwilling, to resist him. He led her back to the table and bent her over it, leaving her upper body face down, her feet on the floor, and her ass and cunt perched at the edge of the table, available for the taking.

She lifted her head slightly and saw Tommy sitting in front of her, smiling at her. He reached out and stroked her hair lovingly.

She felt Todd come up behind her, his fingers entering her pussy, slowly fucking her like a little dick. She felt her body reacting automatically to this pleasure, when he withdrew them from her pussy and moved them to her ass. She heard herself gasp as he inserted one finger into her, moving it in and out, and around and around, trying to loosen her back door. She self another finger enter, then another, as they continued pumping her dark hole. She lifted her head and shoulders from the table and supported herself on her elbows, as she looked forward directly at Tommy.

She felt the fingers withdraw, only to be replaced by a large nob perched right at the gates of her darkness. Gently, the nob pushed at her ass hole. She opened her hands to Tommy. He reached out to her, placing his hands in hers. She felt Todd enter her as she gasped and held Tommy’s hands tightly.

She felt him pumping his dick into her ass, little strokes at first until she became accustomed to him. Gradually he increased the length of his strokes until he was completely inside her. He began rocking his body into hers as she was overcome by pain, and by pleasure. She held Tommy’s hand tightly as the violation of her ass continued. She felt a tingling deep within her, the onset of yet another orgasm, as Todd continued to pump her.

At last he shot his load, burying himself deep into her ass. She gasped at Tommy. “I’m cuming,” she managed to mouth to him before she was overcome again. She collapsed onto the table as her orgasm flowed through her, releasing Tommy’s hands, no longer aware of where she was, only that her body was being taken like it never had been before.

She felt Todd withdraw from her, as she passed out. She awoke suddenly as she felt her pussy being invaded by yet another cock. She came again. Instantly.

* * *

When she finally started coming to she was still lying on the table. As her head started to clear itself, she wondered, how many? She had lost track of how many orgasms she had had, and of how many times she’d been fucked. She vaguely remembered hearing herself say “no more, boys. No more.”

She opened her eyes. Tommy was still there, still dressed. She moved her head slightly one way, then the other. Nobody else was there. “Hi,” she said. “How long?”

“About 15 minutes. The guys just left. They wanted to hang around and make sure you were okay, but I thought it was better if they left.”

Slowly, she pushed herself to her feet, stumbled over to Tommy, and sat on his lap, her arms around his neck. “Thanks,” she said.

Tommy smiled at her, then placed his free arm under Jill’s legs and stood up, lifting her naked body in his arms. She snuggled into his neck. He carried Jill to her bed, laid her down, covered her with the blankets, and kissed her forehead. He then returned to the kitchen, where he cleaned up the aftermath of the evenings activities. He looked in on her one more time, and then went quietly home.

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