tagNonConsent/ReluctanceForbidden Fruit

Forbidden Fruit


This past week my wife and I hosted for a weekend visit one of her sorority sisters from college. The friend, Kristen, was in town on a business trip and stayed with us for the weekend to visit with my wife. Kristen is a very attractive blonde in her mid-30's. A size 6 body with D-cup tits and body that is near perfect, which is the all the more remarkable given that she has 2 kids. Her height, at 5'7" and shoulder-length, light blond hair stand in sharp contrast to my wife who is brunette, short at 5'2" and shaped like Jennifer Lopez: a tiny waste, a thick and sexy ass and small but perky tits on a very small torso.

Kristen arrived Friday night and the two women stayed up drinking wine and catching up. I was playing golf the next day and needed the rest -- golf during the summer in Texas can wear a man down.

I woke up that Saturday morning and, while eating breakfast and reading the paper, was joined by the two ladies. Kristen wanted to lay out by the pool and work on her tan -- something she can't do from her home in the north. My wife offered to make margaritas to help keep them cool. As I got up to gather my things and make my way to the golf club, I heard the following exchange between the two women:

"Oh crap!" Kristen exclaimed.

"What?" my wife inquired.

"I forgot to bring a bathing suit," Kristen lamented.

"Well, we can run to Target or Walmart and you can buy something," my wife suggested.

Kristen thought for a very brief moment and then said, "Nah, that's OK. If it's alright with you, Lynn, I'll just wear a bra and g-string."

"That should be fine," said my wife, "It's quite private back there with the fence and Mark will be gone playing golf."

"Oh good!" Kristen said, sounding relieved that she wouldn't have to stoop to buying a bikini at a Walmart or Target. She was definitely the type who thought her body deserved better. Who was I to argue???

I left to go play golf. It was a very hot day but typical for Texas in the summer. I played one of the worst rounds of golf in a very long time. I could not get the thought of that hot little blond, Kristen, in her bra and g-string out of mind all afternoon. When the round was complete, I drove as fast as I could to get home. I was hoping to catch a peek of Kristen in her bra and panties. I wasn't sure if they'd still be by the pool. My plan was to get home, change and take a dip in the pool to cool off and use that ruse to view Kristen in what I was sure would be some very sexy lingerie. I returned home around 4pm and couldn't wait to jump in the pool and cool off. I walked into the bedroom and peeled off my clothes. Before I could retrieve a bathing suit, my wife entered the bedroom from the door to the back yard. She was in her black bikini, her hair in a pony tail and she smelled off suntan lotion . The site of my sexy little wife in her bikini and the smell of the lotion began to turn me on. She staggered over and kissed me deeply. She reeked of alcohol and was obviously drunk.

"What are you going to do now?" she asked me, although it was hard to understand her slurred speech. Man, I thought, they must have drank a lot for my wife to get so wasted.

"I am going to jump in the pool and cool off, " I replied. I was hurrying so I could view Kristen. By now, I was starting to get hard.

"Well, while you're out there, spray some more suntan lotion on Kristen. She passed out on the chaise lounge. I don't want her to get sunburned." Lynn said, her speech slurring mightily. "I need to take a nap." She said.

And with that, she peeled off her bikini and fell on the bed. I put on my bathing suit and went out to the pool. There on a chaise lounge at the deep end was Kristen. She definitely had passed out. Empty margarita glasses sat on a nearby table. An empty champagne bottle and cups were lying on the ground. I walked up to where she was lying and located the spray bottle of suntan lotion. Kristen was laying on her back with her legs spread and arms hung over the sides of the chaise. She was wearing a silky lavender g-string and matching bra. The bra had been unhooked, the straps removed from her shoulders -- it was doing no more than covering her nipples. Most of her gorgeous D-cup tits were exposed. Being the panty lover I am, my cock was hard. I stared longingly at her lavender g-string. Feeling bold, I lightly stroked the silky material. I rubbed some more and in so doing, had pushed the fabric aside to expose her beautiful, neatly trimmed bush. The hair was lightly colored and in the "landing strip" pattern. My cock stretched against my bathing suit.

I ran to the door to my bedroom and saw my wife lying on the bed, not moving. Feeling sure that my wife, too, had just passed out, I returned to Kristen. I slowly rubbed her pussy through that beautiful g-string, brushing her bush, and her pussy lips. I was so hard, I knew that relief was not too far away. I removed my bathing suit and knelt between Kristen's knees. I scanned her face to make sure she was still passed out. She was. I continued stroking her pussy, alternating my stroking through her silky g-string and then pulling it aside with one hand and stroking her pussy with the other. She didn't move and I didn't care.

I grabbed the suntan lotion and sprayed some on my right hand. With that I greased up my rock hard dick and began stroking. My left hand slid under her lavender g-string and I rubbed, feeling both her soft little fur patch and the silk of her g-string. I then pulled the material to the side so that her whole pussy was exposed. Her pussy lips were dark and large. I was in heaven. The view of this woman's gorgeous pussy next to a very sexy, silky g-string would normally be enough. But she was lying there helpless and smelled of suntan lotion. I continued stroking, enraptured by my own bliss. I felt the explosion rising up from my balls. I adjusted slightly so that the head of my swollen cock was pointed right at Kristen's bush. My right hand worked furiously as my left hand continued to hold aside her skimpy little g-string. Large drops of cum shot from my dick and landed directly on target -- right on Kristen' bush and soft dark labia. I covered her bush and per pussy lips with my cum. It was exquisite! I kept stroking until every last drop of cum was covering this beautiful woman's pussy.

When done, I simply replaced her g-string and rubbed it around her bush to help absorb some of the cum. I felt so naughty, though, that I didn't mind leaving some evidence of my lust.

I did as I was told and sprayed Kristen down with lotion to keep her from getting burned. She still didn't move. I removed her bra and sprayed her lush tits, massaging the lotion in with aplomb.

After a few minutes, I put the bra back in its place and jumped in the pool. I couldn't take my eyes off of Kristen's cum-soaked panties and bush. I was semi-hard and still very horny from the view of this hot woman in her sexy bra and panties, drenched in my cum. The fact that this happened while she was passed out -- the forbidden fruit -- only added to my still-lustful state. After 10 minutes, I exited the pool and, with a towel, dried off. I entered my bedroom to change.

Still on the bed, naked, was my wife. She never got under the covers. She was lying flat on her stomach with her ass slightly raised as if she was doing some yoga exercise. I moved in closer for a better look and viewed her pussy and her ass. My wife keeps a full dark bush and it was in view even from this position. Still horny, I coated an index finger with my saliva and began rubbing her pussy lips. My wife didn't move. Another piece of forbidden fruit was ripe for the taking. My cock sprung back to life. I became bolder and inserted first one and then another finger into my wife's pussy. Although she didn't move, I could feel wetness in her cunt. By now my cock was fully engorged. The thought of having cum all over another woman's silk panties and pussy was great but now, with my wife there for my taking, I wanted something more. I spread her legs and knelt between them. As I continued to finger her pussy, I rubbed my hard dick against her plump ass cheeks. The wetness of her pussy increased to the point that my two fingers were covered in her juices.

I removed the fingers and worked one of them into her ass. Since my wife was passed out, I felt no need to be gentle. I was rough and shoved into her anus. The heat and the tightness were incredible. Despite my love for her ass, the back door had never been open to me (or anyone else for that matter). I kept working my finger in and out of her anus while my other hand stroked my cock. I thought about fucking her ass and filling it with my cum. II feared that she'd wake and, with an aching anus dripping with cum, discover what I had done. But I was too horny and the nonconsensual nature of this event emboldened me. I raised my cock, wet and slick from her pussy and guided it towards her anus. I pushed hard, knowing she wasn't feeling this. As soon as my dick head passed her anus, I fully entered her ass. The warmth and the tightness were amazing -- better than what I had imagined all these years. I pumped her gorgeous ass slowly, savoring the sensation. I was so horny I knew I wouldn't' be long so I tried to make it last. This worked for maybe 2 or 3 minutes, after which time my lust took over and I began to pump my cock in and out of her ass furiously. My groin slapped her ass cheeks and she bounced as I pummeled her from behind. The elicit nature of my activities was too much and I exploded in her ass. I pumped as much cum as I could into my wife's hot and tight ass. I caught my breath after a minute or two and withdrew.

I rested on my knees and enjoyed the view of her hairy pussy lips and her now-puckered ass hole, red and swollen. Gobs of my cum began to dribble from her ass. The view was awesome but I now began to grow concerned that my wife would wake with my cum all over her ass, pussy and thighs and an ache in her ass. I started wondering what story I might use if accused when I heard a slight "shhhh" sound. I found the source of that faint noise -- my wife, in her drunken, passed out sight, began to wet the bed. Warm urine rushed out of her and covered her, mixing in with my cum. I had never been into golden showers or anything of the sort before, but the sight of my wife's hot piss streaming from her dark bush and covering the bed I found to be a real turn-on. Unfortunately, my cock was spent. I did however take comfort in the fact that my wife was destroying the evidence of my forbidden lust. Even if she woke with an aching ass, she'd be too embarrassed by the wet bed to even consider how her ass got to be sore in the first place.

Now spent, I entered the shower, feeling proud and satisfied that I had enjoyed these two women without their consent. In one glorious afternoon, I was able to enjoy my favorite fetish -- panties -- and my first anal sex. The taste of forbidden fruit is so much better.

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