tagNonHumanForbidden Love Ch. 01

Forbidden Love Ch. 01


England July 2000

It was only 2 weeks before Lady Katherine's birthday, standing at 5'11" with long silky auburn hair, and lovely grey-blue eyes. Her body was very well developed, she looked almost perfect. She silently wondered what her best friend would do for her this year. It had been exactly 500 years since they met, and she'd never forget the day. She had been running from her clan, it had been a set up and they all thought that she was behind it. So she fled from Russia and attempted to go somewhere where she could escape. She had made it as far as Romania, no place to go; she had met a kind man at a pub by the name of Adrian.

He was 6'4" with gorgeous black hair and the most intriguing blue eyes His body was very well built, something she should've taken notice to before. She sensed that something was different about him, but she couldn't exactly place it. They began talking and he was the owner of a inn and offered her a free night. Becoming close friends as he offered her a job of managing the place. Finding out that he was a Lycan had come as a mistake. She had followed him into the forest and had came upon the transformation. The next day she confronted him about it and then told him of her own secret.

Although different in nature they proved to be a perfect match as they ended up setting up a large chain of hotels. Now they were one of the wealthiest people in the world owning many businesses besides the hotel chain. They were heavily attracted to each other. But for the past 5 centuries they had avoided any intimate contact. She sighed as she stood looking outside the window at their vast manor. She was going to be over 600 years old today, and she was still a virgin. If she hadn't been betrayed she'd have been married off to Yuri long time. Alas it wasn't to be so. She often longed for the touch of a man, more so the touch of Adrian. Surely with her vampyre powers there were the strong sexual cravings, but Katherine was different. Back with the clan, the other females would leer at her, however the males, especially Yuri found her innocence an honorable trait and each sought to conquer her,

This year she was going to confront him, it's either he wanted her or not. She needed to know. Although all she needed to do was read his mind, but she never has without his permission. She knew she made him horny all right, she could feel the sexual energy hitting her. But she wanted to know if it was more than that, if it could be. Oh yes they loved each other, but his love was of plutonic nature, hers however had ran much deeper being with him for only a few months. Sighing once more she set out to go find Adrian, twas her birthday after all.

Adrian sat in his study thinking about how he'd met Katherine. He had met her during the mid 1500's. She didn't look like the typical girl who ran away, sure her beauty was something that he had never seen, yet he saw past her beauty and sensed something different about her. Katerine's features suited her 5'11" frame. Her hair glistened in the light, the red complimenting her smoky eyes. She had told him why she was running and that her clan was after her, they thought she was responsible for a set up. He didn't believe however that she could do such a thing. Adrian offered her a free night, and had just seen her off to bed. She was quite attractive, yet he couldn't do anything with her, and she should not find out his secret. He would have to try to keep it from her.

He had spent the past 500 years with her; they owned one of the largest chains of hotels in the world. She hadn't changed a bit, he now knew what was different about her though, she was vampyre. Vampyres and Lycans, not the best mix in the world, but they were still the best couple around, they had changed their appearance every so often, just so that no one else could find out about their identities. Katherine knew his secret, which when she confronted him about it he had expected her to leave, but she didn't and he was relieved. 500 years and they had not had any intimate contact, oh sure he had seen her naked a few times, and got off on it, but that was different, luckily she didn't know anything about that, for which he was relieved.

He smiles to himself as he looks out the window, he had even seen her masturbate once, he didn't know if she hadn't seen him or not, but he was sure that she knew about how he felt for her just as he knew she was attracted to him, maybe they could get together, he would confront her later, it was only 2 weeks till her birthday and he had a party planned for her. He stretched a little and walks into the main dining room and sits at the large mahogany table, looking forward to his evening meal.

Katherine sighed as she moved away from the window. Walking down the main hall she sought out to find Adrian, knowing exactly where he was. She stood against the frame off the door and looked at him. She wore a tight black dress and smiled and she watched him in his thin cotton shirt, enhancing his massive chest.

"Is there any for me?" She smiled as she walked over to his side and placed a kiss on his cheek. God he smelt so good.

Adrian smiles lightly and holds out a hand to her, "Yes there is plenty for both of us," he reaches up and takes her hand and kisses the back lightly. She was strangely warm today; today he could really feel the body temperature rising from her body.

He sniffs lightly, she was slightly horny, he could smell it, but he kept his mouth shut as he ate slowly.

Stifled a moan as she knew he could smell how horny she was. Sitting to his right she leaned back and smiled looking at him innocently. God he was incredible handsome. His body was so huge. So well proportioned, indeed he was everywhere. Her skin began to tingle as her body began to respond even more and so she tried to ignore it by talking.

"So, what is on the menu today?" She flashed him a dazzling smile.

He laughed a little, god she was intoxicating, she knew he could smell her, and she was getting off on it. Tonight would prove very interesting. "I was thinking we could try something different tonight, how about live food?"

He smiles to her, shifting slightly to hide his erection. Would she take up his offer or would she not? It was something they hadn't done yet. He wanted to taste her, but he wasn't about to offer that tonight, maybe tomorrow night that would be on the menu, but not yet.

She thought to herself, god I wonder if he was on the menu. She was dying to taste him.

Sighing to herself she said, "Oh? Live food huh, what kind?"

Watching him turned her on so much; she shifted in her seat, her panties becoming soaked. Oh god, he'd be able to smell her for sure, this caused her to convulse slightly at the thought. Suppressing a whimper she knew he'd have picked up on it and blushed heavily turning away.

Adrian sipped some wine, trying very hard to ignore the very strong smell she was emitting, "When was the last time you went hunting? I was wondering if you wanted to join me on the hunt tonight," He says as he looks to the clock, it was an hour till sundown and a full moon was due that evening.

He turns her to face him, "By the way there is something I was going to ask you?" He says as he looks into her eyes, "Never mind." He glowers at himself inside as he says this, there is no way she would do as he asked, he was mad to ask it. So he decided to keep his question unheard.

Katherine nodded but didn't pursue.

Adrian smiles a little; glad she never intruded into his mind without his permission, god if she only knew what he was thinking about. He grins at her, "So what do you say about the food?"

She smiled at him, "It's been a while. I wouldn't mind joining you."

Katherine remembered how beautiful he looked each time he transformed. God she imagined him fucking her as a wolf so many times. Another small shudder passed through her, she seriously felt like cumming.

Looking at him she decided to press as it got the better of her, "What is it you wanted to ask me?" she was dying to read his mind, but she never would, not without his permission anyway.

He blushes a little, "We should go and get ready for the hunt," he cannot believe he was about to ask this, he sighs a little as he can taste her sex in the air. Was he actually getting off on her scent? He was, damn.

Taking a deep breath as he stands up, "Well lay upon your bed and close your eyes in the morning?" he says to her, "I need to get ready," he gets ready to walk towards the door, "Coming?"

Moaned softly as what he said. Had she heard him right? Thinking for a second, "Alright, I'll do as you ask."

Katherine takes Adrian's hand and they leave the room, Adrian screaming in his head as she had agreed to do what he had asked.

He leads her to his bedroom and leaves her politely at the door as he locks it silently, and dives onto the bed. She shook her head at the door; he could be such a pig sometimes. She knew he was probably going to get off and chuckled as she made her way to her own room. Katherine had really turned him on tonight; he knew he would claim her soon, but not yet. He would enjoy licking her first, he could already taste her scent, and he couldn't wait to taste the real thing. Adrian laid his head back slowly and looks to the clock, half an hour till sun down, he would enjoy the hunt tonight.

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