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Forbidden Trio


Victor sat and watched on the couch pondering how this happened. A couple of minutes ago he was on a drunken escapade forging for a last night meal at a neighbor's house with his friend Christian. Now, only moments later, he, Christian, and their neighbor Kayla were on the verge of their first threesome.

Victor, a rather shy and reserved individual, studied how his rather good-looking smooth friend carelessly flirted with Kayla and slyly introduced the notion of a threesome. At first Victor was against the idea and was about to leave, given he had no bi-sexual experience or for that matter never thought about such a thing, however after observing Kayla's luscious, almost perfect figure with a voluptuous ass and established little tits, he was persuaded otherwise. Her silky straight brunette hair rested just above her perky tits while her enormous brown eyes inflamed with interest.

Kayla sat rather dumbfounded as Lauren's (Kayla's best friend) brother was attempting to manipulate her into having a threesome with him and his handsome, 5'8 blonde haired blue eyed, muscular friend Victor. Not to say that she didn't spend many lonely nights fantasizing about two raging hard dicks at once, but why did the opportunity have to present itself in means of Lauren's brother? Though she did think he was amazingly attractive, being a brown 6'0 tall man with broad shoulders and chiseled abs, she could not overstep the binds of friendship. She knew these two guys very well, and Christian was obviously just joking around about a threesome, but Kayla could still not help getting aroused by the discussion.

Victor could feel the sexual tension was rising in the room. Being acquainted with the knowledge of Christian and Kayla's connection with Lauren, he knew he would have to make the initial move if this was going to take place. Completely against his character, he rose out of the couch and proceeded to the long sofa where the two were sitting. As he strategically positioned himself putting Kayla between him and Christian, Victor began to massage her delicious inner thigh, gently caressing and then squeezing intensely, causing Kayla to cry out small moans of pleasure.

Kayla became tense when Victor advanced across the room and began massaging her leg. Up until this point, it was all fun and games talking about how amazing it would to be ravished by two men. But when Victor came over it was apparent that her fantasy might come true. "As long as I can stay away from Christian, everything will be alright with Lauren," she thought to herself. Kayla's already dripping wet pussy inclined into a hot smothering mess underneath her jeans. It was evident that if they made the move she would not stop them.

As Victor sensed the intensity sweeping across the room, he leaned over and meticulously ran his tongue up Kayla's neck and viciously teased her earlobes, slightly biting and tugging until she winced with excitement. Simultaneously Victor' hands swiftly untied the elastic band that held up Kayla's black sweatpants that were already moist with her sweet nectar. Knowing full well that Kayla had already wanted him to indulge in her steaming pussy, he instead slid off Kayla's bright yellow shirt and briefly toyed and licked her nipples.

Christian couldn't believe what he was seeing. One minute he was flirting with this girl and the next his friend had her already half naked. Realistically he knew that his passes at Kayla were all a big joke and nothing would become of it because of Lauren, but now as he saw Victor fondling Kayla's perfect little tits he found himself unconsciously stroking his straight brown eight inch dick. He wanted nothing more than to penetrate Kayla's seemingly forbidden pussy.

Kayla could not control herself with the unbelievable pleasure and excitement. Not only was Victor teasing every inch of her body, but she also knew Lauren's brother was watching as she squeezed her tits and pinched her roaring nipples so hard that it made her yelp in pain. Victor had finally begun sliding her sweatpants off and teased her clit with the tip of his smooth salivating tongue. She let go her nipples and furiously took Victor's hair, forcing him to engulf her entire clit.

At that moment Kayla turned, and to her surprise, found Christian with his pants off calmly caressing his massive brown cock. Kayla hesitantly reached over and eventually found herself stroking his giant shaft, secretly wanting nothing more than to put it in her mouth. In that instant, Kayla was overwhelmed as she began to climax, naturally wrapping her legs around Victor's neck. Her clit smashed against his mouth, and when he gently arched her body by squeezing her clenched buttocks Kayla began to shudder as she had her first orgasm of the night. Her hot juices streamed down Victor's face which incensed an immediate desire in him to throw his slightly bent six inch dick in her hot messy vagina.

Kayla was far from done. She knew already she had taken this too far and there was no turning back. She motioned for Victor to take off his cloths and immediately turned to where she held Christian's dick in her hand. She finally, after years of waiting, put Christian's lengthy dick her mouth. As she absorbed his entire tool, she felt two fingers slowly protrude her cunt at the same time. In similar motions, Kayla sucked Christian's cock while Victor's fingers glided in and out of her raving gushy box.

Christian softly tugged and squeezed Kayla's hair with one hand and instinctively teased her right tit as her sulky lips consumed his penis. He couldn't refrain from smiling as the girl he refrained from fucking for so long was right before his eyes, swallowing his dick whole. It didn't bother him that Victor was finger fucking her from behind, and eventually Christian knew that he would stick his thick white dick into Kayla's succulent vagina as well.

At this point Victor blatantly wanted nothing more than fuck. He laid the groundwork by stretching Kayla's unbelievable tight pussy by finger-banging her and was ready to stick his rock-hard dick inside her. He watched as she open her mouth wide and hummed on Christian's balls while she fondled his wang fervently. Victor finally positioned Kayla so she lay on all fours on the couch doggie-style in the middle of him and Christian, and slowly stuck his cock in from behind. Kayla's pussy was sopping wet, but as Victor entered her insides split apart as if she was still a virgin. Kayla moaned and begged to be fucked harder, which Victor immediately responded to by grasping her ass, placing one foot on the floor, and thrust his stiff dick back and forth rougher than she ever had before. Her pussy gushed with pleasure as Christian pressed his teeth onto her left nipple at the same time Victor was devoutly groping her right tit, and Kayla couldn't help from cumming again.

Christian had just got the best blow job of his life, but it was not enough. When he heard Kayla howl as Victor fucked her he knew he needed Kayla's long forbidden fluids all over his inflexible shaft, and he needed it now. He motioned for Victor to switch positions, and Kayla immediately got up and slid her cunt backwards onto his lanky cock. When Kayla began to arch her back, Christian grasped onto her tits with such veracity that made her work even that harder. Kayla was overcome after several minutes of gliding up and down on Christian's gigantic penis that she bent forward so he could penetrate her from behind. There she found herself face to face with Victor's fat cock and wrestled it into her mouth.

Kayla could feel both men coming to a climax, and her on the verge of a third. Her fantasy has finally come true, and to finish it off she wanted both Christian and Victor's cum inside her. She pled for Christian to infiltrate her insides, making her bleed if he has to too. At the same time Kayla deep-throated Victor's cock to point of choking, squeezed his muscular ass, and was ready for their hot semen. Simultaneously, all three constricted as they reached an empowering orgasm. Kayla squirted cum that drenched Christian's stomach as he congruently released an abundance of cum on her ass and lobes. Kayla clenched Victor's balls, gripped the bottom of his pulsing shaft, and swallowed his extract whole, letting the last bit slide across her face. Finally, Kayla got down on her knees and faced the couch, grabbed both dicks, and let the excess cum dribble into her mouth, licking each cock dry before she collapsed from exhaustion.

For the sake of Lauren, the three made a pack to never tell anybody about this night. Victor and Christian then dressed, and a little bit more sober and definitely sexually satisfied, discovered the frozen pizzas they were originally looking for and went back home.

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