tagIncest/TabooForced By Mother

Forced By Mother


For what ever reason I cant really explain, my mother never really felt like my mother to me. She always felt more like a sister at most, though of course the mother/son connection was there to some degree. Maybe it was the distance between us that made our relationship feel as such.

She was an open-minded woman, a little on the trashy side, curvy in the hips and ass, about 5'6", an inch shorter than my self, with large, heavy tits. She had a pretty face, not that I ever thought of such things until the first following occurrence.

I'm extremely over-sexed, I've always been, and there's been one or two occasions where I thought of her in a sexual manner, but nothing incredibly consistent that crowded my mind. But, at the age of 22, that definitely changed.

We lived alone, just her and I, her having divorced my father decades earlier. Our relationship was sometimes good, often tumultuous, but it was what it was, just... different.

It was mid-July, hot as hell, and around 8:30 at night. I was heading out to get something to eat, since I didn't feel like cooking anything. I was still a bit sweaty from work, as I hadn't taken a shower yet. Though, I never had a problem with body odor, so it never bothered me or anyone else. I'm also always shaved smooth, hating body hair, and that included my armpits.

Walking from my bedroom through the living room, all the lights were off except one dim lamp on the far side of the room, and my mother was sitting on the couch watching TV, the only other light source in the room. But, between the both, I could see the room and her clearly in the dim light.

She was sitting on the tan couch we've had for years, just in a bra and her underwear, with a thin nightie-type long blouse on, smoking a cigarette. I don't remember what she was watching... some nonsense, but I cant stand TV anyway... but as I was walking past her, car keys in-hand, she said, "Hey". It just seemed in the usual passing sort of manner, so I just said "Hey" in response. But, before I could even another two steps she said, "Come here" in a rather abrupt, almost serious tone.

"What...", I half-asked a little annoyed. "I'm going something to eat.", I said. But, I walked around to the front of the couch from the far side and stood there. She was just staring at me oddly, and again I said, "What!?", rather annoyed at this point, as I was hungry and she's just sitting... staring. "Sit down for a minute", she said. Again, a strange, what I took as "serious" tone I couldn't really read. So, I sat down.

She was sitting at the far end of the couch and I just plopped-down in an annoyed fashion on the middle cushion, easily within arms reach. I did notice her massive tits bulging through her bra and nightie, and though it stirred something in me for a minute, especially having been single for so long, it passed quickly.

I was about to ask her what the hell she wanted, for the third time, but before I could, she put her cigarette in the ashtray on the end table to her right, reached out and grabbed my left hand, pulled me forward slightly off-balance and shoved my hand under her bra of her right tit and made me squeeze a bit.

"What the fuck are you doing!?", I asked shocked, and pulled my hand away. She said nothing, instead opened her thin nightie and exposed her entire body. My eyes happened to glance down. She had a nice figure. But what caught my eye for a second was the fact that her panties were very wet, and her pussy obviously shaved, as I could see through them and could just see her tight camel toe. I quickly looked away, but she definitely saw me looking for even that brief second.

"Come on, doll", she said. "I've seen the way you look at mommy's tits sometimes, and I just saw you look down at mommy's wet pussy", she said in a very serious but attempting-to-allure voice, very matter-of-fact. Honestly, my cock was starting to throb a little, though I was trying to hold it back by keeping myself annoyed. "'Mommy'?", I said shocked and annoyed. "So now you're my 'mommy'? What the hell is that?", I asked in an irritated and confused tone.

"Stand up", she said. I stood up, but said, "Yeah, I'll stand up, and I'm going to get something to fucking eat...", but as I started to walk past her, she grabbed me, turned me, struggled harder than I would have thought she could for a moment to unbutton and unzip my military style cargo pants, which left my cock just dangling exposed. I often just "free-balled", as it's more comfortable, so I didn't even have boxers on. Before I could do anything, she grabbed my ass hard and pulled me towards her, and with her right hand, grabbed my half-hard cock and just swallowed it down to my balls.

"Holy fuck!", I basically yelled.I tried to pull back for a second, but she dug her nails into my ass, pulling me forward and deeper into her mouth. I don't know what happened in my head, but I all of a sudden found myself grabbing her by the back of her long dirty-brown hair, and started to face fuck her. She moaned the more rough I got, so I started fucking her mouth harder and faster.

She backed off for a few seconds just long enough to say, "Oh, my baby has a NICE cock! Mommy has been wanting this for a long time", stroking me furiously as she spoke, then went right back to sucking me off, licking the bottom of my now rock hard shaft, sucking sloppily on my balls, then taking my cock back deeply in her mouth.

I didn't even know what to do with myself at the point. I just went with it, as it didn't even quite feel like my mother, and the part of me that did feel that, was weirdly turned-on by the fact.

I grabbed her hair tighter and started to fuck her mouth roughly, and just as I felt my balls tighten and the huge spurting load that was to explode from my cock I pulled out and said, "Ma, I cant do this, what the fuck...". She looked at up at me sitting on the couch with a both a stern and sexually animalistic look and replied, "Oh yes, you will! Now give me you cock!", as she pulled me forward again. "No, I cant...", I said again. "Yes, you can and you will!" she said almost angry and sexual at the same time. "Come on, little boy, give me your fucking cum. Mommy wants it", she half-panted, half-demanded.

This time when she pulled me forward I didn't resist. My cock plunged deep in her warm wet mouth, and I began to fuck her mouth faster and deeper. "Oh god, I'm gonna cum!", I exclaimed, panting hard. "Mmmm", was her first reply, and pulled me out of her mouth just long enough to say, "Mommy wants your cum! Cum for mommy, cum in my mouth. Mommy wants to taste your hot cum, baby!". At this point, I couldn't hold back. I plunged my cock deep in her mouth, and a few thrusts later I grunted hard, clenching fist-fulls of her hair, as spurt after spurt of hot thick cum blasted from my cock while my cock was still in her mouth. She swallowed and gulped every drop, except for the last mouthful.

I pulled out of her mouth, bending over, out of breath, hands on my knees with my pants around my ankles. She still had a decent amount of my thick load in her mouth that she didn't swallow. She slid down her underwear, spit my cum onto her fingers, and crammed her fingers in her dripping cunt.

"We're far from done, baby", she said. "We're only just getting started". She leaned back and intensely pounded her cunt with three cum-covered fingers, moaning and writhing like an animal. "Come on, baby", she half-moaned, half ordered, "Rip off mommy's bra". "Mom...", I started, then she got intensely heated. "I said rip it off, now!". Something about that just filled me with intense, dominating rage, and exclaimed, "Fine!" as I leaned forward, grabbed one large cup of her bra in each hand, and literally ripped it off of her with a loud snapping sound as it split in the middle.

"Oh my god!", she exclaimed as she leaned forward, fingering her dripping cunt furiously with one hand, grabbing my cock with her other, and before taking it back into her mouth she said, "You're in for a long night of fucking mommy hard, baby. I'm getting you hard again and going to milk your cock dry!". I just stared intensely. "You're going to do nastier things with mommy then you've done with anyone, now suck on my tits, baby", she ordered.

I leaned down and took turns between her massive tits, sucking and slurping on the right, then the left, squeezing them hard, pushing them together, grabbing them from the bottom and squeezing, and fondling and squeezing from all directions, as much as I could.

She then pushed me back, I stood up again, my pants still around my ankles, and took my still half-hard cock and shoved it back in her mouth. She sucked me furiously for a few minutes then stopped, stood up, took off her nightie, threw her ripped bra to the side and took off her panties. As she stood in front of me, she grabbed by cock and started rubbing her clit with the head of my cock. "You wanna fuck mommy, don't you...", she asked in a way that sounded, again, almost more like an order than a question. "You're gonna fuck mommy all night, baby", she said, panting like an animal.

"Tell mommy you want to fuck her", she said. "I want to fuck you", I said, still panting myself. "No", she said. "Call me mommy when you say it", she said. "I want to fuck mommy", I said, feeling both weirdly uncomfortable and exceedingly turned-on at the same time.

My cock now being rock-hard again, she shoved it inside her cunt, me having to bend down slightly, and her having to stand slightly on her toes, given she was a little shorter than me. Face-to-face, standing in front of the couch, I slammed my cock into her dripping pussy, hips slamming hard into one another. "Oh god!", she moaned loudly. "That's it, fuck me, baby!". I grabbed her nice round ass and slammed her harder, then pressed her body against mine, her massive tits pressing into my chest. "Fuck mommy hard, baby!", she said intensely.

At this point, I was totally immersed in the situation. I just didn't care and wanted more. "I want to fuck mommy from behind", I said. "Oh yeah, baby?", she said. "Alright baby, plow mommy's cunt from behind!", she exclaimed. She turned around and leaned forward, ass in the air, her tits pressing into the couch. I slid my throbbing cock inside her pussy and started to pound her hard. Then she stopped me, got up and turned around.

"No, baby...", she said. "Come with me", she said, as she motioned me to take off my pants, and grabbed my hand, leading me to her bedroom. She had a large king-size bed. She laid on her back as I took off my shirt, and motioned me with her fingers. "Get over here and fuck mommy hard!", she said. I wasted no time. I got on the bed, crawled on top of her, and slid my dick inside her cunt. I began pumping and grinding hard, as she grabbed her huge tits and sucking on the left one. "You suck on this one", she said, and I leaned down and she lifted her tit and took her nipple and entire front of her tit into my mouth, sucking loudly.

"Oh god! Oh god!", she exclaimed. "You're gonna make mommy cum baby!". I pumped her harder and felt her pussy clench around my cock as she literally screamed and dug her nails hard into my ass, pulling me in her as hard as she could. For about a minute she just laid there, massaging her tits while I continued to pump her, then said, "Get down... shove your tongue in mommy's pussy, baby". I slid down and plunged my tongue deep into her cunt, and sucked loudly on her clit, slurping her juices that were just pouring from her wet slit.

With no prompting from her, I also begin to rim her asshole, and she moaned louder. "Oh my body, baby! You want mommy's ass too?", she panted. "Yes mommy, please. I want to fuck your ass". "That's my kinky boy!", she exclaimed, as she reached for the lube on her night stand.

I knelt on the bed, as she leaned forward and sucked my cock with a handful of lube. She then complete slathered my cock in lube, laid on her side, and said, "Slide your cock in mommy's ass, baby". "Yes, mommy", I responded. Slowly I slid my cock head into her tight asshole. "Oh god, that's a good boy", she said. Slowly but surely, I began to thrust, a little deeper, a little faster, a little harder, until I was pounding her ass balls-deep, spooning her.

"Grab mommy's tits, baby!", she said as I thrust my cock deep in her ass. We were laying on our right side, so I reached around with my left hand and grabbed her huge, heavy left tit, squeezing handfuls, and pinching her nipples, which made her squeal.

"Fuck it, baby!", she panted. "Fuck mommy's ass! Harder!". At her prompting, I couldn't control myself. I pounded her ass furiously, then turning her on her stomach, and pounded her ass from the top. "Oh my god! Oh my god! Fuck mommy's ass, baby!", she exclaimed. "Oh god, yes mommy!", I replied loudly.

The sound of flesh slapping into flesh as my hips slammed into her round ass turned us both on even more. I thrusted harder, deeper and faster. "Oh god, mommy, I'm gonna cum! I'm gonna cum!", I yelled.

"That's it, baby", she said, "Give mommy your cum!". "You cum in mommy's mouth though, like a good boy!", she yelped. Just as I felt my balls tighten again, I pulled out of her as, she rolled over as I knelt in front of her on the bed. She leaned forward and took my cock in her mouth, such furiously. "Mmmm! Mmmm!", is all she could get out as spurt after spurt of hot cum pumped into her mouth. Toward the end of my second massive load, which was still not finished, she pulled my cock out of her mouth and said, "Come on, baby, give it to me! Give mommy all your cum!". Just as another spurt of cum erupted from my cock it landed in her open mouth as she went to take my cock back in her mouth. "Mmmm!" she let out again.

Then, again, she kept some of my cum in her mouth. She got up on her knees and kissed me, shoving her cum-covered tongue in my mouth. I didn't even care and it was so nasty that it turned me on more. She kissed me deep, cum and saliva mixing in a thick drooling mess, both of us moaning and my cock still hard, twitching as it throbbed and she stroked it with one hand as she kissed me.

"You're still hard, baby, and mommy wants more!". "Shove it back in mommy's ass, baby", she said. She got on all fours and I plunged my cock deep back in her tight ass. I had no mercy on her asshole, fucking her hard, fast and rough. She moaned and squealed. "Fuck mommy harder, baby!", she exclaimed. At her prompting, I rose above her from behind a little more so I could drill her even deeper and harder.

"Stop, baby", she said. She pulled me out, grabbed a small towel that was on the night stand, wiped off my still rock hard throbbing cock, and said, "Mommy wants it back in her pussy, now!". She laid me on my back, and got on top of me, her massive tits heaving and swaying as she mounted my cock and slid forward and back,her hips pumping faster and faster, in a smooth motion.

"Oh fuck!", she exclaimed. "Mommy is going to cum again! Here it cums! Here it comes, baby!", and I felt her cunt tighten up around my cock and gush her juices over my cock, stomach and balls. She half-collapsed forward but keep sliding her pussy with my cock still in her. "Cum for mommy one more time, baby", she said, totally out of breath. "One more load for mommy, baby". She started to pound my cock with her pussy, harder and faster, moaning louder and louder. "Come on, baby! Give it to mommy!", she yelled. "Give it to me!". Not more than a minute after, I felt the last of my drained balls ready to explode with what cum was left. "Here it cums, mommy", I said. She got off my cock, leaned down and sucked me furiously, moaning as she did, as the last of my cum emptied into her mouth, which was a surprising large cumshot for my third one in about an hour.

"Oh god, baby... you made mommy so happy", she said, and continued to suck my cock even after I was no longer hard, sucking on and licking my balls as well, then moving back to take my cock in her mouth.

"There will be a lot more of this with mommy, baby", she said. "Do you want that?", she asked in a sly, again almost ordering tone. "Yes, mommy", I responded. She then laid next to me, just playing with my cock and I was playing with her soaking wet pussy until we eventually fell asleep.

This began a regular situation at least three times a week, and each time, she ordered and dominated me, forcing me to fuck her over and over, of which I have many stories.

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