tagGay MaleForced Ch. 09

Forced Ch. 09


Marcus gave a big thrust and stayed inside me, his body tensing and head lifting up, his face contorted as he climaxed, and I felt a hot liquid sensation burst inside me. I was so turned on by his cum filling my ass, it prolonged my orgasm. I was so overcome with lust my body convulsed again. My balls felt like they were in a vice grip. I looked down and saw clear liquid oozing out of my cock head. I felt numb in my crotch and ass and this feeling quickly spread through my body. My orgasm was so intense and I felt that I was blacking out. I couldn't draw in breathe fast enough and felt little explosions in my head. A veil of darkness fell over my eyes and my body went limp. That is all I remembered for the longest time.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - -

My head was spinning and I couldn't breathe very well. I couldn't tell whether the noises I was hearing were real or if they were just a dream. I felt pressure on my body. On my back at first. The pressure felt soft. Was it a bed? Then I felt something warm on my chest and my body was shaken slightly. More voices. They sounded worried.

I felt a hand on my neck and it was pressing in hard. Against an artery in my neck. The pulsing hurt. I was fading again, falling further and further away from the voices. I felt pressure on my chest. Heavy pressure pushing against me. Then a warm mouth on mine -- and hot air being forced in my mouth. My lungs expanded. The air felt good. Over and over. It was pulling me closer and closer. But the closer I got to it, the more my body hurt.

"Ohhhhhhh," I whispered. "Ohhhhhhh...ouchhhhhhhhhh."


My name came sharply from the left and I looked up. My eyes fluttered open for a minute and I saw Scott's face. So handsome. So worried. My eyes were so heavy I could hardly keep them open. I tried to lift my head, but I got dizzy. My eyes were closing slowly.

I opened my mouth but only a slight mumble came out. My eyes opened again as Scott shook me roughly. Jesus, why wouldn't he leave me alone? I closed my eyes again.

Suddenly my body seemed to be floating...no, hopping in the air. I felt pressure on my legs and upper body. More sounds -- voices, banging, hisses. I felt warmth spreading over me. It covered my body like a blanket. I was falling deeper. My body moved again. The voices moved above me and they weren't happy. My body floated lower and lower. I felt something cold and hard under me and it made me uncomfortable. It irritated me. Suddenly my body was covered in ice cold needles -- it hurt.

"Augghh, fucking stop it!" came deep from my throat. I pushed against it. My legs and arms were moving again, but I couldn't stop the cold needles hitting my body. "STOP!"

I opened my eyes suddenly. The darkness was gone. But my vision was all messed up. I could see shapes and colors, but it was all blurry. I was freezing cold. I bent my head down and my vision cleared. I was nude on the floor of the shower. I wasn't being hit by needles...I was being sprayed with cold water. I was shivering so hard my body was quacking. "STOP IT!" I yelled again.

The water was shut off. I looked up to the two worried faces of Scott and Marcus. I started curling up in the fetal position. My body ached. My head felt like it was going to explode -- it felt like bright lights were flashing inside my brain.

"What the fuck happened to you, Jason?" Scott yelled at me. Why the hell was he yelling at me? I didn't do anything. They were the fuckers who threw me in a cold shower. Assholes!

"Jason....ahr -- ahr...are you ok?" he said again, with an annoyingly load voice.

"SHUT UP!" I yelled back and instantly regretted it. My voice echoed even worse inside my head. It felt like a crowbar was prying my skull open for the inside. I felt nauseous.

Scott looked down at me and said, "let's get you out of there."

I knew he wasn't yelling, but it seemed so loud to me. Even when he stepped into the tub and his foot made a squeaking noise it drove me nuts.

"quiet -- pleasssssssssssssssssse," I hissed. I hurt all over.

Scott reached down to grab me. He put his hands under my armpits and pulled me up. My legs were shaky and I couldn't stand. I wasn't ready for this and my body rebelled. I lost total control of my muscles. It was like an out of body experience -- like I was watching from across the room. My guts seized and I knew I had to get to the toilet. I started clenching down on my ass, to try to keep everything in. I opened my mouth to tell them to get out of the way, but when I did that, I started projectile vomiting. It sprayed out of my mouth and nose like a fire hose. I lost control of my bowels about the same time I started heaving from my throat. What came out my mouth and ass were similar -- just hot brown water. The acidic fluid burned my mouth and lips. What came out of my ass was even more putrid smelling and left my ass stinging.

Scott was in the unfortunate position to receive the brunt of my vomit. It sprayed onto his neck, chest and stomach. Repulsed, he moved back and pulled his arms away. Without his support, I dropped like a rock to the bottom of the shower. My head smacked the tile ridge on the floor. Fuck that hurt! My vision was jarred again. I lay in a heap on the tiled shower - heaved a few more times and felt more discharge from my ass. I even pissed myself. I spit out the remaining puke from my mouth. I felt better than a moment ago, but not great. And I was covered in some vile fluids. And Scott came to my rescue.

He jumped into the shower again. He told Marcus to get a warm wet towel. I heard Marcus scurrying around then felt the warm towel wiping my face. I felt better until I saw the blood on the towel. That really freaked me out. Scott saw the shock in my face and calmed me.

"It's alright, baby...just a little cut on your scalp. Come on now, sit up," he said slowly. His voice wasn't as annoying as before. Scott pulled me up to a sitting position with my back to the wall. "OK, let's get you cleaned up. Can I turn on the water?"

"Yeah," my voice trembled, "just make it warm, OK?"

"Sure, baby" he replied. Scott kept a hand on my shoulder to make sure I didn't fall again, then reached up and turned on the water.

The spray at first was ice cold (to my dislike), but warmed up quickly.

"Can you hold the towel on your cut, Jason?" Scott looked at me with great concern. I nodded my head and placed my hand over his, putting slight pressure on the towel. He asked Marcus for another towel. Scott then poured shampoo over the towel and started washing my neck, shoulders and arms. I looked down and took in the state of affairs. Everything I had expelled was light brown water and was washing down the drain. There was some white mucus by my feet -- I could only guess that was cum which had come from my ass...Scott's or Marcus' or a mixture.

"Here," Scott said, and then he lifted up my arm and cleaned my pits, chest and abs. The smell of shampoo was starting to cover the other smells wafting through the shower, and I was glad about that. Scott cleaned up the tops of my legs, from my hips down to my toes. By then, there was almost no trace of brown water in the shower. "Do you think you can stand now?" he asked. I nodded and put one hand on his shoulder and gingerly started standing up.

I was very weak and shaky. But Scott reached around and pulled me up. I kept an arm around his shoulder and leaned under the warm spray. I reached to the shower bar and held on, letting go of Scott and staying on my own two feet for the first time. I felt him cleaning my back, cheeks and legs. I heard Marcus say "here" and then felt Scott rubbing shampoo in to my hair. He kept away from the front of my scalp where the towel covered my cut. The cut was in my hairline, between my left ear and my temple.

"Hold on a sec," Scott said...then turned off the water. He lathered my entire body up again with shampoo and then turned on the water and rinsed me off. "Let's get you out of here."

Marcus was ready with a clean white hotel towel and handed it to Scott. I cautiously stepped out of the shower and onto the cold marble floor in the bathroom. I shivered as Scott dried my body. My head was aching -- but only in the area of my cut. The sharp flashes of light exploding in my head were gone...replaced with a dull pulsing throb near my front left temple.

I looked up at Scott. He was dripping wet. While no longer covered in my excrement, he still stunk. I looked up at his worried face and said, "Jesus you smell, dude -- take a shower."

My attempt at humor brought a smile to his face.

"Marcus, get him into bed, I'll be right in." With that, Scott jumped back into the shower. As Marcus was leading me out of the room, I heard the hiss of the shower. I looked down and saw the smooth, chocolate hand of Marcus braced against my chest. Some of my light chest hair poked between his fingers. I suddenly realized we were both naked. I leaned into him and felt the heat of his body. It felt so good. We slowly walked towards the beds. Both were a mess of sheets and I could see large wet spots from cum and sweat. He paused for a moment, thinking.

"Come with me, we have a clean bed in the other room." His voice was deep and soothing. He led me into the next room. This was my first time in Scott's room. There was a king size bed there, verses my twin queen beds. The extra room afforded Scott a small couch and chair under the window. The covers were already pulled back, like someone had been already sleeping in the bed. Marcus led me straight over to the bed and turned me, pushed me back and lay me down. He lifted up my legs and tucked them into the bed, pulled the damp towel from my body and covered me. The bed was cold and I shuddered. My teeth started chattering.

"You OK, dude?" Marcus was looking down at me with a heavy expression. I looked up at him. To say he had the body of Adonis is an understatement.

Marcus was the most alluring, physically beautiful and well-muscled man I'd ever seen. His mocha chocolate skin enhanced the muscles which rippled across his body. His torso was totally hairless, except for the dark, curly black hair nested above his cock. His stomach was showcased by a complete set of 8 pack abs. His pecs were thick, yet flat on his chest. His nipples were large and darker brown, almost purple in color. Broad muscular shoulders topped off his chest. His neck included a large adams apple. His face was flawless -- this guy should have been a model. He had a strong cleft chin, full sensual lips, high cheek bones. His nose wasn't broad and flat, but just perfect. His eyes were dark -- almost black in color...piercing. His head was shaved bald and it looked very attractive on him. I looked down his body again. Admiring his shoulders, chest, abs...further down. His pubic hair was tight and only above his cock. And his cock was a beauty. It hung down from him. It appeared to be 6 inches long and thick, maybe 2 inches wide. The head was massive and hung from his cock like a large bell. And this was soft. What had Scott said about his cock? 8 inches? Marcus soft was just as big as me when I was hard.

His large balls hung loosely from his body with two heavy looking nuts. His legs were smooth, sleek and muscled. He looked like a dark colored greek god.

I was still staring at him and shivering -- my teeth chatting together. Marcus reached for me and grabbed me by the face with both hands and guided my gaze to his soulful eyes.

"Dude -- are you OK?" he asked again.

"C...cc...c....cold," I chattered.

He pulled back the covers and pushed me over. He climbed in beside me and pulled me close, pulling the covers over us. I melted into the heat of his body. He drew my face directly into his chest. The right side of my face rested on his chest. My lips touched his soft, taut skin. His smell was a mixture of amber, spice and a tangy sweat. He pulled me close and wrapped his right leg over my legs and drew me closer to him. My cock was rubbing right into him. But sex was the last thing on my mind right now. I just took deep breaths and snuggled into Marcus, still pushing the damp rag against my left temple.

My eyes grew heavy again, I was just so fucking tired. My head started spinning again, like the bed spins when you are really drunk. I started getting chocked up and my shivers gave way to shudders of fear. What the fuck was wrong with me. I started sobbing uncontrollably into Marcus' chest. He pulled me tight and rubbed my back. His comforting calmed me a bit. As my body slowly warmed, I drifted off again. My heavy eyelids drooped down and covered my eyes. Reality started to blur again and I felt my body drifting off to sleep.



I was torn from my dreams. I opened my eyes. My left eye was swollen and stinging. My right eye was covered with dark skin. I pulled my head up. Drool hung from my mouth and pooled on Marcus' chest. Jesus, what was going on with me? I just wanted to sleep. I had a splitting headache again. And there was something mashed into my hair. I pulled it away. It was wet and red. WTF? I felt a slight oozing on my forehead by my upper left temple and a trickle of something down my face towards my mouth. I was moving in slow motion and still out of it. The liquid ran down to the corner of my mouth. I could taste it -- it was blood. Scott moved forward and pushed a new cloth to my head and took the blood soaked one away from me. Marcus wiped my spit off his chest with the bed linen. I lay back and put my head on a pillow looking up at the ceiling.

Scott was talking in the distance, but I couldn't track what he was saying. My mind was racing, and I couldn't keep up with the thoughts. The taste of blood in my mouth made me nauseous again and I worried I would have another accident like in the shower. I was finding it difficult to breathe again. I started kicking at the cover, hitting Marcus due to his proximity. I could feel my body flushing with color and sweat. Marcus knew I was in trouble and pulled the blankets from my body quickly. He told Scott to get a cold wet towel and a glass of water. I lay still...breathing deeply.

The cold compress helped but I declined the water. Marcus jumped out of bed and pulled on some shorts and a t-shirt. He grabbed the ice bucket and ran from the room. Scott was looking at me, talking to me, but it was like it was in some foreign language. Scott had that worried look on his face again.

Marcus came back and started rubbing ice cubes across my forehead. It felt like I was being pulled from a fog. They were no longer talking to me, just about me. I could understand bits and pieces of the conversation. I was able to see things around the room. I was in Scott's hotel room. I was naked on the bed. I saw the clock on the bedside table. It said 3:47. Was it day or night, I did not know. I heard a couple of alarming words. Ambulance, hospital, doctor. Scott was reaching for the phone.

"NNhhhoo," I said hoarsely. They both looked at me. "No ambulance doctor, no hospital."

"Are you fucking crazy, Jason? You are fucking gorked out, kid. There is something wrong, buddy, and we want to get you some help. You need to see a doctor," Scott said in an emotional voice. He was upset -- bordering on hostile and concerned.

"No hospitals. I just need to sleep. So tired, just want to sleep." I complained.

Marcus looked down at me and said, "dude, you banged your head pretty hard. You have a nasty cut and are still bleeding. That has got to get patched up."

I was shaking my head no. Scott said something that sent a chill down my spine. "Fine, I am calling your wife."

I don't know where I found the energy, but I pounced out of bed and dove at him. I heard a guttural scream come from my throat and I swung at him. I was aiming for his face, but connected with his shoulder. My fist wasn't packing much at the moment and it bounced off him. He pulled me into a bear hug to protect both of us.

I was white hot pissed and cursed him a blue streak. I fought against his hold. My anger was reaching a boiling point. My heart began to pump faster and faster and I felt sick again. Defeated, I lost it and started crying again. Scott walked me over to the couch and pushed me down into it. He bent down and looked into my eyes and told me he wanted me to be OK again, but I needed help.

I tried to pull it together. I told him I was scared to go to a hospital. They would find out that I had been having gay sex. I would have to tell them. My wife would find out and it would be all over for me. I didn't want to loose everything. I was more angry than anything and the frustration was showing.

Scott and Marcus started talking about alternatives. Other types of hospitals or clinics. Private doctors. Then it dawned on me. I started telling them about my visit to Dr. Davis at Popre yesterday. I had his card somewhere. No wait, I asked Scott to get the manila envelope out of my room. He came back quickly with it and handed it to me. I opened it and looked down. My left eye was bothering me something awful. I scanned the papers. The first one was my blood test for HPV. Negative. Then I flipped to the next one. It was Tom's results. I looked up at the top. Not only was his name there, but he had stapled his business card to it. I looked at it quickly and saw his cell number on it.

"Call that number...the cell number and ask for Tom. Tell him I am sick and need to be seen immediately. Tell him Jay Scott from earlier today," I said calmly to Scott. He looked down at me dumbfounded. Marcus reached over and grabbed the papers, grabbed the hotel phone and dialed the number. After a moment I heard Marcus introduce himself. He went over the basics of my night, leaving out the topics of heavy sex with multiple men. Marcus handed me the phone, "he wants to talk to you."


"Jay, this is Tom. I am so sorry for what happened. Are you ok?"

"No, I don't think so. I am really sick. I have a deep cut on my forehead and have been bleeding. My body is really weak. Can Dr. Davis see me now?" I asked. Looking over to Scott I asked what time it was. No response. He was staring at me in a daze. He wasn't being helpful, so I posed the same question to Marcus. He replied, "ten till 4 in the morning."

I heard talking on the other end of the line. I could her Dr. Davis' voice.

"Are you in your hotel room?"


"Jay, hold tight. We can be there in 20 minutes."

I handed the phone to Marcus and lay back on the couch. When I didn't move, it wasn't as bad. I was getting chilled again. I asked for a blanket and was given one quickly. I closed my eyes and told them to leave me alone until the cavalry arrived in 20 minutes.

I was out like a light, drifting in and out of consciousness. Finally -- peace and quiet.

I didn't dream -- just rested in silence.

I heard commotion in the room and felt warm skin on my forehead. I opened my eyes and found that only my right I was working. I moved my hand towards my sore eye and moaned, but Dr. Davis pushed my hand away. His touch was so gentle, yet clinical in nature. "Easy, son. You are really banged up." I heard Scott's voice in the background giving him the complete story -- sex and all. I was embarrassed beyond words.

"Was it rough sex?" asked Dr. Davis.

"Aggressive," replied Scott.

He lifted the eyelid of my good eye and pointed a flashlight into my pupil. The other eye, I realized with a touch, was swollen shut.

"Where else do you hurt, Jay?"

I looked at the doctor and pointed to my head, near my temple. He spread my hair apart and I winced in pain. "Yeah, that one probably stings a bit. You will need stitches, son."

He started from my head and went down again, similar to the exam he had given me yesterday. He looked in my ears, eye (the working one), nose and mouth. He massaged my neck a bit. Then he pulled the covers down my body.

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