tagNonConsent/ReluctanceForced Cooperation

Forced Cooperation


Chapter 1

The checkout beeps were still ringing in May-Leigh's ears as she sat in the security office starring at the wall. She had been caught with her hand in the till. She had to admit this wasn't her first time at trying to get some extra money from work to pay her bills but the new security guard was so astute she had no chance of getting out of this one.

"You seemed like such a nice girl May-Leigh, I don't understand why you would do such a thing. What will I tell Max?" He leaned in to her, his nose inches away from hers. She had to admit, Toby was an extraordinary looking man, he was tall and toned with the most gorgeous soft black skin. It was obvious that he worked out as his shirt clung to his muscles.

"You don't understand Toby, I was just trying to pay my bills." May-Leigh uttered shamefully.

Shaking his head he moved towards the phone and picked it up, her eyes were all over his body as he stood tall over the other side of the room. Dropping her eyes to his groin she had to double take, not only his shirt clung to him it seemed. Realising she had been caught staring at him she began to blush as he spoke on the phone to their boss Max.

"May-Leigh, what on earth were you thinking?" Max said as he pushed open the security room door.

"I was going to pay it back, honest, I just needed to pay the bill before they cut me off." She uttered as her face flushed with shame.

"I will take it from here Toby, please continue your duties." Max said ushering Toby out of the door, closing it and locking the door before pulling the blind down at the window.

"You know what I told you before about this May, you really need to ask for help from me." Max pointed out as he turned to face her, his face stern as he looked around the now fully enclosed room. Walking to her chair he gripped her shoulders and pulled her to her feet in front of him, she was only 5ft and standing against him she felt so small.

"You know what this means now don't you?" Max said softly pushing May to her knees in front of him.

Seeing her vulnerable face really turned him on, sliding his hand down to his pants he slowly unzipped them and reached in to pull out his hardening cock. Running the head of his cock over her lips he grinning with anticipation.

"Open your mouth you little bitch and suck my cock like a good girl. You know I can make this all go away if you are good today!" He gushed with excitement as he felt her lips over his throbbing meat.

"Oh yes!" He exclaimed, his hands on her head as he pushed himself in and out of her mouth, hearing her gag as he thrust himself as deep as he could go. His balls bashing against her chin as he thrust harder.

"You know, I might actually take a little more today. This is the third time now and I have to say, you owe me at this stage." He groaned as he pulled his cock out of May's mouth. His hard cock was glistening in the light from her saliva, his hands reached under her arms and lifted her from her knees.

"What do you mean Max? I always give you what you want!" May said with her head facing the floor.

"No May, you give me what you allow. I want to fuck you this time." He grinned with his hand on his cock, rubbing himself as he looked at her.

"Oh Max no, I can't do that. I don't want to!" She exclaimed, trying to back away from him.

"So you would rather I call the police and tell them I have caught you stealing money three times?"

May shook her head as Max lifted her shirt, pulling her bra down to reveal her pert little breasts.

"Good girl! Such nice tits too, I love these little things." His voice echoed before his lips enveloped her nipples, slurping sucking noises filling the air again but from his sucking mouth this time.

"MMMMMMM they taste good May, but bend over and place your hands flat on the desk there... NOW!" Max ordered her and she obeyed him, she really didn't want him to call the police and she was certain it would all be over soon.

Soon May found her skirt pulled up above her waist and her thong pulled to one side as his cock was rubbing against her soft shaved pussy.

"Such a nice pussy May, you really should show it off a little more. I will show you how I can look after it for you." He moaned before sliding the head of his throbbing cock inside her. She was so tight around him that he had to stop and concentrate on something else for a moment, he didn't want to cum yet. He wanted to savour this moment for as long as he could.

"Oh yes, your pussy loves this cock May. Can you feel how much you want it?" His gasping words filling the room as his hands grabbed her breasts, playing with them roughly as his hips once again began to thrust. With one more hard thrust he had his whole cock inside her and his fingertips now dug into her shoulders for extra leverage for his thrusting.

"You good little slut, you love this don't you? Tell me how much you love it? TELL ME!!"

"I love it!" These words from her was enough, he built up the thrusts, hard and fast now. Making the desk bang against the wall, it was noisy and she wanted them to be quiet but it was no good there was no stopping him now.

"Oh fuck, this pussy is so good." He pushed in hard with each word, making May squeal softly.

She could feel every movement as his thick hard cock kept thrusting into her tight pussy, her hands gripping the desk he was fucking her so hard.

"Ohhh.... May....." Max continued as he began to shake, his thighs pounding against hers making her ass shake. He was leaning over her now, hands on hers almost holding her down.

"I am gonna cum!" He groaned in her ear as she shook her head. His groans filling the room now as she felt his cock twitch and empty his hot load inside her, his cum deep in her pussy filling her up.

"Oh god, that was so good." Max muttered as he pulled his cock out and put it back in his pants. She lay over the desk, the feel of his cum dripping out of her and down her thigh.

"Clean yourself up May, before I leave." He said throwing a tissue box over to her.

Chapter 2

Sliding her coat over her uniform she was delighted to be going home, it had been a long day and she wanted to shower after the incident with her boss Max earlier on.

"May-Leigh, WAIT!!" She heard someone calling for her, oh god what now, she thought to herself as she stopped and turned to face Toby.

"Hey Toby, what's up?" She asked as she began rooting through her bag for her security pass to open the door.

"Hold it May, would you come with me again please. I found something on the security camera's that you definitely won't be getting out of." He growled as he strode towards her, grabbing her roughly and marching her back to the office.

"Ouch, get off you're hurting me! I haven't done anything." May chorused before being thrown into the same chair as earlier.

"Oh haven't you? Then what do you call this?" His hand pointing to a monitor over the other side of the room, she couldn't quite make it out but it looked like this room. She began to shake and realised suddenly that what he was showing her was her boss violating her to let her off on the charge of theft.

"Oh my god, what? Where? I mean how did you get that?" She asked not able to make eye contact.

"So that's how you get away with things, you filthy little whore." He said softer than she was expecting, as he walked towards her.

"It, I, we... I didn't want to do it but I had to." She uttered full of shame.

"You're coming with me!" He grabbed her arm as he spoke and pulled her up, marching her out the door and to Max's office.

"Come in Toby, what has she done this time?" Max said looking up from a conversation on the phone he was currently taking.

"Mr Washington, I am extremely unhappy about something I seen whilst watching the security monitors this afternoon." Toby uttered whilst looking at Max and May rotationally.

"What do you mean Toby?" Max answered as he hung up his phone call after completing the conversation.

"I mean you and her in my security office this afternoon." Toby added

"Oh that.." Max smiled, suddenly laughing louder. May looked at them both wondering why Max was laughing, she could see Toby was unhappy and wouldn't like to be Max right now but instead Toby just broke out into a huge smile. Backing up towards the office door she heard a click as she realised he was locking them in the office. He then began to close each of the blinds in the office and switch the light on.

"You see May, I noticed this earlier and brought it to the attention of Mr Washington. He rightly informed me that it was your punishment for trying to steal so I wanted to know what I had to do to get a piece of your fine ass and he said the security tape was enough evidence to tell the police you were trying to bribe him. So we come up with a new deal, this time you will take both of us on film or we call the police and report 3 thefts and a case of blackmail." Toby laughed as he began to undo his pants right in front of her.

"No, please. I can't do that, I can't" She repeated as he continued to move closer.

"Well that is a shame May, isn't it Max? We didn't want to call the police for this but I guess you give us no choice." Toby said whilst motioning for Max to call the police.

"No please, don't call them." May uttered sadly.

Toby smiled as he began to slide his hand in his pants, opening them up and taking out his cock. Looking at his huge cock, May felt her eyes water she didn't know how she would cope with it.

Toby was playing with his cock looking at her, smiling.

"I don't think I can wait for this one Max, maybe we should just fuck her hard now!" Toby said, eagerly.

"Your choice Toby but tell her to get naked first." Max said, who had by now also taken his cock out and was rubbing it as he watched May do as Toby told her to and undress for them.

Standing there with no clothes to cover her decency, May shivered as she looked at the two men who wanted to ravage her.

"Bend over the desk, May." Toby ordered before pushing her towards it. Max threw him something but she couldn't quite make out what it was until she felt it, he was rubbing something onto her, it was cold and he was applying it to her ass hole. Panic set in and she continued to question what they were doing without getting any answers.

"All ready for you Max." Toby smiled as May watched her boss sit down on the sofa that was under the window in the office. At this point Toby grabbed May roughly by the arm and pulled her towards the sofa.

"Wait.. I gotta start it running." Tobby added as he went to the desk and pressed something which made a beeping sound, even without looking May knew it was a camera.

"Now climb on Mr Washington, May." Toby ordered from the desk as he set up the item he was playing with.

May felt Max grab her hips and pull her backwards, she held herself up in a reverse cowgirl kind of position before feeling his cock on her skin again, he felt very slippery on her skin this time and it suddenly clicked what they were going to do to her.

"Please don't, please." She uttered as they both laughed.

"You can either relax and maybe enjoy it May or tense up and get hurt, either way its happening." Max growled from underneath her.

Max grabbed her hips tight as Toby pushed her down, Max was rubbing his cock head over her ass. She felt panic rise, even though she was trying to relax she was scared.

He was pushing his head slowly into her untouched ass, she knew now that they had put lubricant on her ass earlier, it was working for Max helping his slide into her ass with less resistance. May gripped Toby's thighs as she felt Max's cock push further into her ass, she let out a yelp as it felt so uncomfortable. Slowly his whole cock was inside her ass, she was sitting on his lap now with her nipple in Toby's mouth as he made her caress his long, hard, thick cock it was so big she could hardly fit her petite hand around it.

Max grabbed her hips and began to slowly bounce her ass over his cock, his sounds proving the immense pleasure he was getting from it.

He pulled her back and lifted her legs to either side of him, he was holding most of her weight on his thighs but she wasn't heavy and his cock being buried ball deep in her ass was giving him such a thrill, he didn't seem bothered.

"Want to join the party Toby?" Max groaned as he held her legs apart, her pussy now on show to Toby.

As Toby dropped down slightly to the right height she felt Max throb inside her. Toby angled his cock against her pussy, gliding his head over her clit and teasing her before leaning forward and slipping slowly into her cunt. His cock was going in slowly, really opening her up and making her scream softly as he pushed what felt like ten inches into her. Both of them still now as they penetrated her deeply, Max thrusting his hips softly to fuck her ass as Toby went a bit harder and faster fucking her pussy whilst leaning down to suck her hard nipples. She felt full as the two cocks used her small body.

Toby pulled out and walked over to the desk as he picked up the camera and appeared to zoom in on Max and May, Max noticed and got faster making May screech with pain.

"I wanna do her standing." Max ushered to Toby as he began to rise and lift May with him, holding her by the legs.

"Stop!" Toby said placing the camera back.

Max still had his cock inside her ass, standing with her legs wide open and in the air, Toby walked towards them, taking some of May's weight before sliding his cock back into her pussy.

"Great idea Toby, turn sideways." Max urged as both cocks thrust in and out of each hole. Her body being elevated into the air so they could fuck her the way they wanted. Suddenly Max gasped and got faster as May felt him twitch in her ass.

"FUCK!" He shouted as she felt him cum deep in her ass, his cock pumping out more hot sticky fluid into her. Pulling out he pushed her weight onto Toby.

"That's me done, she is all yours." Max uttered.

Toby smiled and sat her on the desk before pulling out and flipping her over. Pushing his legs between hers he pushed them further apart with his foot, her tits squashing against the desk under her. Grabbing her firm ass he pushed her cheeks apart and guided his cock back into her pussy. His thrusts were hard and fast almost desperate. He pushed her thighs hard against the edge of the table making her yelp a couple of times. The squelching from her pussy over his cock was undeniable and Max began recording.

"Cum inside her Toby!" Max uttered as he smiled at May.

"Is she on the pill?" Toby groaned questioningly.

"Who gives a fuck, just creampie the bitch." He laughed whilst asking May to smile for the camera.

Toby lifted one of her legs up onto the desk and got more depth, she was convinced he had eleven inches inside her, it felt like nothing she had ever experienced and before she knew it she was groaning hard. Her pussy muscles contracting over his cock.

"You know Mr W, I think this little whore just cum over my cock." Toby laughed as his thrusts got harder.

She felt his twitch and throb with two more thrusts he slowed as his cock emptied his cum inside her tight hole. It was more than Max, she could feel his cum fill her deeply as he groaned and the waves of sticky cum halted. He pulled out after grabbing the camera and told her to keep in the position, she knew he was filming this creampie.

"Push it out May, let us get it on film." Toby ordered as he slipped a finger inside her, obviously unhappy with her efforts. She felt the rush of cum empty her pussy and run down her thigh.

"That is some good stuff boss, this should keep us going for a while." Toby echoed as he threw clothes at May, unlocked the door and pushed her, naked, out into the cold corridor of her work office.

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