tagNonConsent/ReluctanceForced Dental Hygiene

Forced Dental Hygiene


I had just moved to the area and had your dentist recommended to me. I made an appointment for a late morning cleaning. One dental assistant caught my eye. I could see the quick smile that lit up her face. This one has a zest for life.

My name was called. Walking into the chair, I hoped you would be the one to work on me. However it was not to be. Another assistant performed the cleaning. You did come in and talk to the other assistant. She told you I was a new patient. You touched my hand and welcomed me. We made eye contact that was deeper than expected. As you stood there talking to the tech you still had my hand in yours.....it felt so electric. After you left the room I asked the lady doing my cleaning a few safe questions about you. The all I had to do is listen, she talked on and on about you.

I hung around and watched you go to lunch and followed you. It was a nice day and you seemed to soak up the sunshine. While you ate I went to my car and got some cleaning solvents....something like ether.

As you go into your car, I stepped up before you knew I was there and could close the door. I put the cloth over your nose and mouth. Your look of surprise quickly faded as you passed out. Pushing you over to the passenger seat I started the car and drove off without anyone noticing.

I knew you would wake up quickly so I had to go some place nearby or restrain you. I pulled into a mall parking lot and parked at the far side and tied your hands and blindfolded you. I couldn't help but fondle your breast and suck the nipples. I could see you push your chest out for more in your daze. Before I gagged you I kissed you deeply...sucking on your lips. We drove to a local motel. You had fully awaken by now...you didn't try and say much...just very scared. My hand was in your pants when you woke…your curly hair in my hand as I grabbed on and pulled your hips forward. Then I reached over and put my hand in your blouse. Massaging and squeezing your breasts and nipples. A few times I heard you moan.

The motel had individual units with space between each. I checked and got the unit at the very end. It was getting dark so I didn't have a problem with someone seeing me getting you into the room. You had tried to run once, but before you could take two steps I had a hold of your hair and pulled you back to me. I opened the door and pushed you on to the bed....which is where I wanted you.

I took you into the bathroom, pulled down your pants and panties and told you to go. You said you couldn't...I said you wouldn't have a chance for a long time if you didn't. I reached down and started rubbing your mound when your warm water sprayed over my hand. I keep rubbing you as you went.

I continued to finger you as you sat there.....it didn't take long before you were very wet. I had removed your blindfold and gag after warning you not to yell. You asked me not to do this....your body told me otherwise. You call me names as I put two fingers into your pussy as you sat there. I was kissing and biting your neck as I pushed my fingers deep into you. You body was tensing and flexing especially when I sucked your nipples. You didn't want to but you started moaning and all of the sudden my hand was covered with your cum juices. You were breathing hard slumping back against the back of the toilet. I told you that you were a good girl and there would be more of that for you.

I washed my hands and used a warm wash cloth on your pussy. I took you to the bed and tied you to the posts. Now my enjoyment could really start. I stripped as you watched me. My 7" cock sprung out of my briefs and was dripping with precum. I straddled your head and rubbed my cock all over your face. I placed my hands on either side of your head and pushed my hardness into your mouth. The feeling of being deep in your throat made me go wild.....thrusting my hips and fucking your head. My fingers wrapped in your hair as I shot my load down your throat. I was surprised at how good you handled this, you hardly gagged at all.

As I recovered I admired your body and told you how much I like your curves. I put my nose into your mound and inhale the sweetness that came from you. I worked over each of your breasts squeezing and milking them. Your nipples stood so hard...I sucked them and gently bit them. Your breasts were very rosy after my intense attention to them. I could see you were breathing hard....was it excitement? need? hmmm. I could see the bed was wet under your ass. This woman Tammy was hot...I could not wait any longer.

I kneeled between your legs. I could see your body stiffen, I ran my hands on the inside of your thighs. From your knees to your wet pussy. I said relax, I think you physical want this if not mentally. You felt my cock slide into you hot box. Oh it was so tight and wet. I pushed deep into you until our hips were against each other....enjoying the feeling.

The part I really like Tammy is knowing I am releasing cells into your body that will infect you. They will grow and feed from you. I will become a part of you. Your body will swell and your breast will drip milk. You will become very beautiful as you get bigger.

I was pumping fast now. I thought your hips raised just a bit to meet me. I could see your body fighting me at the same time not. I started moaning god the feeling was from my core. I exploded shooting my cells deep into your body. I laid there we were both breathing hard. I licked the sweat from your hairline mmm.

I went and showered and then came back. I let you shower as I watched the water run over your breasts and ass. I thought maybe I am not quite clean. I step in as you washed your face. I pushed you against the tile and entered you from behind. Nice thing about hotels....the hot water lasts a long time. I started slowly fucking you from behind, you tried to turn however I pinned you against the wall. I felt your ass push out against me. I had a hand full of your hair and an arm around your waist. I said God Tammy you fuck so good. We looked like two animals mating. It felt so raw and powerful. I had finger nail marks in my arm...not scratches...but marks where you held on. After I unloaded again I let you finish your shower.

You asked the question what was I going to do with you after I had fucked you to my satisfaction. Which was really a good question since I did not plan any of this before hand. What to do? What were my options as I looked at you tied to the chair? I wasn't a killer nor did I want to be watching my ass as I reached for soap in jail. There had to be a middle ground. I got into your wallet and took your address book and pictures of your family. I had all the information I thought I needed to steer clear of trouble.

I sat you up and looked into your eyes and told you what would happen to these people if you reported what has gone on the past day. If I was arrested a "friend" would have this info to do what I could not. I could see that you believed every word I has said. I tied you up again and decided I wanted to leave a good taste in your mouth. So I fucked your mouth as you suck me dry. We loaded up in the car and head near your work. I had a bottle of whiskey that I made you drink some of and splashed some around your car. I said you can tell your old man you went out with the girls and had a bit too much. From there you can tell him whatever works...except the truth as I released you. No the way to meet a woman that you would have liked to see again. Such is life.

(written by request)

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